Monday, July 2, 2018

The Meaning of Independence

As citizens of America celebrate the 4th of July during this fine summer holiday season, one would do well to reflect on the spirit of our Founders, who fought a full on Revolutionary War in order to secure it's country's people then and until today rights and liberties that would not only keep our nation as founded free from the tyranny of foreign rule, but also - in a more direct and simple sense - free in the commonplace usage of the sometimes maligned quasi-theological term "Freedom".

I refer to Freedom as the founders utilized the term, in a religious sense.

Think of the most famous saying in the founding documents: "All men are created equal."

This is a type of negative freedom that, more than anything, was just one indication that after the struggle for independence the founders wanted the 'people' to be the rulers of America - not themselves.  It's an astonishingly self-effacing value to enshrine in the DNA of a fledgling democracy to be sure!

Think of the story of post-revolution America.  The people of America's first free choice under a democratic country was to enshrine George Washington as official 'King of America'!

Fortunately for us, Washington declined (probably with a bemused grin).

So for all of you never-Trumpers out there, I would merely ask you to consider a single meme (if you will) for this 4th of July holiday...

Trump's inaugural adress!

Anyone who even halfway listened to the content of the speech should be able to easily recall how our now democratically elected POTUS repeated - over and over - that his intent in leadership was to "give the country back to the American people".

Well that's precisely what the founders had in mind when they created the United States of America!

So as we safely and securely en masse celebrate Independence day in this year of our Lord, let's remember the native soldiers who lost their lives so that every generation of citizens from then on could enjoy true Freedom.

But let's also recall to memory what they died for.

Domestic Democracy United 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

Republicans High on Nootropics: On an Epoch of the Modern Age

Nootropics such as Ritalin and other uppers of various names globally have a great deal of stigma attached to them in the media, socially and legally.  Who hasn't ever heard of the poor sod who stays up for nights on end high on Ritalin or whatever and gets sent to the loony bin for psychotic behavior.  Happens near hundreds of times a day in the psych wards of across the globe.

Yet despite the negative aspects of Ritalin and other nootropics, I believe this universal stigmata against them ignores uppers many redeeming qualities...

Think about Elvis.

He did everything he did, epochs of music and peaks of fame and all, almost entirely by virtue of early nootropics.  The same goes for Johnny Cash!

Or perhaps we should factor Sigmund Freud's use of uppers into the equation!  He discovered the mysteries of the human unconscious mind almost entirely by virtue of philosophy and the most popular organic nootropic-like substance "cocaine".  They even used to put coke into coca-cola!

Or in the modern age take Kanye West's recent loudly vocal support of president Trump and intelligent assessment of the current state of Afro-American counter culture.

His vocal intonation in the interviews you may or may not have heard are clearly indicative of heavy nootropics use.  Does that demean or undermine the point he was trying to make?

Maybe according to TMZ and the lamestream media, but not to many republicans who have felt shut off by the Afro-American's democrat party based culture.
In fact, Kanye made many repub's who guiltily enjoy a good rap instrumental now and then feel vindicated!

And it is true authentic vindication that advanced nootropics application can offer humanity.

Why so much cultural dislike and antipathy towards nootropics?

Well, the dirty little secret of the psychiatric cabal's reticence to use nootropics more liberally probably stems from the early use of nootropic chemicals in warfare...

Hitler pumped his shocktroopers FULL of early nootropic drugs.  It's a fact.  The entire Nazi epoch (and ultimate defeat I'd suppose) can be attributed to the fact that the majority of Nazi Germany was out of their gourds on an early version of Ritalin, or nootropics proper.

I think that's where the media bias comes from...

But despite that,
Look at Kanye West.

Nootropics made him go balls-to-the-wall in his support of Trump!  Guaranteed!

Remember back to whatever meme you heard of Kanye's proclamations...

That way of speaking, which seems odd to someone who has never been keen to adderall, is endemic to high doses of nootropics, something which now deceased Heath Ledger knew quite well.

let me ask merely this...

Is Kanye "weird"?

The answer is no.
He's a successful musician who married the sexiest woman in America...

But now according to the oversee'ers in the media he must be delusional or psychotic or mentally ill.


Since when is it illegal to speak one's mind loudly and sternly?

In fact,
Since when has it been illegal to take more nootropics than is generally recommended?

It's not!

Yet the cultural stigma around adderal is such that it might as well be against the law of the globalist hegemony to even stay up past 12:00 at night having bull sessions with friends!!!

