Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mr. Bennett Joins the Growing ranks of Patriots dedicated to Individual Liberty

Last night a young fellow named Mr. Bennett joined Domestic Democracy United, and I would like to officially welcome him to the Super PAC.

Also, for my current viewers I will be updating, in peak poll hours, a short video I made called 'Fishing With Tom'. Just some guys out on a boat fishing.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Insider's Santorum - TEA PARTY SuperPAC AD

Domestic Democracy United's Tea Party Collective would like to welcome you to an inside look at Rick Santorum. Due to the content, some political views may or may not be affiliated with the official Santorum Campaign, and all material is read by the Founder of Domestic Democracy United, Brendan O'Connell referring to an NR article from Feb. 2012.

DDU Information Centre - NC,

Brendan O'Connell

Disclaimer :-: Domestic Democracy United is in no way affiliated with the republican party or the Santorum for President campaign. :-:


DDU# - California to Legislate 'Sugar' - SuperPAC AD

I've recently found out a little interesting tidbit, which is that California is in the process of legislating on the use of sugar in foods...

No big deal, as one might suspect.

In fact, they have basically pulled a Muhammad Ali era fight not just on tooth decay as is traditionally done, but on sugar - labeling it, quote "the biggest public-health crisis in the history of the world".

It does not take much imagination to see this statement as, I'll put it, a bit 'over the top'.

I wish it were, but in fact, it's entirely indicative of the nanny state's governing principle - If it exists, it must be regulated.

Sugar, widely known as the most expensive and luxurious of raw goods at the market, is now - officially- under attack.

They, because of some silly sods at UC, feel that the best way to fight sugar is on the front-lines....

they want to, get this -

Make it hard to buy candy without an id, regulating it the same way one might, say, keep a teen out of an R-Rated movie.

I say put this on the front page, liberals in California wage war on sugar.



DDU Founder and Member,

Brendan O'Connell

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's all Entertainment - politalk - DDU


thank you so very much for deciding to turn to Politalk -

I'm going to be talking today about Philosophy, and already we can see a number of problems come about with even the mention of Philsophy. I know a number of people, perhaps the majority, view philosophy as pointless at least, and outmoded and dead at most. I can't say I disagree, but I'll continue to air my philosophical grievances pretty much for the entirety of my life...

...fortunately, my grievances have a certain amount of merit, respectability, and warrant (as Solomon R.I.P. once put it).

What I'd like to discuss today is the differences between two very similar philosophers.

That is, Heidegger and Husserl.

They have two very key concepts respectively, which are easily ascertained.

That is 'Primordial Intentionality' on the one hand -

- and what I'll call 'Level' on the other, as abstractly understood.

(scroll down please)

The notion of 'Level' properly understood is, of course, the everyday conception of level. Level is sort of a shift in focus from varying degrees of rank.

It presupposes a kind of 'intentional object', and says basically, at least in Husserl, that one must make a conscious attempt to analyze varying levels of conscience, nuemenon, and phenomenon.

It's the basic underlying premise of phenomenology, and is much used by philosophers in Heidegger's time.

In fact, Heidegger dedicates his seminal 'Sein und Zeit' to Husserl, for his 'phenomenology'.

However, the way in which Heidegger 'moves away' from Husserl is in his most important concept, and that is 'Primordial Intentionality'.

'Primordial' intentionality is, in a sense, the kind of thing one can understand almost immediately. It doesn't take a Webster-mirriam kind of mindset to really understand (verstehen) what this kind of intentionality presupposes.

When something is primordial, it is basic.

So, on a basic level, we know what it means to be 'basic', and I think this is something many of the existentialists of our time really leave out.

This idea, notion, concept - is something we might like to think of as, in a sense, sort of 'brute physical reality' like the 'fear of god'.

A kind of 'intentionality' where I analyze concepts - or as Dreyfus put's it, where I 'stop and think' - is really a kind of delusion, not something worth doing at all, unless you really need to. Perhaps, just as a kind of tool... one which, if we were real 'masters' at our craft, we would probably not even need to use at all.

Of course, it doesn't take too long to think that... well, maybe that's not really true. I stop and think about things all the time. I even enjoy doing so.

