Monday, November 21, 2016

IT'S A FUCKING OBAMANATION - Collectivism Quietly Removes the Word 'God' From the Pledge

I have never been so happy and so p.o.'d simultaneously.  Obviously, dear reader, we won.
Yet despite my enthusiasm for the moment, one I can hardly wait for, that Trump takes his Oath of Office- I discovered a disturbing fact through a sort of Gonzo Journalism of sorts, that leaves me sullen, terrified and depressed.  That little bit of objective fact runs thusly:

"The word "God" has been removed from the pledge of allegiance."

So now, whole masses of school children are pledging their commitment not to "one nation - under god - with liberty...".  Now they are committing themselves to "one nation - with liberty".  I, as a staunch traditionalist, always thought it was the "under god" part that really made the whole thing... I dunno- more cohesive, so to speak...

I'm left with, upon the discovery of this, a kind of sinking feeling in my gut.  To be perfectly frank- when I learned this- I experienced a brief panic attack!

It's that serious, to me and others.

It's a pig fucking abomination and you know it!

Thanks a lot Obama.

"I have discovered a disturbing coalescence by learning about the Church of Satan.  Satanists, as in the official church (not obvious children of satan like myself) literally worship the evil one as 'Satan, God of Liberty'.  I for one don't like and am very suspicious of a pledge of allegiance that dedicates itself to simply Liberty-as-such.  Taking the word 'God' out of our traditional pledge is literally the most fascistic thing The Regime could have done.  Good Riddance!"

Well that's it folks.
We won!


Domestic Democracy United 2016 

Friday, November 4, 2016


This one is going out to my regular readers...
I hope that all of you find themselves well, and I'm proud to have served you since 2010 providing conservative underground journalism.  The majority of my narrative, though uniquely original, is culled from the Excellence in Broadcasting Network's Rush Limbaugh - so you can rest assured that when it comes to Politalk, I have a 99.7 % accuracy rating.
I've, up till now, made several bold claims regarding the so called "battleground" states of my home state, North Carolina, and nearby massive voter bloc Florida.  I mentioned arrogantly (as per norm) that these states would "verifiably" go red.
One thing to keep in mind about this was that during the time of the article all of the major polls indicated that Hillary was up 10 % or 13 %.
Yet now as we come to the final decision - Election Day - the polls indicate that my prediction was right on the money!  NC and FL are both trending rightward!

It's actually a bit like Reagan in 1980 - when the polls and media portrayed a less than flattering picture of the ole' Ronaldus Magnus. Yet he won by a landslide.
I'm loathe to be too confident as - yes - there's always a chance that the "Never-Trump" phenomenon could have it's effects.  However, I'd wager we're witnessing an election of Reaganesque proportions.  I mean look at Ohio!
No U.S. president has EVER won an election throughout all of U.S. history without winning Ohio...

Yet polls, increasingly accurate as we near election time, now show OH trending rightward as well.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I hope to be able to report to you post-election that we're on the way to making America great again.

Please vote Trump!



Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump in Dangerous Terrain Regarding Moslim Problem

Trump speaks from the top of his head, and has a tendency to take attacks and assaults on his character personally.  He repeatedly decries the inadequacies of undeserved honor and recompense...  Take for example John McCain; When he was captured by the vietcong his legacy was to star in an anti-american Vietnamese propaganda film, being compelled to present unamerican views under duress.
I think we should all remember that about John McCain...
But that's beside the point.
The point is, that the moslim problem is increasingly becoming difficult for Trump to navigate due to his inherent un-"pc"-ness.  His politically incorrect asides prove to be ample fodder for the lamestream drive by media to regurgitate ad infinitum and comment on with some sense of moral equivalency.  But the degree to which the mainstream media has been amping up the attacks on Trump leave some commentators incredulous.  Including this one.
Why is it so dire and dear to the lamestream media's hearts to destroy Trump NOW?
Why do they feel the need to make as though all rational discourse would be loathe to not surmise that Trump is unfit for the position of POTUS?
Why must all of the drive by's position Trump as - and I quote - "Insane"?
Because it is their last ditch effort.
Their last ditch effort to defeat Trump.
If you buy into the lamestream BS, I don't blame you.  It's so pervasive it's practically like oxygen!
But I tell you Trump still has a chance.  His rallies have a tremendous amount of energy and grit as compared to Hilary's.  We need to all, advocates of states rights and constitutional evangelists alike, stand behind Trump this election season.
Because it is Trump that truly has the Spirit of this country's heart in mind.

DDu 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Clinton Campaign and Media Attempting to Tie Trump With the Russians

Let's look at the absurdity for a moment, if you will.
The most communist Russia friendly party of all time, the Democrat party, is now trying to paint Donald J. Trump as the new Putin, or at least a friend of Putin.  This is patently ridiculous.
The D.E.M. has consistently cow-towed to not only Russia as such, but to the former Soviet Union.  Teddy Kennedy even sent a special envoy under Reagan's presidency to talk to the then current communist government to say, "Look, once we get Reagan out of office we can normalize relations".
Think of Clinton and that stupid toy "big red button" she proffered in friendship to the Russian government - in order to "reset" relations in regards to nuclear arms (one I'm fairly certain the Russians paid no creed to).
The fact is - if anybody is a a compatriot with the Russians, it's the democrat party!
In fact, furthermore, there is substantially no verification or proof that the hacks came from the Russians!  I mean, honestly - what interest would the Russian gov'ment have in exposing a Bernie Sanders election botch...  Almost none.

And now Trump is getting slammed in the media constantly for making what seems to me to be another classic case of Trumpian sarcasm, with the libs all dire and serious and proffering that this has serious national security implications.  It's just sick.
The fact is - that the Russians are behind this rigged election hack is nothing but an unsubstantiated rumor.
Yet the press is treating it not only as full blown truth, but actually making allegations about homeland security on the basis of unsubstantiated hearsay.  The media IS transparent.
Transparently full of the transparence of Bullshit.

All of this unsubstantiated rhetoric is probably more than likely due to the fact that Rudy Guliani and Trump have come out publicly saying something to the effect of, "Yeah, I think Putin is a good guy!"
Not a terrible diplomatic move to what amounts to our biggest adversary for world supremacy.

End of day,  I saw a poll saying that North Carolina (my home state) remains a battle ground state: YEAH F*CKING RIGHT.  NC will, verifiably, go to being a red state - I don't care what the media hacks say.  Florida may as well.

But now let's turn to the main clear reason Trump is winning
(57% Nationally) and will win:

He improvises.
Speeches sound rote, revised, teleprompted, etc.
When trump simply says what's on the tip of his brain - people listen and like it.
When Clinton recites her boring "I will save the children" speech ad infinitum the voters don't believe her (mostly because of her marital infidelity) and are severely bored...
At least the majority of them.
I don't want to say the Trump presidency is in the tank, but clearly he speaks and the people listen.
He may not have the funds of the Clinton Crime Foundation - but he has one thing that the Clinton's lack - TRUE AMERICAN GRIT.

Domestic Democracy United 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016

Christians are not the Problem

As we see another wave of terrorist attacks,
i think one thing become's apparent:

Christian gun owners are not truly dangerous in terms of terrorism.  Yet plays are made to blame all terrorism on the tea party and second amendment rights advocates.  Why is the publik given the false impression that responsible christians are somehow dangerous terrorists?  Why, when if you look at all these attacks, is it not apparent that christians, more often than not, are hardly ever responsible for committing acts of terrorism?

Christians, as a group, hold the moral Law "Thou Shalt Not Kill" as part and parcel of their ethics.  We're taught NOT to kill out of malice.  Were taught NOT to persecute people because they are different from us.  We're taught NOT to take the law into our own hands.

Law and order shall prevail, and to those naysayers who still believe in their heart of hearts that an assault rifle ban is the solution to our problems need to look hard and clearly at what ignoring the second amendment of the Constitution really means in terms of fascism, tyranny and governance.

And if you look at the recent wave of terrorist attacks in our nation and world, I think it's overwhelmingly clear that the ACTUAL danger of a person killing groups en masse out of malice or ideology does not fall into the laps of responsible gun owning christians.

But let me tell another story to end this short diatribe...

One time I was out in the wilderness and got severly lost.  The sun was going down and frost started setting in.  I tried to find the road or trail but to no avail, and I found myself deeper and deeper in dangerous wilderness.  The sun was down, and I was getting very, very cold.  In fact, there was no way to survive the cold in my current condition.
But then I saw it over the horizon...
A large "deer stand" or hunter's perch which had four walls and had been built up in a tree for hunters to hunt deer.  I ascended the  tree and found myself in a wooden deer stand with a carpet on the floor.
Not realizing the blessing I had been bestowed with, I simply wrapped myself in the carpet and fell asleep for the night.  When I awoke in the morning my feet and fingers were very cold.  Yet I had survived the night.
I wandered in the woods until I found a road and hitch-hiked back to civilization...

So the moral of the story is this, if it hadn't been for responsible christian rifle owners I may have died that night, truly and really.  That's why I urge you to respect Christianity, which teaches us to have compassion, sympathy and empathy towards the dispossesed.  We're good people, in our heart of hearts...
Stop persucuting right wing christians Barack Hussein O., because you can see for yourself on the news every day - In terms of terrorism, Christians are the victims; not the problem.