I've had impassioned bull sessions with college student friends;
and let me tell you:

It must be so right it's wrong!

I know,
let's all just pass out in front of the boob tube every night and forget about passion, music, celebrating life, and everything else about life that may have once mattered to us.

Let's give up on nootropics as a way to fix:

a) the methamphetamine epidemic
b) young students acting out in class and not caring about knowledge
c) the lack of great epochs of existentialist authorship in the modern age
d) the lowest lows of boring trash EDM
e) lack of passion in working adults
f) morning coffee's inability to keep us energized for things we would rather not be doing (i.e. work)
g) the degradation of the english language amongst minority sub-culture
h) the way in which long term relationships become boring communicatively often

Yeah, let's just give up on Ritalin and other nootropics and all come to the conclusion that young people on adderal are annoying, talk too much, and altogether below the big collective mainstream culture.

I say screw all that noise jack!

Let's bring advanced nootropics science back into the mainstream!



Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Democrat Constituency is a Pathological Hoarde


The Democrat party of today seems to have all but thrown these virtues out of the window in favor of their brainnumbed multi-cultural secularist worldview.  I wouldn't even mind, if it weren't causing normal adults who should know better to behave pathologically and with an extreme degree of infantilism.

Something about signing on the democrat dotted line seems to make average people "beholden" to their party, in such a way as to have truly lost the freedom that the founders fought for, died for, and used philosophy to frame the constitution with.  I feel sorry for these oxen, milling around with their npr blaring on autopilot, no real cognition of the realities of worldhood, basically living inside a democrat imposed cell created by lies.

I've seen it a million times.

Often, as in the Nevada shooting, this ignorant pathology turns to mass violence.

But mostly it just makes democrats isolated bourgeois pricks.

They're akin to a zombie like hoard, with no cognition about the things that matter like passion, concern and sympathy, responsibility etc. and merely roam the earth in a zombie like state desirous of material resources.

And boy do these fucking yuppies love their material resources.  They spend outrageous amounts of money on all kinds of useless crap while kids are starving in the street.  They drive around in their big pick up trucks, sports cars and SUV's guzzling gas to no end and simply fly by all the poverty on the streets whilst returning to their isolated little fantasy land.

So I say,

We're living in serious times.

Get your heads out of your asses!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Trump Administration Arms Ukraine

After the Ukrainian revolution against Russian totalitarianism, the Obama administration did little to help the freedom fighters and did anything other than posture and pose diplomatic.

Trump has changed all of that, and is actively funding and arming the Ukrainian resistance.  This is a tremendous move forward in fighting the international communist conspiracy.  We're told that the commie conspiracy isn't real, yet trump recently found 60 russian spies and had them deported!

It's a real threat!

And now with the quagmire regarding the use of chemical weapons by Assad - a MONSTER - it seems we may very well be on the precipice of WW3!!!  We should all remember that...

But Trump is fighting back every chance he gets, and be damned if he does and be damned if he doesn't, the media slams him every chance they get.

I think we all need a little solemnity and respect regarding publik politik these days...

And I personally feel more and more these days like crossing the aisle and trying to be more bipartisan. we're all in the ship together, and if we go down we all go down together,,,

So here's to the Ukrainian resistance!


Brendan O'Connell

Monday, March 19, 2018

Students Rally Around School Safety: "Leave it to the Youth to Show us How it's Done" Says DDU Founder

Domestic Democracy United 2018

Welcome to my blog politalk, the leading alt-right blog for all those 'in the know'...
I believe that the children of Parkland, FL. are doing an absolutely astonishing thing with their nation-wide rally to protest for school safety.

Maybe, yes...

They may - a margin - be against the second amendment and the National Rifle Association.

But that doesn't matter in the least!

Because the majority of the high schooler's protests have been, unequivocally, bi-partisin.

They're willing to give credence to responsible repubs, and I admire how thoughtful these young bright students are in their politik.

I Admit, most of these kids wouldn't be big tea partiers...

But that is besides the point;

I remember what it was like to be young and full of a profound inclination to protest!~

These kids, who remember are staging a grassroots protest against school violence, are putting the constitution to the test.
They are full of passion about what one of these students described as "refusal to live in fear"...

Reminds me of myself when I was younger.

And full of outrage!

I support these students in their willful protest for Education rights and I applaud their courage and tenacity!

