Sunday, December 30, 2012

Politalk's 2012 Summation

On the cusp of 2012's end, I should like to make a brief series of comments on various issues that came to the forefront during this year of our Lord.

1) Mayan Madness
Perhaps it remains a spectacle of an overly paranoid counter culture, but many in the US had been hearing whispers of an apparent 'end of the world' to take place at the end of the Mayan calender.  Needless to say, I type these words very much alive and well with no end of all things having taken place. 

In fact, the degree to which this very strange conspiracy theory was taken seriously is truly alarming to all those who value the sanctity of society.  From the passing laugh about the end of the world being nigh to the LSD infused wild eyed paranoid schizophrenic ranting about some Mayan prophecy - the 'End of the World' thing took hold in 2012 in a way not seen since Christians began spouting off about similar things some years ago.  I can only hope that those who took this whole business seriously can laugh amiably as their apocalypse degenerates into laughable Y2K joke territory.  Good riddance to squandered fear.

2) POTUS Election 2012
The election, which contrary to those who feel Politalk has been ignoring politics was covered extensively by myself and R.T., was monumentous to a fair degree.  I think one talking head was irritatingly correct when they mentioned that Republicans were "shellshocked" by the outcome.

One thing that deserves mention is that though the election resulted as such due to manifold factors one little secret the D.E.M. doesn't want you to know which may have turned the tides in favor of the Regime is thus;  The democract establishment machine pooled money collected from taxpayers via Organized Labor and put it to use "getting out the vote".  Billions of dollars were facilitated for use in anything from robo-calls in swing states to literally bussing dispassionate democrat voters into to early voting stations. All of this was orchestrated by none other than Domestic Democracy United's mortal enemy - Labor Unions.

It ain't cheating, but it certainly reeks of "Chicago-Style" politics.

No surprise there...

3) Mass Shootings
I'll only discuss this breifly as I'm certain this is still a sore spot for many in our nation.
However, there are now basically three solutions to the problem presented by the rash of mass shootings that have occurred this year that have been advanced:
a. Increased Security (i.e. more guns)
b. Weapons Bans
c. New legislation prohibiting those with mental illness from procuring guns

Increased security is the most republican proposal of all of them.  The NRA recently advanced a 'hard' version of this by advising that we have armed gaurds in all schools.  A bit much, however not entirely a terrible idea without merit.

A weapons ban is the most mainline solution, which most likely will be unsuccessful either in passing through congress or, potentially, preventing the crime itself.  However, again, not without serious basis and warrant.

What seems to be emerging as a new alternative is preventing those with mental illness from owning guns through some type of nuanced legislation.  This is, without a doubt, the way forward to solving this problem - and I hope this is advanced next year seriously.

It is not, again, an idea without good reason behind it... though the pragmatic realities of prohibiting every person diagnosed with, say, depression from owning a gun presents some very serious problematics - not to mention the whole problem of increasing mental healthcare and the more serious issues involved in such proposals.

Well - that's all.

Stick with politalk in 2013.  More to come, more to say, thanks for reading!

Brendan O'Connell
Domestic Democracy United

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Service Ethics: Why Serve?

In an era where most people instinctively serve themselves first, we should inquire to ourselves in the spirit of charity what purpose service has in our society and the role of putting others first plays in civilization more generally.  Why serve?

The question remains an important one for the developement of an ethics in a peoples.

Is it because by serving others - by "giving" ourselves to the service of individuals rather than ourselves - we make flesh that important sentiment the founders conceived of over 400 years ago?  That sentiment known as "compassion"?


What about the sense in which one often puts oneself at a disadvantage when putting others before oneself?

Well, I'd wager, that's entirely the rub of service ethics.  Capitalism thrives not, as popularly misconceived, on selfishness and the virtue of greed.  Capitalism and Democracy rather function on putting others before oneself, even if to the misfortune of oneself.

Capitalism repays self-effacement - if at very least on ones deathbed.

But what about those scrooges who will proffer that to truly serve others or humankind as an absraction is simply the result of an idealistic morality which gives ample quiet rest to an exceptionally degenerate corporatist hegemony in need of tranquilization?

I'd counter that not only is the Hobbesian "nasty, brutish and short" analysis of human life itself a, to put it mildly, nihilistic worldview - but further, human kind has historically subsisted off of relationships characteristically and intrinsically defined by their co-operative nature. 

Technology, music, entire kingdoms would have been incapable of suceeding and hence providing us with an ample stage upon which to live our own lives were it not for the pervasive prescence of such universal human sentiments as kindness, empathy, sympathy, selflessness, and yea- service.

Even an act of war is service.

And as troops come home from deployment and celebrate the holidays - I'd proffer in counterpoint to the stodgey anti-american scrooges - we should all look into our heart of hearts and find the best way to serve Christ by serving others.

R.T. Stillwell

Domestic Democracy United

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taking Risks in Increasingly Regulated Publik Worldhood

What is worldhood?  What does it mean to be 'in-the-world'?  What, yea- is the 'worldhood-of-the-world'?  Well, I pose this question in the context of the terminology of Martin Heidegger, but not to make exacting philosophical remarks but to lay the horizon upon which one can discuss the meaning of the potential Obamatax increase in the oft obliquely understood taxation of U.S. citizens.  I will make a short case for the idea that the incoming increase in taxation is more than simply an increase on out of pocket expenses paid to the gov'ment.  Further, it is more than simply an expanse of federal/state power and prevalence.  What next years taxation deal really means is - to a fine point - more governmental control and dominance over, of necessity, sovereign citizens (i.e. all legal U.S. citizens).  Civilians on the street, come next year, will find themselves in an even more 'progressive' world.  This would be meaningless if it were not for the ontology of being-in-the-world.

Taxing the rich is, to some, a clear form of social justice-style class warfare.  Perhaps you've encountered this argument before.  Why this has meaning beyond the apparent is that when one, say - as a president - decides to make anti-wealth rhetoric a keystone of their pitch to increase taxation on all citizens, one is engaging in a form of downwardly-mobile governmental collectivism.  The effects of such policy decisions - not to mention the existent value system which is part and parcel with the neo-progressive 'cause' - can only truly be understood in terms of Freedom in light of certain phenomenological underpinnings regarding what Martin Heidegger, disciple of Holderlin, Kierkegaard and Czech Jew Husserl who spawned the methodological level upon which Heidegger posited an horizon of understanding, termed the "Worldhood-of-the-World".

It's a basic "what do these formalizations in D.C. really mean for us - pragmatically?"

I'm far from a scholar - but let's look at the facts...

We are, unequivocally, 'in' a world.  That is, we are 'beings' (i.e. entities) that are constantly 'being' (i.e. existing) in the 'world' or a 'world'.  Being as such, we have what is known as 'worldhood'.  We have a manner of being that is consistent with and partially constitutive of what we understand as the world.  This is, proximally and for the most part, an everyday understanding.  It is, as Hegel noted, a world of, again - proximally and for the most part - merely apparent phenomenological apprehension... Which is to say, you can't, say... see an atom, or accurately predict weather from your seat in your car as you drive to an engagement such as work.

So what is our 'apparent' worldhood?  What is constitutive of it?

My answer is, it is not apparent.  This isn't to imply some sort of grand mystery - but simply to note that Obama has an impact on our worldhood.  He, and his regime, actively distort, engineer/impact, or make existent objects of consciousness that constitute our world.  If they didn't, and I understand this is a fairly conspiratorial thesis, they wouldn't have power...

So, you enjoy your objects of consciousness, correct?

What are objects of consciousness?

Well, whatever apparent verstehen one could conjur - you don't need a dictionary.

My thesis is thus - The increase in taxes post-2012 will directly parallel an increase in how manufactured our objects of consciousness are in their factical existance as part of our 'totality-of-tools' as americans.

Much of this is painfully pragmatic - an increase in federal regulation doesn't merely stifle business... it, in fact, has a relationship of esoteric interdependence.

My final point goes as such:

There is no such thing as 'interdependence'.  'Interdependence' is just a synonym for..........(scroll down)

.....for 'dependence'.

"Live for independence from downwardly directed intellectual malarky!  Read Heidegger's 'Being and Time' (Zein und Zeit) in it's entirety!  It comes more than highly recommended! Thanks and Seasons Greetings from Domestic Democracy United.  Christ shall be in his kingly character in this- the year of our lord, 2012!"

