Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Look at Muslim Barbarism

I wrote quite a while back that what muslims consider to be "Allah" I consider to be a good definition of "Satan".  I still beleive, though with less of a flair for hyperbole, that this is marginally true.  I've read half of the Koran, personally, and found it to be laced with line after line of "kill the unbeleiver" - almost used in repetition.  Those who mistakenly beleive the Bible contains savagery need only look to the Muslism faith and the Koran for the real culprit.  I'm not suggesting that all muslims are evil - quite to the contrary; most of them long for freedom.  However, the Koran can irrefutably lead to some very evil outcomes, among them: 9/11.

Here, as reported in Feb. NR by Mark Steyn, is a simple bucket list of things you may not know about Muslims:

- In Wales, a woman beat her son with a stick, a rolling pin, and a hammer for failing to learn the Koran.  He could only memorize a couple of pages, despite being abused... So she killed him and lit him on fire with barbeque fuel, claiming she now felt "%100 better".

- A ten year old girl was beaten by her mother, one Asia Parveen, for not reading the Koran enough.  She sustained 56 injuries...

- A muslim slit his daughters throat in London for being "too westernized".

- In Sweden, a 5-month-old baby was beaten to death with the Koran.

Muslims are responsible for their culture; and their culture is one, inherently, of malicious evil.

The hoardes of muslims with anti-american views are increasingly becoming a problem for the citizens of countries they've immigrated to.  The extent to which they carry their anti-americanism with them into our country cannot be understated.  It is the opinion of Domestic Democracy United that if they don't like it, they can get out.

The sheer numbers of them is troublesome.  And in Europe, it must be unimaginable terror for native citizens to see their towns and cities over-run with muslim immigrants. 

In N.C., I hope to see a return to normalcy... however, it's far from probable.

...And in D.C. and surrounding area's I can tell you, there are so many muslims it would seem unimaginable to your average rural American.  But no one can refute the numbers.  According to the 2011 census, the muslim population in the U.S. has doubled since 9/11.

And for this short article I'll leave you with one simple fact:

57 percent of Paki's in Briton are married to their first cousins.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Differance of Love and Hate

Perhaps the most pressing of concerns regarding emotional integrity within the self-as-such is that of the contrast between the existentiel meanings of love and it's opposite, hate.

What is the best way to phenomenologically reduce these two objects of spirit?  To reflect?  To observe?  To circumspect?

The only way to understand, truly, the differance of love and hate is to apprehend the congruence of these apparent contrasting passions as part-and-parcel of each's own negative freedom.  Emotion understood by way of apprehension absolutely delimits the meaning of each in an other.  Love convalesces in loathing and hatred of self and object, unequivocally!  Hatred-as-such is intrinsically intertwined with the mustard seed of loving as understood in a phenomeno-existential sense.

The congruence of hatred and love is freedom from being.

Emotion-as-judgement is to be seen, by virtue of the reduction of passion to it's components constituting selfhood-in-a-world, as the primordial constitution by entities of valuation.  This selfhood is existentially restricted to degeneration into its negative freedom from being.  A destruktion taken from being free to unencumbered coping with objects-as-such.

The very act of cognition of emotion requires a phenomenological apprehension of what a being means in a world of existence.  Existence-as-such and for an existentiel proceeding as part of a totality of involved coping with the worldhood of being-towards-death.  Our own utmost potential as ontical components is, by necessity, limited by absolute Spirit-as-such.  The existent sentimetns phenomenologically delimit their negative freedom from being.

Differance is, for love, the existentiel realization of an ontology of passion-as-such.

Hatred is reminded of it's negative freedom in the absolute primordiality of love as differance.

The signature trace of the basic-in-itself compresses the classical into the post-deconstructionist.  This trace-as-such makes known unto the conscience of passion-as-such within a world-in-itself the limits of apprehension of worldhood.  The world is such that our own selfhood is comprehensively coping within a Cartesian teleological contrivance inhereted from a tradition of complimentary aquiescence to the institutions of normalcy in ethics rather than the delimiting of passion-to-itself.

To contextualize this is to say that one knows hatred often accompanies the emotional strategy of love-as-such.  Love is, as well, very often part-and-parcel with the universal object of hatred-in-itself. 
Each delimits the differance of an other.

To love - let's give good ardent phenomenological inquisition.

To hate - we must give the existential meaning of the differance of opposition a framework in the concretely existentio-temporal worldhood of Being-in-the-world.

To the passions!


Key terms and constructions derived from Derrida, Heidegger, Hegel, Solomon, and Nietzsche.