But what one misses in this ascertation is the very important sense in which we have a responsibility to ourselves and the world to simply engage the world on a level of understanding (verstehen) which finds in-itself the kind of resoluteness put forth by many of the early scientists, which is - if we 'analyze' we 'deconstruct'. We rip it to shreds, much like the Shaw's Kitten example I put forth in an earlier lecture.

We sort of, see something we don't understand...

...this isn't, of course, to say we do not like it, or other such consequent existential arguments, but let's leave that aside.

But... we sort of see something we don't understand, and we are supposed to kind of 'circumspect'.

Well, Heidegger in fact defends this notion at some length, but really what I'm trying to get at is the conception of 'Primordial Intentionality' as the 'best' manner in which to live life.

Think of any number of examples which should spring to mind, and you have to think... is this really what it's all about?

~Domestic Democracy United


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Occupy Oakland - Tales From the Darkside - NR

Occupy article from NR - just in, read by Founder of DDU, Brendan O'Connell -

*WARNING - Loud Volume.

DDU Disclaimer - Domestic Democracy United's accuracy percentage has risen from 98.6 to 98.7 percent...




Brendan O'Connell ~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things haven't 'Changed'!!! - DDU SuperPAC AD

"You could say a constitutionally limited government is the opposite of socialism."

- Joseph Farah

As I once famously echoed throughout a crowded bar, 'everything changes' but 'nothing changes'.

I think in the case of the Regime, this is all too true.

'Bama was elected on a single promise and set of hidden platforms..

'we can 'change' things'

Well, I think many of the people who saw so much hope for said virtue on the left are below even being loathe to admit that the things that they wanted to be different are, in fact, all too similar to the kind of whitewash campaign 'Bama put forth in his election bid, rather than an 'evolution' or 'process' moving towards a kind of culmination of Justice.

..and the left knows it.

All everyone in 'real america' has seen is an increase in the size and scope of government - and of course anyone who can remember the Clinton era know's this is anything but a 'Change'.

It's just politics as usual.

Nothing has 'changed' - we've still got Barney Frank asleep on the job.

Nothing has 'changed' - we still see Injustice on a massive scale.

Nothing has 'changed' - we've still got a bad economy.

The 'hope' put forth, a blasphemous co-opting of Biblical phraseology, has fallen flat despite the lame-stream drive-buy hit-and-run media's laughably inept attempts to convince us of the contrary.

You know, the word 'Hope' is mentioned in the bible over 200 times - yet I haven't seen a single indication that the Regime's definition of the word is the type of hope intended for a free country.

I want our country to be well.

I want our country to be secure.

I want my country to be a bastion of 'genuine' hope.

But with the current administration, there is no such thing as 'authentic' change - it's just what they define as 'change' (which actually has it's roots in early 1900's progressivism), which amounts to an undermining, co-opting, and re-writing of the Philosophy of the Founders.

I can't give you anything in terms of inspiration.

Personally, I'm a bit of a Steynian and believe that, quote "America is Dead".

Fortunately, I believe in Resurrection.

(scroll down please)

"Can any of us truly be free if life itself is not defended in our society? I don't see how."
- The Tea Party Manifesto

Our country is capable of coming back to it's Tradition in a philosophical, theological and economic sense. I mean, let's admit it - this is socialism, collectivism, whatever you want to call it. It's time to take action.

Take the U.S. o' A. Back!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Domestic Democracy United - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT superpac

The forthcoming Georgia caucus should be interesting, as - obviously - Gingrich will either take his home state or won't...

Whether or not he will take Georgia (and keep in mind his daughter and grandchildren are part of the Aristocracy in said state) is unimportant. What really matters about the upcoming melee is it, in some sense, brings the G.O.P. candidate for POTUS 'debate' even closer to home for many in the region.

If Gingrich takes his home state, as he aught to, that means he will continue to be the rabble-rouser within the race and likely will take longer to drop out altogether.

Further, in a recent interview with Gingrich, it seems to me as if he also has aspirations not only for the presidency, but for a potential high level job within the administration of, in all honesty, a Republican Presidency after Conservative Victory in the forthcoming general election.