DDU 2016

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fed Exonerate's Hillary Clinton: Surprise Surprise

Recently, Hillary Clinton was found not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing in regards to her use of a private email server as secretary of state.  In fact, it would seem that Bill Clinton went out of his way to meet with Loretta Lynch in order to ensure that nothing would muck up Hillary's POTUS campaign.  He just happened to be at a Phoenix airport where Lynch was passing through.  When asked about their more than 30 minute conversation, Lynch responded that they mostly talked about their grandchildren.
It was clearly a power move by the Clinton's, and probably wasn't nearly as colloquial as we're meant to believe.  I'd wager Clinton probably through his weight around with Lynch, making it clear that if she wanted to keep her job she'd clear Hillary of all guilt.  I'm sure Lynch was, as Obama's go-to DOJ head, happy to oblige.
Yet none of this is surprising to the politically keen.
Can anyone honestly say that this Administration has enough integrity to convict one of it's top members of wrongdoing, knowing how the elite Washington insiders operate?  I can't say they've proven themselves to have nearly that amount of clout.
Repubs I think are far less corruptible in this respect, and though we stick to our guns in terms of morality - we don't divide corruption along party lines like the left is apt to do.  Especially Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton is about as corrupt as they come, and has had - even as recently as 2008 - a number of sexual trysts with women other than his wife.  He is a womanizer, a perv, and an altogether rotten tomato.
And Hillary even created a "war room" dedicated to silencing and intimidating any of the women who spoke out about their affairs with Bill Clinton (A few even met strange untimely deaths).
So when Hillary Clinton says she cares about children, you can rest assured this is a rouse.   All the Clinton's care about is Power.  They want as much power as possible, and it doesn't matter the means in which they get it, who they have to trample on to get there, and who they have to intimidate to keep quiet about their corruption.
Trump, however, cares far more about the "free market" than about an over-sized central bureaucracy.  He cares about the America we all remember in our hearts...  the one where any man or woman regardless of sex could rise to the level of greatness through sheer grit and determination.  Hard work pays off, or is supposed to.  Yet now the number of unemployed is ridiculously low nation-wide due to the fact that the majority of jobless have simply given up finding work.
Anyhow, Hillary stands exonerated.  Surprise Surprise.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Crisis Does Not Equal Opportunity

Rahm Emmanuel famously once said every crisis is an opportunity or something to that effect, and i am here today to tell you that this is far from true; further, it is indicative of a skewed worldview that see's tragedy, crisis, and emergency situations as an opportunity to advance one's agenda.  How can these people - the left, that is - be trusted when they see terror attacks as another opportunity to advance gun control legislation!  How blithe!
This near nihilistic attitude towards crisis that enables the left to justify any means for their enlightened ends, all the while making plays for folks bleeding hearts is unamerican.  Warms the cockles, don't it?  A crisis is not an ample chance to make good on one's intent for America, a crisis is not some kind of a moment to seize power, a crisis does not equal an opportunity - in any way whatsoever.
Yet many people see a crisis in this light, including of course this Administration.
Tragedies such as the Orlando massacre are not a good chance to implement gun control laws, and that's precisely what the left is doing.  Further, the sentiment among those on the left is that "guns are the problem".  Yet in the recent case of the Turkey terror attack it should be noted that this country disallows gun ownership...  Yet somehow the terrorists still made bombs and got guns!
It's patently ridiculous to say that the real cause of these tragedies are assault rifle owners.  The fact is, the bad guys are always going to get guns, somehow.  The real answer to these terror attacks is to have MORE people packin' metal, not less!  And do away with these gun free zones that turn citizens into hapless "soft targets".
Our gov'ment needs to step it up - I'm not saying racial profiling is the answer per se, but I think a more level headed approach to who is and is not likely to commit a terror attack is warranted.  Yet I can see in Clinton the likely hood of even more Christian gun owners being targeted.  I can still remember when Janet Reno firebombed those Christians in Waco, TX.  I believe we'll see more of these types of assaults on Sovereignty should the low information populous decide to elect Clinton.
The notion that a crisis presents an opportunity is just a kind of justification of the idea of it never being too late to close the gate, even if the cattle have already gotten out.  It's idiotic, nihilistic, and altogether wrongheaded.

Rahm Emmanuel - Go F*ck Yourself.

DDU 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016

On Trump's Faith: How His Denomination Is More Tolerant Toward's Gays Than Rev. Wright

Trump, a religiously inclined episcopalian, is far more tolerant towards homosexuality than Rev. Wright inspired Obama, yet Obama continues to play the whole "conservatives are bigots" card.  The fact is, that episcopalianism is - de facto - THE most tolerant towards homosexuality of any denomination - including catholicism.  Episcopalians allow women to preach the gospel, and - if you didn't already know - homosexuals to preach the gospel.
This is Trump's church...

Now take Obama's spiritual mentor, whose persuasion I won't name, Rev. Wright - who famously entombed those prideful words, "G** D**** America".  How tolerant towards homosexuality would one wager this reverend's demeanor truly is?  I mean, c'mon on -

I think it's clear that Faith in Christ prefigures Donald J. Trump's political views.  This faith is of a decidedly episcopalian demeanor - and is, philosophically, far more tolerant of homosexuality than Obama's church of choice.

I mean, sure Obama pays lip service to the LGTB community, but how committed is he really?

I say, Donald Trump is the man to vote for!

DDU 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Terror Strikes Orlando Florida: DDU Issues Statement

Terror strikes in the U.S. again.
This time, at an Orlando nightclub.  The fatalities are, obviously, numerous.  Over 20 dead so far, with that number estimated to rise...
It has been confirmed that the terrorist was a moslim, and was engaging in the use of heavy weaponry in his attack.  How, and why we let this happen is beyond me.
I mean, we all know now because of the Snowden leaks, that cell phones and computers etc. can be used as wireless surveillance devices.  One could, if one were working for the DHS, easily - it would seem - identify muslims who have legitimately or illegitimately bought guns and ammunition.  It would be easy then, despite claims of unconstitutionality, to simply swoop in and deport the radical at the drop of a hat.
Yet somehow, this hasn't happened.
Why not?
Because Obama is incapable of taking the moslim problem seriously.
I have, perhaps you've noticed, been reposting a few of my blog entries such as "Terror Attack Imminent" and "Terror Alert: Red" as well as a link to ICE DHS for people to call if they see anything suspicious.  I see now how hopelessly idealistic I was in thinking we could stop tragedy's like this from happening...  But the fact is, with a few tweaks from a Trump or two, the DHS could find within it's power simple solution oriented ways to combat against likely terrorists.
This story out of Orlando is still late breaking, so I'll reserve comment on some aspects of the case before all the details are aired - yet it bequeath's me to simply ask this question:  Is not the mass deportation of likely moslim terrorists the best solution to the problem of domestic terrorism?
I mean, the USA is considered to be the "Great Satan" by many of these muslims.  Why should we do anything but regard them with skepticism and a measure of reason regarding the Koran?
As I've repeated before, the muslim problem is so dire because of the sole fact that the Koran repeats as a kind of repetitive poetico-ethical stanza "kill the unbeliever".  To them - and by "them" I mean most moslims - Christians, Jews, Hindis, Buddhists, Taoists and Atheists are all in their scope - because to them we are 'infidels'.
Now one may note that Christian doctrine often has a similar sentiment regarding those who have not been "Born Again" into the holy spirit - yet with one fundamental difference with the teachings of muhammad: We don't advocate murdering heathens.  We advocate proselytizing them, sure - but that's only because we care for people's souls.  What we don't do is go around murdering anyone who is derisive of Christianity...  Our Bible teaches us better than that.

So, before I end this quick update: One question.

"Why do they hate us?"

DDU 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Trump Presidency Means More, Not Less, Freedom For All

Trump is a capitalist to a 'T', and those naysayers on the left who believe that a Trump presidency will mean more fascism, more tyrannical rule, and more of the same kind of leadership we've come to expect from the past 8 years of socialism have no idea just how truly compassionate the ethic of capitalism truly is.  Capitalism thrives on good deeds, good intentions and - well let's be frank - making a living.  There are millions out of work who would perfectly like to work but have trouble finding jobs due to, partly, the immigration problem.
We were told before that these unskilled immigrants are taking jobs that no one else wants - but I'd say post-recession this is no longer true.  The one's taking the jobs from citizens of the US, the one's here illegally, are hurting our country.  Why can't we return to a workforce of American citizens, all in it together working for the common good.  The immigrants who come here have no vested interest in Democracy.  They send their pay back home to mexico or wherever they're from!
Trump will build a wall, which means more freedom in the following ways:
Less gang crime spilling over the border.
Less Illegal immigrants taking our jobs and culture.
Reduced duties for border agents.
Less drug trafficking and human trafficking.

These are all considerable reasons to build a wall.
But despite that, Donald Trump remains one thing: A Capitalist.
He's no washington insider politician, he's a self made man.  His devotional instinct towards the capitalist ethic makes him a one of a kind candidate - someone who can keep the planes running on time and not be afraid about broaching the touchy issues of the muslim problem.
A capitalist, a true one like Trump is, will always have his country's best interest at heart.

We can trust in Trump.

