Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Medicalization of Deviance and Obamacare: A Dangerous Certainty

The medicalization of deviance is a complex theory regarding how and why the healthcare system is used to promote the reformation of deviants and deviance-as-such, so obviously I will be unable to address all of the various schools of thought on this subject adequately.  However, it's more than probable that this medicalization of deviance-as-such will increase in it's use and abuse under the new Obamacare psuedo-law that the regime has engineered as it's lone gift to U.S. history for generations to come.
It was once said, you don't have to be president-for-life if you can create a bureaucracy-for-life.

The impact on young children of this bureaucracy in particular is a fairly tragic result of creating nationalized healthcare and positing it's mission, health, as a law of sorts.

Young children of school age who "act out" will surely be the victims of the boomers lack of foresight in regards to Obamacare.  The will be medicalized with the efficiency, transparency, and culpability we've come to expect from the Regime.  They will certainly be considered deviant for daring to question the now atheist oriented school system, and will likely be ingested by the "system-as-such".

It is a crying shame.

Obamacare will only increase this brash misuse of authority, and certainly make the America we all remember, over the course of a generation or so, an impossibility to exist-as-such.  Say goodbye to apple pie...

Say hello to the psych ward.

We all know that one friend of ours that has "problems".
We sympathize with their plight, but not so much as to care-as-such when they become drowned in the healthcare system's bile and undigested material. 
We love them, but we hope they will get the "help" they need.
We think of them with empathy, yet give little heed to their rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

In the collectivist legislation that is the Affordable Healthcare Act, we can see that individual rights - such as the right to deny care or treatment - go down the drain.  Now, if you don't sig heil the new Socialist States of America - you will likely become one of those poor souls in dire need of "fixing".

In a final note on this short segment, I'd like to pull the rug out from under the "Compassion" that is posited blithely as the underpinning of Obamacare.  
Who hasn't heard some neo-progressive say something to the effect of - "The overweight, smokers, disabled, etc. are costing ME money!  They are (something to the effect of) a burden on the 'system'.  We need Obamacare because 'those ones' are weighing down the entire medical establishment."

I've heard it at least five times in casual conversation...
It's an uncompromisingly scary worldview.  It will, most likely, lead to the execution of undesirables through the medical system at some point in U.S. history.
And it is, unequivocally, not compassionate.  Not sympathetic.

I'll perhaps give that sentiment the title of "empathetic", but keep in mind that's just "pathetic" with a couple of letters before it.

The founders and, yea- their entire generation of courage and genius, must surely be turning in their graves....


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daily Show on Obamacare: "They Can't Spin This Turd"

Single payer, government run healthcare has been what was getting sold to the U.S.A. in the Affordable Healthcare Act the entire time, it's now being revealed.  None of that "just a little regulation" nonsense that was being spouted about for the last several years.  Full on, government run, healthcare - single payer - is the final result of the bastard of a bill that was the Affordable Care Act.  There's a little truth -

- You will pay, handsomely, for Obamacare -

The fact that no one discerned this previously only highlights the low information voter base's lack of readily available foresight.  We warned them.

They didn't care.

Now, after it has become public that the Affordable Care Act legislation is not only unaffordable but a total disaster, people are becoming aware that - "Woah, this is gonna be a major pain in the ass...".  Substantially, the obamacare project makes Hippocrates the reigning ruler of U.S. spirituality rather than Christ.  It creates a leader class of those who have taken this "hippocratic oathe" and lead's us into a hellworld where dentist-type "health" becomes a little more than that annoying thing we hate about having to keep up with the jones's.  It makes the dentist the LAW!

So, anyhow, the big news is thus:  Low info voter hangout cult leader John Stewart, host of the Daily Show, has now called Obamacare out for what it is... a total mess.

Last night on the daily show, Mr. John Stewart noted in regards to Obamacare that "They can't spin this turd".  All too true unfortunately.

The fact is, now that obamacare has become a reality, the masses of publik people in the U.S. have gradually come to realize that Obamacare is as Stewart described: a turd.

A turd that will cost you, potentially, 13% of your income.

All so you can have a dentist dictate the law for the rest of U.S. history!

One thing to note before I come to another forthright conclusion:

Do you like the solace of a hearth and glass of Burbon?

Do you occasionally take slightly more of your medication than prescribed?

Do you, upon a rare moon, go a bit hayware?

With obamacare, prepare to be demonized by the incompetent.  Prepare to be marginalized for having a good time.  Prepare to be called crazy for doing anything out of the ordinary - by marxists...

