Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rush Limbaugh to Listeners: "The Pope Seems a Little Bit Marxist"

In a recent broadcast of Rush Limbaugh's EIB Network, Rush noted that the Pope in Rome seems "a little marxist".  This was noted in regards to the Papacy's new initiative to stop manmade global warming.  In this report he noted that even despite the Papacy's claim that it was trying to simply "bring people to the table and have an open discussion" (paraphrase), a French scientist who had concluded that global warming was not a manmade phenomenon was snubbed from a Papal conference on global warming - even after buying a plane ticket to the conference.
At the last minute he was told, unfortunately, there was no more room...


I think that Rush's balk against the pope has more to do than merely his disagreement on manmade global warming...

The fact is, the Pope has made several to many statements on social issues that don't jibe with mainstream America.

Furthermore, the Pope comes from mid century Argentina, in which Marxism had a firm foothold for ages.  The Pope himself may, in fact, be a Marxist!

To be honest, it's not very surprising.  The entire Left has become a haven of communism and socialism.  The Democrat party of the past seems dead and gone, while a new form of Marxist-inspired leftism seems to have taken hold of the party.  Now the Pope seems to be bending all cradle catholics in line with his leftist inspired cause, saying "yes" to gay marriage, "yes" to climate change legislation, and "yes" to all kinds of nefariously leftist policies which define the new Papacy.

I say,

"Fuck the Pope".

DDU 2015