Friday, August 28, 2015

The Character of Conservatism in Our Age

Everyone wants the title attached to their name.  They'll say, "Oh I'm fiscally conservative" or "I'm for the conservation of natural resources which makes me a conservative of sorts..."

But these are misnomers.  It takes work to be a conservative republican, and I mean more than watching Fox News, more than voting even.  One must live the life of the traditions of our Republic.  That means keeping the ancient hermeneutical fire burning and carrying it on throughout all ages.  This is no easy task.  The gaggle of leftists seems intent to douse this eternal flame every chance they get, it would seem at times.  They want to do away with traditions...  they want something new.

And they've got it.

But I say the future ruler of the world is not Capitalism or Communism - IT'S CHRIST!
The future belongs to us.
We're on the winning side.

Oh we can give up hope.  we can give up on life.  we can give up on love.

But there is one truism in the eschatology of Hope that I think should bring joy to even the most hardened cynic, and it is as such:  The holy spirit.

You know I have a record I found at a second hand shop I like to play from time to time called "Standing Room Only".  It's about how when the FINAL JUDGEMENT comes, it will be to late to get down on one's knee's and pray.

So I implore - next time you pray (and god really does hear your prayers even if he doesn't answer them) - go to your bedroom, close the door behind you, get down on your knee's and don't bless little billy or poor aunt suzy with the hemorrhoid problem.  Repent.  Say, "God, I realize I've sinned against you with my wicked imagination.  I'm so sorry for the way I've been living, please find it in your heart to forgive me, a hapless sinner."

And I'll have you know, he will heal you of ALL ailments and afflictions, and forgive them as well.  We just merely need to drop our foolish pride and let Christ take our hand and lead us to victory!

We will have victory,  victory in jesus.
But we need more of the population of america praying and going to church and repenting, otherwise I fear what could happen to a unrepentant nation (esp. after the gay marriage ruling).

But that's what conservatism really IS!
It's %100 connected to white anglo-saxon protestantism.

So join us on the darkside brethrin!  We have cookies!  Not just oreos or that drivel you buy at the store but heavenly cookies like the one brought to a bloodied Moliere at the beginning of Amadeus.

Really tasty cookies.

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Thanks a ton.  God Bless America!

DDU 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

In Support of Bill Cosby

I, for one, would like to proffer my support for Bill Cosby.  He has recently been slandered every which way right by the lamestream media, much of the slander being childish and uncivilized... and the anger against Cosby in America is palpable.  Ask your average citizen on the street what he thinks of Mr. Cosby and you'll get anything from generalized rage to a fair amount of cursing.

But let's take a step back from what we've been told about Mr. Cosby by the media -
let's take a step back and examine one CRUCIAL point that has been overlooked by the mainstream media narrative:

1)  We were given the impression early on, before some allegations were substantiated by his frank and honest testimony, that Mr. Cosby slipped women a 'roofie' i.e. something that one surreptitiously puts in a womans drink to get her to pass out and be vulnerable to sexual exploitation, an absolutely despicable thing to to do and beyond reproach.

2) People are angry with Mr. Cosby in such a way as to be warranted, were the above scenario the case...  but the fact that we're all overlooking is...


People in the 80's and before OFTEN took quaaludes, and further to the point these "ludes" were not slipped into the womens drinks surreptitiously but, in fact, given to them generously by Mr. Cosby as a kind of party favor.  Sure it may have led to some sketchy situations but considering quaaludes were commonly used back then I think we can determine, as per these "quaaludes" being far far from roofies (think oxycontin), that Cosby did not - de facto - "rape" a single one of these women.

And let's be honest, people routinely get women drunk or high in order to get into their pants...  I'm not saying it's right, but it does not = rape, as far as I'm concerned.

Further one thing that is also suspiciously left out of the lamestream media narrative is that Mr. Cosby has been, and hopefully will continue to be, an outspoken African American Conservative.
Is it really beyond the scope of compare to wonder if the whole Cosby mess itself isn't some kind of character assasination plot cooked up by hungry thieving media elites to ruin, yet another, conservative right winger.

I mean he was friggin Cosby for Christ's sake!
Doesn't that mean anything?

I say, I have never seen liberal racism more strikingly than in the left's response to these allegations, and these are merely allegations.

As far as I'm concerned,
You go into a hotel room with a celebrity, he offers you drugs and you take them, you've got it coming.

Domestic Democracy United 2015