I should be, on Mar. 23rd, covering the nationwide student protest on video for the blog Politalk...

And what I plan to ask is the question which remains the biggest elephant in the room regarding school violence;

"Should we arm teachers?"

According to lamestream polling, the country is divided in twain regarding whether or not we should allow schools to become non-safe zones.

And that's exactly what they would be if we as a country allowed christian teachers to carry guns in public schools...

"Not 'safe'"

Not safe for terrorists and lone wolf gunmen!

I agree completely with what Donald Trump said about the Parkland, FL. shooting:

"If those teachers had been armed there would not have even been a shooting!"

Because anyone knows,
Gun-free zones are what criminals refer to as 'easy targets'.

These crazed psychopaths know that if teachers in public schools were packin'?

They would have no hope of enacting their modus operandi;  which is to kill as many people as possible in order to become famous on the evening news.


The headline would instead be:

"Heroic teacher takes down lone wolf gunman."

So I plan to question and, yae, even interrogate these protesters on the 23rd (?) in regards to why they would or would not support arming certified teachers in the self defense of gun use...

I'm guessing we may be able to come to some sort of concurrence!

Stay tuned to Politalk's "Domestic Democracy United" PAC for coverage of the nationwide protests in support of school safety regulations this weekend!

We'll march, protest, and shout at the top of our lungs until children at public schools can feel safe again!

...and arming responsible teachers seems to be the most crucial step to achieving that end!


Friday, February 16, 2018

On the Florida Mass Shooting: "A Sad Day for Republicans"

The shooting of unarmed teenagers at a Florida public school is so horrific the episode defies speculation.

I am at a loss for words...

Tragedies such as the shooting at a Florida high school defy all attempts at logical circumspection and reasoned discourse, and I - for one - am full of a profound sense of existential Nausea when attempting to realize for myself the pure evil that would drive an anti-social loner who is obsessed with guns to kill en masse teens and, yae - the schools head coach in an act of violence.

I cannot bear to think of this tragedy - as in, the tragedy for the families and loved ones of the victims - without feeling a profound sense of moroseness and anger at the perpetrator of this murderous criminality.  What lack of moral turpitude would allow a troubled repub to go postal, murdering 17 or more innocent children is incomprehensible to me.

When I found out the perpetrator of the Florida shooting was a republican, I gasped in sheer unadulterated horror.
One of our own!

I can only, as a spokesman for Tea Party republicanism, decry any act of mass violence as the travesty of human pathology that it is...

That is,
A purely evil young man (probably a porno masturbator), taking out the chip on his shoulder on an unwitting school of innocent children trying to do right by their culture, their family and their personal morality.  When someone takes away an innocent christian's civil liberty through a mass shooting, one can only surmise two objective certainties in this case:

1) This perpetrator is NOT actually Christian.
2) This person is NOT archetypal of the average gun owning Trump supporter.

This psychotically violent murdering piece of fucking shit MAY have been a registered republican?
But that should in no way reflect on responsible christian gun owners...

Yet we're being lambasted in the media now ad infinitum.

Once the libs got the scent of blood and discovered the mass shooter was a "Make America Great Again" hat wearing repub, their sense of restraint went right out the door - and now they're playing blame game with NRA repubs.

Thanks a lot mainstream media...  this is a very sensitive subject for southerners by the way...

And the columbia schooled jounralists in the lamestream media are adding massive insult to injury by slandering repubs because the shooter happened to be a right winger!

I mean,

Let's all remember that anyone who has the type of moral defect that would allow one to commit a mass shooting is criminally psychotic; and that transcends party lines!

Yet still,
every time one of these shootings happens and we find ourselves to be politically or culturally in some way concurrent with a murdering piece of ignorant pond scum, we must do some kind of ethical circumspection...

What makes a murderer different from me, you, your neighbor or any one of us?

My answer is merely this...

- the morality ascribed by the New Testament -

This shooter was, guaranteed, not a member of a protestant church...  he may have voted for Trump, yes - and it is infinitely embarrassing!

I can personally promise all you New Testament fans that this 19 yr old murdering piece of shit did NOT read the bible as a believer, did NOT go to church willfully and regularly, and most likely committed the worst shooting in America since Newtown on Valentines day because he was a fucking ugly looser who probably got broken up with...

So with that in mind...