RT Domestic Democracy United SUPERpac

Thursday, May 26, 2016

On Homosexuality: Why it's Poison

Homosexuality and bisexuality may seem to many to be perfectly acceptable ways of living, devoid of the stereotypes so mercilessly attached to these lifestyle choices.  As a matter of fact, the lamestream and counter-cult media seem prepared to be ruthlessly hostile to anyone who isn't completely accepting of Homosexuality etc.  Why is this?
Because the new media has conditioned people to accept this perverse lifestyle as the new norm, and is shoving down a hapless publik's gullet, non-stop, this new multi-culturalist ethic.  The only reason I can truly wager as to why the media elites would do this to what remains a Christian nation is that many of them were indoctrinated at school, in their peer groups and by the media to be intolerant to any Christian who they deem to be "Homophobic".
Homophobia is despicable "new speak" for anyone who fears homosexuals irrationally.  Further, all adherents to this new sickly ideology not only pose that a homophobe irrationally fears homosexuals (I can't think of a single straight male who is 'afraid' of homosexuals to be frank), but believes - without warrant - that homophobes are actually closeted homosexuals themselves.  This is a logical fallacy.  For example, does someone who is agoraphobic really, unconsciously, wish to be in open spaces and large crowds?  No.  The exact opposite is the case.  Why, then, should the elitist left posit that homophobic people are in fact merely confused about their own homosexual impulses.  It's not only an illogical and contradictory stance, but - in fact - a poisonous meme infecting our Christian culture.
The fact is, the only people with an unconscious predisposition towards homosexuality and bisexuality are those enraged lefty's who are simply outraged by any mention of an ethics or morality contradictory to the new multi-cult ideology of defeatism.  They hold up homosexuality as a kind of heroic act.
The truth about sodomy, homosexuality and bi-sexual lesbianism is - in fact - far from heroic.
Freud, from whom all of the current psychological anti-science is owed, thought that homosexuality and bisexuality (not to mention the whole 'transgender' thing) was an extreme form of neurosis.
I agree.
You see, by the counter and now mainstream culture positing homosexuality as a virtuous trait they have unhinged our culture from Tradition, Morality and Objective Dominion.  It's currently in vogue to posit that 'it' (I suppose this depends on what your definition of 'it' is) 'is all subjective' - which is itself a quasi-objective ethical statement.  I couldn't disagree more.  Reason is objective.  Period.
Why would these subjectivists seek to tear apart the credibility of anyone claiming objectivity through Hosana?  Because once they convince the publik that there is no such thing as 'Objectivity' proper, they get their foot in the door to making all kinds of anti-traditional ideologies the currency of our backwards modern culture.  As I mentioned previously, they make a farce of Descartes' 'subjective' - 'objective' split by claiming - in the spirit of objective moral declaration - that everything is subjective.  If everything is 'subjective', with no framing of spirit through moral or ethical dimensions, then I'd suppose it follows that anything - no matter how backwards, venomous or destructive it may otherwise be - is permissible.
It doesn't take a bible scholar to ascertain what other radical thinker made this kind of anti-moral ethics first and foremost part of their ideology.
So, what I'd like to say - to put it simply - is that the leftinista cabal seems to think that hatred of homosexuality, bisexuality and the transgendered is a kind of dangerous and poisonous way of thinking...  But, in fact, it is sodomy that is poisonous.  Sodomy is not in any way acceptable, it would seem to me.
God created our sex organs with specific functions, i.e. a penis for a vagina.  Anything that deviates from this basic heterosexual functionality is not only poisoning the well water, so to speak, but also just plain disgusting.

-Brendan O'Connell
Domestic Democracy United 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

On the Principle of Democracy

The philosophy of Democracy has a certain kind of historicity that lends itself to speculation.
Is the constitution of the USA really as the liberals say, an outmoded and outdated relic of rich white slave owners?  I should think this view is facile and just plain wrongheaded.
The fact remains, our founders and framers are heroes, now and forever.  They envisioned for our country a kind of liberty that no form of government had ever known, one in which all of God's children were endowed with certain unalienable rights...  And they fought for it.  The battle was bloody.  The Revolutionary war was probably the war with the highest stakes in all of history;  for this tract of land, America.
The founders probably thought it their duty to enumerate individual rights and liberties for the common man, and we all - the growing populous and masses of America - benefit from it to this very day.
All humans yearn for freedom; yet few have the benefit of a truly functioning Democracy.  It's a dire shame.
Yet the democracy project in the middle east shows signs of improving.  Moslims are electing their own officials in many countries, as we and other allies continuously battle the Islamic State.  Most moslims would rather have freedom, I can guarantee you.  They might not want a westernized globalized world for their neighborhoods and mosques, but I can guarantee you they yearn for Democracy.
All society moves towards freedom when seen in the Democratic mindset.  Certainly nations, such as Syria, can degenerate into barbarity - but all those under the thumb of terror yearn for freedom and, yea - Democracy.
Yet pro-democracy activists are assaulted with all sorts of tyrannical cliche's: Democracy at the barrel of the gun...  Freedom for the %1 and injustice for the %99... one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter... etc.
It's as if the left has a predisposition for taking the most anti-american radical ideologies and bouncing the memes around like vulgar dolls in wonderland.  It's absurd.  All of these mean spirited photo shopped images floating around the web!  What kind of deviated prevert makes these damned things!
I say, it's a communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.
DDU 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Phenomenology of Ontological Being-Towards-Death

The impulse towards non-reflective existence is a kind of basic, primordial
being-towards-death in that we are, ultimately and at once, always transfigured by our necessary conditions of being-in-the-world.  In that we are always "in" the world, one may be still "outside" of a world of being-alongside-others; or distinct alienation.  Reflection itself is a kind of situation-as-such, in which one may be both "inside" a world and "outside" the world; leading to existentially oriented angst and tumult.  Absolute and objective circumspection supersedes the inclination to reflect, in that one may "look about" - so to speak - without either ascertaining nor discerning anything whatsoever; neither a priori cause nor our own ultimate effect of being-in-the-world; which is to say Hosana and death, respectively.
Alienation finds, in-itself, a distinct form of transformation.  This a priori design may seem all together sadistic in the sense of the "master" and "slave" parable transfiguring our basic, brute necessities.  Nature-as-such can be seen in the light of the sun, moon and stars; yet, the finite and infinite never transcend the purposiveness of their epistemological necessity.  Why then are the manifest teleological concerns of existential and existentiel being-towards-death generally considered non-reflectively?
This question can be considered in Heidegger's classical illustration of a core tenet of his Destruktion; that is, the doorknob.

Think of a doorknob.
Heidegger made a profound insight; he posited that in a fundamental sense our experience of the doorknob is a kind of basic and primordial everyday understanding of Ontological being-in-the-world.  Yet in an ontical sense the hand on a doorknob prefigures any quasi-reflective understanding of the knob in-and-of-itself.

Hand and knob both are constitutive of the engagement, yet - paradoxically enough - simultaneously both knob and hand vanish from our phenomenal experience.

How can this be?

Due to intrinsic and implicit primordial being-towards-death.
That is, to say, death imparts to a Dasein consciousness.  For, as Heidegger observed, a doorknob only becomes an object of consciousness when it stops working.  Death as our own ultimate potentiality for being-in-the-world could be viewed as a kind of stopping.  And it is only by virtue of our limitations that exceptions are raised.

Dasein - or Being - can be seen in a dichotomy of ontological and ontical.
The ontological being a kind of experiential understanding and the ontical being the universal existent entities that make up, so to speak, Hosana's totality-of-tools.

But i'm being blithe.

Facticity relates and orients the sadistic design of death in-and-of-itself; and - as such - we live by grace.

DDU 2016
Domestic Democracy United

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Believing is Seeing: How Christ Propels Us

The old cliche "Seeing is Believing" may well be true, however, there is also a sense in which Jesus Christ propels us all to "see" by virtue of "believing"...  Therefore, Believing is Seeing.
Faith, as classically understood, is always grounded in everyday godly Reason-as-such - and, to a point, Faith in Christ can be seen as having a certain kind of virtue that bestows upon the believer the truest Absolute Reasonhood-of-the-World.  There is an important way in which our phenomenal Being-in-the-World is always primordially grounded in a certain kind of "Passion".  Without this "base", so to speak, it seems to me clearly impossible to embody the Reasonhood-of-the-World - and one, without Faith in the Unseen, is left adrift mid-ocean without material for bridge or boat.  Without Faith - taking that first blind leap - God will leave us to drown in stupidity, ignorance and sin.
So to see clearly the stakes in this thesis, we must turn towards the Bible.
Whether Gideon, Ecumenical, New International Version or just plain old King James, the bible can be seen as far more than an historical story-fable.  In fact, it seems rather curious that today's secularist conflates, say, the interpretation of Plato with interpretation of scripture.  The fact is, the Bible is no "lost-in-translation" story-fable.  It's, in all facticity, the Word.
And the Word in the Bible proclaims a certain kind of godly Law-as-such.

What is a "Law"?
Can you "see" a law?
Can you "touch", "smell" or "taste" the Law?

There is a sense in which, if one seeks to understand the Reasonhood of Faith-as-such one can turn to the notion of "Law", in a basic primordial sense, to get an idea of the kind of caring Godly Reason embodies.  Justice is a central component of the Word in the Bible, and - in fact - an absolutely basic component of Western Civilization.  This is not out of any kind of evolutionary historical necessity but - in fact - part of Hosana on High's Intelligent Design.

Believing is seeing...

I'm sure you've heard on the evening news just how deathly serious are the times we live in.  There is no shortage of misery, both for the affluent and impoverished; Both for the secure and endangered...  Both for older generations and Millenials.
Yet there is still prescient Hope.

All one needs to do is take the Blind Leap-of-Faith, and with Godly ordinary everyday Reason-as-such we can ascertain, phenomenologically at least, the truest structure of Jehova's Design.  Often the logical sacred cows tend towards scoffing at the manifest notion of Intelligent Design...
Yet, is it at all ridiculous to believe, perhaps with a little "Faith-as-such", that nothing could have created a Chaos Spiral except for an Objective God-as-such?

With that question I leave you...
Have a great week folks!

