Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How The Left Has Swindled America: On Fascism

The Left Wing of the U.S. has consistently swindled the masses with their rhetoric, their propaganda, and their insistence on political correctness.  It's a total sham, apparent to everyone in clear sight.  Why don't we just break out laughing in their pathetic mind-numbingly socialist/communist agenda...

I'll tell you why.

Because the game they play is serious.  It leads to tragedy.  It leads to all sorts of abuses of power, some of which have lead to:

a) the slaughter of christians in the middle east
b) letting terrorists slip through the cracks
c) the persecution of patriots here at home
d) the preventable deaths of our allies and fighters over seas
e) the death of Major General Harold J. Greene

The fact is, these little leftists are playing with fire.  And they are probably even unaware of it.

But I digress.
American Fascism has a name... and it's name is Barack Hussein Obama.

They've swindled us all!  Are we even culpable for their mistakes?

The unfortunate answer is, yes.  Indeed we are.

Every American is guilty of following Mr. Hussein.  It's a dire shame, and one which - in retrospect - seems rife with the kind of tyranny our forefathers meant to protect us from.  Look at the U.S. now.  It's a farce!

Let's celebrate the new year by kicking these guys out of office and electing a new leader.  One who can bring us the peace and prosperity we all need.

DDU 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On Second Amendment Rights and Restrictions: Why We Need More Guns

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is, currently, the most attacked section of our rightful heritage as Americans.  Due to the recent rash of terrorist attacks (not to mention whackos), the Second Amendment seems like a death wish to some....

Yet the Founders and Framers knew something that today's progressive elite does not.  They knew that it was the god given right to bear arms that could protect citizens of the future from total Totalitarianism.  How did they know that.  I think we all know the answer to that...

They knew it first hand.

Obama is currently attacking anyone with a gun mount in their truck or a holster on their hip.

And it's wrong.

Dead wrong.

The fact is, the bible says "Thou Shalt Not Kill", and all Christians know that.

However, in the NT Jesus revises this law slightly, when he says something to the effect of (and I'm paraphrasing here) "If one DOES kill, one is in great danger of Damnation".  Which is to say, killing is okay when god commands it.  Think of the parable of Abraham and Isaac...

God says kill - Abraham prepares to kill.

God says don't kill - Abraham IMMEDIATELY ceases his hand.

I think this is a truth our soldiers in battle know all too well.

But that's a bit beside the point I'd suppose...

The fact is, guns play an important role in such places as Law Enforcement, the battlefield, hunting and sporting etc.  If the government tries to inhibit this right, they are explicitly and implicitly violating the Constitution.  And that's a deathly serious game.

Taking away gun ownership rights, and persecuting gun owners, is such a flagrant violation of the Constitution that I doubt one could adequately express the depths of Tyranny that this supposed act of compassion is capable of reaching.  I sincerely believe it.

We need more guns in American households....

And I'll tell you why.

Because if the reds start streaming across our border ala the film "Red Dawn", it will those same dangerous villains who save America.

Thank you and goodnight!

RT DDU 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

Save The Children

Our children are being lost.
Big education is teaching them all kinds of communist/socialist ideas, not to mention blaspheming our country's founding.  They're being taught that our founding was based in slavery and columbus's discovery of America led to the genocide of indians/native americans etc.
And it's utter bollocks.
Do we even say the pledge at school anymore?  Probably not!
It's like the school system is intentionally inculcating our children with anti-american values!
What's going on with these textbooks?!  Teaching kids "Environmental Education" and such.  It's patently ridiculous!
Why, I even heard that they're teaching the children about the dangers of "Climate Change"!

All of this isn't even to mention the nefarious use of child psychology to manipulate the young minds of our dear children.  A kid walks into a classroom, probably doesn't want to be there, and they are literally assaulted with scientifically engineered child psychology, used to create model citizen's of the new U.S.S.A.

We need to be teaching children that our nation's discovery and founding was a beautiful thing, to be applauded and lauded as a shining beacon of light on the hill.  Not some unjust nonsense.