Now, another thing to consider is - who is keeping their Christian oathe the most...

I mean, no one likes a filanderer, panderer, nor flip-flopper.

And you have to ask yourself -
What candidate is 'keeping the faith' the most?

As for the case of Santorum, Mitt, or Gingrich - and who's 'call' is more genuine -

I would allow the reader to come to their own conclusions -

Friday, February 17, 2012

DO YOU HAVE 'Heart'? DDU and the AHA!!!

Hello, and thank you very much for deciding to visit my blog.

This month we have a very important question to ask ourselves...

Do we have a 'heart'?

The answer is, in a literal sense obviously, yes.

So with that in mind, I ask you to read the following:

"February is 'American Heart Month'"

The American Heart Association is the 'hot' topic this month...

you can visit their site by simply typing 'heart.org' into your browser.

In the hopes of bringing awareness to heart disease, heart health, and 'heart' generally understood, I urge you to make a tax deductible contribution to the AHA, if at all possible, in the month of February.

It is fundamentally crucial to be aware of just how prevalent heart disease is...

...little known fact -

'Heart disease is currently the #1 cause of death for females in the U.S.'

This small and seemingly trivial fact should be taken with a bit of an understanding as to the ones in our own families who are at risk of developing heart problems.

Females are overwhelmingly susceptible to heart illness, and this lone fact should stir the 'strings' of our own hearts in lue of the fact that females are also most known to men for having, in a very genuine way, a profound understanding of 'heart' taken in a metaphorical sense.

Women always know what we feel in our heart. They can tell when you've had a bad day. They're keenly aware of matters of emotional finesse and subtlety... and I hate to generalize, but everyone knows women, in general, 'care' more about people generally than men do.
You have this instant, a great opportunity, to give charitably to those who can most help the heartfilled among us.


Please visit the site in the spirit of Heart awareness - and though I urge you to contribute financially in hopes of finding ways to stave off the ill effects of heart disease; I merely respectfully ask you to visit the site in the 'spirit' of awareness about the oft neglected American Heart Association.


Domestic Democracy United - 'HE SAID NO' revisited SUPERPAC AD

It is only through christ, the lord of hosts, that one may gain access not only to the non-self deceptive mysteries of heaven - but also to the heart of he who shall not be named until the second coming.

Many have speculated as to the mind of he who shall not be named until the second coming, but most know the heart.

The bible says our hearts are desperately wicked.

The bible says the heart is the seat of a man's conscience.

The bible says we must repent.

If there is one thing I take from the King James more than any, is that we must - as the southern street preachers who so annoy many revelers by holding up signs on a friday or saturday night say... we must 'repent' for every sin we commit.

Whether we have been baptised or not.

Whether we have said our hail mary's or not.

We must repent for every single sin we do.

God did not send his son to die an horrible death for our sins so that we could sit back and not worry about being good, virtuous, or holy.

God did not send his son to die an horrendous death so that we might be unrighteous but still get 'hugs' and love from him.

God did not send his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to die for us, to be persecuted for us, so that we might become a world of idolatry.


I cannot say with any degree of certainty why he who's name shall be revealed upon the second coming of christ would allow his own child to perish in such a manner for such a despicable people's.

But I can say this... I believe it.

I believe the miracles that were performed in the bible.

I believe he rose again.

I believe in christ.

...but he who's name shall only truly be revealed upon the second coming see's all of the things we do out of grace, and demands active repentance for them.

"Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of god"


He's the only candidate who can truly say, 'I sin not'.

Disclaimer: Domestic Democracy United is in no way affiliated with the republican party or the tea party. I, as founder of DDU, recognize the above video has little to do with the content of this AD.

- I would just like to say to my increasing number of viewers - please feel free to comment in the box below.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nancy Pelosi's Prophylactic Push - DDU - SAVE THE CHILDREN - SUPerPAC #

As many of you may or may not know, the democrat establishment - as well as people who consider themselves 'contrary' to said establishment - basically get their morality from 'dictates' descended down to the party and populous by either Chuck U. Shoemer or Queen Pelosi -

They literally write a little 'note' to their staff, and a day later every single rank and file democrat believes, on sub-proto-neo-classico levels in concurrence, what they have been 'dictated' to 'think' about certain issues.