Brendan O'Connell

Written while listening to Rush~

Disclaimer : Heidegger was a classico-socialist in germany during world war 2, and I hate to make apologetic - but sorry for referencing a Nazi during the holiday season... it's simply that Heidegger's Ontology IS the reigning formulation of 20th century philosophy, so to speak of ontology generally one MUST reference Heidegger extensively (this is understood in intellectual circles in the Continent).  I am not nor have ever been a socialist - and am aware of the anti-socialism slant of my blog being somewhat in contradiction to my use of Heidegger in Politalk.  It's simply, as someone who takes the intellectual realm seriously, that there is no way around Heidegger within contemporary Philosophy... and I truly feel sorry for the Neo-Utilitarians who fail to recognize the gravity of his Deconstruktion.  "Basic Writings" is a shorter alternative to grappling with "Being...", though I must comment that his later writings, much as with Hegel and his "Phenomenology...", such as "Basic Writings" are far more politically Socialist than his 'non-ethics' in "Zein und Zeit".... So you know - pick up Basic Writings for the philosopher on yr X-Mas ;list... Available at most bookstore's philosophy section.  Most copy's are brilliant red with large black font on the cover.  But don't expect to understand H. without, at some point in your life, coming face to face with "Being...".  In my defense, "Being..." was written far before the Nazi party became in vogue, not to mention dedicated to Husserl, the Czech Jew I mentioned previous.  Again, in my defense, I read Basic Writings and literally threw it in the garbage can at a certain point where I realized that his later works are a bit more National Socialist than his early phenomenological work - "Being and Time".
Second Disclaimer : Please forgive 30 to 40 percent of comments I've made that appear overly hostile.  If Gangnam Style-star Psy can get away with saying "kill the f_ing yankees" and then play live at the whitehouse surely a starve-crazed southern gent as myself can be forgiven of wandering into ideological terrain which should, in all likelyhood, remain redacted.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Lunch Consisting of Something that taste's of sh*t - Why We Loathe Collectivism

In the hopes of not appearing too paranoid as to the real world impact of the ideology of collectivism, I'll limit myself - due to the recent victory by the Regime - to merely 'pragmatic' manifestations intrinsic in the operation of collectivism in the real world.

1) Three is company
Three is company, it is said.  I'd suppose this points to an altogether central component of why we dislike collectivism - that is, of course, the thought of more than two people sort of, really being authentic towards each other in terms of passion is - as a generality - a whim not a fact.  We naturally have a pure distaste for more than our lonesome and a lover, as an archetype of differance.

You can't argue with someone talking too much when there are more than two people of company for an occasion.  There are certain restrictions one must abide by when in 'public', the public-of-the-world as purely more than a deuce.

2) Mandatory Acceptance of Certain Vulgar Tenets
If one were truly unrestrained in the world, there must be none other than oneself as such in-and-of-itself.

3) Sports for Geeks, Video Games for Jocks
Collectivism inheres unto the world, by whatever application, homogeneity.  This can be irritating to many who value their own sense of 'working-towards-which' and 'self-reciprocation'.
By stamping each one of us with a static macrologically oriented 'self-as-category' brand of collectivism, we see - to an alarming degree - the homogenization of our culture.  The left openly admits to viewing this change of tradition favorably; however, should a gentleman wish to remain in his own skin in our age he would be wise to take solace under a rock in a deep ravine, lest he be consumed alive by the fire of Media.

4) Average Wins
In a collectivist society such as ours, the average of all parts equals the kool-aid drinking socialist ubermenschen.  The familiar adage runs thus; If you're, say, in a classroom and the teacher averages all of the students grades together so that all might have an 'equal' grade when it's said and finished, you really - what you have is exactly what socialism and progressive liberalism are showing in their hand when they talk of the redistribution of wealth as a virtuous form of 'social justice'.

5) The Hoarde
There is no doubt that the most apparent form of collectivism in the real world is large crowds...

Now I don't know how you, dear reader, feel of being in crowds - but I'd wager any honest man would have to admit to being in same basic sense primordially afraid of appearing in the public square in extremely hoarde-like circumstances.  It's not fun... to get trampled, the be pickpocketed on a busy street, to be - say - run over by a car on a busy intersection.  Every one of these admittedly dire circumstances in, in a sense of valence, negative.

No need to mention the archetype of religious people enveloping pagans and burning them or some such thing.  Trite.  Old hat.

The new 'pip-pip' is in the rub of when, as so often happens today, Christians are derided or silenced or scoffed at or viewed as not 'with-it' for openly speaking of Christian topic.

The old, 'what is cool?' question shouldn't bother one seeking to understand collectivism...

The real question remains, "why isn't philosophy studied more extensively more passionately?"

6) Diluted Dreams
When one lives in-the-world with other daseins, one has been said to 'embody' the characteristics of those in close proximity.  We become each other, in certain extreme circumstances.  We take on each other's inflections, values, and tastes - to a degree which is generally not recognized in the working mind of modern Spirit.  It is surely more than a mere annoyance to find oneself being akin to those around one - but indignantly so when one considers the pleathora of modes in which this takes place within a sub-culture, often, that is altogether removed from the guiding principe of individual interpretation as empirical assurance of sanity and soundness.  Collectivism simply affects our empirical integrity, in almost all instances.

7) Life Defined by Times
It could be noted that there is no real 'generation' as such.  There are, quite melancholic no doubt, simply numbers and numbers upon numbers of individual people.  A generation and how it accomplishes valuation within-the-world can oft be entirely separate from an absolute self.  Say you lived in the 60's...  Your generation is viewed, if not shaped, as a total component archetype.  I'll certainly be more than a trifle tissy when, as Marshall McLuhan described, my generational archetype degenerated into pure 'cliche'.  Think of how it must feel to be in the greatest generation and how their times and values are distorted within-the-world, the differance of Being-Unto-Death.

8) Little If No Autonomy
When collectivism and it's insinuation into our lives, erm - is not... how do I put this; properly combated (i.e. Fought Tooth and Nail like the founders did), we as people can and do often live a life almost completely devoid of autonomy.  Think of the humble North Korean.  It would be a stretch to convince me that what he experiences in his emotional and cultural life has any resemblance to what is known in the west as 'autonomy'.  If he did, it would probably parallel the apparent lack of autonomy many in the west themselves feel.  Think of the sex slave.  They, in a culture that perspire's sex and domination to the degree that it does, find themselves - underage often - completely at the mercy of vicious foreign cartels etc. with no, in a literal sense, autonomy.  Autonomy, being - to me - the ability to make free choices.

9) That Feeling of Having Done Something Before
Deja-vu is, in virtue of it's rigged illusion, the first phenomenological indication of massive overwhelming torrents of collectivism flooding the barriers of humanity's recompense.  The sensation of having done something or been somewhere before is, according to recent neurosurgery discoveries, linked to the sense of self-hood in being-towards-death as it's own utmost possibility for being.  The Chinese and Taoists say that to feel insignificant is a virtue - most likely this feeling is a subtle underpinning of most experiences of deja-v u.


Domestic Democracy United

*youtube search 'individualism vs. collectivism' for more!

Founder and Member, Brendan O'Connall -

"To Stand Athwart History shouting 'blech'"

- Wed, Nov. 28th 2012 Raleigh NC

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tea Party review of "God and Man At Yale"

I will surely grow to regret this untimely review of William F Buckley Jr.'s "God and Man At Yale", however, fate proffers its hand and I surely reach out in enduring devotion to he who shall remain unnamed until the second coming... that is, Christ our lord and savior.

W. F. Buckley Jr.'s "God..." can, for the uninitiated, basically be viewed as an extended 'turning in' of collectivist (i.e. communist/socialist) scholars at the much honored Yale University to not only the McCarthy communism trials but the public discourse for all eternity.  His work, written during his residency at Yale and published shortly after, aptly reveals unto all of humanity not only the socialism in private academia - to boot - but the finest minute point of classico-neo-conservatism... that taxation is de facto a form of collectivism (again... basically marxism).

It is said, most controversially I would hope, in the intro to "God..." that Willaim F Buckley Jr. literally saved america from collectivist overthrow during the 1960's.  It was claimed by, to the credit of The National Review's legacy, that this act of preemptive attack led by Willaim F Buckley Jr. was engineered entirely by the man himself.

I would surely credit this piece of academic criticism with such overt differance.

The book makes its main stake the analysis of collectivism in economics... i.e. - the perfectly timely idea's of 'wealth distribution' and 'inheritance tax'.

