Friday, April 22, 2016

The Phenomenology of Ontological Being-Towards-Death

The impulse towards non-reflective existence is a kind of basic, primordial
being-towards-death in that we are, ultimately and at once, always transfigured by our necessary conditions of being-in-the-world.  In that we are always "in" the world, one may be still "outside" of a world of being-alongside-others; or distinct alienation.  Reflection itself is a kind of situation-as-such, in which one may be both "inside" a world and "outside" the world; leading to existentially oriented angst and tumult.  Absolute and objective circumspection supersedes the inclination to reflect, in that one may "look about" - so to speak - without either ascertaining nor discerning anything whatsoever; neither a priori cause nor our own ultimate effect of being-in-the-world; which is to say Hosana and death, respectively.
Alienation finds, in-itself, a distinct form of transformation.  This a priori design may seem all together sadistic in the sense of the "master" and "slave" parable transfiguring our basic, brute necessities.  Nature-as-such can be seen in the light of the sun, moon and stars; yet, the finite and infinite never transcend the purposiveness of their epistemological necessity.  Why then are the manifest teleological concerns of existential and existentiel being-towards-death generally considered non-reflectively?
This question can be considered in Heidegger's classical illustration of a core tenet of his Destruktion; that is, the doorknob.

Think of a doorknob.
Heidegger made a profound insight; he posited that in a fundamental sense our experience of the doorknob is a kind of basic and primordial everyday understanding of Ontological being-in-the-world.  Yet in an ontical sense the hand on a doorknob prefigures any quasi-reflective understanding of the knob in-and-of-itself.

Hand and knob both are constitutive of the engagement, yet - paradoxically enough - simultaneously both knob and hand vanish from our phenomenal experience.

How can this be?

Due to intrinsic and implicit primordial being-towards-death.
That is, to say, death imparts to a Dasein consciousness.  For, as Heidegger observed, a doorknob only becomes an object of consciousness when it stops working.  Death as our own ultimate potentiality for being-in-the-world could be viewed as a kind of stopping.  And it is only by virtue of our limitations that exceptions are raised.

Dasein - or Being - can be seen in a dichotomy of ontological and ontical.
The ontological being a kind of experiential understanding and the ontical being the universal existent entities that make up, so to speak, Hosana's totality-of-tools.

But i'm being blithe.

Facticity relates and orients the sadistic design of death in-and-of-itself; and - as such - we live by grace.

DDU 2016
Domestic Democracy United

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Believing is Seeing: How Christ Propels Us

The old cliche "Seeing is Believing" may well be true, however, there is also a sense in which Jesus Christ propels us all to "see" by virtue of "believing"...  Therefore, Believing is Seeing.
Faith, as classically understood, is always grounded in everyday godly Reason-as-such - and, to a point, Faith in Christ can be seen as having a certain kind of virtue that bestows upon the believer the truest Absolute Reasonhood-of-the-World.  There is an important way in which our phenomenal Being-in-the-World is always primordially grounded in a certain kind of "Passion".  Without this "base", so to speak, it seems to me clearly impossible to embody the Reasonhood-of-the-World - and one, without Faith in the Unseen, is left adrift mid-ocean without material for bridge or boat.  Without Faith - taking that first blind leap - God will leave us to drown in stupidity, ignorance and sin.
So to see clearly the stakes in this thesis, we must turn towards the Bible.
Whether Gideon, Ecumenical, New International Version or just plain old King James, the bible can be seen as far more than an historical story-fable.  In fact, it seems rather curious that today's secularist conflates, say, the interpretation of Plato with interpretation of scripture.  The fact is, the Bible is no "lost-in-translation" story-fable.  It's, in all facticity, the Word.
And the Word in the Bible proclaims a certain kind of godly Law-as-such.

What is a "Law"?
Can you "see" a law?
Can you "touch", "smell" or "taste" the Law?

There is a sense in which, if one seeks to understand the Reasonhood of Faith-as-such one can turn to the notion of "Law", in a basic primordial sense, to get an idea of the kind of caring Godly Reason embodies.  Justice is a central component of the Word in the Bible, and - in fact - an absolutely basic component of Western Civilization.  This is not out of any kind of evolutionary historical necessity but - in fact - part of Hosana on High's Intelligent Design.

Believing is seeing...

I'm sure you've heard on the evening news just how deathly serious are the times we live in.  There is no shortage of misery, both for the affluent and impoverished; Both for the secure and endangered...  Both for older generations and Millenials.
Yet there is still prescient Hope.

All one needs to do is take the Blind Leap-of-Faith, and with Godly ordinary everyday Reason-as-such we can ascertain, phenomenologically at least, the truest structure of Jehova's Design.  Often the logical sacred cows tend towards scoffing at the manifest notion of Intelligent Design...
Yet, is it at all ridiculous to believe, perhaps with a little "Faith-as-such", that nothing could have created a Chaos Spiral except for an Objective God-as-such?

With that question I leave you...
Have a great week folks!

