Sunday, June 12, 2016

Terror Strikes Orlando Florida: DDU Issues Statement

Terror strikes in the U.S. again.
This time, at an Orlando nightclub.  The fatalities are, obviously, numerous.  Over 20 dead so far, with that number estimated to rise...
It has been confirmed that the terrorist was a moslim, and was engaging in the use of heavy weaponry in his attack.  How, and why we let this happen is beyond me.
I mean, we all know now because of the Snowden leaks, that cell phones and computers etc. can be used as wireless surveillance devices.  One could, if one were working for the DHS, easily - it would seem - identify muslims who have legitimately or illegitimately bought guns and ammunition.  It would be easy then, despite claims of unconstitutionality, to simply swoop in and deport the radical at the drop of a hat.
Yet somehow, this hasn't happened.
Why not?
Because Obama is incapable of taking the moslim problem seriously.
I have, perhaps you've noticed, been reposting a few of my blog entries such as "Terror Attack Imminent" and "Terror Alert: Red" as well as a link to ICE DHS for people to call if they see anything suspicious.  I see now how hopelessly idealistic I was in thinking we could stop tragedy's like this from happening...  But the fact is, with a few tweaks from a Trump or two, the DHS could find within it's power simple solution oriented ways to combat against likely terrorists.
This story out of Orlando is still late breaking, so I'll reserve comment on some aspects of the case before all the details are aired - yet it bequeath's me to simply ask this question:  Is not the mass deportation of likely moslim terrorists the best solution to the problem of domestic terrorism?
I mean, the USA is considered to be the "Great Satan" by many of these muslims.  Why should we do anything but regard them with skepticism and a measure of reason regarding the Koran?
As I've repeated before, the muslim problem is so dire because of the sole fact that the Koran repeats as a kind of repetitive poetico-ethical stanza "kill the unbeliever".  To them - and by "them" I mean most moslims - Christians, Jews, Hindis, Buddhists, Taoists and Atheists are all in their scope - because to them we are 'infidels'.
Now one may note that Christian doctrine often has a similar sentiment regarding those who have not been "Born Again" into the holy spirit - yet with one fundamental difference with the teachings of muhammad: We don't advocate murdering heathens.  We advocate proselytizing them, sure - but that's only because we care for people's souls.  What we don't do is go around murdering anyone who is derisive of Christianity...  Our Bible teaches us better than that.

So, before I end this quick update: One question.

"Why do they hate us?"

DDU 2016

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