Brendan O'Connell
DDU 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

USA is Set for Success in New Year

The trajectory of the USA is set to triumph in the coming year.  I see positive signs all around in Trump's America that we should see true exceptionalism in excellence this year.  The US seems poised to stand strong amidst adversity, and I truly believe we may even see a return to the authentic Spirit of America as envisioned by our founders and framers.

They, our founding fathers, stood for something.

Something we - as in you and I - can stand for today!

Freedom, liberty, justice and the honor of traditional morality...

I think, despite a public zeitgeist that seems a bit pathological at times due to the media, that a positive outlook for America's future befits all citizens of the USA.

I mean admit it...

There's a reason people from all over the world flock to the US's beacon of light every day in droves.  The reason is easily surmised by anyone with a little faith in the guaranteed rights enshrined in our (or any) country's founding documents.  Just scan any bit of the federalist papers and you can easily tell that our founding fathers were passionate about freedom.

And that's what our little beacon of light shines for the rest of the world: Absolute Freedom.

I can see America, bothe left and right, on the rise towards peaks of excellence never before seen!  Imagine the progress we can make, even merely technologically, in the near future.  Just think of it!

We may see things one could never imagine!

I'm hopeful about the future of the USA because I can see social change and progress taking hold all across this great land.  Every day, true American grit triumphs over pathology and malfeasance, hope triumphs over despair, freedom triumphs over bondage...

Let's rally around the ideals of the founders and take democracy into our own hands and enact liberty in our every day lives.  Trump's inaugural address was a great moment for Trump personally, yes.  But it was also a call for responsibility from every US citizen!

Trump said "I'm putting the country back in the hands of every day Americans".

This was astonishing as a statement of principle!

I mean think about it~

Trump just got to hold power at the helm of the worlds most powerful country, and he used that speech to give all of his power to the people of America;  a Sentiment truly in line with the philosophy of our founding fathers.

Sure, jaded naysayers may not trust politicians intrinsically and decry them as mere puppets of no real recompense...  However, even the most anti-Trump reader should admit that ideas have power and prescience.  The ideas of the founders and framers as exemplified by the Federalist Papers are some of the most salient and extraordinary heights of human ingenuity-

and just as Washington refused to be King of America and gave the country back to the citizens, so too I believe we should witness through out the course of this year real progress in the area of personal Freedom and responsibility.

Individual every day Americans, making a difference in the world through positivity and sheer grit and determination...

We shouldn't look to our leaders to show us the way, however.
What citizens need to do more and more is internalize the philosophy of the founders and framers and enact positive change thusly in their every day lives...

And that's precisely what I see happening for the USA this year!

Let's keep that beacon of light for the world shining, dear readers, for all to see!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Domestic Democracy United's Agenda for the New Year: 2018 DDU Treatise

It has been a tremendously successful year for domestic democracy united, what with the blog getting on average 600 hits a day for several months prior (its gone back down to a trickle of late, but still...), and community initiatives such as sticking up for the poor, helping people at the brink of the law, and being a positive force for violent change.  We've done a great job, and Domestic Democracy United should become even more prescient of a force in the future.  By fighting for democracy every day (you should see my downtown headquarters!), I am truly doing my service as a citizen of the U.S.

I feel proud of what I've accomplished:

So far,
I've bricked three windowfronts of prominent anti-democratic establishments.
I've punched one communist wearing a beret from the Dominican Republic in the face.
I've converted one person to the republican party that I know of.
I've put out a DJ mix pro-Trump two weeks before the 2016 election.
I've continued my Mission for spreading the gospel of Christ our lord and savior, and should think that by doing so for so long now (including in my music), I must have reached a few people with the good news.
I've passed out Christian oriented CD's at DJ shows in downtown Raleigh.

But domestic democracy is in the hands of every citizen.

We need to create a space for democracy, with our ideas-

our spirit-

and our will!