We need to save the children from teachers being forced to impart the ideology of evolution, whilst getting into hot water if they even mention intelligent design as a possible cause of our origin.

Further, the idea of healthy lunches a la michelle obama is an injustice as well.  I heard that a football player at a certain school could not even get the nutritional needs required for someone of his calibre from a daily school lunch, now that they are required to be "healthy".  I say, bring back pizza and french fries!!!

We need to save our children from drugs and alcohol as well.  Far too often in highschool kids begin to experiment with weed.  That's because weed is illegal and therefore easier to get illicitly.  If weed was legalized so that that only those 21 and up could use it, I guarantee there would be a lot less weed use in the highschools.

We need to save the children from being exposed to terrorism.  It's highly traumatic for a young person to see the tragedy of California or Tennessee, let alone another 9/11.
And that means stopping the terrorists in their tracks.

We need to save the children.

Domestic Democracy United 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

DDU Calls For Accountability From The Regime: "We Demand Action On Homeland Security!" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

We demand action.
The inaction of this regime and it's tolerance and acceptance of mainline islam only reflect the degree to which this regime has blinders on when it comes to muslim extremism.  They say, "The future does not belong to those who would blaspheme the prophet Muhammad."


I say, FUCK Muhammad.

His evil cult of muslim extremists who believe in murder as currency, stoning's as civilization and hangings as a good night out on the town have no place in Western Civilization.

It's not that they don't already have a place here... It's that they shouldn't.  For the love of god swoop in and vet every muslim or simply have a mass deportation.  It's that simple!  Get rid of them, so we can avoid another 9/11.

But you'll never see this type of legislation passed on the hill.

To them the bank of multiculturalism provides the currency from which they withdraw their wicked dominion.

Paki bastards need to fuck off back to where they come from, or else we're ALL at risk.

We ought to put them in internment camps and interrogate each and every one of them that is Moslim.

These hadji bastards ALL hate America and all want to see the "blue eyed devils" exterminated.

Do not doubt me on this.

And I'm not even commenting on the problem Europe has on it's hands.

I'm talking HERE -
In America!

DDU 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hadji Bastards Attack "Death Metal" Concert in France: DDU Condemns Islam

Recently Isis/Isil decided to attack, en masse, a Death Metal concert in France - Killing 130 at least and injuring dozens of others.
This type of cruel and ungodly use of terrorism frightens someone like me, who happens to enjoy a good rock concert now and again...  It's unacceptable.  And the throngs of immigrants overrunning europe at the moment only compound the kind of future quagmire Isis/Isil pose to the world.

The koran repeats, ad infinitum: "Kill the unbeliever".

And I'll tell you what...
I don't trust a single one of these hadji bastards.  They're everywhere.  Take a stroll down your average Washington D.C. suburb shopping center.  They're everywhere.

We need to deport ALL Muslims back to their homeland, otherwise incidents like this will continue to happen.

I must be frank, for a moment.

I make music other than doing this blog and am signed to what amounts to an electronic "Black Metal" Label (www.legsakimborecords.bandcamp.com and www.slimecityrecords.bandcamp.com) and as a fringe musician I fear the retribution of fundamentalist whacko's indoctrinated into the writ of hatred that is the koran.  There is no telling how far these nuts will continue to go, and we need decisive action in Washington and elsewhere to control, mitigate, and eliminate the growing Elephant In The Room:  The Muslim problem.

Sure we can continue on the due course of tolerance of ALL cultures or we can open our eyes to just how monstrous these barbarians really are.


Why would they kill hundreds, opening up fire at a Death Metal concert?

Because they are so fundamentalist that ANYTHING which deviates from their norm of no women driving, no women education, face scarves for all women, and a kind of paternalism so perverted that they are unwilling to even tolerate Western Society-as-such.  We tolerate THEM.

But they cannot tolerate US.

It's a one way ratchet with these ragheads, and I say we do what Truman, a democrat, did a long long time ago....