The spotlight of W. F. Buckley Jr's analysis of economic books given much credit by 'civilized' society revealed, more conspiratorially than most will admit, the truly collectivist and even altogether Marxist aspects of academic textbook authorship.  What has never shone brighter in many conscientious Americans' outlook is the inside look at the, according to Domestic Democracy United, treasonous ideology hiding behind our children's texts and schooling.  One read of "God and Man At Yale" shows that if this can happen at a respectable school - communist indoctrination, that is - it can happen anywhere.

His treatment of the liberal arts textbooks is the most overdrawn... if only due to the archetypal student complaints about said 'realm of wisdom'.  However, to see the pope's... I'm sorry... *ahem - William F Buckley Jr.'s, critique of the notoriously infantile disciplines of sociology and psychology is more than adequate for a senior repentance thesis and extensive in their suprising revelations into the question of "what professors and texts are derisive of christianity" within not only the microcosm of yale but - yea, the institution of higher education.

I'd have to wonder what those fellows at Duke are reading, eh?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Giving of Thanks : A TRADITION DESPISED

What is the first thought in your mind when you think of Christopher Columbus?

More than likely, some worldview with Howard Zinn and ilk in the periphery.  Howard Zinn was the author of the now infamous "People's History of America" - a publication whose main thesis centered around the exploitation of native Americans as being typical and consistent with the American Hegemony's character.  Obviously, Zinn and his disciples have a more than unfavorable view of this character.

It's the classic "Christopher Columbus was bad" thing.  And every holiday season, critics of America take solace in the fact that they see through this American facade to the origins of the celebration.

Oh noble injuns, eh?

The fact that anti-pilgrim hatred is written into our children's textbooks is sickening, the fact that anti-founding sentiment is preached on college campuses is pathetic, and the fact that a large percentage of American's basically take the side of the 'native americans' on the issue of the origins of America is no mere trifle.

It's serious - collectivist - business.

And what are we to say to our children?  Should we choose the overly cheerful parade of archetypes or the nihilistic collectivist 'educated' perspective?  Our children need our help, in school and elsewhere...

Teaching evolution in high school as if it were fact as opposed to theory?
Making bold proclamations about the assured truth of Cartesianism in college?
Teaching school children not to support western tradition during the holidays?

It's far from beyond treason!

And to wit - Communism hasn't even been outlawed in textbooks in N.C.

Join Domestic Democrscy United in its initiative to completely ban all references to or works of known communist authors.  It's a serious initiative whose modus is based in direct empirical observation of the degenerative effects of being exposed to communist authors and ideologies.
It can be done, and should be - though surely the teachers unions would fight kicking and screaming against any action of this sort by our governor or others - and we need to stop our children from being taught things like early pioneers and settlers were wrong-doers and the indians were the morally superior one's.  This is a form of communist indoctrination and needs to be stopped for the good of our state.


Brendan O'Connell of Domestic Democracy United

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Left's Ideological Tyranny

The left has always defined themselves in terms of their empathetic good will towards others, however a brief look at their words and deeds show that the left in America and elsewhere is deeply lacking in not only compassion as generally understood, but more presciently compassion as our founder's conceived of.  "Do unto others..." has never been all too simple as in the deeds and rationalizations of the left's malfeasance and treasonous ideological tyranny.  The founder of the KKK?  Democrat.  Now the tea party is decried, in pure malfeasance and spite, as the new KKK by the american left.
This type of idle speculation and conspiratorial posturing would not be nearly so venomous were it not for the fact that the Obama administration has basically adopted this delusional interpretation of the most successful protest movement of our era.  The tea party - the new KKK?
And not altogether surprising.  The progressive movement has a long tradition of supporting nefariously compassionate affairs such as poll taxes, literacy tests, and voter fraud.  Why should we be astonished to find ourselves besieged by the new leftist enmity?

But ideological tyranny, such as the left is participating in nationally, is only understood in the context of the international communist conspiracy and the 'bama administrations sympathies in the regards of school textbooks.

Obama wants to convert our children into socialist ubermench's, and is - by and large - succeeding.

Obama wants conservatives who supported Romney in the last election to feel the pain - and, by and large, it's happening.  Prominent conservo's are definitively and unequivocally being attacked by leftists of their own accord and systematically by federal programs and mandatory participation in secular health.

Obama wants the television we so enjoy to be completely under the regulatory thumb of Wahington D.C.

...and he compares himself to reagan?

I'm sick of it, and we need to do something to fight back against distortion.

Join Domestic Democracy United in fighting the unfair distortion of conservatives within the publik - to show that conservatives understand the democratic virtue of compassion far more than the progressives and statist politicians.  Be the example that they aren't, and pray for our troops coming home and our political operatives abroad.

R.T. Stillwell\

Friday, November 16, 2012

Support the Military, Support Peace - A Discourse on War

Throughout the ages, man has lived and died by way of organized militaristic endeavors.  To support these endeavors is to support, in fact, the prospect of peace - far more today, perhaps, than in the past.  In fact, though many despise war to the point of degeneracy, the past military endeavors pursued by America and the West in recent memory have all been 'good wars' in the humble opin' of myself and Domestic Democracy United.  The Tet Offensive, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Korean War - all of these are 'good' in that, as William F. Buckley Jr. once quipped on "Firing Line" in regards to the much detested war offensive in Vietnam, they are pursuits with the strategy of preventing future harm much down the road.

But the American left has always ignored this long view of history in favor of, all too frequently, trite recitations of ideologies very much treasonous to our original Founder's philosophies and doctrines.  It can be painful to hear a given lib activist talk about how they feel about their country, more often than not throwing in polemical accusations of ill intent on the part of the Modus Operandi of our leaders and dispassionate removal from duty and service all the way.  The notion of dissent being the highest form of patriotism is not, at least in a concrete sense, at all true.  One man's terrorist is not, in fact, another man's freedom fighter in any way whatsoever.  The gadfly's may enjoy this kind of tyrannical nonsense, however, they all too often forget that these nice little one liner's like the aforementioned are merely ideologically entwined cliche's with, in the opinion of Domestic Democracy United, treasonous intent.

It wouldn't be so utterly baseless were it not for the simple fact that they make these types of bold proclamations under the guise of subjectivism;  basically saying, when it comes to you - the patriotic Christian - there is no right or wrong etc.  But when it comes to their own sense of impunity regarding service, duty, and morality the only correct view, which imply's valuation on objective truth, is their own childish amalgamation of ideologies.

It's an utter disgrace to our troops, our leaders, and our country.

The objective and absolute fact of the Morality of Strength has proven true in every struggle for peace and civilization throughout history.

"The Romans, the Samurai, the Crusaders - they all worshiped strength... because it is strength that makes all other virtues possible."

-unknown source

Domestic Democracy United would like to invite you to donate to the USO; with the knowledge that contributions DO make a difference to those men and women who sacrifice so much so that we and others worldwide have the opportunity to choose freedom.


USO Mission Briefing
USO Supporter
Brigadier General John Pray, USAF (Ret.)
Help us honor those who have given so much to protect the freedoms we enjoy daily -- our troops who are returning home with visible and invisible wounds of war. Faced with an unexpected transition to a new life at home and the challenges associated with entering the civilian job market, they will need all of our help to make sure they are able to do so successfully.
To support our troops, the USO is tripling our investment in career development programs for our wounded heroes. In partnership with Hire Heroes USA, we will offer over 60 career transition workshops specifically tailored to the needs of our wounded troops next year.

These workshops, taught by many former service members with combat experience, help our healing heroes translate their varied and diverse military experiences into a winning resume that clearly demonstrates their value to a civilian employer.
Thanks for all you do,

Brigadier General John Pray, USAF (Ret.)
Executive Vice President, USO

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Turn or Burn

First of all, I'm very gratefull to those of you who took interest in the subject of Universalism and it's role in contemporary Christianity.

This is a bit of a casual entry regarding "Turn or Burn", the title of an electronica LP I recently released independently under my moniker "Clip and Carbine".  Don't get the wrong idea, the name clip & carbine merely denoted what is known in soundclash culture as 'soundmurder'.  I've, however, taken the project in a new direction both aesthetically and in terms of content - so now, it has much to do with, I apologize, the issue of second amendment rights as well as support for military endeavors and those who serve god and country by becoming soldiers in the armed forces.  This LP is dedicated to the men and women who make our country proud - and to the civilians of conscience whom they serve.



This is a shameless plug for my degenerate musical production - however, considering the previous entry's and their sometimes quizzical mish mash of christian terminology, I should clarify one simple thing...