So, Queen Pelosi's big 'push' before, of all holidays, Valentine's Day, was to push for the use of condoms.

Condoms, those little things which in no way whatsoever represent eugenics, otherwise known as the devilish urge to reduce rather than increase the net population of America, are classically taught to, say, I dunno - innocent children as an 'alternative' to, as we all know, the ONLY moral course right and proper - Abstinence.

Well, I will merely say this.

Pelosi's prophylactic 'push' pre-st. v's day was, and can only be interpreted AS, a harsh form of trying to reduce the population for reasons seemingly virtuous but altogether unseemly.

I'm not going to make a big stink about eugenics... YET -

- but I do remember, at a local community college during 'Bama era southern indoctrination, a little factoid which you are more than welcome to never agree with being taught on, of all days, the first day of class in Biology.

It was this little innocent fact...

(scroll down please)

"The world's population needs to be reduced because of environmental concerns."

This is, technically as the scientific dictatorship defines it, a 'fact' merely because it is taught in conjunction with 'science', and of course as we all know - the sanctity of science is pretty much 'gone out the window' now that we've abandoned Newton and ilk in favor of a Dennettian kind of distaste for religion.

What pains me most is to see good Christians basically being 'forced' to adhere to what amounts to a non-christian ideology, and yea- 'teach' it to innocent mind-numbingly indoctrinated 'students'.

So, If you AT ALL agree - and I don't expect you to- but if you at all agree, I would basically painfully acquiesce to the sanctity of YOUR OWN life and liberty and say I'm merely a catholic mongrel who is BEGGING YOU to fight back against eugenics in science, and ~ NETFLIX "EXPELLED".

Nancy Pelosi can steal away people's family values for only so long - it's up to you to FIGHT BACK.

Disclaimer -

*the link between sex education, condoms, and abortion, is much more complicated than one might realize, even myself. I of course believe that sex ed has no place in school - because playing 'The Miracle of Birth' to young children is a harsh form of indoctrinatory eugenics.

Praise Christ, and all praises be to the 'catholic' church.

God Bless America and our nation's children.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentine's Day Massacre - "My Bloody Valentine" - DDU#

"Pitiful sight,
here lies the country slain,
and Juliet bleeding,
warm + newly dead,
who doth lain two days buried -
Go, tell the prince!

We see the ground whereon
these woes do lie,
but the truth which we cannot
without circumstance decry"

Romeo + Juliet

I feel this is an 'event' that lies in the fact that these young participants in the 'world' were taking up a posture on a grand, and indeed irrevocable, project of 'Being-Towards-Death'.

They were, in this 'Being-Towards', also evading the more serious commitments involved in 'getting-on' with their own lives.

Of few could it not be said that the brutality of their clinging was also a laudable commitment to the responsibilities of youth?

It illustrates many things, even complicated questions regarding the classique 'doing' of engagement to royal virtue which, more often than not, is in fact inspired by a self which finds its' other half in a deep moral 'hurt'.
The longing for the good life around a kind of faith which could be considered 'negative' in a sense, constitutes the politico-ethical judgement of 'love' in general -

and is best understood or apprehended when it is available to us in 'action' - which emerges here in the condition of political involvement in the consideration of 'being-with-another'.

Taxation, the judgement of the electors, and the problematics to be solved by a method and process of equalization with political and moral movement towards a forgetting of fear and sex as such, are none other than the same motives which make the recent O'Hannity headline "Conservatives are Better in Bed" all too prescient.

Family bonds are often seen in tragically beastly remembrances of heredity, but in fact genetics, like the ideology of love, is a construction of 'degredation' -


"Prepared for death,
Leaving with unimaginable impulse,
fleeing support and refuge"

Why should this be so?

Am I not the indifference you have to mine 'love'?

Am I not the 'system' which is only 'human society'?

Am I not a 'transaction' between past and future?

Sentimentalism in philosophy is largely treated, as has been suggested, as a form of ideology beneath contempt...