DDU 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

DDU Presidential Endorsement: "I Endorse Sen. Rand Paul For President" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

I, at this point in the presidential race for the 2017 POTUS seat, would like to endorse Senator Rand Paul as my candidate of choice.  He has shown remarkable leadership through his impassioned filibuster of the raise of the debt ceiling limit, and gets my vote almost entirely due to this stance of his platform.
The monumental debt this country has accrued, which Paul highlighted repeatedly during his third appearance in the repub presidential debates, is a disaster waiting to happen.
And as I proffered to a local politician during the recent local elections, this type of concern has more to do with, say, our great-grandchildren's future than to do with anything selfish in the present age.
We need to tackle the debt, and I think Rand Paul has been the most outspoken on this subject by far, so he gets my vote, and - I hope - yours as well!

Now one might ask, why is one who is often so vocally neocon-ish supporting a paleocon icon like Paul.  Well, my answer is - to be frank, while Ron Paul may remain a bit of a paleocon stalwart, I feel like Rand has really struck out on his own and, while retaining the better aspects of his father's Politique, has his own identification which really amounts to that of a moderate neocon.

He's talking sense.

Yet the libs in the media continue to stick their heads in the sand regarding the fiasco that is, now, 19 trillion in U.S. debt.  we cannot pass this debt on to our children.  we must fix the debt.
we must choose responsibility.

Now some hawks balk at Paul's quasi-non-interventionist platform, but I feel he is, by far, the best to handle the big red button.  He would embody, I feel, a safe, responsible and firm approach to U.S. foreign policy - and with his experience as a Senator he has the gravitas to affirmatively lead the U.S. in the direction of sustained Peace.

However, would he pull us out of Afghanistan? I sincerely doubt it.
Paul, in terms of national security, seems like a citizen's dream come true.
Reigning in reckless spending and legislation whilst still maintaining a clear eyed vision of how to approach the concept and dangers of domestic terrorism.  He's no slouch when it comes to U.S. Homeland Security, I can guarantee it.
Further, he seems to me to have the most honestly good intentioned platform of all the candidates.
He see's the dangers posed by a massive and growing debt, and is willing to take on the hard problems of solving this quagmire.  We cannot afford to sell our children's children into financial debt.  We cannot sit idly by with our heads, figuratively, in the sand.

Brendan O'Connell - Domestic Democracy United SUPERPAC 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Character of Conservatism in Our Age

Everyone wants the title attached to their name.  They'll say, "Oh I'm fiscally conservative" or "I'm for the conservation of natural resources which makes me a conservative of sorts..."

But these are misnomers.  It takes work to be a conservative republican, and I mean more than watching Fox News, more than voting even.  One must live the life of the traditions of our Republic.  That means keeping the ancient hermeneutical fire burning and carrying it on throughout all ages.  This is no easy task.  The gaggle of leftists seems intent to douse this eternal flame every chance they get, it would seem at times.  They want to do away with traditions...  they want something new.

And they've got it.

But I say the future ruler of the world is not Capitalism or Communism - IT'S CHRIST!
The future belongs to us.
We're on the winning side.

Oh we can give up hope.  we can give up on life.  we can give up on love.

But there is one truism in the eschatology of Hope that I think should bring joy to even the most hardened cynic, and it is as such:  The holy spirit.

You know I have a record I found at a second hand shop I like to play from time to time called "Standing Room Only".  It's about how when the FINAL JUDGEMENT comes, it will be to late to get down on one's knee's and pray.

So I implore - next time you pray (and god really does hear your prayers even if he doesn't answer them) - go to your bedroom, close the door behind you, get down on your knee's and don't bless little billy or poor aunt suzy with the hemorrhoid problem.  Repent.  Say, "God, I realize I've sinned against you with my wicked imagination.  I'm so sorry for the way I've been living, please find it in your heart to forgive me, a hapless sinner."

And I'll have you know, he will heal you of ALL ailments and afflictions, and forgive them as well.  We just merely need to drop our foolish pride and let Christ take our hand and lead us to victory!

We will have victory,  victory in jesus.
But we need more of the population of america praying and going to church and repenting, otherwise I fear what could happen to a unrepentant nation (esp. after the gay marriage ruling).