The most important thing in the world for any individual is to be born again.

I was very fortunate to actually be born again myself.

I made this LP with the intent of creating what we call "new lights", that is - inspiring people to repent and turn towards Christ.

Did it work?  Could it ever work?

You decide.

Side a: Reggae remixes with Christ oriented "samplings"
Side b: Rock and Roll remixes with a style of what I've termed "divine madness"

Again, the download link is available on Politalk or on

link to official webpage for my "Turn or Burn" LP on a german-based reggae remix site below


All music composed by myself, with collaboration from people who were around during the composition.
All content is created from what we call "samplings", that is - wave or mp3 files.  There are no synthesizers used whatsover in Turn or Burn LP, except for one original bassline patch sound used in the song "MISFITS".  All material that takes part in copywrite infringement I specifically repent for.

However, in the interest of transparency, the copywrite infringement most subject to condemnation are as follows:
28 Days Later
Unknown Johnny Cash DVD

I apologize, repent, and merely say in my defense that all material was used responsibly in terms of ethics (that is, as glenn beck onced joked about electronic music, no "poison in about 20 percent of it".), with the intent to inspire people to become new lights.


R.T. Stillwell

Friday, November 9, 2012

Universalism - Denial of God and SOAPA

While at the DNC in Charlotte, I made quite a to do of the idea of a Universalist "Cupid God".  I believe, as I espoused a narrative contrary to the Leftinista protesters, I responded in said fashion after being criticized for "not being very christian" in my opinion of what the marxist protesters amounted to.  I shouted, "Yeah, well I don't worship some cupid-god like a goddamned pagan." as I walked away.  It is this notion of a Cupid-like god that I would like to discuss today.  You see, the idea of a Divine Being who is all-loving is what is known as Universalism - and though John 3:16 may be prescient for many in the South and elsewhere, it is a notion that is thoroughly disputed by many southern Christians, not to mention generally accepted as Gospel among Universalist churches worldwide.

It's a basic but divisive split.  Often likened to the old testament "wrath of god" and new testament acceptance or some such thing, the difference between Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", say, and your average Homo-tolerant preacher's sermon is likely to be profound.  One, the former, stands in line with a kind of understanding of God which denoted him as being overwhelmingly powerful and easily incited to acts of judgement upon people.  The latter, the Universalist worldview, tends not even to emphasize God's love or mercy but rather de-emphasizes the Moral component of scripture.

Christianity has traditionally been an individualist, moral, tradition oriented system.  Universalism runs contrary to this in that it is collectivist, permissive, and oriented with the changing times rather than ancestral duty.

If you are at all interested, I humbly proffer this link to a youtube channel in which this very debate is the central thesis :

SOAPA, or Southeast Open-air Preachers Association, has provided me with a massive amount of material upon which to reflect on subjects ranging from scripture interpretation to social action.  I highly recommend the video's in the above link for those with interest in the subject.

So, to say it briefly, Universalism and Universalist Churches are the anti-thesis to Traditional Worship and the "old country church"-style of Christianity that has been the South's heritage for over 400 years.  One person aptly described Universalism as an "invasive species", which is rather telling.

Would we like to see the continued rise of Universalism, or a re-emergence of Traditional Morality in the coming age?

I for one, as contrary to my own sense of self as it may seem, vote for the latter

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Shame of Honor

There is no more universally revered sentiment among American's in the south as "shame".  Shame is a way of taking emotional responsibility for something rather than simply feeling awkward or uncomfortable about something.  When one feels shame, one is taking the most Christian virtue of repentance and applying it to a system of  "honor" - hence, the "honor system" or "honorable aristocrats" etc.

So to take shame seriously, we immediately find ourselves talking about Morality.  Morality, as properly defined, is a code or ethics derived from first principles   So, what really constitutes the Morality of America?

The basic dichotomy of master and slave.

Everyone, it has been said, is master or slave over someone or something.  Every man is master.  Every man is slave.  What is of principle concern however, is what I alluded to previously;  that is, repentance.  In repentance, one is slave to Morality.  In pride, one is Master.

And that is why, I openly admit : I am mere chattel.  The most slavishly enraptured serf, in deep debt to my lord and under the thumb of an estate.  My shame compels me to repentance.  To be so is not the shame of shame, but rather the shame of Honor.

Brendan O'Connell
Domestic Democracy United

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

N.C. Dems Brace for Major Losses

Democracts in North Carolina are bracing for a conservative ascendancy the likes of which they haven't seen  since 2010.  Owed this time to the G.O.P. proper rather than a rag-tag band of tea partiers, this victory will most likely signal a positive shift in the state's direction as well as a new era of exceptionalism and prosperity.

Whether this likely victory by republican's this election signals a republican victory nationally remains to be seen, however, there is no doubt that those disciples of Obama must be quaking in their boots at the prospect of a truly conservative America.

Should they fear the dreaded "mitt-slips"?

My prediction is that should we witness a major conservative victory, there will be a large likely hood of amiable across the aisle bi-partisanship and a massive "turning of the cheek" by those within the republican establishment.

As it should be.  We hold little resentment towards those across the ideological spectrum from us, and will obviously hold even less should this "longest night" turn towards a conservative victory comparable to "tea party tuesday" back in 2010.  We have every reason to forget the last four years as a socialist experiment in anti-americanism and simply proffer a new, all inclusive, direction for the destiny of America.

What will a republican super-majority offer those who stand up for women's rights, gay rights, and progressivism? Time will only tell, though one thing is certain : we all want nothing more than to be properly sportsman-like and conciliatory as America enter's its new era.

It's a time to be excited for America, for our state's, for ourselves and those we love.

Though, I should love to see the hit n run's expression when they finally confirm the inevitable : states all across America deciding for Freedom over tyranny.  Should rip their gooses good, as everyone knows the hit n run's support the latter and dedicate themselves daily anew to spewing leftist garbage into our households day after day.

Perhap's I'm wrong, but this day of judgement is one that I and other tea party patriots have worked for day in and day out for approximately four years - and I have little doubt that comparably passionate activists on the left will have a similar inclination before too long.

I wish them all the best.

Brendan O'Connell

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This halloween of the year of our lord of 2012 seems a distinctly fearful time in the course of our nation.  I'm loathe to recite the various tragedy's that have struck the U.S. of late, however a brief look at the country reveals a growing blind sense of sheer horror, masked by an inappropriately cheerful array of television programming and inadequate educational ethos both destroying the very fabric of the Moral life as properly understood.  Not "moral" in that removed waft of european philosophizing, but in fact the Morality of America itself.  Not that this is anything novel or uncanny in any way; simply that in a time of growing chaos and uncertainty as to our future, we find ourselves universally dull in spirit and removed from the authentic responsibilities so needed in an age of delusional happenstance within the mist of a glaring and overwhelming presence of, if I'm permitted to say so, evil.

That is my conspiratorial thesis, far removed from the dangerous paranoid delusions regarding "weather modification" and similar "theories".  As such, we are basically faced, individually and in other respects, with the overpowering and all engrossing presence in our world of evil.  An evil so profoundly behemoth in scope that nothing short of an all out holy war on ideological collectivism is warranted.  Or if it isn't warranted, we should all admit that waging spiritual war on the presence and manifestation of evil en masse is likely the only fix to the massive collapse of western civilization we're all bearing witness to.

Perhaps I'm merely gullible when it comes to fear mongering in the media, as I'd assume many on the left side of the aisle could aptly level as a polemical accusation in defense of a bloated 'evolution towards the realization of heaven on earth' rather than a substantially realistic yet altogether melancholic feeling that we could be in serious trouble as a country.

Evil, which would seem to be a fairly mundanely meaningless notion after years of being pondered over by such trite rationalists as St. Augustine and ilk, is simply this : That thing that you know is evil when one feels it in their heart of hearts.  However, should I proffer a definition of sorts, I'd have to wager that evil is something akin to the "natural plane"; this theory of evil was advanced by notable christian thinker who is easily found on youtube (most famously in his interview with Ben Stein about the film "Expelled") named R.C. Sproul.  The natural plane, it would seem to me, is aptly decried by Sproul and other Christian thinker's as evil; for it really resolves several problems regarding the role of the "natural" in not only biological grossness and necessity, but in the very odd sense of the wilds of earth having a characteristically evil and profane disposition.