...but we musn't forget that, as the great poet T.S. Eliot said,

"Everything that is new is thereby automatically traditional."

The reason for this is simply stated in the example of the attention given to new forms of traditionalism, and old forms of ingenuity!

A band of patriots, vagabonds, are the ministry of love advanced by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, who said famously in Matthew,

"To those who say I am come to bring peace,
I am not.
I am come to bring a sword."


The love industriously espoused by the Regimes' ideologues "lowers the amplitude" of human emotion in terms of its philosophical basis in real American tradition and theology, and proffers a puffed out and propped up campaign of dehumanization and servitude as a means of 'mitleid' - or 'compassion' (to 'suffer-with').

...if women are insinuated into levels of service and "power positions", necessarily with the concessions inseparable from feminine physical weakness, then the whole 'dynamic' and 'spirit' and, yea - "ethos" of these services are transformed.

This 'transformation' is a necessary component of being an idiot for mere money.

As Jean-Pierre Melville famously said in the seminal romantic 'freedom' film "Breathless" -

"American women have become the dominant sex -
French women have not yet learned that."

Thank you for reading...

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

God Bless American ideals such as grit, determination, and justice not encumbered by the pathology of liberalism.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I had previously endorsed Santorum in an earlier blog, mostly because of his Tea Party credentials as a social conservative... Here is a short blog I wrote on Santorum during the Iowa Caucus that I'll publish now that he has risen back to serious contender:

"Good Morn, Eve, and Morrow to all fans of the sanctity of democracy.

I, founder of DDU, am in the heartland of America and am adhering to the will of the Word of God, and the Law of the Land. Writing from a sterile bed behind key and lock in Catawba County amidst the ecstasis of the Iowa caucus - The last I heard, the final votes from Aimes were racing across a darkened highway and have yet to confirm what most of America will assuredly wake up to find Wednesday morning to be a great victory for the underdog in the G.O.P. race, Mr. Rick Santorum.

Bachmann's framing of Santorum's potential win as a victory over the old bah humbug brandy swilling estabbyment G.O.P. and it's mechanisms of media do lend DDU a cracking endorsement -

"Slight air of Reagan's Ire"

To ole Ricky.

Or should I say, 'young' Ricky.

Anyhow, as much as I'd like to hop directly onto the Santorum pickup truck (otherwise known as a bandwagon) I do, in all honesty, get the sinking feeling of a pervasiveness of Anti Southern sentiment in the G.O.P. this year.

Our two Southern Candidates, Cain and Gingrich (both from Atlanta), have been systematically character assassinated.

Santorum, for whatever reason, seems to be able to rise above certain 'polemical' attacks on the basis of his Christian virtue.

Santorum, on Fox news, during the New Hampshire debates played the 'fascism' card on the POTUS - something unheard of and which is generally reserved for say the various rebellious teen or neo-marxist on a college campus.

Some facts on Santorum:

He's 'weak on earmarks'.

He's 'boring'.


of course,

He's 'not Romney'.

If I had to venture one guess as to Santorum's upset win over every other 'Not-Romney' candidate in the field, it would be that he was so underestimated that he wasn't crippled sufficiently by his opponents.

-Everyone likes to look at politics as either evil, avante garde, or sporting - but I must say there is a tremendous possibility that in events such as the Iowa Caucus, we really do have a culmination of the dream of our Founding Fathers... in a salient nation defining course of History.

The fact that many tea parties were held in pizzeria's shows ample substantiation of the much espoused and sentimentalized 'Real America' the conservatives have consistently defined over the years."

I wrote that on the Iowa Caucus, and it still seems important today somehow.

Anyhow, just a quick update for the S.U.


Brendan O'Connell

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Domestic Democracy United's "Country Spectre" revisited

I recently wrote/blogged about the story of, by all accounts, a young man named Jason Boston who passed away in prison due to a fire. I gauchely titled it "Country Spectre", and proclaimed in it that, quote "Jason Boston died due to a Marxist Conspiracy to kill Christians" - all while throwing in a little bit of a bleeding heart defense of his unjust indictment~ which, as far as I'm concerned, is unknown as far as any actual charge that may have been brought against Jason Boston himself.