Domestic Democracy United 2016
Brendan Hooker O'Connell

Friday, April 15, 2016

America: A Beacon of Light for the World

The initial purposes of democracy were to create the bureaucratic conditions necessary for the existence for truly functioning free world Liberty-as-such.  Liberty, in the sense of an individual's god given right to live free from the encumbrances of a monarchy, an oversized central government, and of tyranny in general.  Our founders tried to guarantee us the right to practice religion freely, to own and acquire property and form militias.  It is this basic free-minded philosophy that has shown like a beacon of light on the hill for generations.
Yet, we are told, freedom isn't free.

And it's not.

Our intrinsic liberties come with an implicit commitment to citizenry.
For example, the founders meant not just for elected officials and government workers to uphold the constitution of the U.S., but for the constitution to hold a special place in every citizen of America's heart. The degree to which a generation of American's uphold the constitution is the degree to which we are taking responsibility for the sacrifices of our Nation's history, for example the countless number of U.S. soldiers and Free World operatives who have lost lives, limbs and risked capture and torture for-the-sake-of keeping this fine country Free.  They were willing to take the biggest risk imaginable for the sake of Liberty-as-such for every citizen.  They served.

We should all honor the fallen through our deeds, words, hearts and minds.
We should do so by committing ourselves daily anew to the Constitution-as-such.
We should do so by honoring the military, police, DHS, CIA and FBI - for in a former time all of these hero's fell under the rubric of "Free World Police", whose job was - essentially - to guard against tyranny and communism and continue the ongoing Democracy project throughout the world.

We should try to loosen ourselves from modern day pessimism and nihilism and realize that our founders really stood for something that we - today - can stand for as well.  Liberty and justice for all.

Ronald Reagan was famous for looking at the U.S. as "...a beacon of light on the hill.", and in the present age I'd reckon we could all use a bit of that kind of optimism regarding our own and other's countries role in the world.  I think we as a peoples need more integrity and responsibility in regards to our own phenomenal being-in-the-world as well as pragmatic pursuits.  We need to understand on a basic and phenomenological level that what we do in the world really matters - both to ourselves, others and our Nation.

Domestic Democracy United 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Open Air Preachers Shut Down By Collectivism

I'd like for politalk readers to view the above video with the following in mind....

We supposedly live in a free society, yet when the word of god is declared publicly, one finds our freedoms very much in jeopardy.  Not only are christian's silenced, but sometimes arrested, merely for speaking the gospel openly.
It's a dire shame.  The black lives matter protesters can get away with rioting, looting and shooting guns at police officers... but when a moral and sober christian decides to preach the gospel publicly, they are summarily shut down.  Why?
It wouldn't have anything to do with a radicalist multiculturalist POTUS being in charge?
....or would it.
Why are the teachings of the bible so offensive to the majority of our secular society?
Because in today's age of reality television and rampant consumerism (not to mention the overwhelming tides of raw sin American's are confronted with each day), Jesus stands as a kind of anti-thesis to our corrupt modern living.
Does someone who looks at porn really want to be told that what they're doing is wrong?
Does a homosexual really want to hear that the bible condemns their lifechoice?
Do the wealthy really want to hear about what the bible teaches about the rich?
Does a drunkard really want to admit that he is sinning against god?
Does a gambler really want to recognize that he's playing a devil's game?


Yet Open Air Preachers like the one's in the video above prove that when you take the message of scripture to the masses, you get immediately shut down.

What about freedom of speach and religion?

Have we just thrown all that out the window?


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"I'm Putting a Moratorium on My Opinion" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

I must, frankly, apologize for the utter mess of gutter-politik and hate speech that Politalk has degenerated into of late.  It is far from my intent to race bait, or spread any kind of mean spirited nastiness.  My message, despite my seemingly pessimistic platform, is a message of positivity, hope and teleological prescience.  I believe that each individual life has it's own purpose, regardless of race, SES or any other factors regarding what we'd like to think of as "status" in the present age.
The founders believed that it was EVERY human being's right in this world to have the gifts of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...".
That's what I believe too.
Democracy, as I see it, is every man's right.  There's so much strife and suffering in the world, and people need Democracy and Freedom if they are to achieve independence from tyranny.  But ultimately, no one can force "Freedom-as-such" upon a person.  As the renowned sage George W. Bush put it, a person must "choose Freedom".
Well, on a different note, it seems that the rallying cry in the middle east for Democracy has grown even louder.  Throngs of muslims from Iraq to Afghanistan are fighting back.  Saying "No!" to muslim tyranny.  Saying "No!" to terrorism.  Saying "Yes!" to Democracy...
And I think that's what ole' Dubya had in mind when framing intervention in the middle east as an experiment in spreading apple pie American Democracy to others in dire need of it.  There is a great deal of validity to the former POTUS's so-called "compassionate conservatism".  I think we could all use a little of that kind of "mitleit" or "compassion" as we venture on into a hectic election season.

We all need to take a step back, myself included, and reassess our values - what we believe in, why we do what we do, what really matters in life.
So, in leu of that - I'll be putting a temporary cap or moratorium on my truest conservative opinions and takes on the media, and simply reporting the facts.  Perhaps with a little philosophy.

So, again:
"I sincerely apologize to all readers of Politalk for degenerating into a kind of "hate-speech".  I shall attempt to keep it above the belt from now on..."

- Brendan O'Connell
Domestic Democracy United 2016