In the jungle, things and beings collide in violence and perspired desire.  One could easily see how the theory of evolution (a politically correct gloss on what is more rightly termed the "ideology of evolution" except in rare cases), could develop out of a study of nature with an eye towards the glorification of self by virtue of the sin of Pride.  Evolution, Environmental Education, Anti-Americanism on college campuses, bizarre social programs instituted by shadowy tax-payer funded initiatives, and any number of other beyond reprehensible ideological components of Collectivist indoctrination are all part and parcel of the way in which evil insinuates and massages its essence into our identities and, yea- its mechanism of sin and unsound rhetoric into our very minds and spirits.

The sheer magnitude of evil's strategy is, I believe if properly contextualized and understood, almost beyond the capacity for one and all to even reject and admonish; let alone correct.

And that seems to be the rub of it: even the instinct to do away with the "bad" and promote improvement towards the "good" is itself an evil usurpation of the philosophy presented in the New Testament - at very least if it is the role of the government to pursue such ends for it's constituency to which, due to the source of it's lifeblood, government clearly owes so much to.  In fact, I would go so far as to propose that the notion of evolution-towards-which is objectively and universally an inherently evil distortion of the concept of Liberty as such, both abstractly and in a concrete sense.

In fact, I've found an interesting philosophical phrasing by none other than the official "church of satan", in which satan is referred to by many names, including "god of liberty".

Someone once asked me blithely, what is more important? Liberty or Freedom?

I'd ask you to ponder this question not only regarding this genuinely terror-laden Halloween of 2012 and its relation to abstract "evil-as-such", but more specifically of consequence in regards to the choice or pre-determined act of will that you may be participating in passionately when going to the voting booth in November.

Choose Freedom.
Vote Romney/Ryan.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Nation Enraptured by 2012 POTUS Election as Romney Leads in Polls

%50 Romney
%47 Obama

Current numbers pooled by Rasmussen.

As the nation finds itself in the grip of Autumns ails, the only solace for our Morality is the lone fact that should there be any change in Washington D.C., it will certainly start this November with the penultimate election of our time.  It's like setting your watch and then adjusting for daylight savings time.  Things will change, this is a certainty.

Though this certainty is only unequivocal due to the tumult of permanence and the serenity of progress.  However lulled into the spin doctor-esque 'dialectic' that is beseeching our t.v.'s as the date of the President of the United States electoral decision draws nigh we may be, it would be foolish to assume that anything but some kind of monumental shift will occur post-election.  Obama v 2 or Exceptionalism 2012.  You decide, unless you're casting an absentee ballot... in which case, voter fraud (according to the latest NR).

But the polls show, Romney leads.  Why?

Well, there has been massive speculation as to this very question - and you could certainly ponder yourself: "Why. after four debates proper and all is said and done, is Romney in the lead?"

I'll answer myself thusly -

"Because America as a whole is more conservative than liberal."

-Brendan O'Connell

It's a thesis advanced by conservative talk radio-show host and Fox news pundit Sean Hannity (mostly in his radio broadcasts).  That is - More Americans are conservative.

Though, interestingly enough a recent Independent stat showed that there are more Registered Democrats in my state of N.C. than Republicans.  Perhaps the South has 'changed'?

There is no question that North Carolina, long ignored by the Obama Administration, is a major battleground for the POTUS election.  In fact, precisely as I typed these words I received a robo-call on just this very subject.

Anyhow... Should the test of time become tomorrows avarice, there is no doubt that the indeterminate failings of Compassion should still be remiss.  Should yesterday's promise find the timelessness of Independence impermanent, there is yet less doubt that we will find shame in our own vanity.  No matter who you support, I urge you to pray for our leaders... they need it, and it can work miracles.

Thanks for reading,

Brendan O'Connell

Domestic Democracy United

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sandy the Unfriendly 'Perfect Storm'

Looking out upon the roiling waves emanating onto the shore's of N.C.'s Outer Banks, what I'm witnessing is a sure fire 'wrath of god'-style doom storm of proportions equal to that of Marco Rubio.

Which is to say, only slightly potent but not altogether devoid of bite.

This hurricane, Sandy, is due to make landfall in D.C. - but the America of new is prepared.  The entire  nation is strongly fascinated by this mild hurricane, and sitting on the front lines of the media frenzy's oculus north of Duck, it occurs to me that the great news is thus: All across America, the excitement of a new calamity is proferring an era of exceptional resilience.  Something which will be in dire need should the 'storm' in the middle east continue to swell upon American outposts, as it did just today Indonesia.  Fortunately, the terrorists who planned to attack our embassy there were duly thwarted... but for how long.

We're one day away from landfall, ten days away from the POTUS election proper, and - apparently - mere months from the ultimate end of civilization.

Let's all have another orange julius...

The storm, at this moment, is convalescing on the OBX in the form of massive swells of Atlantic Oceanic mass rollicking the beachfront.  A more dire moment couldn't be dreamt of, unless perhaps a nightmare of Chris Mathews... plump from drink and fine dining, Mr. Mathews falls asleep - tumultuous and of consciences demands.  He dreams of the final solution, waves breaching the coastline, a massive terrorist attack, global nuclear war... wakes up startled to find a horse head at his feet.

No, only jesting.

So this just in on the wire -

"We know we're gonna win this."
-Mitt Romney

Surely, should we find ourselves in emergency - there will be no tale left to tell but the grim avarice of Sandy.

R.T. Stillwell

*Domestic Democracy United*

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Honorable Contempt : How a Prince must View the Court Jester

The stooges in the media and other institutions are doing nothing but putting forth a 100 percent Pro-Obama narrative.  Last week, real people balked with an admixture of amusement and contempt that the man responsible for the highest of the high level National Security Division was proffering himself to be on an interview in, of all of the outlets available, the standard bearer of News and News Commentary, "The View".  I'd assume it was some glib inside joke, or even just a strategy to pull for female votes.  What it was, in fact, remains to be seen by myself as nothing more than the clown circus of the Forward POTUS 2012 run adding a few more clown shoes and seltzer water squirters to their arsenal of being and becoming more and more an utter joke - that is what clowns like The Regime do.  They work as clowns, entertaining the american people with their shenanigans and hijinx as the world faces some of it's most dire moments of recent history.  I can say only two things.  If you think these debates aren't going to massively turn the tables in the polls, and show romney as an astute and well trained orator while barack I'm sure will have plenty of wiccan advice about how he is a good and decent president presiding over an economy that is noticeably degenerating to euro-trash terrain.  Should we just forget about it, and let the Messiah do himself in with his own lack of authenticity?  Should Mitt attack direct, go in taking punches and then send him to the ropes with gut hits with his strong jab?  Should Obama continue on his false media narrative, or show a more kinder gentler side to our favorite first family?  Perhaps in a nice full on clown regalia/

"The President's Health care law will deny treatment options and hurt seniors' access to healthcare"
- John BoEHNER


But Obamacare CUT $716 Billion

2President Obama's Policies Threaten
Devestating Changes to Medicare.

President Obama slashed $716 billion in Medicare spending to help pay for a huge new government program called Obamacare,

Under Obma;s law, an unelected board of Bureaucrats has the power to restrict seniors'
access to care - deciding what needs to be rationed - in order to cut costs.  ObamaCare also
raises taxes on prescription drug makers that seniors depend on for vital medications.


The Heritage Foundation

Tell him we're gonna TAKE HIM OUT IN 2012!

Domestic Democracy United in conjunction with Americans for Tax Reform.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Regalia'd Opulence : The Emperor is at Bath

God is not dead.  In fact, the very notion of a world without God is itself overwhelmingly accepted by the Leftinista Cabal generally without even approaching an adequate reading of not only atheist or irreligious philosophes, but especially of one of the first to proclaim the "Death of God" - Mr. Martin Luther himself.  However, the most prescient and salient point outside of the Hit n' Run media's growing narcissistic projections (both in terms of the framing of the Presidential race and the often glaringly odd narrative which has been forming), is the rejection of God at the recent Democrat National Convention, which I attended in the past month (albeit from well outside the Convention Center itself).  I know not the details, the ramifications, nor the context of the now generally ignored move by the D.E.M. constituency to disavow faith in the Lord - what I do know is it remains a testament to the Left's neurosis and malfeasance, let alone treasonous ideological intent, that they should respond to the issue of God with the Coulterian "Demonic Hoarde"-like hisses and boo's that issued from their grim gullets in Charlotte during the convention.  There is no doubt to me, at this point in history, that the American left is deeply engaged in not only Communist/Socialist subversion of democracy within Media and Academe, but is involved in sub-evil.

