Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Obamacare May Do Another Round In The Supreme Court

Just in on the wire:

Obamacare's tax exchange program may prove to be problematic in terms of authentic "Law-as-such", and has been challenged in court, ruled in court to be a lack of sovereignty for the Fed, and now - aptly - appealed.
So the verdict?
This thing, the "Affordable Care Act", may be going to the Supreme Court once again.  And rightly so.  Obamacare does not have support of the people, the support of the state government's of the US, and - more than likely - doesn't really have active support from anyone other than those lockstep D.E.M. activists and cultural drop-outs of the leftist origin.
I say, bring this thing to the supreme court and let Justice Roberts have a good go at the technicalities again.  Because the fact is, we may have them this time on a technicality!
We simply must, at all costs, stop obamacare.
It sets the U.S. people up for all kinds of "nefarious abuses of power", not to mention a kind of conformity generally relegated to third world dictatorships and ilk.  We need to stop it, and if this thing goes to the supreme court, as we the people should do, as one commentator put it:
"I wouldn't bet the family farm that Obamacare comes out of this intact."

We need to stop Obamacare!


Because literally, a holocaust could happen from making the hospitals into federal institutions...
not likely, but Obamacare does give the government that kind of power.

We need to stop Obamacare, because it threatens the right of every citizen of the U.S.'s right to private healthcare.

Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, now your healthcare is the Government's business, and that is - on a state local or federal level - intrinsically wrong.

We need to stop Obamacare, because we don't need some dictatorship of a Regime of commie's ruling our day to day lives through the doctor!

We need to stop Obamacare.

And we WILL!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zero Accountability From POTUS: U.S. Publik Left Out In The Cold By the D.E.M.

If there's one thing that has been truly transparent about the Hussein Obama administration, it's that they clearly have no accountability to the publik-as-such, nor any respect for the dignity of individuals in pursuit of happiness, freedom and independence.  Every ditto head has heard the double-face talk from the POTUS.
He promised no one would lose their coverage under Obamacare, yet tons of hardworking Americans have been dumped under the affordable care act legislation.
He promised transparency on warrantless wiretapping and other surveillance techniques leveled at U.S. citizens (not to mention german politicians), yet all we got was a series of lamestream apologetics ultimately meant to obfuscate the truth, confuse and scare the publik - and give those of a decidedly educated character a little tender meat to titter over whilst sipping wine at the dinner table.
He promised to be a moderate democrat, yet is truly - by a large and far margin - the most radical POTUS in U.S. history; an alinskyite whose political techniques are directly modeled after the mob.

I say, the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) has gone far too far, and I - founder of Domestic Democracy United - along with the public demand accountability from this Regime.
You can't just take the power of this Country and run rampant with no consequences.

All of the malfeasances of this Regime are being accounted for, and, should the impeachment process commence, there should be ample evidence of unconstitutionality and corruption leading all the way up to the White House.

The fact is, the D.E.M. has a very nuanced, almost behaviorist mechanistic, tactic of domination.

Step One: Lie about your true intentions.
Step Two: Disseminate the lie.
Step Three: Force the lie upon the willing and unwilling alike.
Step Four: Lie about the lie.
Step Five: Destroy all evidence of the lie.
Step Six: Rewrite history as to frame the lie as truth.

All, almost assuredly, due to the fact that the D.E.M. believes the ends justify the means...

For the Tea Party, the ends never justify the means...

It's just free people in a free democracy acting freely according to the prevailing justice and writ and law of God.

We don't say, well - "Okay, we want a better society, and we know what that means to us, so we are justified in lying cheating and stealing to achieve these ends."

The tea party stands for freedom.

So join me in calling for the POTUS's accountability to the Publik of the world!

DDU 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Team 'Bama Goes After Our Children: Freakish Alinskyite Attack On Middle America

Here's the news I had rendered previously "too controversial" to take on:

Obamacare is now in the school system, using their sick and twisted cult of psychology/psychiatry to analyze normal adolescent rebellion in terms of some sick psuedo-language I've termed "new-speak".
If a child in America doesn't fit the definition of the safe, tolerant eco-conscious ubermensch that the Regime deems the only acceptable form of Being-as-such, they will be targeted by the Regime itself.  And they're doing it through the Regime controlled school system.

If little Johnny isn't "socialized" properly according to Democrat ideology - they will and have been singled out for inclusion in psychiatric/psychological treatment.  Sick freaks.

It's fine for some sociopath to be given the hospital treatment after he's made his mistakes in life - failed to live up to upward mobility and has drug problems in their mid 20's etc.  But it's not fine for Obamacare to make it's home playing field in our children's schools and classes.

Now, someone who stands up to evolutionary theory in BIO will surely be targeted by Obamacare!

Someone who thinks this administration is full of shit and speaks out about it will be pumped full of medicine, initiated into the Obamacare system, and pretty much become a serf to the Fed.

It's sick.  The people who promote and agree with Obamacare will surely get an easy pass.

But for those who disagree vocally?

They will be punished by this sickly Regime of communists.

Obamacare is fine, for all intents and purposes, until it comes into our workplaces and schools.  At that point, the fight is on.

Hey Barack Obama - go back to nigreristan!!!!


DDU 2014