Sunday, June 19, 2016

On Trump's Faith: How His Denomination Is More Tolerant Toward's Gays Than Rev. Wright

Trump, a religiously inclined episcopalian, is far more tolerant towards homosexuality than Rev. Wright inspired Obama, yet Obama continues to play the whole "conservatives are bigots" card.  The fact is, that episcopalianism is - de facto - THE most tolerant towards homosexuality of any denomination - including catholicism.  Episcopalians allow women to preach the gospel, and - if you didn't already know - homosexuals to preach the gospel.
This is Trump's church...

Now take Obama's spiritual mentor, whose persuasion I won't name, Rev. Wright - who famously entombed those prideful words, "G** D**** America".  How tolerant towards homosexuality would one wager this reverend's demeanor truly is?  I mean, c'mon on -

I think it's clear that Faith in Christ prefigures Donald J. Trump's political views.  This faith is of a decidedly episcopalian demeanor - and is, philosophically, far more tolerant of homosexuality than Obama's church of choice.

I mean, sure Obama pays lip service to the LGTB community, but how committed is he really?

I say, Donald Trump is the man to vote for!

DDU 2016

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