Monday, February 8, 2016

The Obama Administration Continues It's Assault on the Publik

To shoving Obamacare down hapless citizen's throats to mandating gay marriage legal despite many christians conscience all the way up to directly assaulting dixie gun shows, the Obama Administration has shown an elitist Chicago-ian contempt for the south and farmers and the agrarian culture that is our rightful heritage.  The sad fact is, if you own a gun; you might as well be a terrorist according to the Obama cronies.  I'm sure it's a pure liberal wet dream to completely disarm the publik....

But they know they could never get away with it.  A citizen revolt would act as a safegaurd against THAT kind of tyranny.

But that is exactly what they're doing; chipping away at the civil liberties of gun owners bit by bit, little by little...

And this isn't even to mention the poor children.

They are being indoctrinated with all kinds of nefariously communist propaganda.  From the classroom to the television to the textbooks, one would be wise to proffer to todays young people, "Do you believe everything you read?"

I certainly do...  that is, In the bible - MY TEXTBOOK!

Do you know what the punishment for Judas was?  It's from Acts...

(Judas, for the reward he got for betraying Jesus bought a plot of land.  On the land he fell headfirst, his intestines spilling out.  The natives called this field, akeldama, or Field of Blood.)

These Judas's in government will get their due reward, their comeuppance, their final due diligence.

DDU 2015

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