The Domestic Democracy Agenda for 2018 is the following:


A) fight crime on the street level through community watch.
B) spread the word of salvation through Christ.
C) bring passion and joy through the liberation of the spirit through revelry.
D) advance an agenda on 2nd amendment rights in a reasonable fashion.
E)  author articles on current issues including current media commentary.
F) continue to apply the ideas of philosophy to politik.
G) fight against secularism and multiculturalism in all of its forms.
H) keep an eye out for signs of imminent disaster.
I) continue listening to Rush Limbaugh and authoring articles on memes gleaned from EIB.
J) ignore the lamestream news and stick to the ecstatic truth of the current era.
K) remember that good journalism comes from private investigation style intuition; follow leads.
L) always keep an eye out for corruption and malfeasance in media and government.
M) act as a watchdog, and call out anything that seems worthy of having a light shone upon it.
N) keep the integrity of Politalk intact while still maintaining the true Right Wing Punk use of exaggeration and humorous hate speech.
O) remain loyal to the loyal readers.
P) remember to bring the raw facts first, commentary second.
Q) keep true to Politalk's original charter of Free Market Democracy.
R) try to ignore the never trumper establishment and focus on the Tea Party.
S) seek interviews more often.
T) bring the lessons of church at Pittsboro United Methodist to a receptive audience of like minded patriots.
U) don't try to tell people what to believe, give the facts and let people come to their own conclusions.
V) repost on twitter and facebook more often to generate hits.
W) report on only national domestic issues, stray away from foreign policy.
X) bring my own brand of ultraviolence to the mainstream.
Y) continue to care about the welfare of all people.
Z) Street level activism to be ramped up or down depending on how antagonistic the anti-fascists are currently being.  If justified, protest the anti-fah through street violence.


That's the agenda for next year, 2018.
I hope you continue to turn to Politalk:  "The Leading Alt-Right blog on the Web!"

DDU 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How Early Protestant Hero "Martin Luther" Liberated Millions

"God is dead."
-Martin Luther

Martin Luther, the man, must have felt as though god was in fact dead at times.
What with the Catholic church forcing the entire world of Christendom to accept it's official church interpretation of scripture, I can see why Martin Luther may have, at times, felt existentially alienated.

I believe it was this profound existential feeling that led Martin Luther to rebel against the official Catholic church and more or less found Protestantism by posting his radical theses on the door of the Catholic church.

When Luther did this bold act, in the face of sometimes violent repression by the papacy, he freed millions of what we now call "Protestants" to do something that is their god given right;  that is, have a personal Jesus... a personal engagement with scripture on their own terms... an altogether individualistic way of reading the Word.

Martin Luther lead the way to freeing millions upon millions of worshipers from the bondage of spiritual slavery, and took a bold stand in favor of individualism.

We should all remember, next time we feel the inclination, that Luther created what we now know as "Protestantism", and if we feel at all fortunate that we can interpret scripture and participate in prayer as we please, we would do well to heed a dire warning...

The Catholic church bears bitter fruit.

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

"I Spent Halloween in the Stir": On the Opiod Crisis

Recently, to avoid pulling hours doing community service, I had the honor of spending 24 hours in jail on halloween night...

It was a very special thing that I decided to do, as halloween is a time for scary ghosts, ghouls and goblins.  There was no shortage of ghouls inside the cell block I was staying in.

There's not much to tell about the time I spent in solitary confinement, but I came out of there next morning with a new hatred for minority gang activity.  Through the walls I could hear blacks and hispanics talking to each other in gang speak, and it really made me ill.

This rap oriented dialect or slang is not only vaguely threatening and explicitly obscene, but a frightful degradation of the english language!

So with that in mind, what I'd like to say is that - as per halloween - gangs and yae the gang members themselves are definitively, absolutely and objectively "evil".  I loathe the black market that starves poor souls and fills the gluttonous pockets of criminal cartels.  I can only hope that the law enforcers arrest more gang bangers and send them for reform in the harshest way possible.  These gangs only exist due to the illicit black market, and with out this type of illegal activity going on our country would be safer, more secure and far more appropriate of a place for law abiding citizens to raise their families in.

So that brings us to the opiod crisis or "epidemic".
We have been hearing a lot about it on the television and in white house briefings recently, and it might seem startling to some to have the lazer lens focused so dramatically on this issue of late.

But I can tell you,
the crisis is a real one.

Synthetic opiods are often times much much stronger than opium or heroin, and they are ravenously addictive. 
Opiod addiction is a serious epidemic because these tiny little white pebbles turn their victims into zombie-like fiends, who want nothing more than their next fix...  I've seen it first hand!

Opiod pills, in the hands of drug dealers selling such synthetic chemicals as Perks, Vicadins, Codeine, and Oxycontin on the black market are literally eating away at the structure of western civilization.  It's a tragedy for the users, yes.  But more than that, these criminal gangs providing the black market opiods are assaulting law and order.  It's a serious issue indeed...