But that's what conservatism really IS!
It's %100 connected to white anglo-saxon protestantism.

So join us on the darkside brethrin!  We have cookies!  Not just oreos or that drivel you buy at the store but heavenly cookies like the one brought to a bloodied Moliere at the beginning of Amadeus.

Really tasty cookies.

follow me on twitter for regular updates: https://twitter.com/clipandcarbine

Thanks a ton.  God Bless America!

DDU 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

In Support of Bill Cosby

I, for one, would like to proffer my support for Bill Cosby.  He has recently been slandered every which way right by the lamestream media, much of the slander being childish and uncivilized... and the anger against Cosby in America is palpable.  Ask your average citizen on the street what he thinks of Mr. Cosby and you'll get anything from generalized rage to a fair amount of cursing.

But let's take a step back from what we've been told about Mr. Cosby by the media -
let's take a step back and examine one CRUCIAL point that has been overlooked by the mainstream media narrative:

1)  We were given the impression early on, before some allegations were substantiated by his frank and honest testimony, that Mr. Cosby slipped women a 'roofie' i.e. something that one surreptitiously puts in a womans drink to get her to pass out and be vulnerable to sexual exploitation, an absolutely despicable thing to to do and beyond reproach.

2) People are angry with Mr. Cosby in such a way as to be warranted, were the above scenario the case...  but the fact that we're all overlooking is...


People in the 80's and before OFTEN took quaaludes, and further to the point these "ludes" were not slipped into the womens drinks surreptitiously but, in fact, given to them generously by Mr. Cosby as a kind of party favor.  Sure it may have led to some sketchy situations but considering quaaludes were commonly used back then I think we can determine, as per these "quaaludes" being far far from roofies (think oxycontin), that Cosby did not - de facto - "rape" a single one of these women.

And let's be honest, people routinely get women drunk or high in order to get into their pants...  I'm not saying it's right, but it does not = rape, as far as I'm concerned.

Further one thing that is also suspiciously left out of the lamestream media narrative is that Mr. Cosby has been, and hopefully will continue to be, an outspoken African American Conservative.
Is it really beyond the scope of compare to wonder if the whole Cosby mess itself isn't some kind of character assasination plot cooked up by hungry thieving media elites to ruin, yet another, conservative right winger.

I mean he was friggin Cosby for Christ's sake!
Doesn't that mean anything?

I say, I have never seen liberal racism more strikingly than in the left's response to these allegations, and these are merely allegations.

As far as I'm concerned,
You go into a hotel room with a celebrity, he offers you drugs and you take them, you've got it coming.

Domestic Democracy United 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

Abortionist Mega-Plex "Planned Parenthood" Caught Harvesting Organs

Why argue against Planned Parenthood?
After all, their commercials clearly tell us...  "All that abortion stuff...  that's hardly what we even DO!  We mostly provide female care like mammograms and such."

Bollocks.  The abortionist mega-plex known as planned parenthood (what a name, right?) is - de facto - tax payer subsidized eugenics.  They don't even have the transparency to call themselves what they really are!  BABY MURDER CLINICS.

All godfearing Christians know this, but what has recently become uncovered due to some right wing investigative journalism is that they have not only been murdering babies, but (sickly) harvesting their organs and selling them to the highest bidder!

It seems like some sick science fiction double feature, in which - in some future world - unborn children are reaped from their mothers wombs and have their organs harvested for the black market.  It's absolutely repulsive, this fact, and the gall of the head of Planned Parenthood (recorded by actors supposing to be potential fetus organ buyers) is of a level of gall unmatched by anything I have ever witnessed!!!  Furthermore, in their official response to the fact of organ harvesting of children becoming public, Planned Parenthood didn't even have the sincerity to apologize for the organ harvesting itself, but merely the "tone" of a head of Planned Parenthood in the undercover video.

I must digress...

The fact is, Warren Buffett contributes about $100,000 a year to planned parenthood.

And I know exactly why.