Domestic Democracy United 2016
Brendan Hooker O'Connell

Friday, April 15, 2016

America: A Beacon of Light for the World

The initial purposes of democracy were to create the bureaucratic conditions necessary for the existence for truly functioning free world Liberty-as-such.  Liberty, in the sense of an individual's god given right to live free from the encumbrances of a monarchy, an oversized central government, and of tyranny in general.  Our founders tried to guarantee us the right to practice religion freely, to own and acquire property and form militias.  It is this basic free-minded philosophy that has shown like a beacon of light on the hill for generations.
Yet, we are told, freedom isn't free.

And it's not.

Our intrinsic liberties come with an implicit commitment to citizenry.
For example, the founders meant not just for elected officials and government workers to uphold the constitution of the U.S., but for the constitution to hold a special place in every citizen of America's heart. The degree to which a generation of American's uphold the constitution is the degree to which we are taking responsibility for the sacrifices of our Nation's history, for example the countless number of U.S. soldiers and Free World operatives who have lost lives, limbs and risked capture and torture for-the-sake-of keeping this fine country Free.  They were willing to take the biggest risk imaginable for the sake of Liberty-as-such for every citizen.  They served.

We should all honor the fallen through our deeds, words, hearts and minds.
We should do so by committing ourselves daily anew to the Constitution-as-such.
We should do so by honoring the military, police, DHS, CIA and FBI - for in a former time all of these hero's fell under the rubric of "Free World Police", whose job was - essentially - to guard against tyranny and communism and continue the ongoing Democracy project throughout the world.

We should try to loosen ourselves from modern day pessimism and nihilism and realize that our founders really stood for something that we - today - can stand for as well.  Liberty and justice for all.

Ronald Reagan was famous for looking at the U.S. as "...a beacon of light on the hill.", and in the present age I'd reckon we could all use a bit of that kind of optimism regarding our own and other's countries role in the world.  I think we as a peoples need more integrity and responsibility in regards to our own phenomenal being-in-the-world as well as pragmatic pursuits.  We need to understand on a basic and phenomenological level that what we do in the world really matters - both to ourselves, others and our Nation.

Domestic Democracy United 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Open Air Preachers Shut Down By Collectivism

I'd like for politalk readers to view the above video with the following in mind....

We supposedly live in a free society, yet when the word of god is declared publicly, one finds our freedoms very much in jeopardy.  Not only are christian's silenced, but sometimes arrested, merely for speaking the gospel openly.
It's a dire shame.  The black lives matter protesters can get away with rioting, looting and shooting guns at police officers... but when a moral and sober christian decides to preach the gospel publicly, they are summarily shut down.  Why?
It wouldn't have anything to do with a radicalist multiculturalist POTUS being in charge?
....or would it.
Why are the teachings of the bible so offensive to the majority of our secular society?
Because in today's age of reality television and rampant consumerism (not to mention the overwhelming tides of raw sin American's are confronted with each day), Jesus stands as a kind of anti-thesis to our corrupt modern living.
Does someone who looks at porn really want to be told that what they're doing is wrong?
Does a homosexual really want to hear that the bible condemns their lifechoice?
Do the wealthy really want to hear about what the bible teaches about the rich?
Does a drunkard really want to admit that he is sinning against god?
Does a gambler really want to recognize that he's playing a devil's game?


Yet Open Air Preachers like the one's in the video above prove that when you take the message of scripture to the masses, you get immediately shut down.

What about freedom of speach and religion?

Have we just thrown all that out the window?


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"I'm Putting a Moratorium on My Opinion" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

I must, frankly, apologize for the utter mess of gutter-politik and hate speech that Politalk has degenerated into of late.  It is far from my intent to race bait, or spread any kind of mean spirited nastiness.  My message, despite my seemingly pessimistic platform, is a message of positivity, hope and teleological prescience.  I believe that each individual life has it's own purpose, regardless of race, SES or any other factors regarding what we'd like to think of as "status" in the present age.
The founders believed that it was EVERY human being's right in this world to have the gifts of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...".
That's what I believe too.
Democracy, as I see it, is every man's right.  There's so much strife and suffering in the world, and people need Democracy and Freedom if they are to achieve independence from tyranny.  But ultimately, no one can force "Freedom-as-such" upon a person.  As the renowned sage George W. Bush put it, a person must "choose Freedom".
Well, on a different note, it seems that the rallying cry in the middle east for Democracy has grown even louder.  Throngs of muslims from Iraq to Afghanistan are fighting back.  Saying "No!" to muslim tyranny.  Saying "No!" to terrorism.  Saying "Yes!" to Democracy...
And I think that's what ole' Dubya had in mind when framing intervention in the middle east as an experiment in spreading apple pie American Democracy to others in dire need of it.  There is a great deal of validity to the former POTUS's so-called "compassionate conservatism".  I think we could all use a little of that kind of "mitleit" or "compassion" as we venture on into a hectic election season.

We all need to take a step back, myself included, and reassess our values - what we believe in, why we do what we do, what really matters in life.
So, in leu of that - I'll be putting a temporary cap or moratorium on my truest conservative opinions and takes on the media, and simply reporting the facts.  Perhaps with a little philosophy.

So, again:
"I sincerely apologize to all readers of Politalk for degenerating into a kind of "hate-speech".  I shall attempt to keep it above the belt from now on..."

- Brendan O'Connell
Domestic Democracy United 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

On HB2 Legislation: How This Sound Policy By North Carolina Lawmakers Is Far From Extremist

Recently Gov. McCrory of North Carolina signed into law the HB 2 bill, which explicitly prohibits transgendered peoples from using public restrooms of their proclaimed gender.  The law states that the gender that is on your birth certificate is the gender oriented restroom you must use.  This fair minded policy has received marked criticism from the lgtb sect, not to mention from our own attorney general, who called the legislation a "national embarrassment".  I think the exaggerations of those on the left reveal just how out of touch with mainstream America they really are.

The fact is, under Charlottes attempted mandate, a "Transgendered" person is merely someone who associates with the opposite gender of their birth.  So that means that people with no sex change operations, hormone treatment or other sex change procedures could walk into the opposite sex's bathroom simply because they "Identify" as transgender.  This obviously and painfully opens up the future to all kinds of sick malfeasance...  Not to mention, sexual abuse.

As I've stated before, homo's bi's and transgendered people are abominations before god, and inherently psychopathological and simply perverse.  Who's to stop these freaks from trolling restrooms known to be used by children for the ends of sexually abusing them?  Who's to stop all kinds of sick and brutish things, ala' a truck stop, from occurring in what might otherwise be a safe and healthy neighborhood?  Who's to stop them?

Well, I'll tell you boy!

Gov. Pat McCrory and NC Legislature right in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.
They put a definitive end to this malarky, and now are they sure getting heat for it.

From your average yankee liberal looking down their nose at southerners in North Carolina to media elites giving all sorts of terrible diatribe in regards to the South's moral fortitude all the way up to accusations of the much dreaded "discrimination".

It's a laughable farce.

If you really think that keeping transgendered's out of their sexually oriented bathroom of choice is so tyrannical, why don't you ask a victim of sex abuse what tyranny means.

Does "Buffalo Bill" from the film "The Silence of the Lambs" really seem like the sort of person you want using the same restrooms as women?

TY  DDU 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rush Limbaugh on Obama's Visit to Cuba: "One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Marxism"

Yesterday day on Rush Limbaugh's esteemed Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) network, the Maha Rushi opined that the administration's visit to the newly befriended country of Cuba was - and I quote - "One small step for man, one giant leap for marxism."

Apart from being hilarious, I think that El Rushbo was making an important point...

That is; that the Regime's lifting of sanctions on Cuba is really, de facto - Marxism.  I've gone on in this blog about the dangers of communism and socialism-as-such, so I know when I hear Rush go on about the same concern - I must be on to something.  Marxism is, inherently, a foreign ideology.  It has always been kept around in the counter culture as a kind of hip European import, yet now it has become a part of our nation's current politik.  It's strange that marxist ideology (I can't honestly refer to it as philosophy proper) has become so mainstreamed.

But I suppose that this really points to a larger issue;

Whether or not to deal with - diplomatically - countries that are hostile to Democracy.
This regime has set the precedent, saying "Yes!" to dealing with the rogue state of Iran (whom the Bush administration refused to negotiate with), "Yes!" to nuke deals with the former U.S.S.R., and - currently - is saying "Yes!" to warming relations with an officially communist government.  Dealing with dictators is risky business, and I'd wager the Bush team had a great deal of foresight in their refusal to open diplomatic relations with Terrorist States.

And that's precisely what Cuba is - a Terrorist State.
Upon Barack Obama's visit to Raoul Castro's kingdom, the dictator was notably agitated when questioned on Cuba's position of jailing political dissidents.
The marxist leader even shouted at the U.S. press box in an appropriately fascistic and dictator-like fashion.  It would be humorous if it weren't so deadly serious.

Barack Obama's policy of appeasement of rogue nations (our enemies) seems questionable...

Why, unless this U.S. Regime is actually - de facto - marxist, would we as the beacon of light for Freedom in the world... Why would we become so friendly with a peoples that are entirely hostile to an average cup o' joe American?  I mean, Iran still constantly holds rallies where the crowd erupts in chants of "Death To America!'.  Cuba hasn't even considered releasing pro-democracy dissidents from their prisons.  Russia obviously want's to be the #1 nuclear power in the world...

Why are we opening diplomatic relations with countries that obviously mean to do us damage?

I suppose Mr. Hussein's next step will be to have a cold one with fucking Ceasar "Commie" Chavez...

