Friday, January 16, 2015

POTUS Promises To Veto Repub's Immigration Legislation: D.C. Dysfunction Continues

As many are loathe to note,  there are quite a few immigrants in this country.  Actually, even more importantly there are quite a few immigrants in europe as well.  Immigration is a difficult concept to really understand...  After all, we're always reminded - "We ARE a country of immigrants".

However,  I think immigration-as-such really refers to, in europe, the muslim problem and in the U.S.  the growing hispanic population.  As such, what we're dealing with here is the paradigm of those who don't like these immigrants, don't want them here, believe these immigrants to be taking the native populations' jobs, and consider these immigrants to often be security risks - and those who believe that those people who believe such nonsense are rascist xenophobes etc.

Well, this seems to be playing itself out on the capitol, where house and senate repubs' first majority move has been to repeal 'Bama's writ of amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Now, the Regime has responded that the POTUS will give the final veto when the legislation comes to his desk after being passed by the repub majority house and senate.

The Dysfunction of D.C. has never been so apparent, and this move by the POTUS is infantile and unproductive.  It proves that the bi-partisanship promised by both sides after last November's elections has degenerated into dry chaff and empty promises.  Ole 'Bama needs to recognize that the will of the entire house and senate is representative of public opine, and his promise to veto what would effectively just allow I.C.E. to do it's job is simply throwing in the towel and saying, "You know what, all that effort and time and money put into this immigration legislation by the house and senate - FUCK IT".

Thanks a lot.

The fact is, a lot of the terrorism problem is connected to the immigration problem, and offering amnesty to illegal immigrants only perpetuates both problems, not to mention creates - often - a nightmare for Law Enforcement.  I mean we've all seen just how criminal the hispanic counter-culture is, right?  I mean jesus, there's gangs flowing over the border and now Obama wants to give their border jumper babies amnesty?  It's patently ridiculous.

So all in all,
just another case of D.C. Dysfunction.

Guess we'll have to wait until the big election year to get anything done.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

POTUS Glaringly Inept At Facing The Terrorist Situation: DDU Calls For Accountability

Terror is everywhere.
Yet the President is on the golfcourse.

We face, potentially, one of the most difficult years in the war on terror in recent memory.
Yet the left still refuses to look the bull in the eye.

Christianity is under attack by radical Jihadist Islam.
Yet we still want to take away religious freedom in school and government.

It's a disaster.  And that's what a terror attack is, an orchestrated disaster.  Can we rely on the the most inexperienced POTUS of all time to protect the U.S. from another 9/11?

I wish the answer could sincerely be, yes.

And maybe it will be.  After all, the pres can be incompetent and homeland security, police and military can still function adequately.

However, one comment by Mr. Obama from a while back - culled from the annals of Rush 106.1 - is disturbing in just how out of touch with mainstream America it is:

"The future does not belong too those who would blaspheme the prophet Muhammad..."

Well as someone pointed out, if one makes fun of Jesus or christianity - as is done OFTEN - we as civilized people don't respond violently!  Why must these barbarians impose their supposed "law" on the West proper?  Why are they so radicalized, to the point of committing suicide by cop, while taking every godfearing white person along with them?  Why?

As I've repeated before in my blog, I've read full through half of the Koran -

and -


is repeated as mantra.

It's not that SOME muslims are violent and radical jihadists - it's that their entire religion has a predisposition for violent "law-as-such", and it's deathly serious.

I've heard one poll indicates that over 70 percent of muslims sympathize with al queda.

If you think, the same numbers would probably apply to the majority of the counterculturalist left - the same anti-establishmentarians that reveled in the Chaos in Ferguson.  Probably the majority of THEM look at al queda as justified in it's jihad against the west!!!

Radicalism is radicalism, and islam is islam.

But Christ is offensive to both.

The idea that thou shalt not kill etc. is an alarming contrast to the truths of the so called "prophet" Muhammad, which has no similarly civilizing ethic of moral conduct.

So, in short;

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em, it's gonna be a long year."

-Brendan O'Connell DDU 2015