I would not issue this decree with such assurance were it not for the fact that our Muslim lover POTUS is distinctly, in the light of the Lord and in full view of the World, naked - and his 'disciples', void of the socially cohesive tradition of Morality as properly understood by thousands of years of Western Tradition, basically Godless and amoral.  Kenneth Minogue writes at great length of this type of Moral degeneracy and has made a more than adequate case against the type of 'Progress' we're all bearing witness to in our once great Nation at this point in our timeless voyage towards disaster.  I'm sure adequate reading of salient authors who write in the tradition of the great Ancestral Forefathers will be not only overlooked but in fact rendered mute by a declining and all around insipidly vacuous dialectic maintained by, honest to god, Communist intellectual elites who generally worship the Devil.  This bold and seemingly preposterous claim has evidence to back it up, which can be viewed in my popular video on Saul Alinsky - who both Barack Hussein and Hillary Clinton are not only familiar with but generally acknowledged to be disciples of.  Alinsky dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals", to none other than Lucifer, to whom he gave the honor and title of "The very first radical".

Perhaps he was right on that last point - perhaps Lucifer is characteristically radical.  If this is so, by the Left's own admission, their party has basically become THE ideological progenitor of Evil.

Mr. Obama -

"You and Your administration are naked to the world - We would appreciate your administering some garments... We will gladly buy them for you." - Brendan O'Connell, Domestic Democracy United founder

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Brendan O'Connell brings you along for an inside look at the upside down world outside of the Democrat Convention held in Charlotte last week - this footage was taken around the hour that Barack Obama spoke and accepted his parties nomination.

"I actually traveled to the convention just to garner protest footage for Politalk.  The above video, which reveals the underbelly of the occupy encampment as well as shines a light on the police presence at the convention, is exclusive to Politalk - so, thank you for turning to Politalk for this coverage and I hope you'll enjoy this video."

-DDU Founder, Brendan O'Connell

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Cold War ain't Over

Many have discounted the country of Russia as not exclusively a threat on the basis of cold war sentiment of U.S./Russia relations being based in the Capitalism/Communism dichotomy, which is no longer a problem for Russia itself, nor relevant to our Foreign Policy.

This is simply an untruth.  Just muster the various tidbits you've gleaned about Mother Russia for a moment if you will...

Russia is supplying weapons to our enemies in the middle east, how is the Cold War even over?  Russian bullets have penetrated our soldiers flackjackets, and we're sitting back as if Russia isn't the most dangerous country on the world stage, one which doesn't need to be fought tooth and nail?


Russia has been and continues to be America's evil best friend, and if we don't sort out negotiations with their country to be aggressive rather than appeasing, we're setting the stage for failure.  I mean, they've got frigging NUKES!  WTF!

All jesting aside, I've seen first hand the subversion of American society by proto-communist russian immigrants, and to be perfectly frank - they are simply an ethnicity with which I do not comport.  My highschool sweety was stolen from me by a Russian immigrant, probably a spy for the KGB or some such organization, and then after being worked over for years by subtle snakish maneuvering was basically FORCED to live in some backwater Russian shithole against her true will.  This is a certainty - these russians are goddamned snakes that prey on American virtue at every chance they get.

And there's more of them coming.

Studies indicate that Russian's are emigrating to the U.S. at higher and higher numbers.


Because they're goddamned snakes who worship Stalin and want to subvert America!  That's Why!!!

We need to support an initiative by DDU Founder - Brendan O'Connell - to increase security checks on those who come here from Russia.  It's a serious initiative who's intent is based in real world experience with the Russian conspiracy.  We need to vet the Russian's.

R.T. Stillwell

Thursday, August 30, 2012

-Hollow Republic - *TEA PARTY VIDEO*

The above video adresses the HHS rule change, how obama stifled the free market, and most presciently a breakdown of the 'you didn't build that' gaffe.  Set to some exclusive music you'll only be able to hear on Politalk - Thorpey's Rubicon Riddem and a track by Irish EDM artist Gammy off his forthcoming E.P.  BRAND NEW!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

REBROADCAST FOR DDU TEA PARTY - "On Brother 'Bama and Saul Alinsky" *video*

This video is a presentation on Barack Hussein Obama's connection's to a radical named Saul Alinsky.  I hope you will watch and enjoy.  It's generally known that Obama is not as moderate as his campaign purported, however his direct ties to ultra-radicals like Saul Alinsky further cements his ideology as closer to Lenin and Marx than to Adam Smith or Hume.  One should reflect duly on the contents of this video and be warned - the proto/sub/classico-union organizing described in this video comports with violence on good citizens and has historically.  The real heroic moments are when citizen's stand up to union thug intimidation.


It's interesting that as the Grand Ole Party's National Convention falls to the mid-tumult spin, the mainstream media is still, as E.I.B. vet Rush said casually today, not airing the segments of the Repub convention speakers who are other than the Caucasian race.  It's funny, as Artur Davis's speech from last night was apparently blotted out of the Mainstream Media's periphery, the horizon upon which the narrative of the convention is contrived of is failed in convention.

We built it.

And we did build it.

Federally imposed restrictions are irrefutably of a notably absent minded interpretation of the teachings of the bible - a metaphorical one at that.  We cannot help people.  People can only help themselves.  In fact, the extent to which the Obama whitehouse is mistaken in their endeavor to create a welfare state by taking solace in mistaken benevolence is sorely understated by the Vulture-like media establishment surely being fed line's by media hacks and elitist tools for the Fed'ral Gov'ment.

The fault of the President of the Hussein's was to run on an anti-war ticket whilst engaging in harshly blood-letting practices of national security.  We could have a Bin Laden, on public trial.  Instead, we get manifest vendetta's by freinds and family's of those indiscriminately killed by haphazard drone warfare in the Middle East.

Peace is the priority, democracy is the message, and holiness and divinity are the means.

The concern here is in the tremendous debt we owe to nation and state, and our failure of leadership in electing a socialist radical into the office of the presidency.  Obama has read Marx and agreed with it - now get the Gov'ment OFF MY BACK!

We need to let everyone know, who has been attacked by this D.E.M., that help is on the way.  And that help is domestic democracy united.

DDU is pledged to constituting an indeterminate respect for constitutionality, and the freedom of position that comes with in it.  However, we are committed to fighting the scourge of NEO-MARXISM, CLASSICO-MARXISM, SUB-MARXISM, and PROTO-MARXISM.

a. Neo-Marxism - Adherence to marxist values within a contemporary political environment.

b. Classico-Marxism - Adherence to the works of Marx as an ethics.

c. Sub-Marxism - sub/unconscious adherence to redistribution of wealth, class warfare, and other inherently marxist ideologies.

d. Proto-Marxism - being prototypical of Marxism without agreeing with it in specifics whilst being ideologically in line with it.

We oppose all[ of these forms of collectivist tyranny and spit on the grave of those who seek to perpetuate the Marxist ideology of multi-cult and collectivism.

Ayn Rand need not lie still.

However, the value's of Christianity for the guiding principe of a United Democracy are the cornerstone of restoring america's destiny.  As a guiding angel once spoke, "Fate can only take you so far."

The excuses of this administration and blatantly broad-stroked painting of conservatives as ignoble "wealthy" shows full well the notional class war-fare of this administration and it's basis in Socialism, Communism, and Secularism.  He said, Mr. Hussein Obama, that if he didn't turn around the economy in 4 years it would be a 1 term proposition.  I say we let him politely excuse himself from gentlemanly political discourse this November, because we can do better.

Protester's Outnumbered by Riot Gear Clad Police At RNC 2012, Tampa

The sight outside the Republican National Convention this year is almost humorously grotesque.  A relatively miniscule number of protesters, many affiliated with the Occupy movement, are finding themselves virtually outnumbered by a large number of Security forces.  I want to to be honest, it's so much better than I expected.  The Security forces are immensely technically co-ordinated, using a multitude of anti-riot devices and techniques - making their own orchestrations the main subject of interest regarding the protest movement outside the now infamous Republican National Convention.  Inside the convention last night, numerous speakers addressed the delegates in a properly exceptionalist fashion - while outside, more than likely, a high tech counter-insurgency op was taking place.  It's pure magic, in the style of nearby Disneyworld, and I'd wager many Occupy protesters will find themselves consumed by the electricity surging around the growingly popular and all around entertaining RNC.  It's as if the state controlled media has had %100 percent of the mainstream narrative so far, and for those willing to indulge in the ole style big tent political scene now get a brief look at what presentation of platform looks like in a substantive context - that is, outside of Wolf Blitzer's gaping maw.  I think we should sound the air raid siren's every time a politician mention's the constitution, take a shot every time Barack is denounced, and fire a nuke every time the spirit of excpetionalism is provoked

The previously reported 'disallowing of delegates' by the presumptive nominee rule change I reported on did seem to be a non-issue, and one story seems to be (and I'm merely guessing here) that many states supportive of Santorum issued a token delegate to the senator, I'm assuming, in slight protest of not having their voices heard.  Every awarding of delegates, with the exception of a few states (Minnesota for example) who pledged the majority of their delegates for Ron Paul, went decisively in Mitt Romney's favor - and this odd configuration of delegation left young Rick Santorum basically out of the Republican picture during this counting of vote's for the Republican nominee yesterday.  I'd have to assume that those who put a token Santorum delegate vote forth (relatively few), did so in the spirit of protest.