It's patently ridiculous, wrongheaded in terms of foreign policy, and an altogether "progressive" approach to foreign policy.  But this is domestic democracy united, so I suppose I've drifted - ignorantly - out of concerns nationally and into the drab world of foreign policy.
I apologize...
So returning to what this means for our country;
I believe that "progressivism" is a form of neo-hegelianism brought to our nation's shores in the early 1900's, and this ideology has always been - again, "de facto" - contrary to the will of the sovereign American spirit.

Let me give you a little example of what these early progressives believed:

1) Trained in psychology, the social sciences and economics, the early progressive's in America had the notion of newly emancipated slaves being incapable of living freely, as the constitution clearly states.  That went for blacks as well as poor scotch-irish.  The enlightened ones knew for a certainty that these - and I quote directly from an early preeminent progressive - "barbarians" needed to be "civilized".

2) Due to the aforementioned academic elitism, the early progressive democrats instituted:
a. Poll taxes and literacy tests for poor blacks and scotch-irish.
b. Segregation of blacks into ghettos (I suppose they thought this ideal would turn out a little better than it did, to give them credit)
c. Economic redistribution through the "Death Tax"; which, according to Buckley, was actually intended to end inter-generational transmission of wealth.

3) These early progressives thought of your average cup of joe American citizen as little more than a means to achieve enlightened ideals, often radically marxist, socialist or even outright communist ideals.  I make this point again and again...  This kind of ideology has no god given place in our American politik.  It is not, as they say, native to this country.  Yet bringing the discussion back into the present age, we now find that european style Socialism-as-such is in vogue.  Communism still holds it's ground and advances violently within the U.S.A.'s borders.  Marxism is an eminent part of many scholarly oxen's repertoire.

These kinds of applications of ideology are quite contrary to thinkers such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. - who all believed in every man's innate and God given right to Freedom-as-such.

And I would say, decidedly, that the ideologies of Iran, Russia and - to a point - communist Cuba stand in even starker contrast.

Why are liberal elites so ashamed to be American?

"For more reading on the subject, follow this link to my uber-fave anti-commie club, the John Birch Society: The John Birch Society ."
- Brendan O'Connell
Founder and member of Domestic Democracy United

RT DDU 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Trump Declares That "If Elected, I Will Overturn the Gay Marriage Ruling": DDU Stands Firm

Domestic Democracy United 2016

Recently, after his rash of primary victories all over the country - not to mention my home state of NC - presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump declared that if he is elected, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of legalized gay marriage will be overturned.  I support Mr. Trump in this position.

The fact is, in my state of North Carolina we held a statewide vote (liberals often espouse the virtues of "state & local" government), and we decided - as a sovereign state - that we did not want Gay Marriage legalized here.  We held a vote, we made a decision as a state and I for one was quite pleased with the result.  In the press conferences held regarding this monumental victory for state's rights the repub government officials were far from homophobic.  To paraphrase one of them:

"It's not that WE think homosexuality is wrong, it's that GOD does."

Well, before the Tea Party could even take a victory lap, activist judges in the supreme court mandated that gay marriage be universally legalized in all states of the U.S.A.

This is a pretty good example of liberal fascism.

"We can't let those rednecked pleebs in flyover country have their way, the ignorant unwashed bastards!  That's it!  I know...
Let's shove gay marriage down their throats!!!"

The fact is, the Obama administration far exceeded their sovereign constitutional authority with this massive federal gov'ment sponsored tyranny.  And it really IS tyranny!

I suppose an average lib would say, "Well why do you care what people do in the privacy of their own house, huh - HOMOPHOBE..."

Well, the main answer to this collectivist conjecture is threefold:

1) Gay marriage presupposes gay adoption, which - despite the media's presentation of homo's - is very problematic.  If this seems a little hard to grasp, think of the older controversy around whether or not to allow gays to become scout leaders.  I mean, it's not that far out intellectually to ascertain that this scenario poses the risk of sexual abuse.  As a matter of fact, there are quite a few neglected studies that indicate this truly perverse truth...  I would rather homo's NOT adopt young children for, what seems like to me, obvious reasons.

2) The bible explicitly condemns homosexuality as an abomination.  For many religious leaders this poses a problem.  A clergyman who refuses to preside over a gay wedding could very well - now, as well as down the line - face serious persecution for his or her belief in scripture.  I think this is where the seemingly preposterous claim that the federal gay marriage ruling is "fascism" becomes a little more reasonable.  As a christian and United Methodist I think this travesty of justice is indicative of a direct attempt by the federal gov'ment to persecute church leaders.  Perhaps I'm wrong; but consider the cases where small business owners in this country were sued by homo's for refusing to service a gay wedding.  Does that seem reasonable?  Perhaps if you define reason as the zeitgeist of the present age; I however think this degenerate progressive culture is not only severely lacking in the quality of Reason-as-such, but altogether immoral, unethical and biased in the direction of a kind of neo-marxism.  For that reason I say, the federal gov'ment should not and according to sovereign law CANNOT shove this progressive ideology down the Church-as-such's throat.  The constitution guarantees freedom of religion.  Period.

3) Finally, and I've made this point before, there is the whole... y'know... "Soddom and Gomorrah" angle.  In scripture, so goes the so-called "myth", this city was punished by god with fire and brimstone for it's collective perversity.  I, as a United Methodist "Born Again" Christian take this tale quite seriously.  What kind of risks are we taking as a country when we normalize sexual perversity?  I think a quite dire and serious one.  The constitution of the U.S.A makes quite explicit that this country was intended to be - to a point - a "Christian Nation".  When we secularize mainstream culture to the degree where federal law mandates un-christian morality, we're taking a quite dangerous step towards the ledge...  Think of how degenerate and vile, sexually, the secularized America has become.  STI's are on the rise amongst teens.  Monogamy has degenerated from moral principle to an outmoded and static remnant of a more virtuous time than ours.  The institution of marriage has become rife with divorce, cheating and co-dependency!  If we keep on in this direction, I fear that America could become another "Soddom and Gomorrah"... and I don't want that.  You don't want that.... and Mr. Donald J. Trump has now made explicit, HE doesn't want that.

So those are my three basic reason's why I disagree with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of federally mandated legalization of gay marriage.  I ardently support Mr. Trump's platform on this issue, and congratulate his campaign on their gusto and good will towards the U.S.A.

We decided on our position on gay marriage in this fine state...  And no one, not the activist judges in the Supreme Court or the POTUS or the activist caste should be able to rob us of our will as a sovereign state in this nation.  I've been fuming over this issue for quite some time now, to be frank - and hearing that The Donald agrees with the Tea Party and is willing and open about taking steps to keep state's rights intact proves that he is far from a Totalitarian RINO.  He see's clearly that mainstream apple pie opine should dictate policy; not a radicalist POTUS administration.

So join with me in saying "NO" to gay marriage.

I've interacted with and been relatively tolerant of quite a few gay people I knew personally; and I can tell you - it really is empirically perverse.  They were perverted people, period.  They're not like you and me yet simply of a different sexual orientation.  No.  Homosexuality is, de facto, an "abomination".

Thank you.
And may God bless America!


Monday, March 14, 2016

False Media Narrative on Trump: Obvious and Embarrassing

I often refer to media elite's as being like a flock of vultures, picking at roadkill for spare scraps of red meat.
The metaphor has never been more obvious than when it comes to the lamestream media's (not to mention counter-culture media) treatment of Trump.  It's so patently obvious that they loathe the man, yet they put on the show of being fair and honest and transparent.  Yet they are not treating Donald Trump fairly AT ALL in the media.  All it is is "rascist" this and "nazi" that, all the while foraging through the newsreels of Donald Trump for ANYTHING that would seem to make him look bad, or like a buffoon.
But Trump is no buffoon.  He tells it like it is, every chance he gets, and man do people love him for it.  His tough-guy technique really works.  I think we're all a little tired of politicians who pussyfoot about, telling us all the talking points in stale, rote fashion.  Trump's uncompromising patriotism coupled with his unique way of communicating with the base of the G.O.P. makes him by far the best candidate to vote for...
And that's what I'll be doing tomorrow, casting my ballot in my home state of North Carolina.
I'll be casting MY vote for Donald J. Trump.

But, again, the media seems so angered by Trump's resilience that they seem to be simply fuming at times when talking about Trump.  It's actually kind of embarrassing to watch, these fully grown adults trying so desperately and obviously to destroy the man.
It happens every election!
Mostly because the media is run by Columbia schooled Marxist journalists.  Any repub POTUS nominee is ALWAYS going to get the full treatment from the drive by's.
And it's a shame.  It seems to me that journalism has taken a tailspin for the worse, and now it's as if every lamestream news show has become just another snooty, disparaging version of the Daily Show with some kind of blithe pretense of professionalism!  Clips of Trump taken out of context.  Classic propaganda technique.
I'll remind readers that Domestic Democracy United is a Tea Party organization.  In Joseph Farah's Tea Party Manifesto the author makes the point that if you take one passage of scripture out of the Bible, out of context, and ignore the entire book itself; you're really doing a disservice to the message of the book.
Well that's basically what they do with clips of Trump.  You never hear them play anything substantive from his speeches...  No, it's always just another engineered (supposed) gaffe, taken fully out of context and regurgitated by the media vultures.

It's sick.

But the attacks on Trump are the very definition of futile.

He will always have critics undoubtedly, and I remember even before Trump ran for office how his name, in the city of New York, elicited scoffs and wafts of liberal elitism.
I have to say I sympathize with Trump.
It's hard to be a Champion, and when one is a true Champion one definitively draws the attention of envious people.  These people mock, laugh at, and insult the Champion - because they resent them.  It always happens.  As a successful DJ, I know how it goes - trust me.

