Sunday, May 8, 2016

On the Principle of Democracy

The philosophy of Democracy has a certain kind of historicity that lends itself to speculation.
Is the constitution of the USA really as the liberals say, an outmoded and outdated relic of rich white slave owners?  I should think this view is facile and just plain wrongheaded.
The fact remains, our founders and framers are heroes, now and forever.  They envisioned for our country a kind of liberty that no form of government had ever known, one in which all of God's children were endowed with certain unalienable rights...  And they fought for it.  The battle was bloody.  The Revolutionary war was probably the war with the highest stakes in all of history;  for this tract of land, America.
The founders probably thought it their duty to enumerate individual rights and liberties for the common man, and we all - the growing populous and masses of America - benefit from it to this very day.
All humans yearn for freedom; yet few have the benefit of a truly functioning Democracy.  It's a dire shame.
Yet the democracy project in the middle east shows signs of improving.  Moslims are electing their own officials in many countries, as we and other allies continuously battle the Islamic State.  Most moslims would rather have freedom, I can guarantee you.  They might not want a westernized globalized world for their neighborhoods and mosques, but I can guarantee you they yearn for Democracy.
All society moves towards freedom when seen in the Democratic mindset.  Certainly nations, such as Syria, can degenerate into barbarity - but all those under the thumb of terror yearn for freedom and, yea - Democracy.
Yet pro-democracy activists are assaulted with all sorts of tyrannical cliche's: Democracy at the barrel of the gun...  Freedom for the %1 and injustice for the %99... one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter... etc.
It's as if the left has a predisposition for taking the most anti-american radical ideologies and bouncing the memes around like vulgar dolls in wonderland.  It's absurd.  All of these mean spirited photo shopped images floating around the web!  What kind of deviated prevert makes these damned things!
I say, it's a communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.
DDU 2016

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