Though, perhaps not conspiratorially, my 'narrative' was misplaced...

Country Spectre perhaps shows my blithe misuse of legality (in, of course, the sense that the tapes originated from legal proceedings), and shows that - in fact - I'm willing to use any content to prove the allegations I've made against Marxism.

But - PERHAPS - that's what I should do.

The only audible thing simply, as far as I'm concerned, is people from Appalachia crying for a virtually unknown reason!

So, continuing my ongoing assault on Collectivism, why not misuse some old footage I copped off a client back when I was prostrating myself for the money so ripe in the industry of video production before the housing bubble burst?

Ah, at least we have a new serf-based 'web-bubble', in which one can misuse technology in all sorts of fabulous ways, right?

The founding fathers were visceral, intense, Nation defining Soldiers of the Lord -

How can we, as bastards of a world gone mad, actually hold any claim to the Declaration? How can we, as a generation of Idolators, Fornicators, Masturbators, and worshipers of the Altar of Satan really hold claim to the Constitution?

How can you, the liberal Democrat reading this call yourself an American when Barack Obama was quoted on NBC's The Today Show the day after the Super Bowl as saying, "The Founding Fathers of America made it difficult for our administration to enact Change?"

The 'value judgement' he's making, which must be a deep cut in the POTUS' identity, is that the founding fathers of the U.S.A. 0 y'know, like... George Washington... are, quote, 'getting in the way of progress'.





Any attempt to define it otherwise is contrary to common sense.

So anyhow, in revisiting the Jason Boston Video - the above is the bland 'remix' entitled 'sorrows of joy' - I found that I was wrong in my initial analysis of his untimely demise.

One thing it wasn't, was 'absurd' - and the liberal elite would define it as such behind closed doors...

...but coming out and saying 'he was killed by a Marxist conspiracy' is only 'likely', not a certainty.


DDU_National Review_RACISM

D/L Here:

In the above, I read a nuanced article from Buckley's legacy, The National Review -

The Tea Party, and the republican party generally, is viewed amongst 'progressives' as, quote, "not caring for the poor, and fundamentally racist."

Well, this particular article addresses how the leading progressives of the last century, namely, Richard T. Ely, may have been 'progressive' regarding 'racial issues', but - in fact, their progressivism was intrinsically racist - and indicative of how liberals view freedom, as understood by our founders, as a mere 'hinderance' to socialism, marxism, and their Huxleyan totalitarianism

Now I've never read a brave new world, nor 1984 or animal farm - as I try, as hard as one of my character can, to restrict myself to the Bible and christian literature.

But, according to the National Review's Jonah Goldberg - liberal democrats are not even capable of Orwellian Totalitarianism. They are merely capable of creating a nation of slave-serfs serving only the 'ethical ideals' espoused by their elitist masters in media, academia, and yea - at this point I'm sure it must be absurd, 'family'. I believe he was insinuating that, given the recent comment by the Obamanation and Obamanation 'supreme ayatolla' Mr. Hussein that the Founding Fathers were sort of 'standing in the way' of the POTUS administration enacting the type of 'progressive change' they would like to see COULD be met with a kind of orwellian backlash should they continue in their blasphemous degradation of our great Western Heritage as it relates to American Exceptionlism.

You know, I once said to someone - "protestantism is the most humble race' in a sort of Colbertian sense of self deprication (ignore the fact that Colbert himself is a Roman Catholic). That didn't really 'play' as a humorous quip whatsoever.

But I then said, at another point, I believe heaven is up above - say, in the clouds. Hell is a fiery cave, say - underground. And Satan most likely is a red hued demon with a pointy tale, horns, and a pitchfork/trident...

That got a laugh.

And that's how the neo-liberal establishment views certain literal interpretations of Christianity... just a funny fable that elicits a pup-pupish sort of laugh at the holder of such a literal ignorance.

Don't get me wrong, I feel that that very laugh may have been a subconscious recognition of the Truth of such a christian interpretation - but I think really it shows the elitism of institutions of education and the psuedo-elitism engendered by a Marxist controlled media.