Let me tell you about a first hand experience of opiod use ending in utter tragedy:

I had neighbors living next to me for a time who were a small single child family of seventh day adventist christians.  I remember seeing their young daughter outside my window from time to time...  A young pretty little innocent christian girl, just graduated from high school.

Pretty soon I started noticing cars of hip youngsters pulling in and out of her driveway often.  I thought nothing of it at the time, but what was really going on under the surface was the definition of what we're talking about when we talk about the "epidemic" of opiod use.

The mother told me one day that their house had been broken into while they were out of town...


I assumed it must have been one of the daughters drug abusing friends, as did she.

Well time passed and after several months I noticed the kids car was gone, and the family was moving away.  I asked my other neighbor about it and she broke the news.

This young girl had overdosed on dirty opiods.


Gone forever...

Because of the opiod crisis.

Just because you don't see the opiod crisis doesn't mean it isn't there.

It's going on just underneath the surface every day all over our country.

I say, it's time to put a stop to it.

I applaud Trump on taking a firm and timely stand on the opiod problem, and I can only pray that we can - perhaps by legalizing marijuana - teach children about the dangers of opiod addiction.  These youngsters need to know the truth about drug use...

That is, pot and shrooms etc. aren't going to kill you.  Most teens experiment with them at some point and that's just the reality of it.  But these little white happy pill pebbles being dealt on the black market aren't anything like the fairly innocuous marijuana puff.  They are viciously addictive substances that will ruin a young bright person's life.

We all remember being told,
"One puff of weed and you'll be down the gateway to harder drugs and never return."
We need to teach children more honestly, because while pot use may lead to interest in psychedelia (which I believe can be a good for a person), it doesn't have to lead to deathly dangerous narcotics like opiod pills.

We need to teach the children to steer decisively clear from these opiods through honest discussions about recreational drug use.

... and that's exactly what this new anti-opiod narrative coming from Trump's white house is doing!  Focusing the "war on drugs" to be more of a "war on opiods".

Now we just need a little transparency about the reality of recreational drug use.

The fact is, there is nothing recreational about opiod addiction.  It's not recreational - as in 'fun' - at all.  It's a disease.

I say,
Let's bring the hammer down and cure America!

RT Stillwell
Domestic Democracy United 2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017

D.E.M. Machine Forces Withdrawl of Absolutely the Best Candidate for Drug Czar

The democrat establishment machine played a vicious game of all in texas hold em style gambling when they rebuffed the nominee for drug czar, forcing what amounted to a fabulous candidate for the head of the war on drugs to withdraw his name in the running for the position...

What kind of machiavellian backroom dealing in corrupt politik took place one can only speculate!

Yet here we are today!

...without a drug czar that, according to the democrats' own accusations, was particularly lax on drug trafficking...

Thanks a lot Chuck U. "Jew"mer and your uptight sober ass!

"However sober, religious, churchgoing, moral or strict they mighte otherwise be"
-Jonathan Edwards (not the fucking politician you dote)

I mean really!

Anyone remember the gaddamned 80's and how freely the coke was flowing?

That was fucking REAGAN, K?

Trump stood to do a serious favor for all who indulge in illicit substances on occasion, something which seems threatening and dangerous to some yet is relatively common on not only college campii but even in the city where it all happens: Washington D.C.

Why not let us have a drug czar with more of a vision for America's club and live music venue scene.

However sober you might otherwise be,
I can almost guarantee you if you went to a Willie Nelson concert you'd want to hit a doober or two!  lol!

I mean get real Mr. Jewmer,

"Like a fox ruling the henhouse..."

Guess what you fucking elitist D.C. inbred kike swine?

I want some goddamned fried chicken!!!

RT Stillwell

DDU 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

DDU on the Biggest Mass Shooting in U.S. History

A few days ago, I believe it was a sunday evening, a man toting fully automatic fire opened up on a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has killed 58 and injured more than 500, making this incident the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history...

I'm loathe to take it here before all the facts are in;
but I'm guessing this man harbors some kind of antipathy towards country music, country music fans and, yea- republicans.  It's hard to guess the MO for sure without proper investigation, but one key to note is that the shooter's brother, when interviewed, said his brother had no religious inclinations.
If this is, in fact, true-
Then it follows that the shooter had some kind of hatred for Christian right wingers...

It's sad.

After the incident in Alexandria we now have a bloody massacre on our hands, probably more hate crime towards Christian right wingers!  I can't say this is the case for a certainty obviously, however ask yourself this:
"Do you think the shooter was a fan of country music?"

