Monday, March 14, 2016

False Media Narrative on Trump: Obvious and Embarrassing

I often refer to media elite's as being like a flock of vultures, picking at roadkill for spare scraps of red meat.
The metaphor has never been more obvious than when it comes to the lamestream media's (not to mention counter-culture media) treatment of Trump.  It's so patently obvious that they loathe the man, yet they put on the show of being fair and honest and transparent.  Yet they are not treating Donald Trump fairly AT ALL in the media.  All it is is "rascist" this and "nazi" that, all the while foraging through the newsreels of Donald Trump for ANYTHING that would seem to make him look bad, or like a buffoon.
But Trump is no buffoon.  He tells it like it is, every chance he gets, and man do people love him for it.  His tough-guy technique really works.  I think we're all a little tired of politicians who pussyfoot about, telling us all the talking points in stale, rote fashion.  Trump's uncompromising patriotism coupled with his unique way of communicating with the base of the G.O.P. makes him by far the best candidate to vote for...
And that's what I'll be doing tomorrow, casting my ballot in my home state of North Carolina.
I'll be casting MY vote for Donald J. Trump.

But, again, the media seems so angered by Trump's resilience that they seem to be simply fuming at times when talking about Trump.  It's actually kind of embarrassing to watch, these fully grown adults trying so desperately and obviously to destroy the man.
It happens every election!
Mostly because the media is run by Columbia schooled Marxist journalists.  Any repub POTUS nominee is ALWAYS going to get the full treatment from the drive by's.
And it's a shame.  It seems to me that journalism has taken a tailspin for the worse, and now it's as if every lamestream news show has become just another snooty, disparaging version of the Daily Show with some kind of blithe pretense of professionalism!  Clips of Trump taken out of context.  Classic propaganda technique.
I'll remind readers that Domestic Democracy United is a Tea Party organization.  In Joseph Farah's Tea Party Manifesto the author makes the point that if you take one passage of scripture out of the Bible, out of context, and ignore the entire book itself; you're really doing a disservice to the message of the book.
Well that's basically what they do with clips of Trump.  You never hear them play anything substantive from his speeches...  No, it's always just another engineered (supposed) gaffe, taken fully out of context and regurgitated by the media vultures.

It's sick.

But the attacks on Trump are the very definition of futile.

He will always have critics undoubtedly, and I remember even before Trump ran for office how his name, in the city of New York, elicited scoffs and wafts of liberal elitism.
I have to say I sympathize with Trump.
It's hard to be a Champion, and when one is a true Champion one definitively draws the attention of envious people.  These people mock, laugh at, and insult the Champion - because they resent them.  It always happens.  As a successful DJ, I know how it goes - trust me.

But the fact remains, winners will win and loosers will lose.

DDU 2016

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