But the fact remains, winners will win and loosers will lose.

DDU 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is A Farce: Why Trump Can Beat Her

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly culled into the political arena a number of gaffes, which shall remain unmentioned, but among those are the Clinton E Mail scandals.  We do not yet know the extent of the malfeasance and dereliction of duty that these emails now encompass; but should Trump succeed in winning the White House, I'm sure we will all become privy to the corruption within.
The fact is, the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) is keeping the email's under wraps, and I would highly doubt that, under this regime, any action would be taken.  It's useless.  Hussein Obama is completely in bed with the Clintons, yet there is this false media presented narrative that they are somewhat differentiated.

Look!  They are both Alinskyites, they both have radical policies as their M.O., and they both want to tax the rich EVEN MORE!

This kind of wealth redistributionism is despicable, yet now lauded by the majority of the low info crowd.  They care little for the current politik, and even look down on Tea Party patriots who espouse the values of liberty.

Politics?  What?

It's loathsome.  We need an engaged populous to have the kind of conservative ascendancy that is necessary to take the White House.  We need Trump.
Trump is the answer.

We should all, as a party, coalesce around Donald Trump.  He WILL build a wall.  He will stop the terrorists.  He will run Homeland Security better than any president (Reagan didn't have that privilege).

Trump is the answer.

And when you look at the low numbers in the Democrat turnouts for the primaries, you may see something which could easily offset Trumps favorability numbers.  Think of it, Trump supporters are engaged.  The evangelicals.  The Born Again Christians.  The Tea Party groups, the independents, all creeds and colors coalescing around Trump for a new vision of America's future.

God Bless the U.S.A.
Domestic Democracy United 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Godless Heathens Control America: How We can Wrest Back Power

There is no doubt that godless heathens control the strings of America.   Academia, godless and amoral; The media, godless and secular.  The government, despite their proclamations to the contrary, is basically sold out to special interests and has no interest in promoting Christian morals in the capitol.  The establishment holds no regard of the Christian Publik-as-such, and hence, can only be seen as obfuscating the realm of truth and Christianity in the capitol hill.

We must do something about it.
We must remember, this is a Christian nation.
We cant have these new elites running around in D.C. proffering all sorts of anti-god legislation.

Gay Marriage.
Attacking Gun Owners as terrorists.

It's absurd, and would merely be a farce were it not so deathly dangerous in regards to the constitution.

We need to stop the secularists from infiltrating our televisions and classrooms.  It's now in vogue, due to shows like "The Big Bang Theory" (starring a homo), to be dismissive of Christianity and all together derisive of those lunatics in flyover country.

This country is sick.

And Donald J. Trump is the man to fix it!

DDU 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016

DDU Endorses Donald J. Trump: "I Think He's The Man To Get The Job Done" Says DDU Founder

Domestic Democracy United 2016

I officially endorse Donald Trump's POTUS campaign, and endorse the man himself as the guy to get the job done in Washington D.C.  Having succeeded in private enterprise, Trump is just the Washington outsider to really shake up the establishment and give libs and rino's both a run for their money.  Trump's uncompromising Politik coupled with his simply grand sense of humor give most voters a good idea of what Trump is about...  That is, no frills, do it yourself American grit - tried and true.
If Trump can succeed monetarily to the degree that he has, he's sure to be more than capable of holding the reigns of the Whitehouse.  To be certain, Trump has a kind of pedigree that a voter can take solace in.  Familiar from television, name recognition out the wazoo, and not financed by ANY lobbyists.
It's a republican's dream come true!

I had previously endorsed Sen. Rand Paul for his fiscal policies, but upon dropping out of the race due to shortage of funds, I must move into the Trump camp.

That's right, folks.
I'm stumpin' for Trump!

And the degree of liberal 'balk' against Trump is predictable.  I don't think there is a single candidate we could have elected that wouldn't elicit this kind of knee-jerk response.  It's sad really, people who hate Trump are clearly envious of his money and prestige.  I doubt they would admit it, but the fact is, Trump is a force to be reckoned with!

One thing I rather like about Trump and I think really explains his 'go for the jugular' rhetorical style, is what I'll call the "zeal of the convert".  Trump was a Democrat for many years, and as anyone who has switched parties knows, the zeal of the convert makes one positively passionate about conservative narrative!  I know it has for me, as I was a card carrying member of the Democrat party for years, and when I switched to the republican party for a variety of reasons I found myself absolutely enthralled with Republican platform and dialectic.  I would espouse these values, bull around with friends, and have an altogether raucous time in my newly emancipated state.

You can see this kind of joy and passion in some of Trump's campaign messages.

So in short, Vote Trump if you want to keep the candidate with a (d) by their name out of office for the next four years.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

DDU - "On Mastery"

I have brought to light previously on my blog the so-called 'dialectic' between master and slave.  I thought then, as I do now, that slavery is immoral - yet one of the historical and present-politico necessities of nature.  Over 100 years after the abolition of slavery in the U.S., there still remains a black market for indentured servitude and sex slavery.
It is a grim realization to think that somewhere, in my country, in my county, in my city - that there are people in the bondage of slavery.  Yet it happens every day under the belly of the beast!
But, anyhow, I came to the conclusion that one is far better off being in a position of Mastery than Slavery...

So I then asked the question; How does one become a 'master'?

The answer is, accordingly, Hegelian.

Hegel, enlightenment German philosophe extraordinaire, posited that there are three 'levels' of cognition:

1) Lower Immediacy
2) Mediation
3) Higher Immediacy

In lower immediacy, we find the ethics of the child.  Ill equipped to true mastery-as-such, the child finds himself in a non-reflective, direct world of coping with, learning about, and engaging upon objects.  They do not, so to speak, circumspect.  It's almost as if a child lives in a realm of pure instinct, blind to Godly reason.

Then, upon entering the educational system, a person undergoes mediation.
From pre-k to college, mediation is almost a form of conditioning under which a person transforms from lower immediacy to higher immediacy.  Hegel thought that this undergoing of mediation was absolutely necessary to obtain the skill of true Mastery.

But mediation need not come from education alone...
No, in fact, independent study of philosophy coupled with the phenomenological method have seemed, for me, to be a fine substitute for Scholarly pedigree.
However, there is a sense in which if one truly wishes to become the Master of a discipline or skill, one must undergo a process of conscious circumspection requiring the qualities of reflection, circumspection, and reasoning.

It is the 'reason-hood' of a particular subject or discipline that one must circumspect about, sometimes for many many years, in order to achieve Mastery.  It can be difficult.  There may be trials and tribulations.  Struggling.  Strife.

But upon embodying a particular philosophy of action in one's preconscious drives, one can be said to have attained a kind of Mastery.

The simplest example is from the book "Zen and the Art of Archery", in which a master archer describes how he hits a bulls-eye.

He pulls the string back to it's fullest degree, and then allows the arrow to be propelled from his bow unto the target.
His reflective consciousness is hardly part of the process!
He simply DOES it.
Without, for most true masters, even 'thinking'.

The reason for this is because long ago the master archer underwent the process of mediation, in which he internalized the reason-structure of his craft.

So the mark of a true disciple of Christ is in the character of one who studies the bible in constant mediation-unto-death.
For the truest mastery of all is that of attaining redemption, universally, absolutely, proximally and for the most part, and eternally!


Friday, February 19, 2016

DDU DIALUP - Domestic Democracy United SUPERpac *vid inside*

Just some ramblings I captured on a shit webcam.  LO FI DDU DIALUP.  Has a bit of philosophy, a bit of politics, and A LOT of defending the USA as a Christian Nation.  This one's for the politalk cultists!

As Hegel says,
"All religion begins as cult."

Brendan O'Connell AKA RT STILLWELL
Domestic Democracy United 2016

Music from cock rock disco: cockrockdisco (OVER 60 FREE ALBUMS FOR DOWNLOAD)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

DDU Valentine's Day "Treatise on Love"

On this very solemn day of our lord, Sunday Feb. 14th 2016, I shall attempt to write a short treatise on the subject of the much analyzed sentiment of "Love".  Love is such that it's duality brings forward a kind of deep seated primordiality.  After all, it is the act of Erotic love that brought each of us into being in the first place.
But to really begin my discussion, I shall reference the Indian words "bava" and "rasa".  A bava is considered to be something crude and unrefined, so for example lustful desire would be a kind of "bava".  A rasa could be understood as when one takes something raw and crude, and aestheticizes it, refines it, civilizes it - and ultimately makes something profane into something beautiful!

I think that the Indian culture gets it's theory of bava and rasa exactly right.  But then perhaps I spoke too soon to call lustful desire base and vile.  There is something crude about it, I think.  However, perhaps this sort of initial emotional spark of attraction is what love is about initially.  Falling in love could, depending on the lovers, be a kind of rasa or a bava, but either way - I think there is little doubt that this initial "falling" in love is a constitutive element of our lives on earth.  Our fallenness begets our ill repute upon discovering that the object of our affections, most of the time, doesn't live up to the perfect euphoria of the initial "fall".

This is precisely because, as Bob Solomon puts it, what we really, truly love in the other person is not the individual or our social construction of them nor merely another lump of flesh with a desirable physical quality about them; no, what we really love in the other Person is God.

That is why when our beloved proves to be less than of the countenance of God incarnate, there is always another kind of "falling", where the initial euphoria of being "in" love with someone recedes and what begins, in almost all adult and young adult relationships, is a kind of struggle between two alienated and estranged love junkies, looking desperately for a fix.  
This, I would wager, is why cheating in relationships is so common.