But the protestor's outside the RNC must surely, as of the afternoon of the second day of the RNC proper, be overwhelmed by the police presence.  No molotov cocktails or pipebombs... yet.

There is a lot less of the speculated tension surrounding the affairs in Tampa than was predicted - whether to do with the hurricane or the protesters.  The whole organization of the RNC is near a walking-on-water miracle.  Not to mention the massively traditional official entrance of the gorgeous Ann Romney into the political dialogue, which went off without a hitch nor hiccup.  The only gaffe I can recall after basically spending the entire day viewing this tremendous spectacle was Bob McConnell's "voice crack" as he went on to introduce his platform.  Sounded like a giddy schoolyard tween talking to someone about to extract their lunch money.

The whole affair begins again today, and I urge anyone to view it on for free.


Brendan Hooker O'Connell

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drive-by Media Ignores Major Story on Repub Convention

Here is some data which I gathered on what, according to el rushbo, is a major story:

"There is an all out effort by the media to scare and intimidate republican's into voting for Obama...  They know their biggest enemy is conservatives, and they know that and they are doing everything they can to disenfranchise us."

-Rush Limbaugh (Just Now)

"The big story is thus... a proposed rule change that would allow a presumptive nominee to "disavow" delegates."
North Dakota
South Carolina
Those states are the only one's who haven't signed on to a minority report the rule change.
According to "it is about protecting each state's right to choose how it selects and governs its own delegates.  We  need you to take action today!"

They then go on to urge people in state's that have signed on to Republican Delegates being determined by the presumptive nominee, I.E. Mitt Romney, rather than by the state's themselves to stand up for delegate's rights.

This certainly could be an issue in regards to state's rights, however, as unaware of the implications of the seemingly federally imposed new delegate rule, I should comment that this apparent major story for the convention seems like not a terrible tragedy, but rather a fairly mundane change of order.

However, should this new rule that enables a presumptive candidate to 'disavow' or 'disallow' delegates that would, I'm supposing, have voted for a different candidate in the Primaries have any implications beyond what I'm currently informed of, I'll certainly be proven wrong.

Anyone in NC feel like urging our delegates not to sign on to this new rule which "Strips delegates of their sovereignty", here is the contact info for Mr. Robert and Mrs. Helen.

Mrs. Helen

Mr. Roberts

Apparently, it's a bit of a power move by Mitt Romney and, of course, Mitt Romney was notoriously unpopular in the south, so should be an issue for many paleoconservatives on the other side of the Mason Dixon line.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Of Faith and the Electorate

"Some ask if God's power is real why don't we see miracles happening today?  Friends, it is not due to the deficiency of the power of an Almighty God, but it's lack of our faith."

-Unknown Kentucky Preacher

Many have asked, what is the vision of America?  Is it a transparent democracy, is it a remnant of a once grand Aristocracy, is it's so-called vision one of crass commercialism and corporate greed?

Faith, in our age, is sorely lacking in vision.  When one fails to see past the banners and apparent emblazoned ideographs, when one resists putting faith in the unseen - one can truly miss the beauty and majesty of the Constitution.  People very often describe America in terms of it's polemically derived failures of authenticity - but this is a crisis of faith, not a legitimate criticism of value.  One criticism I've heard in regards to the Constitution of the U.S. was one placed quite speculatively by a student friend of mine - and that is the Framer's themselves were not in fact men of virtue and honor but rather of a nefariously dishonorable type, the dreaded "wealthy".  I can only respond in kind - that for a scientific worldview that so often internally is derived from behaviorism and a Hobbesian sense of the Universality of avarice, this position of polemical dislike of all things derived from classical Western Tradition is uniquely sentimental.

We need Faith, if we are to make due in a world of declining and diminished returns - as a country, as a community, an individual, and as a world.

Faith in the temporal unseen and not in a merely apparent present-at-handedness should be the cornerstone of divining America's destiny as, once again, a beacon of light for all peoples who value freedom over despotism.  A platform of uncompromising and unceasing peace and prosperity should be in place for our country - however, it is not.  What in fact is the case in the U.S. today is a bitterly divisive political climate and a notional/collective downward push.  To lift up our nation, we all need more faith.

Very often, our faith is tested... though not in the sense of our being spited by God, but rather every moral act is, in fact, both test and judgement - both punishment and freedom.

When one's faith is tested in the sense of one's making a choice to do the moral thing rather than the immoral thing, one can be seen to be making the choice for passionate involvement with the hand of Destiny, rather than simply discerning between alternatives.  Faith leads to morality, morality leads to benevolence, benevolence leads to mastery.

And perhaps that is just where the U.S.A.'s  faith is being tested.  Perhaps we are not a nation of Masters, but rather a nation of Slaves...  If this is so, perhaps the necessary job of turning lower immediacy into higher immediacy (in a Hegelian sense) has been ignored - and we are merely serfs stuck in mediation.

Clearly delineated are the obscure esotericisms of the unseen, and little understood are their method.

So, it is not the deficiency of the power of Conservatism, but the lack of our understanding.  Conservatism's vision of a capito-exceptionalist nation is a window into the soul of understanding (verstehen).  The disputed transparency of the media is merely a notional residue of the trace of being-present in everyday worldhood.  This is the central archetype of the blatant malfeasance of the tragedy of the Recession.

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Many of you may have been wondering why I chose to discontinue Politalk and why, as of today, I've chosen to re-instate this blog for the foreseeable future.

The reason is thus - I have been ruthlessly attacked by the liberal establishment, along with many other conservatives, and hoped that by simply stopping Politalk I could avoid some of the negative implications of the D.E.M.'s attacks on me and my friends.

I've realized that as long as I value freedom and democracy over socialism and subservience, I will continue to be attacked - there is no stopping the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) from attempting, at almost every juncture, from trying to destroy my life.

I understand how paranoid this may sound - however, I know that I am not alone.

Conservatives are being lambasted within the marxist controlled media at such a high frequency that there really is no point in trying to placate the Regime by standing down or answering their rigorous polemic attacks directly.

The only thing to do is to win.

When I started this blog roughly 4 years ago, everyone who knew me understood what I was like - what I believed in - what I stood for.

Now, within the current venomous political climate within America, many people react to my conservatism with outright hate, and it is not my job to answer their treasonous ideology.  It is my job to be a citizen of what I understand the U.S. to be - and that means continuing to stand up, be heard, and shout a decisive "NO" to the philandering elitist left and their vision of progress.

Continue turning to politalk for political coverage, commentary, and other miniscule writings.

Before too long, I'll be located in our state's capitol - and I hope you'll stick around for more decisive on the ground coverage.



