Saturday, November 30, 2013

Petty Change: How the Slavish Resentment of Liberals Undercuts Freedom

I'd like to start this short critique of the current climate of liberal malfeasance by contrasting two similar but drastically different emotions:

1) Contempt

2) Resentment

Conservatives have contempt for, look down their nose at, liberals.

Liberals look upward towards the aristocracy, i.e. conservatism, with resentment.

It's a distinction based on much more than class, the master and slave parable, or classical psychology - though all apply.  It's a distinction that can only be understood properly in the judeo-christian context, further, as it relates to freedom as the Founders understood it.

The Founding fathers who fought and died for this country and what it was to become had contempt, a godly emotion, for Hobbesian behaviorism and all that it entailed.  For them the "Nasty, brutish and short" adage of Thomas Hobbes was beyond even mere Nihilism - It was an easy out for a culture that had grown stale and dreary with collectivism-as-such; a way of ignoring that which ultimately gives life meaning i.e. compassion and the sentiments.

Broadly understood, compassion or "mitleid" in german means "caring" or "concern".

I don't mean to be dismissive altogether of such concepts and their hermeneutic underpinnings, however, the word "concern" under Mr. Hussein Obama and his Regime has degenerated - some would say "changed" - from meaningful circumspect idea to an intolerable 'notion'.

Look up the word "notion" in your search engine if you'd like, and you'll see how tragically humorous this really is.  "Notion", as such, hardly signifies a worldview capable of anything even timidly approaching a character capable of contempt.  Notional inclination can only, as per the reformations-as-change proffered by the Regime, bring about resentment or resentement.

Petty change, brought about by slaves.

The fact is, slaves - such as the liberal character precludes inherently - are great at many things...  tilling, social work, activism etc.
One thing a slave, as-per social justice adherents and leaders, is incapable of is leadership.

You simply cannot yield nor wield the reigns of mastership with the petty emotion of resentment.  It's, by virtue of how the existent system of social exchange operates in the objective law, incapable of being above any individual or universal-as-such.  Resentment always looks "upwards".  Contempt always looks "downwards".  If a leader has resentment of anything whatsoever - the free market, the demands of industry, the duties required of them - there cannot exist leadership-as-such.  It would, in this instance, merely be unlawful fascism.

So I shall conclude by saying that those who seek to enact change are by necessity petty resentful slaves, actively engaged in unlawful treason.

...and we all know the punishment for treason.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Liberal Benevolance: Chicago Cartel Targeting The South

The regime, i.e. the Barack Hussein Obama Administration of the moment, is targeting the south in the manner of a criminal cartel targeting a law abiding whistle blower.  They sum up the opposition.  Identify the threat.  Then pretend to be friendly to the target, whom they intend to assasinate, in order to make a mockery of law-in-general.

The threat to state sovereignty has never been more severe.

It is much like that movie with Michael J. Fox, "Mars Attacks".  If you'll remember, the martians proclaim "we come in peace" whilst killing every single patriot they can in the largest numbers possible...

I'm telling you, we are in serious danger from an Alinsky-ite directed criminal cartel, otherwise known as the Regime, trying to proclaim that they like us whilst doing every single fascistic totalitarian covert-op to not only destroy defame and dismember - but to humiliate and ultimately provoke violent and civil disobedient acts against repubs, self proclaimed conservo's and especially tea party patriots that they can ultimately muster.  It is not only inherently criminal as-per Alinsky, but ultimately a massively complex con-job being pulled off by a multi-culturalist social justice Regime elected by academic dullards and indoctrinated scholarly ubermenches of such a character that only passages from the bible describing Satan's treachery and malice can adequately address sufficiently just how corrupt the fruit of this Kenyan's criminal cartel is.

The fact is, a Muslim Regime is controlling the former U.S.A. - doubt me?


The "Hussein" - trained in Alinsky, protest activism, and evolutionary eugenics' "intellectualism", has mandated an all out "Mars Attacks" approach to the now universally recognized right wing heroism that permeates all red states in Moscow America.