You know, for a long time the republican party has been thought of in the collective zeitgeist as the party of stingy, uncaring old people.

Get ready, in the next 10 years, for that to change dramatically.

The fact is, as per Alex Jones, the republican party is increasingly gaining traction as a countercultural icon - keeping the country free from fascism.

But the cold fact remains...

Obamacare IS fascism ~

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Obamacare/Gov. Shutdown Fiasco: Why the U.S. Needs Conservatism

The government of the United States has shut down and the new Obamacare legislation is now officially going into effect.  A grim shadow is cast over this eastern portion of the U.S., and people huddle en masse upon their television screens in hope of some idea of what's going on in the world...  there is nothing but the lamestream narrative of liberal ideology.  The poor people, salt of the earth, limp wakefully into their locale's and offices for the drink.  Children plot on to school in need of reformations for their minds and souls.

Underneath the presumably cheerful surface lies a grim realization...

Obama is positing an unaffordable encroachment into our homes with his affordable care act legislation.

The government shutdown, the result of Obama and his regime's countless anti-individualist attempts at subverting the will of the publik, has taken it's toll on the unfortunate reality television watchers and mindless academic dullards.  Where to find hope?

Where to find the so-called "Change"?

The first reports of elderly veterans storming a memorial in washington seemed glib.

Poor veterns...

But why storm a memorial in D.C.?

The idea of your infrastructure shutting down only undercuts the worry of the gov. shutdown proper.  What about terrorism?  What about the idea that without the N.S.A., F.B.I., and C.I.A. operating there is the increased likelyhood of a terrorist attack?  What about the fact that with this Government shutdown there will be increased crime and violence?

What about the chance of a massive nuclear strike from one of our enemies in the world now that our gov. shutdown is known publicly worldwide?

I don't know, but I do know one thing...

We should all pray for peace in the U.S.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DDU Founder Brendan O'Connell "Engaged to be Married"

Just a real quick note to my readers that despite the regime and commie conspiracy's attempts to destroy my capability for success through whatever means necessary, I have recently become engaged to a nice young lady of the south and am currently undergoing a conversion process to become fully catholic like my role model William F. Buckley Jr.

I can't say it'll be easy, and have - in the past - regarded myself as protestant in my interpretation of the bible etc.  but I can say through the past year attending sacred heart cathedral in raleigh that I have learned to have a substance of my faith and hope to pursue a final baptism into the faith thus bringing my heart closer to the king of kings.

It is, I should say to my young readers, only by virtue of my conservative christianity that I came to find the women of my dreams and I urge all young men confused about the old question of "what to do" to consider proclaiming the virtue of faith in order that one might find a woman with similar inclinations.... it just works, and when it works - it's something special.

Thanks for sticking with Politalk, those who continue to turn here for whatever sake that they might.

It should now become able, through the conversion of myself - Brendan Hooker O'Connell - into a proper southern gentleman in the traditions of those fathers and keepers of the faith that we all hold so dear, to pursue in individualism a more respectful and ultimately honorable discourse.

I ask that you pray for a successful marraige and, especially if you have a moment, for those lowly resentful urchins of the left who so surround my love to not succeed in destroying this forthcomming faithful union between my louisiana born fiance.  IT could happen.  Pray that it won't.

Please - I need your help.

On another note, I've done a bit of thinking about how a man can, as a christian, put god before women.  How one can learn to truly love the Almighty Jehovah more than the woman, for it is He who created the heavens and the earth and the stars and the moon and all the be in the world.  How can we?

I tell you by seeking to proclaim Truth rather than lustful deceit.

I tell you by being a Man of Faith, rather than a gruesome parable of passive malignancy.

I tell you...

One may worship the almighty truly in the highest and most truthfully absolute way by reaching toward the cross -

...rather than the fuzzy handcuffs.

By reaching for the bible,
rather than preaching a subverted paternalism to a choir of one.

...by, ultimately, being more and more - everyday - moved towards acts of joy and kindness toward god by virtue of your lover, for god indwells in each participant of a union of love.

My lover is the most shimmering star in a bucket full of sky, and were it not for her encouragement and godly guidance by way of a womans reproach, I would surely be a far lesser man in sight of Jah.  Jah see's all things - and by Jehovah the son and the holy spirit he has given me a great gift due to my Grace and ardent work.

Now just give me time to learn to read metaphorically.


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