I mean, people say that CNN is the 'middle ground' between MSNBC and FOX NEWS, right? It's probably been said by the brainwashed liberal public over 10 million times at one point or another.

This is a blatant lie, as - in fact, Ted Turner aside (whom I'm fairly certain only really participates in AMC programming at this point), the ones who control CNN programming are nothing more than elitist Multi-culturalist stooges who publish non-non-fiction books that sell in the hundreds I'm sure.

So, racism...

I recently read a TEA PARTY placard that said 'Calling us Racist is Cowardly'... and I think it's true... If you listen to the above video, I provide PROOF that the origins of progressivism are FAR more racist than the caricatured 'pick-up truck' owner.

In fact, the allegations of republican racism are merely a cowardly attempt to demonize anyone who opposes, and I'll say this, a MULTI-RACIAL president as racist merely because of his 'race'. The irony, of course (as displayed by the above video broadcast from yours truly), is that in fact the foundations of progressivism, which viewed poll taxes, segregation, and literacy tests (as well as the quote 'the civilizing process needed for the freed slaves [I believe 'savages' was the word used]) as the best means of the much touted sentiment of 'compassion', were the leading lights of early American Racism.

I saw an interesting video called 'Indoctrination on College Campuses', in which it shows incontrovertible evidence that our nations young minds are being trained to view Caucasian Americans as being 'unjust oppressors' who are 'intolerant' of multi-culturalism (a destructive force of sub-marxism which erodes the foundations of civilization in favor of a dystopian 'heaven on earth' [and I say this with ironic quotations] philosophy). It's this type of thing which I believe proves the radical agenda of many institutions of 'education', and I feel a bit of a thumping in my heart for what a college campus must of been like back in the 1800's. But now, a mere mention of philsophy as such is viewed as being anti-feminist - anti-multi-cultural, and viewed with the classic 'HAY MAAAAN, NOT COOL' "argument' which, for some reason or another, has not been completely outlawed.

I pray that the liberals decide to take some type of sepiku type responsibility before their trouncing in the general election.

Thanks for reading,

and say the pledge of allegiance with your hand over your heart this instant or face fiery destruction...

no kidding of course,

thanks for reading friend,

and don't forget to dedicate yourself daily anew to our lord and savior.

And if you are an agnostic or atheist - I merely ask you to say this in your mind (unless you are a coward) -

"I believe there is no god to such an extent that if there were one, I would gladly be struck down by HIM."

I double dare you...


No, seriously - the above video PROVES that libs are more racist than repubs - and I don't even have to mention the romanticization of the black race libs have done historically to bare evidence... though I'm sure you could come to your own conclusion... but I'll merely venture one for all you libs out there -

"I love black people so much I'm willing to look at all black people through a sickly distorted rose'd lens, and that, of course, could in no way be considered racsist lulz"

Well, all I'll say is this:

If your at all interested in this issue of progressive's being more racist than republicans, please download the full video (very lo fi short d/l) here:

Monday, February 6, 2012

THIS JUST IN - DDU Ultra Media - EPA "OUT OF TOUCH" With State and Local Government -

I have it from inside sources that the Environmental Protection Agency is "out of touch" with local agencies whose job it is to monitor the well being of natural sites in regards to how 'clean' and 'effective at controlling waste' a given site is in accordance with the laws and regulations set forth at a State level.

This particular instance relates to how an EPA official came to NC to monitor a local branch of the U.S. armed forces' use of 'septic tanks'.

Apparently, due to a source which shall remain unnamed, the EPA investigator sought to look into a local Military building's septic conduct on the basis of it having a, quote, 'pipe coming out of the top of the roof', something which common sense dictates as beyond absurdity.

According to said source, the agent was 'out of touch' with practices and standards used generally to detect septic problems - and it is the position of DDU that the EPA may have been overstepping their bounds and, in fact, going beyond the 'call of duty' and their 'literal authority' to merely 'impose' a radical agenda on an unsuspecting military base, namely - in this case, Camp Lejeune.