"Differance", "trace","limiting" and "delimiting" are references to Derrida.
"Existential" and "existentiel", "basic", and "coping" as well as "ontical" and the various stitching together of language to create a new concept are derived from Heidegger.
The "Phenomenology" and opposition of concepts are derived from Hegel.
The framework upon which to understand emotion is derived from Solomon; and it is through Solomons interpretation of Nietzsche that the stylizations and revaluations are derived.

What I'm really getting at with this article is taking away the focus on Post-Modernism and positing my own "Post-Deconstructionism".


R.T. Stillwell


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About ten minutes of reading the recent philosophical entries in, so to speak, my own words.  Meant to clear up the confusion around the recent philosophical works within Politalk.  Sorry to my regular readers for the deviation from the usual coverage of U.S. Politik.

Hope this clears up the confusion around the language used in "...Sins of Want", "Noble Being-Unto-Death" and "Service...".

Probably won't.

Again, apologies for the jargon.  Will be back on the political beat properly A.S.A.P ~

So stay locked!

Domestic Democracy United

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"Really quite interesting to hear ole Dubya talking about homeland security over the recognizable chaser from Alex Jones' 'war on serenity'."

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In Defense of the Establishment GOP As It Stands

The current news for many conservatives and liberals alike in regards to the establishment GOP is the unsettling incongruence between many social conservatives as properly understood and what, as is unfairly charicatured, are known as "Country Club Republicans". 

I am of the opin' that this split is entirely engineered by the Regime and its disciples in the media with the purpose of kicking the conservative movement while it is down, hoping to fracture the long uncomfortable alliance between more affluent conservo's and their compatriots bestowed with markedly redder necks.

It was reported by Rush Limbaugh that a close freind of the president had decreed that their administration should attempt to create discontent among these wings of the GOP - so, despite many people on the left's doubts as to Rush's credentials as a journalist, this is far from speculation.

There have even been whispers of creating a third party.

"I wouldn't speak this to anybody or John McCain may come to your house in the night and send you to prison"

- Rush 2/5/2013

All joking aside,  I - as head of Tea Party organization DDU - would like to voice my support for the strategies and actions of the Grand Ole' Party of late.  For example, the decision to make amends and bend at the last minute in leu of the debt ceiling was honorable and responsible to the highest degree.

The high ups in the party know these types of maneuvers will be unpopular with certain elements of their constituency - but they do the best thing for the country, now as before.  They know what kind of sacrifices true service-as-such takes, and are willing to take the tough decision points seriously enough to react beyond the mere ideological lock step that so often seems the rights weakness.  What we are seeing is not, as some have grossly mischaracterized, the degeneration and dissolution of the GOP; but, in fact - the opposite.  We're seeing state's rights as a position taken so seriously that it stands above all else in terms of platform. 

The GOP strategy is thus:  We lost the POTUS election, but there are many state's that did not support this outcome;  therefore, we are to fight for individual state's rights before all else.

We see the admissions of the right and the lack of ardent protest of the Regime's policies, yet fail to see the tooth and nail battle for state's rights in the context of what 'Bama seeks to do, truly, with the victory of Obamacare.  They are making great strides and leaps to secure for states the most precient and salient demands, above all: the demand to stay out of this Obamacare thing as much as damned possible.  If anyone can prevent the implementation of the truly fascist aspects of Obamacare's effects, I, for one, beleive the GOP can.

Yet the dissent among conservatives is, currently, seething and frothing from the mouth.

What those disillusioned conservatives need to focus on is not giving in to needless in-fighting and putting their energies where they are needed;  in a sustained conservative protest movement that backs the GOP fully and can help give libertarian-leaning libs a reason to feel like they should take up arms with their neo-conservative brethren!

We're all in this together, and though there is little we can do to stem the tide of collectivism, we can (to quote Buckley) stand athwart shouting no!

And we should!

The power of individuals in state government and their constituents to rally around a vision of America that hearkens not merely to the Founders but to that America that, as Glenn Beck said, we haven't forgotten shouldn't be underestimated.  That America we remember.  It's not lost.

I'll leave you, faithfull reader, with what is - to me - breaking news.

From Feb. NR:

"It's possible... that President Obama will skip blithely from triumph to triumph, nudging a lowing herd of dredulous millenials into the pen of joyless collectivism, emerging periodically to give a hectoring address while jutting his chin at the Future, mistaking hortatory hollering for persuasion."

I wish you the best in your endeavors to fight for Freedom.


Signing off,

Brendan O'Connell