But now I'd like to contrast the conceptualization of loving another individual as loving the person of God with a different phenomenon:  Love as base, vile, decadent, sinful, physically repulsive, annoying and altogether simply a kind of bava.

When I say crude, think of the "Love" you see on daytime television.

People fighting, yelling, screeching at the individual they supposedly "love".

This must be a kind of primordial hypocrisy, probably basic to man's existence ever since Adam and Eve.

But I think we all, this valentines day, have a sort of obligation to try and refine our sensibilities regarding love and become more enlightened in regards to what really matters about the ancient ideal of "Love"


Thursday, February 11, 2016


I've mentioned in previous blogs that I make a fair amount of electronic music in my spare time, some of which has been moderately successful.  I call my project, "Emo Headache" because the idea of the noise composition is to give you a burst of distortion leading to migraine inducing kickdrums.  I consider it a form of IDM, though I always really wanted to make stuff that people COULD mosh to.  So here are my official releases in order from earliest to newest:

Emo Headache - Variations on the Devil LP - Legs Akimbo Records

Two tracks off of a Legs Akimbo Compilation called, "And Now For Something Completely Fucked Up..."
A Parliamentalist Remix done by my friend and I about Chris Huhne called Huhne Unit 9000

A Track I called "Highschool Hate-Crime"

Next, I took the basic premise of High School Hate Crime and extended it into an entire LP called Tweenstar.  It's gotten over 10,000 torrent dl/s, and is a good example of how one can really be a thorn in the multiculturalists back if you put work into it (it took me approx. 6 months to finish the album):

Next, I got pressed to a cassette tape release entitled "Misanthropics", which decided to release my remix of The Misfits "Night Of The Living Dead".

After that I released a more breakcore oriented mashup EP called squatter bum, as I'm constantly skint lol.

After that back on England's finest Legs Akimbo Records I released a short EP entitled "EMO SUCKS", which features me on the cover doing an "Austin 3:16 SUCK IT!" pose with bat wings transposed onto my shoulders.  This one, probably due to the bright pink layout, has gotten over 15,000 downloads!
Hear it here:

Then finally as if my taste for the profane hadn't descended to it's dirtiest depths, I released "Songs In The Key Of Sheitan" featuring a strange man on the toilet (Slime City's owner and half of the duo Skat Injector").  This LP was a labor of love, and was made mostly around halloween, so there's tons of scream samples and headache inducing distortion!  It even got a review in an E Zine (

and finally for my full discography I did an opera/gospel remix for a Slime City compilation called Rawforce III.  Catch it here.

So there you have it, the totality of my musical discography.  Some of it is pretty progressive stuff, and I've found that people over here in the US tend to go "UGH, TURN IT DOWN" when played, while others in europe and globally seem to "get it" a little more.  I dunno what you think of it, but I, personally, would die happy knowing I had released this kind of genius to a global audience....  so you politalk junkies.  you're not the only cult out there!

I'm kidding.

If you're not into my punk rock experimentations, check my dubwise project "Clip & Carbine"
located here:

most of this content is free for download, so if you like something, downlo9ad it for your pc or ipod!
Thanks a ton,
Brendan O'Connell aka RT STILLWELL


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why Liberal Contempt is Mere Resentement

Resentement, one of the slavish emotions of passive resistance against the social order-as-such, is a cruelly enacted form of reverie directed at that which supersedes mere notional inclination.  Contempt on the other hand lays straight the horizon upon which understanding can be recognized; recognized as that which is superior to the "lost in paradise" mainframe of Utopian idealists.  I could easily disprove the simplistic notion of heaven on earth with one simple word: pain.
We all feel it.  We all know it.  And all who continue to reject Christ as Messiah will truly experience this 'pain" for all eternity, roasting in the pit of hell.

Yet there is redemption even for those!  Those hapless souls who find it near impossible to get on their knees in their bedroom and beg Jesus and God for forgiveness for their fallen ways.  It is our fallenness that God understands as human kind's essential way of being in the world.  This is our inheritance from the wicked ways of Adam and Eve.

Know we find ourselves fallen.  Amidst a chaotic realm ruled by the dark prince, proximally and for the most part.  fallen in the sense that we have descended into an age ruled by violence.  The evening news screams it at us every night.  The world has gone to shit.

It's time for heroes, politicians or others, to stand up to the scum, the filth, the dogs taking away from our rightful heritage as Americans.  It'a time to put a stop to the "BLACK LIVES MATTER" terrorist organization.  It's time for civility, peace, and prosperity.

I support the police, law enforcement, and the United States military for their continued efforts to fight against cartels and terrorism.  The fact is, the mexican cartels are swarming the border, bringing crack, meth and herion across via drug mules.

Trump is right.  We should build a fence.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Obama Administration Continues It's Assault on the Publik

To shoving Obamacare down hapless citizen's throats to mandating gay marriage legal despite many christians conscience all the way up to directly assaulting dixie gun shows, the Obama Administration has shown an elitist Chicago-ian contempt for the south and farmers and the agrarian culture that is our rightful heritage.  The sad fact is, if you own a gun; you might as well be a terrorist according to the Obama cronies.  I'm sure it's a pure liberal wet dream to completely disarm the publik....

But they know they could never get away with it.  A citizen revolt would act as a safegaurd against THAT kind of tyranny.

But that is exactly what they're doing; chipping away at the civil liberties of gun owners bit by bit, little by little...

And this isn't even to mention the poor children.

They are being indoctrinated with all kinds of nefariously communist propaganda.  From the classroom to the television to the textbooks, one would be wise to proffer to todays young people, "Do you believe everything you read?"

I certainly do...  that is, In the bible - MY TEXTBOOK!

Do you know what the punishment for Judas was?  It's from Acts...

(Judas, for the reward he got for betraying Jesus bought a plot of land.  On the land he fell headfirst, his intestines spilling out.  The natives called this field, akeldama, or Field of Blood.)

These Judas's in government will get their due reward, their comeuppance, their final due diligence.

DDU 2015

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Young Forever: An Analysis Of Freudian Theory

            “In matters of sexuality we are at present, every one of us, ill or well, nothing but hypocrites.”
-       Freud

In traditional Freudian theory, Sigmund Freud addresses what he believed to be the four primary stages of human development:  The “Oral Stage” (from the moment of birth until one year of age), the “Anal Stage” (from one year in age until around 3 years old), the “Phallic Stage” (from three until six years old), and the “Genital Stage” (from adolescence until adulthood).  Freud believed, I’d wager with some clarity, that a human being cannot go beyond the final stage of development that begins in adolescence, i.e. the “Genital Stage”.  This concept is central to Psychoanalytic Theory, and I’d wager Freud himself wouldn’t have had very much trouble devising later stages of development – were it not basic to Psychoanalytic Theory that the “Genital Stage” is the final and ultimately permanent condition of all Human adults.
            We would like to believe as a civilized peoples that we have, in fact, transcended our childish ways and become fully grown adults; free from the wantonness of youthful indiscretion.  We like to think of ourselves as fully conscious, fully aware rational beings…  However, most adults ignore or simply overlook two key components of Psychoanalytic Theory:

1)   The role of irrationality in society and, yea, our own individual Being-Towards-Death.
2)   That “the early stages (of development) provide the foundation for adult behavior.”