This is all factually based, and shows that the EPA may, in fact, have a more radical agenda than was previously thought - and more than likely does not 'support the troops'.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The above is a short film I made about a massively used 'sample' (that is, a piece of recorded sound re-contextualized for use in 'sample based music' or 'electronic music') which, because this IS politalk, I will highly politicize.

The main beat in regards to this sample is, of course, S.O.P.A. type legislation.

If you watch this video, you will find that the man responsible for this 'breakbeat' (which has been used as a 'chaser' by MTV for their DVD releases), has made NO money off of it - even though entire forms of music have been based around this one sound.

Domestic Democracy United believes that this is an injustice, and that ALL copyrighted material should be given due respect.

We at DDU believe that it is a tragedy, and KNOW that it is a crime, for 'samples' that are copyright to be used for any purpose whatsoever without due respect to the author, and sale should be prohibited without dues paid to the copyright holder.

Now, legislation for this type of thing clearly deserves a responsible and fine tuned system in which one can be 'just' and still allow for 'sample based music'...

But, unfortunately, this will not happen with the Democrat-type legislation that is being advanced in Washington at the moment.

They will merely use S.O.P.A. as a way to increase federal oversight of the internet.

They will merely use S.O.P.A. as a way to 'shut down' sites which promote access to inspirational material.

They will merely use S.O.P.A. as a way to increase their Huxleyan Mommy State institutional mentality and insinuate it into our lives.

What won't they do with this?


The censorship so needed in this day and age, when a 15 year old in a Nuclear household can double click on a NETFLIX link to hardcore horror and be completely neurologically altered for the rest of their life.

The censorship so needed in this day and age, when your average 16 year old watches more hardcore pornography than an adult in depression era America did.

The censorship so needed in this day and age, when your average 17 year old is getting tips on 'life-integration' from some nihilistic stooge who cares little for the massive power they have to be a good influence in the lives of people looking for answers for the most fundamental questions of morality, nor about (dare say) Christian virtues at all.

Least of all, will they bother getting fine artists like Richard Spencer the recognition they deserve.

No, S.O.P.A. will merely increase the federal government's ability to corrupt an entire generation - and shove more of their hardcore indoctrination down our collective throats.

S.O.P.A. legislation will, ultimately, fail - when you have it's proponents saying things like "well, we'll still let you use copywrited material in Youtube video's."

I thought the whole point was to keep the 'letter' of the law?

Oh, that's it - I forget, out of an inhuman fear, that the 'letter' of the law doesn't matter anymore. Neither does the 'spirit' though these dastardly fools would surely make a play for said virtue.

No, what matters now is the 'lack of law'.

We don't need the 'law', when we have washington insiders telling us how to live!

We don't need the 'law', when we have psychiatrists telling us what's okay and what's not.

We don't need the 'law', if we're turned into a nation of nihilistic Christ-haters!

All we need is for the Huxleyan Mother State to tell us what to do, who to tattle on, and how to buy.

All we need is a derivative and ultimately inferior moral code telling us how to behave.

All we need is an unjust liberal elite shoving their terrible television down our throats... and don't bother to ask for anything better... they've already got a response with 1,500 pages of legislation behind it ready to answer your query...

"you don't know what's good for you."

That's right, "we know what's best - and don't question it for even a second or we'll get our team of experts indoctrinated at public schools to put a stop to you..."

What happened to my America?

I think it may be dead...

But there is still hope...

There is still one bastion of morality hovering above the decrepit morally bankrupt Mommy state we've become...

and that answer is simply this...

American Exceptionalism.

That's right... I said it - the idea that America is the greatest nation on earth...

A 'beacon of hope'.

But 'hope' has been 'raped', and now we're left with Christ-hatred, founding father-haterd, and a type of self-hatred all to common too the ironically un-ironic tuned millenials.

The only answer is to accept that the founding fathers were of a better generation than we, and to accept that the documents and government they put in place have been destroyed by activist judges.

The only answer is to accept that, as Mark Steyn painfully declared -

'America is dead.'

Only then can we re-establish the virtues which made our country great.

* to anyone who is interested to hear my Amen 'breakbeat' sample based music go to the following link*


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