Because the sick cult of the left believes in a kind of radical environmentalism that states:
"The world is becoming overpopulated."
"We need to reduce the population because of environmental concerns."
"More abortions = more resources."

It's a sickeningly selfish view of the world, and not even factual at all.  Academic Oxen have been speculating on the "inevitable end of all resources" for years, and one academic even said that by the year 2005 all natural resources would be depleted and the world would, summarily, end.

What a fool.

The fact is, eugenics as a strain of academic thought is still alive and well...

And when you really think about it, isn't Planned Parenthood harvesting the organs of dead babies proof of that?
Can we really live in a world like that?

DDU 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rush Limbaugh to Listeners: "The Pope Seems a Little Bit Marxist"

In a recent broadcast of Rush Limbaugh's EIB Network, Rush noted that the Pope in Rome seems "a little marxist".  This was noted in regards to the Papacy's new initiative to stop manmade global warming.  In this report he noted that even despite the Papacy's claim that it was trying to simply "bring people to the table and have an open discussion" (paraphrase), a French scientist who had concluded that global warming was not a manmade phenomenon was snubbed from a Papal conference on global warming - even after buying a plane ticket to the conference.
At the last minute he was told, unfortunately, there was no more room...


I think that Rush's balk against the pope has more to do than merely his disagreement on manmade global warming...

The fact is, the Pope has made several to many statements on social issues that don't jibe with mainstream America.

Furthermore, the Pope comes from mid century Argentina, in which Marxism had a firm foothold for ages.  The Pope himself may, in fact, be a Marxist!

To be honest, it's not very surprising.  The entire Left has become a haven of communism and socialism.  The Democrat party of the past seems dead and gone, while a new form of Marxist-inspired leftism seems to have taken hold of the party.  Now the Pope seems to be bending all cradle catholics in line with his leftist inspired cause, saying "yes" to gay marriage, "yes" to climate change legislation, and "yes" to all kinds of nefariously leftist policies which define the new Papacy.

I say,

"Fuck the Pope".

DDU 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015

American Pride: Virtue or Vice?

One of the most difficult things for liberals to comprehend properly is the concept of American Pride-as-such.  Deep within the foundations of progressive ideology is a certain resentment of the Traditions of America going back to the Founding.
American Pride is something the Right Wing really LIVES.  We not only feel a deep love for the constitution and the founding father's theology and philosophy, but actually live in a state of Pride for our country, our servicemen, and our works.   This American Pride is, to me, a clear virtue.

But let us, for a moment, contrast that sentiment with the notion that Pride is a deadly sin.  Pope Gregory described it as "the deadliest sin".  After all, the Jesus Christ does say "Blessed are the meek". How do we reconcile the notion that pride is a sin with say, love of country and god - and pride in that love.

I think the answer is, we should feel both pride and shame, regarding patriotism.

But let's take it back in history a bit to ancient Greek civilization.  Aristotle described "Pride-as-such" as one of the key virtues, in fact, the most important virtue.  He had a concept of something he called "The great souled man", or something to that effect.  Pride was considered by the Greeks to be, generally, a positive trait in a person.  So the philosophy of Pride goes throughout history.

Even until today, when we have "Black Pride" and even "Gay Pride".  Are these examples of a kind of "deadly sin"?
I would certainly say so.

But "American Pride" as in "Pride of Country" far exceeds this kind of sin.
Further, pride in one's works and labors should fall under a kind of love of country and God.

So in conclusion,

The word Pride, in latin, translates as "Superbia"...

And when has is ever been bad to be Excellent?

DDU 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Franklin Graham To Fox News Audience: "Stop All Immigration From Muslim Countries"

The honorable son of NC legend Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, commented recently in a Fox News interview in which he expressed extreme displeasure with the Genocide occurring in the Middle East - 
suggesting that, in fact, we should stop ALL immigration from Muslim countries.

That type of honest and, if you saw it, impassioned stance would likely cause the liberal leftist cartel to balk, however looked at from a foreign policy perspective, it's not a particularly extreme position to take.  In fact, I believe Mr. Graham was on target.