I think it would be hard to answer yes...

So what I would like to say is this:

I am praying for the country music community intensely at the moment, and I'd urge you to do the same.  Maybe you're a country music aficionado, maybe you're just someone who casually enjoys Johnny Cash...  Regardless, I would urge you to show support for the country scene by prayer and buying country albums.  For those of you not well versed in the golden sounds of country music, here's an album that comes highly recommended: DWIGHT YOAKAM COMP ***BUY NOW*** 5 CD'S FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF $14.99

I love to honky tonk, myself.
There's nothing more fun than getting wasted and seeing live country music with a pretty southern peach.  Honky tonkin is something I do as a punk rocker, and I've actually met two honky tonk country guitarists/vocalists who started in heavy metal!
So let's all honky tonk for freedom!

Domestic Democracy United

Sunday, September 17, 2017

On the Media: Why the Globalization of Mainstream Media Does a Disservice to Sovereignty

The media, for about the last 10 or 15 years, has gotten increasingly globalized- becoming an arm of control for globalist forces.  A globalized media is not only far less entertaining than a "bottom up" media, but does an extreme disservice to American citizens' sovereignty.  This psychologically engineered garbage circulating around the internet and television (not to mention radio and print) specifically spreads lies about conservative tea party republicans.  Why?
Because of one main thing: Totalitarianism.
Totalitarianism (as opposed to fascism) is a "top down" phenomenon, and the tea party threatens those in the ivory towers of media.  Therefore, they have enlisted a kind of media war against the tea party- spreading and disseminating lies about what amounts to good hearted god fearing American citizens who simply love their bible, their gun and their country!
The tea party is the republicans' main protest movement on the right, yet establishment types still believe the lies that they've been force fed about tea party repubs.
Yet the occupy movement, the original 60's protests against Nixon and Vietnam, and now the violently anti right wing "anti-fascists" all get portrayed in the media with a generally positive narrative.
I believe this globalist framing of post-deconstructionist American politik can be explained by one phrase: Totalitarian communism.
Communism, though in vogue amongst the counter-culture, seems like a hip "revolutionary" philosophy that leads to good things...
Maybe, if Totalitarianism is a good thing I suppose!
The fact is, more people have been killed by communist totalitarian governments than the entire swath of deaths accrued by WWII.  It's a fact.
Yet communism is portrayed through a heroic lens and Nazi's, as per globalist narrative, are always the definition of what constitutes "evil"...  Ooooooooh, that evil bad guy.

Give me a break!

If you believe that Hitler was "evil",
you are an imbecile!

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Heroism in Houston: How Citizens Unite and Bring Democracy to Those in Need

Democracy, viewed in the light of academe at least, seems a very ethereal, almost philosophically removed concept in some sense.

But my foundation is called, Domestic Democracy United- so I have to say:

What we saw in Houston, TX and surrounding areas was truly an example of how ordinary everyday Americans create democracy through heroism, courage and little human grit.

Democracy is not some far off idea;
Democracy is citizens uniting to help one another with little or no heed of themselves.

We "create" a space for democracy!
And that is precisely what the citizens of Texas have done in joining together to save the lives of their compatriots after the devastatingly violent Hurricane Harvey.

Citizens banded together to rescue anyone they could.
They united around brotherly love and the Christian virtue of "love thy neighbor as thyself".

It's a story that bears telling...

When disaster strikes,
Mankinds affinity for cooperation and unification upon core principles comes, heroically, to the fore.  Men and women, risking their lives in murky water and storm conditions, have joined forces in Texas and are saving lives and trying to help in any way they can.  It's truly through this type of "activism" that patriots do good things for their fellow brethren and sistren in Christ.

The amount of courage amongst those helping to save lives in Houston is truly uncanny to the ultimate degree...
Stories of everyday citizens seeing someone trapped in the flood waters and risking their lives to rescue them.  Stories of journalists on the scene helping people trapped in their cars, all during a downpour from the worst Hurricane in recent memory- Hurricane Harvey.

These true stories of Heroism and Courage are the concrete facticity of the philosophy of Democracy;

and I urge anyone reading this to at least say a little prayer for the friends and families of the victims of Hurricane Harvey...


It'll do waaaaay more good than donating to the Red Cross.

They need manna right now...

They need your prayers.

RT 2017
Domestic Democracy United