"we come in peace"
They are now currently proclaiming -

They are doing every single thing possible, the regime of Mr. Hussein, to assault literally and metaphorically the profoundly prescient right wing of the Soviet State of America.  Yet no one realizes the deviant subversion.
No one profoundly can counter these physical and spiritual assaults on sovereignty.

Why not?

I'll tell you why.

Because we let - WE ALLOWED - the evolutionary idiots to take hold of our indoctrination centers (what we used to refer to as {I know it's a quaint term} "schools".
Because we ALLOWED, due to 'moderate ideology', evolution to be taught as anything other than a deviant misuse of intellectual sophistry and dull childlike adherence to obsolesced ideology and evil spiritual prowess.


- "yeh, so even attempting to type this caused numerous incursions into my private ability to write at the moment, signifying that collectivism-as-such (as I have defined) is so overwhelmingly part of the former U.S.'s mechanism that no sovereign authority is even possible-as-such.  The regime thinks there will be no backlash to this type of abuse of power etc. etc.  I would strongly urge them to back down for the sake of their children.  WE KNOW WHAT YR DOING.  I'M WARNING YOU NOW - STOP OR THE REPUB PARTY WILL ENACT REVENGE."

Brendan O'Connell DDU founder and member -

(based on the fact that evolution has disallowed creationism/intelligent design from even existing-as-such)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

91.5 Million Not Working: Distorted Unemployment Numbers Giving Publik a False Impression

According to today's broadcast on Rush Radio, the numbers given for unemployment preceding the 2012 POTUS election, 7.8 % unemployment, were not only bogus but part of a presidential bid by the regime that had decided to "do whatever it takes" to win the election.  The real number of unemployed, around 91 million people (just now becoming publik), has been ignored in favor of "adjusted" numbers.  The census bureau has now publicly stated that the numbers given for unemployment are a distortion of the fact of 91.5 million unemployed, and that the "non-job seeking unemployed" loophole is hiding the real and dreadful facts about the depth of unemployment nationally.

This issue is rife with comment, so I'll merely state that DDU believes that a healthy unemployment rate is an important part of a functioning economy.  You can't have 100 percent employment, and those who are not working often play a vital role in a culture, society, and civilization.  However, if it is true that the unemployment numbers were manipulated in 2012 to present a rosier picture of our economy than was factual it is, indeed, a dire shame.  Republican's, as part of our differance with ideology, do not manipulate and cherry pick data in order to present a false narrative.  We feel strongly about our religion, our truth, our philosophy - and we stick to our guns and fight fairly.  The left, though rarely recognized, is hardly as altruistic...
This is a major tactical difference in the two parties.
One, the Democrat party - feels it okay to "take refuge in ideology"...
The other, the Republican Party, can hardly make time to address all the slander and misrepresentations leveled at it, and rarely does due to the right's dedication and commitment to Honor.
The Democract Party feels no compunction facilitating unions to usher voters into the voter booth.
On the opposite side of the coin, Republicans make arguments based on their intrinsic merit, and don't compromise with organized labor.

The Democrat party seems to, as today's breaking news indicates, feel that adjusting the unemployment numbers and lying about the state of the economy is all a perfectly acceptable "means to an end".

The Repub heritage would never sink so low...

The fact remains, near 100 million U.S. citizens unemployed!
And those mongrels up in capitol hill persist on opening up the borders for floods of immigrants to just wash into our country and take our jobs.  They want to offer a pathway to the american dream...

For illegal immigrants who are currently, in massive proportions all throughout our states and country, taking jobs and, more importantly, pay out of honest American native's hands.  Cheap labor at the cost of John Q. Public's financial independence.  91.5 million out of work...  how many illegal immigrants are there in the former U.S.A.?  I'd say it's a safe wager that many or more!!!  100 million is around how many people will lose their health insurance under obamacare!

That's not penuts folks -  that's a symptom of a major problem.