Monday, October 18, 2010


The sad state of affairs in our country 9right now amounts to the fall of our proud republic. As countercultural as I have been and in some ways continue to be, I cannot celebrate this- nor take solace in any kind of anti-governmental rhetoric. It offers no real way to deal with the tremendous tyranny with which we are now faced, and now across the globe we are all faced with very real, very corrupt, very insidious tyranny. What is the answer many ask. What can we do?

I do not claim to have any substantive answers, however I can continue to attempt to in some way elucidate Truth or truths which are seemingly important, seemingly noxious, and seemingly the attempt of feeble terrorists to lay some claim to important human qualities such as heroism, courage, and a true attempt to say 'no' to the atrocious distortions of our increasingly violent and oppressive regimes worldwide.

The truths are thus:

One cannot claim to have any kind of authentic understanding of revolution unless one takes into account the way in which we are being censored, the way in which we are being poised as animals who deserve to be snuffed out, the way in which even the most non-confrontational honest human is being directly confronted by vicious gangsters who hide behind a facade of fallen rhetoric and thrown last gasp attempts to salvage a grim and totalitarian future for an increasingly desperate and malevolent form of substance which reduces the most qualitative aspects of real human life to quantitative measurements.

This quantization would not be so rife for opposition were they not nearly explicitly stating that citizens of flesh and blood are nothing more than vile, base, obscene, deficient populations of chimps whose only right is to live defiles and die like dogs.

Surely right now, it is apparent that there is no need for any kind of confrontation. Surely right now, there is no apparent clash of any kind which determines our fates as collective individuals. Surely right now, the necessity of pederasty endorsing criminals pumping us full of their empty promises far outweighs any outcry that the public would innapropriately deem to be incumbent upon individual collective communities- after all, elections are coming.

But I simply humbly and ingorantly proclaim to you that there is very little difference between a murderer and any one of us. We are all implicit in the worst sham that the history of modern civilization has encountered, and every time we lace up our shoes or put on our shirts and sox, we merely encounter another aspect of the substantial everyday. Perhaps a little nonsensicle, I'll admit it- but should we succumb to the becoming of the everyday outlacing the authenticity of what Dreyfus coined engagement with the world on the basis of its genuine worldhood as opposed to some insipidity which proclaims the virtues of servility?

It was not so long ago that we seemed to have a certain degree of dignity. We as persons, we of districts, we of states, we of countries, we of nations, we of the west, east, north, south.

But it is all but vanished to the grand delusions of natural born elitests who even wish to reduce the most powerful independent minds of our times to nothing more than animals in some sick feces scented sanctuary for the mentally dead. This is all lcok and stocj, but the attack on our families, the attack on our children, the attack on our elderly can simply not be tolerated. It is an attack which is manifestly multi-pronged and aimed right for your most cherished places, ideas, people, and yay even forms of innocent leisure.

The most cherished memories of our noble ancestors are now subject to the devious perversions of the NEO-globalists who care no more about the fire and care our heredity kept than they do about the nobility and integrity of institutions academic and otherwise that have for all intents and purposes been publicly disgraced for the foreseeable future than they do for the goodness of humanity in a very general sense.

I am currently on the run from the law for singing a johnny cash song about second amendment rights at a old time music event recently- and the liberals sustained attack on me seems to be in a sense an impotent declaration that anyone who stands up for the supposedly inherently violent right to bear and use arms in self defense must be made an example of and silenced. I am resigned to my fate, my heart is clean, and there is a strong likelyhood that I will be unjustly incarcerated before november 2nd. I have commited no crime. I have done nothing wrong that contradicts the 'true' law of the state. I have not even proclaimed anything but strength through racial solidarity- Perhaps a bigot like myself deserves such a punishment. I will certainly make no claim of any sort which states that I have exclusive access to 'justice' in a philosophical, ethical, or theological sense- However, I will make the bold claim that the leaders of the proclaimed but not instituted free world currently are being so derisive towards the dignity of humans as such that they have clearly crossed a darkened line drawn imperfectly by the hands of those who scrawled the same sacred texts which which have illuminated the way for generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation... and once this line has been crossed as blatantly as it has been in this recent era, I cannot help but intuit that the nemesis of man has breached the barrier from which we will never return.

Please pray for me.