Monday, July 16, 2012

Conformity vs. Non-Conformity: A Brief Exposition

I began politalk with the bold statement that liberals are quote "far more conformist than conservatives", so I'd like to continue on this train of thought for a moment.  Conformity, as a cliche, is generally frowned upon.  But what I'd like to say is that often conformity is neither inherently negative nor positive, neither pragmatic nor abstract, neither an opposition nor a opposition to the opposite (i.e. counter-culture).  What I would like to note, however, is that conformity can be the failed fail-safe of Individualistic Democratic Ideology (I.D.I.) - which is sort of a heavy handed way of saying that conformity can lead to fascism on a collectivistic level - especially when the conformity is imposed upon people rather than chosen.  I'm currently finishing up George Bush's "Decision Points", and one of the ideological/philosophical presuppositions/decisions he makes central to his thesis is people must "choose freedom", I.E. - you can't force freedom upon a peoples, they have to choose it for themselves.  I rather like that as a basic, almost primordial if I'm permitted to say so, theological distinction.  Obviously, primordial is a word used extensively in Heideggerian philosophy, along with words like 'basic' and 'coping'.  What I'd like to say is that the relevance of Heidegger within contemporary American society is, in fact, notorious radio-personality Glenn Beck's opposition to Heidegger and ilk.  He frequently, and I think this is an important point, derides neo-Heideggerians within America as being a force for Evil - however, I do seem to remember one crucial distinction he made - The basis of his dislike of Heidegger was, and this often seems to be the case, the implications and influence not of Heidegger 'the man', but of those who take his teachings and use them for the groundwork for their academic philosophy/ideology.  I think this is important, especially as it relates to my most loved philosophy - the philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel.  Hegel is acknowledged to be the most influential philosopher of all time in terms of the impact of a thinker on various disciplines and vocations.  However, on the back cover of his Philosophy of Right (written by Robert Solomon), he is credited with begetting (and when I say influential, yes - I literally mean 'beget') both socialism and democracy.  So what I'd like to enter into the formula for a moment is the traditional philosophical distinction between judging a philosophy by the life the philosopher lived and the works themselves - and what I'd liek to say is this may, in fact, not be an important distinction - however, it is crucial to note that some judge a philosophy by the content and others by what amounts to polemics.  If you think about other important distinctions related to this subject, one that I think we all sort of know is the distinction between the worldviews that deem philosophy itself to be invalid due to the ethical inconsistencies of the society which spurned the philosophy, the person who derived the philosophie etc., and those who respect the validity of the works themselves.  So what we see here, in a sense, the way in which polemics play a role in conformity, with the end result being a dismissal by students and others of relevant content without inquiry - and this, I want to say, is conformity.  I'm loathe to compare G.W. Bush's ideology/philosophy/theology to an 'unrepentant Nazi', which obviously Heidegger was; but there is a single phrase in seminal and in need of adequate analysis work Zein und Zeit that is basically exactly the same theological position of George W. Bush (take it for what it's worth) - and that is the turn of phrase or theological formula that runs thusly - "Fear is Forgetting", and George Bush in his "Decision Points" makes a great deal out of the distinction between 'Fear' and 'Hope' - not to mention the monumental turn of narrative that I'll simply say we all remember.  In terms of repenting, personally, for my knowledge of Heidegger - I'll sum up briefly by referencing an old noir film about two Englishmen who end up in Germany riding a train right as the war of the world number two breaks out.  One of them has a copy of 'Zein und Zeit' and the other questions him on it - he responds very casually - "I figure I'd better figure out what this Hitler fellow is going on about".  Anyhow - conformity, which I've never defined, can be seen as, within the context of the Greatest Generation, the ability for people to ardently agree with an ideology/philosophy/theology they are not ardently familiar with.  Thanks for reading.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Do We Remember the Villains, not the Heroes?


Al Capone.

Bill Ayers.

Sound Familiar?

Now try this name.

Waverly Brown

There is no need to fill you in on the names and ideologies of those mentioned previous to Waverly Brown - you already know who they are, what they stood for, what they look like.  You should be capable, fully, of summoning a mental image almost immediately of the first three persons to varying degrees of accuracy.  We know them.  They are not only familiar, not only notorious, but oft glamorized in such a way that we may not even be conscious that such figures are being held to be by many, especially within counter-culture, as virtuous.  Why?  My answer shouldn't be explicated.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The New Romney Ad which features Hillary Clinton: A foregone conclusion

After the myriad of attack ads leveled at businessman and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's bid for the oval office, his campaign more or less responded with a single jab directly to Biden's chin:  A commercial featuring Hillary Clinton, now Secretary of State and former 'Bama Hussein 2008 POTUS run opponent, saying quote "Barack Obama has spent millions perpetuating falsehoods (etc)... Shame on you Barack Obama."  More than simply a play for Clinton sympathizers, the ad shows how a thunderstorm of manifold messages can be undone by a simple flutter of Mormon cricket wings.  Obviously a play for female voters, this counter punch hits the "forward" ads directly where they are most vulnerable while remaining overwhelmingly above the belt.  I'd assume my international readers are unfamiliar with this advertisement in what 'Bama Hussein and his Regime o' Scum-Powered-Automobile's have turned into a divisive political climate all throughout U.S.A. U.N. Disctrict #103.  This understated bit of pole-tested political big tent advertising by the Romney campaign gives voters the signal that Mitt won't be coming off the ropes swinging blindly as the 'forward' initiative by 'Bama Hussein has done.  With this comparably sole response to the slew of attack ads leveled at Mitt containing the invocation of Hillary Clinton and her seemingly visceral dislike of 'Bama during the last POTUS election cycle, the Romney Campaign's tone can be surmised thusly;  Less is More.  Obama, on the other hand, has been making appearance after appearance on Cable/Satellite television during press conferences apparently issued directly from Lucifer's laptop.  The amount of 'acting' by 'Bama is thickly 'transparent' as he reads issued teleprompter snippets as if it were casual friday at the middle America cliche factory.  I mean, as famed Mustachio John Stossel once said - 'Give Me A Break'.  It's so funny to see the dems put on their best conversion suit, trying shamelessly to pander to potential voters whilst going ardently 'off-message' by airing ads about Mitt's lack of support for planned parenthood.  That's certainly a revelation of major consequence... a Repub candidate who dislikes abortions... wow.  And then the punchline of this particular attack ad - 'Planned Parenthood provides mammograms - why does Romney hate women?'  Clearly.  Anyhow, the ad in which the Romney Campaign sort of officially dips it's cane into the political dialectic is so massively effective it's almost a cursory, forgone conclusion.  It presents something that undecided voters sympathetic to 'Bama Hussein will not likely be able to extract from their conscience when casting their ballot - The 'I supported Hillary Clinton' sentiment they themselves explicated back in 2009.  I certainly hope they ultimately take the foregone conclusion to it's utmost implications for the country; that Barack Hussein Obama is 'hurting America'.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obamatax - The Road to Death Panels

As we as a nation begin our slow climb towards the actual implementation of Death Panels in the United States of America, we should pause briefly to acknowledge Obamatax's devious design.  Packed and sold to the public as a cure-all for those obese cigarette smokers who cost us approximately 20 more dollars a month for our insurance, Obamatax hides beneath a web of technicalities the framework for all kinds of nefarious abuses of power down the road; and Romney is right to put repeal of Obamatax first and forefront in his recent campaign advertisements.   Scoffed at the idea of Death Panels?  That is, a department of pulling the plug on granny?  That's just the start of the potential ramifications of Obamatax and similar legislation.  With this, we as a society move from deifying science to deifying health; as no one can deny that the body is the temple for the soul and calls for increasing the health of said 'temple' certainly must be the most prescient need for our ailing and waning country.  Perhaps we should re-enlist Arnold Schwarzenegger to sell government programs to our children whilst mocking their belly fat!  It certainly would have the right tone for creating an entire leg of government honed to quantifying health, finances, and who to spend resources on.  If you posit that given an adequate length of time for the potential effects of given legislation to come to fruition then much is possible, surely you could see that imposed sterilization, restricted healthcare access, imprisonment of the uninsured, and forced abortions are all distinctly possible permutations of Obamatax type legislation.  Obamatax is a federal monstrosity which will consume what Washington elite's refer to as 'Fly-Over Country', and could have a number of unforeseen consequences in which the freedom of individuals takes a backseat to charts and graphs indicating probabilities.  The idea of death panels, as properly understood, seems foreign and improbable to many.  The fact that this was first advanced by Sarah Palin, who other than being lampooned by Katie Couric was a rogue tea party republican with problems with the establishment, shows that the conservative movement didn't want the public to be capable of 'looking away' or 'sticking their heads in the sand' when it came to reckoning with the main problematic of Obamatax - Loss of Life.  I'd suppose the issue splits right down the middle between the 'right to life' crowd and the 'right to choose' crowd, further solidifying the 'choice' movement's connections with planned parenthood and eugenics.  Obamatax IS the implementation of the ideology of eugenics - if not repealed, Obamatax WILL result in quantifiable loss of life.  These are certainties.   Now one would probably be better off weighing the potential effects of Obamatax on the pragmatic realities of simply receiving healthcare, and this too, I'm certain, will suffer from the Obamatax legislation.  It's not unheard of in some places with socialized medicine for people to be unable to receive care for periods of days or weeks; and while this might not happen tomorrow or the next day, one has to wonder - what about the children?