Now Mr. Graham's words echo not only the mainstream opine' of 'Merica, but decidedly many christians of ALL denominations.  ISIS/ISIL are Muslim extremists plotting to attack our plot of apple pie right now, AS I SPEAK@!  If we don't just outright STOP immigration from Muslim countries I fear that we could become susceptible to hardcore Terrorism, the likes of which we have never seen.

Mr. Graham, I had mentioned previously, expressed "displeasure" with the Muslim Faith, but beneath the outright platform of his personal relationship with Christ, King of Kings, was a submerged anger with and at terrorism.  I think this anger is shared by, again, the Mainstream of America -

An America that recent elections show is trending towards the right end of the political spectrum.

So Kudos Mr. Graham,
I support your impassioned platform on immigration,
and truly am praying for the security of this country.

DDU 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

States Stand Up To Fed: Say No To Homo Marriages

All across the plains of our great nation, states are standing up to the federal government and it's executive dictate forcing godfearing christians into taking part in the "abomination" that is Homosexual marriage.
I applaud our governors and legislators for sticking it to D.C. in saying maybe that kind of sodomite-tolerant B.S. is okay in YOUR state, but round here we don't take kindly to Homosexual Marriages.  We have a right to defend ourselves against becoming a notion of sodomy tolerance.
We have a right to say no to Homo Marriages.
We have a right to tell the entire world's leaders that a union of marriage is between a man and a woman, period.

Yet the the latte swilling npr listening libs think it's their right to force godfearing christians to serve an ethic that undermines religious liberty.

It's a farce.

They can't make anybody, even with court fines and mandates, be tolerant of the "abomination" that is homosexuality!

So I say, hey ole 'Bama, Holder and Hillary...

"Take the rhetorical bullshit elsewhere cause it ain't gonna work around here."

Domestic Democracy United 2015


Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Terrorist Threat Domestically: Radical Islam Bent On Another U.S. Attack

The Barack Obama regime has consistently portrayed Isis and other islamic militants as not terribly problematic in terms of the actual threat that they pose to U.S. Homeland Security.  I believe ole' 'Bama himself dismissed the attack in France as "Just a few ragtag extremists", always taking time to note that they in no way reflect on Islam as a whole.  It's as if he's attempting to be politically correct regarding a group that see's public beheadings of westerners as common course.

And it's patently ridiculous.

The fact is, Isis seeks to damage America and other Western nations, and probably will do so.  They will stop at nothing to see American's killed at the tip of Islam's spear.  And get it straight:

Over 80 percent of muslims sympathize with Isis.

The fact is, the POTUS taking time to be culturally sensitive to the islamic community only reflects the degree to which these people have no sense of community or decency, a civic pride or virtue, or anything even approaching what we in the west know as "Civilization".
They see the Christian and Jewish community as enemies precisely because their Koran urges them to wage "holy war" on the infidels.  There will be no end to the brutal slaughter of Westerners, and we need an administration that doesn't have to apologize for being tough on radical islamists, or even so-called "moderate" islamists.  The fact is, any average muslim could be a sleeper cell.  Probably many are already, but haven't the inclination to strap on a suicide vest or some such thing.

Radical Islam is determined to strike again in the U.S., and if we don't learn from history I fear we could be doomed to repeat it.  And from the rumblings of some in the muslim community, it could be bigger than any of us had feared.  A strike in the U.S. could potentially be devastating, and should Obama quit his laughable game of politically correct Socialism/Communism I'd wager he'd have his work cut out for him on Homeland Security alone.

But in between playing Golf with his buddies and ramming legislation down the states throats' he doesn't seem to have adequate time to take on the threat posed by Isis and other Islamic militants seriously.  It would seem that this massive organization of muslims dedicated to killing Christians and Jews is nothing more than "a few ragtag extremists"...  nothing to be alarmed about.

It's absurd.

Given an adequate amount of time, I'm almost certain we will see another terror attack perpetrated by muslims in the U.S. - hopefully we can stop them, but it would seem to many that the perversity of the Islamic faith is such that stopping them entirely without mass deportations seems unlikely.

That's why I urge you to fight back.