I rather like this theory as an explanation of why fully mature adults often appear so facile and childish.  The fact is, the idea that Humans never really fully outgrow the adolescent “Genital Stage” has a great deal of merit to it.  For there to be, in actuality, any of the later stages of development that more recent theorists have posited, one – as a thinker – must fundamentally deny the truest instincts of Human “will”.  That is, the will to survive.  The unending struggle for survival begins, in my humble opinion, in adolescence when our cognition comes to a kind of primordial fruition.
Think of sex!
Is there anything more central and basic to the human condition and existence on Earth as the Human reflex to reproduce?  Is there ever a time when this, what I’ll term, reflex to fornicate is as ripe as it is during adolescence?  Considering the rates of teenage pregnancy and the eventual, inevitable, death of the ability to reproduce in later life for women, as well as – to be perfectly frank – just how intensely passionate I, personally, remember teen sex to be; I’d sincerely doubt it.  The fact is, from the highest officials in government to the lowliest urchin living off of the government – we are still merely ignorant children, so to speak, grappling and groping blindly with the unknown world of Being-Towards-Death.  Death and taxes are two basic things that each and every American experiences universally…  Simply, this is to merely say that we all die – in the end.
According to Freud, “Sensual satisfaction (from stimulation of the mouth, anus, or genitals) is linked to developmental needs, challenges and conflicts.  How people experience and resolve these conflicts… determines personality patterns.”  In this course of this paper, I shall attempt to examine and analyze my own development in the context of what, especially at the time, was a truly groundbreaking theory regarding our truest Modus Operandi: That is, sex.
I was born on April 21st, 1985 in Fairfax Co., Virginia during the wee hours of the morning.  The birth, as I was the first of two children born to my folks, was a relatively long and stressful process for my dear mother.  Despite this, I was a healthy birth weight with no complications during childbirth.
Upon entrance into this fair world, I began breastfeeding.  I breast fed until around 9 months after birth.  This, proximally and for the most part, was my initial engagement with what Freud termed the “Oral Stage”, in which psychosexual pleasure is derived from the infant suckling the mothers’ breast.  For the first three months of life, I was breast fed exclusively with no bottle.  Around three months of age I was introduced to a bottle.
This may, in fact, have started the weaning process slightly too soon, as at around 11 months of age I was introduced to a cup.  However, I experienced difficulty transitioning from bottle to cup, and to be perfectly frank, there is a sense in which I experienced a certain amount of challenge and conflict with this “Oral Stage” of development, leading to what I’ll term an “oral fixation”.
This is evidenced by the existent fact that I am a heavy smoker.   Perhaps my near pathological smoking habit was merely a neurological response to not being weaned properly.  Maybe, in fact, it was my own reticence to leave the nipple, etc.  I would, personally, posit that this stage of development was a critical period in which I, as an infant, failed to move beyond my own neurologically hardwired sense of sexual pleasure derived from “suckling”.
As I mentioned, to this day I am a heavy smoker, love cold beer and hot coffee, and have even been told by dentists that I have the bad habit of grinding my teeth during sleep.  Perhaps an oral fixation continues to this very day due to my inability to wean properly.  Perhaps my folks weaned me too soon.  Who knows!  The role of the irrational obfuscates most reasoned attempts at interpretation of the phenomena of existence.
Through much trial and error, I eventually left the ‘nipple’ and transitioned to drinking from a ‘sippy cup’.  Around this time I began toilet training; at the age of 2 ½ I was able to use the bathroom without a diaper.  According to my mother, I was toilet trained relatively easily, meaning that the way in which I coped with what Freud termed (the much dreaded) “Anal Stage” was fairly effective, leading to little or no anal fixations.  This is evidenced by the senses in which I dislike anal sex, I’m not particularly “anal retentive” (I’m a kind, understanding person at heart), and take no joy in using the toilet.  In this context one wonders; what kind of man I would be had I not properly been toilet trained?
The sophisticated, intricate, and subtle ways early childhood development affects the adult mind can hardly be fathomed…  Yet this was exactly the crux of Psychoanalytic Theory, explicitly conceptualized by Sigmund Freud.  What a theory!
From approximately the age of 3 until age 6, I went through what is known as the “Phallic Stage”, in which I – as a young child – came to take pride in my penis.  Had I been psychologically examined, I probably would have exhibited a kind of cognition that saw my mother to, also, be endowed with such a source of pride.  This is what is known as the “Phallic Woman” phenomena, in which the child experiences an “image or fantasy of a woman endowed with a phallus”.  If this seems at all odd, that’s because it is!  The phallic stage is probably the beginning of the sexual drive directed towards the penis or lack of a penis.  Experienced by boys as the Oedipal Complex and by girls as the Castration Complex (i.e. early manifestations of penis envy) the phallic stage is absolutely central to a young Human’s healthy development, which I would wager is where Freud’s critics see his Psychoanalytic Theory as lacking substantiality.  It seems tremendously counter-intuitive to many women to say that a females’ unconscious mind envies the males’ possession of a phallus. 
The most common element I’ve seen scoffed at in Freudian theory is just this…  Yet isn’t it telling that the biggest sticking point for critics of Freud is regarding his emphasis on the importance of the phallus-as-such.  I say “phallus-as-such” because of the often humorously cited quote attributed to Freud that “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”, which I take to mean that a phallus was literally, not figuratively, meant by Freud in the context of Psychoanalytic Theory to indicate the male sex organ.  Again we find the role of sex running through all four stages of development, from childhood on into adulthood and remaining a Human organism’s primary Modus Operandi right up until an individual passes on.
Around the nubile age of 12, I entered into the final stage of psychosexual development; this is known as the “Genital Stage”.  I agree ardently with Freud that this stage continues on well into adulthood and one never, really, transcends this fundamental stage of psychosexual development even up until, as I outlined, one’s eventual demise.  This is a basic premise built within the necessary foundations and presuppositions of Psychoanalytic theory, one which I think can be determined to be true, ironically enough, by virtue of how offensive it seems to modern man.  All people of adult age would like to surmise that their childish and adolescent infidelities are a thing of the past; however, I think the popularity of luxury automobiles, reality television, pornography, as well as a myriad of other cultural icons prove, irrefutably, that the preconscious neurologically hardwired drive for the act of sex and sexuality in general shines a light on the grim existential fact that we - as a species - never, truly, advance or progress beyond this primordial “Genital Stage”.
According to the science of human development, I could be said to have entered this stage out of a period of latency rather innocently.  I attended a summer camp at NCSA around the age of 15, in which I experienced my first bout of heterosexual indulgence.  After “popping my cherry”, I returned to schooling in the fall semester a virtually changed young man.
At this point in my psychosexual development, genital stimulation was of primary concern (unfortunately, rather than my schoolwork).  After my first true relationship (sexual) with a nice young woman who attended my high school, I fell dramatically and irreversibly in love.  I immediately dropped out of high school and began a courtship process with a young woman I fancied and whom had been an early childhood friend.  She reciprocated my affection, and we eventually moved into our own place together in Asheville, NC.
However, this young love lacked the kind of emotional responsibility necessary for a healthy relationship, due to our age and lack of maturity.  Upon being confronted by this young lass with emotions such as hysteric sadness and feminine waning and ailing, I responded irresponsibly with what the ancient Greeks referred to as “menis” or “rage”.  I, tragically, treated this fine young lady poorly, mostly due to my selfish genital fixation and lack of mature emotional coherence.  After a long bout of approximately 5 years or so, she left me behind to pursue success in NYC; leaving me all alone to live with my folks again back in Pittsboro.
During this time my folks and I experienced, harshly, even more of my youthful “menis”.  The sexual frustration of loosing my high school sweetheart as well as my complete lack of education for a vocation left me, now in my mid twenties, stranded and emotionally desolate.
Eventually, though, I moved to Raleigh, NC.  Living on my own as a bachelor was a liberating experience.  I found in my independence a kind of emotional integrity and insight.  Soon, the love bug struck again and I found myself falling completely and devastatingly in love; this time with a nice woman who would eventually become my fiancĂ©.  I, idealistically and without due diligence regarding the serious of marriage, proposed to her and she accepted.
This phenomenon I believe was, in true Freudian fashion, still basically a desperate act of unconscious genital fixation as well as some kind of desperate and dire drive towards reproduction.  However, this time I approached my relationship with far more emotional responsibility than before, and treated my love with an unyielding respect, kindness and compassionate understanding.  Despite my best efforts, this young woman would eventually leave to move back to her home state; leaving me, once again, heartbroken and forlorn.  Such is the folly of man…
In reflecting upon my last relationship I realize that erotic love is much like a drug.  It lasts for only a short time, during which period the participants feel a deep sense of euphoria; and after an initial stage of an intense “falling” in love, we develop a sort of neurologically bound tolerance to the stimulus of affection and genital satisfaction.  Hopefully, for most people, this is where some kind of mature love comes into play – however, due to the existent facticity of our fallen Being-Towards-Death, I would say most relationships degenerate due to our continuing “Genital Stage” complexes and mans’ inherent, innate immaturity.  I read Freud’s emphasis on this final stage of Being-In-The-World to mean that we, as a species, are incapable of escaping the sex drive.  Even if one does manage to find some kind of homeostasis in a mature, long-term relationship – I’d personally wager we always, in a sense, pine for that first initial rush of falling in love.  That’s why I say mankind is, truly, young forever.  We’re all still kids at heart.
And this comports with some of the teachings of Jesus, who remarked somewhere in the New Testament that one should always look at the world with a kind of childish amazement and wonder at the great mystery.  I think he was right on the money.  It’s far better to confront one’s psychological pathologies from our years of youth than to look at all of one’s failings and inadequacies with what Freud termed “disavowal”.  Yet this seems to be the dominant instinct of most people.  As former POTUS George w. Bush once proffered, one must not blink in the face of terror.
I was 16 years old when the Twin Towers in NYC crumbled to the ground, killing thousands of civilians.  I remember witnessing the images of a burning tower on live television as if I were in a dream, and responded to the trauma (I believe anyone who was cognizant enough to witness this horrific tragedy was, in fact, traumatized) with what the ancient Greeks termed “ataraxia”, or a kind of trancelike emotionless state of untroubled calmness.  I can recall my teacher, as the second tower fell, crying at the sight of it all.  I remember the shock of my classmates.  I couldn’t even understand, in a basic way, what was happening.  The entire world changed on that day.  9/11.
So I spent all of my years of development after this in a country that was at war with terrorism, and I would like to think (and even hope) that this caused me to develop in such a way as to discover a kind of compassionate respect for human life, a kind of yearning for justice, and a hardheaded drive to weather the storm and come out on top.  During this period shortly after 9/11, I began composing electronic music regularly, putting copies of my compositions on the now burgeoning world wide web, for free.  It was due to this drive towards unselfish service that I believe I coped with a world that had fallen into terror, war and violence.  This occupied much of my early life, and I found that people were rather impressed with my compositions, which attained some kind of contextual cultural currency in lieu of the post-9/11 climate.  I found myself organizing, booking and playing local shows – playing at venues in NYC, and generally flourishing musically.  It was a very weird time in history, one that I reflect back on with a kind of somber remembrance and youthful nostalgia.  I’ll never forget.  I will always remember.
            So, in conclusion, it is not – in fact – my conscious cognition that has freed me from the tribulations of life-as-such.  Rather, it is my unseen preconscious and unconscious erotically oriented nature that binds me, and yea all of human suffering, to a brute, basic and ultimately primordial existence.  This primordial state of Being-In-The-World is such that as far as I may go in the course of my development I shall never, according to Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory, go beyond the stage of development that began in adolescence and continues today and will go well on into the future; i.e. the “genital stage”.  This underlines the importance and pervasiveness of the basic human instinct of “Being-Towards” sexual gratification.  Accordingly, I will remain – happily and with no embarrassment – young forever.

“We are often most ignorant of that which is closest to us.”

- Nietzsche