Domestic Democracy United 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

POTUS Promises To Veto Repub's Immigration Legislation: D.C. Dysfunction Continues

As many are loathe to note,  there are quite a few immigrants in this country.  Actually, even more importantly there are quite a few immigrants in europe as well.  Immigration is a difficult concept to really understand...  After all, we're always reminded - "We ARE a country of immigrants".

However,  I think immigration-as-such really refers to, in europe, the muslim problem and in the U.S.  the growing hispanic population.  As such, what we're dealing with here is the paradigm of those who don't like these immigrants, don't want them here, believe these immigrants to be taking the native populations' jobs, and consider these immigrants to often be security risks - and those who believe that those people who believe such nonsense are rascist xenophobes etc.

Well, this seems to be playing itself out on the capitol, where house and senate repubs' first majority move has been to repeal 'Bama's writ of amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Now, the Regime has responded that the POTUS will give the final veto when the legislation comes to his desk after being passed by the repub majority house and senate.

The Dysfunction of D.C. has never been so apparent, and this move by the POTUS is infantile and unproductive.  It proves that the bi-partisanship promised by both sides after last November's elections has degenerated into dry chaff and empty promises.  Ole 'Bama needs to recognize that the will of the entire house and senate is representative of public opine, and his promise to veto what would effectively just allow I.C.E. to do it's job is simply throwing in the towel and saying, "You know what, all that effort and time and money put into this immigration legislation by the house and senate - FUCK IT".

Thanks a lot.

The fact is, a lot of the terrorism problem is connected to the immigration problem, and offering amnesty to illegal immigrants only perpetuates both problems, not to mention creates - often - a nightmare for Law Enforcement.  I mean we've all seen just how criminal the hispanic counter-culture is, right?  I mean jesus, there's gangs flowing over the border and now Obama wants to give their border jumper babies amnesty?  It's patently ridiculous.

So all in all,
just another case of D.C. Dysfunction.

Guess we'll have to wait until the big election year to get anything done.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

POTUS Glaringly Inept At Facing The Terrorist Situation: DDU Calls For Accountability

Terror is everywhere.
Yet the President is on the golfcourse.

We face, potentially, one of the most difficult years in the war on terror in recent memory.
Yet the left still refuses to look the bull in the eye.

Christianity is under attack by radical Jihadist Islam.
Yet we still want to take away religious freedom in school and government.

It's a disaster.  And that's what a terror attack is, an orchestrated disaster.  Can we rely on the the most inexperienced POTUS of all time to protect the U.S. from another 9/11?

I wish the answer could sincerely be, yes.

And maybe it will be.  After all, the pres can be incompetent and homeland security, police and military can still function adequately.

However, one comment by Mr. Obama from a while back - culled from the annals of Rush 106.1 - is disturbing in just how out of touch with mainstream America it is:

"The future does not belong too those who would blaspheme the prophet Muhammad..."

Well as someone pointed out, if one makes fun of Jesus or christianity - as is done OFTEN - we as civilized people don't respond violently!  Why must these barbarians impose their supposed "law" on the West proper?  Why are they so radicalized, to the point of committing suicide by cop, while taking every godfearing white person along with them?  Why?

As I've repeated before in my blog, I've read full through half of the Koran -

and -


is repeated as mantra.

It's not that SOME muslims are violent and radical jihadists - it's that their entire religion has a predisposition for violent "law-as-such", and it's deathly serious.

I've heard one poll indicates that over 70 percent of muslims sympathize with al queda.

If you think, the same numbers would probably apply to the majority of the counterculturalist left - the same anti-establishmentarians that reveled in the Chaos in Ferguson.  Probably the majority of THEM look at al queda as justified in it's jihad against the west!!!

Radicalism is radicalism, and islam is islam.

But Christ is offensive to both.

The idea that thou shalt not kill etc. is an alarming contrast to the truths of the so called "prophet" Muhammad, which has no similarly civilizing ethic of moral conduct.

So, in short;

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em, it's gonna be a long year."

-Brendan O'Connell DDU 2015