Friday, August 29, 2014

Major General Harold J. Greene: Always A Hero

Perhaps the under-coverage of the passing of Major General Harold J. Greene is excusable, but not by me.  The lamestream media seems much more content regurgitating the daily soap opera and telling us all everything is fine and dandy while the world falls apart.  Giving contrite analysis, giving us some kind of grim comfort, telling us all that the D.E.M. is doing a good job.
Meanwhile, heroes like Harold J. Greene keep us free.

How come this story isn't all they're reporting on at the moment?

The fact is, Harold J. Greene will always be a hero.

He is up there in heaven, as we speak, looking down on us with Hosana on High.

Our military has made so many sacrifices, every day basically.

Yet we sit idly by and ask for forgiveness (or don't), and just watch.

Major General Harold J. Greene, an elegy:

"Some must always fall,
some make the sacrifice,
The flag still waves,
across the U.S.A.
they can never stop the
Red White and Blue
from flying triumphantly,
For our freedoms
we take for granted.
Some are willing to die for freedom,
Some take it for granted,
Some stand up and fight,
and some take it for granted -
Oh say can you see,
How heroes never die
How heroes stand forever
How they make us look up
towards god
And take a deep breath,
and look.

Our flag still waves,
Our flag still waves,
Our flag still waves,

For you and me"

- Brendan O'Connell DDU 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All Alone In The Danger Zone: DDU FOUNDER TO READERS - "See Something, Say Something"


I urge you, dear reader, to call the above number should you see a suspicious muslim.  It will put you through to I.C.E.'s Homeland Security.

Thank you graciously.

~Brendan Hooker O'Connell, founder,

Monday, August 11, 2014

John Kerry To Youth Of America: "Either you're smart, or you end up in Iraq"

Speaking at a conference held in Pasadena, Calif., John Kerry said to youths of the U.S. - Either you're smart and go to college or you are stupid, ignorant white-trash that end up serving our country in Iraq.

Something to the effect of, as the headline states:

"Either you are smart, or you end up in Iraq."

This liberal elitism is endemic of just how backwards liberal patriotism is.

It may sound hard to believe, but the left actively dislikes, outright hates and covertly fights the police (i.e., the domestic military in a sense).  They see the headlines on T.V. - active duty police officers, slain by some black/ethnic just the previous night - ALL THE TIME.

Yet the left still regards police, and more importantly the military, as the enemy.  As all of the cliche's which might spring to mind.

I was unfortunate enough to attend the initial Iraq Military Intervention protest back before we toppled Hussein the 1st.  There was an overwhelming sense permeating through the crowd:

The anti-riot police, the military, right wingers in general - are THE BAD GUYS.

So how is it not, dear liberal, likely - as Rush Limbaugh commented today on 106.1 - that Obama and his regime of crony socialists/communists, how is it not likely he feels the fall of Iraq to Isis is - if not a desirable thing - at least an advantageous thing.

Remember, he campaigned in 2008 on an anti-war ticket.

He has, as is known to the public, been at very least snide to military officials and at worst has actively undermined them.

I say, the patriotism of the left is in serious question.

can fascism, really, be patriotic?

The answer, according to a respected source, is no.

And with the, as I'll phrase it, "embellished patriotism" of the left-as-such, what we really do find is - in a sense - fascism towards those who serve our country honorably, dutifully and diligently.

Vote Repub in 2014, and rest assured the constitution will come first!

DDU 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Being-Towards Death: The State Of Worldhood

It would seem to some that the world has come into a state of Being-Towards-Death, and that we find ourselves, entities being-in-the-world-as-such, in a state of fallen disrepair in regards to our own utmost potentiality for being.  As such, the worldhood-of-the-world's fallenness can only be a trace of what is to come.  Our own most being-unto-death.
Being as understood in an ontological sense engenders it's own nature to comport itself towards an image of Hosana, and image- yea, of itself.  Yet even with such a dialectical scalpel, one still wonders.  What is this being-towards-death that I'm referring to.
Being-Toward-Death is our own most potentiality for being.  A nuclear strike would be a form of death inconceivable to our current generation.  Yet it now seems we are on the path to an unsustainable being-towards-death that will lead, inevitably, to "the bomb".

The facticity of this worldly being-towards-death only necessitates a kind of understanding of our own fallenness.  The fallenness of being-in-the-world.  If we were to ascend to the level of non-fallenness, then we would surely find ourselves in the mansions and dinnertables of the afterlife!  We ARE fallen.  Just look at the worldhood-of-the-world, in-and-of-itself.

Death is currency.

So to finalize this diatribe, I'll simply make the cursory reference to the start of "ZEIN UND ZEIT"

what we thought we knew about being and what "being" meant turned out to be insufficient, and now we must admit we understand NOT and begin our search for the meaning of being anew."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Torture Comments By POTUS Raises DDU Founder's Ire

I have to say,
I'm pissed.

Our president recently made comments saying that the torture conducted after 9/11 was, at very least, a bad thing.

This is patently ridiculous.

The fact is, torture - waterboarding and beyond - is our one key asset in the war on terror.

And to see the POTUS come out publicly as shamed by this torture was truly an Unamerican Moment.

The fact is, terrorists not only speedily deserve this type of punishment and more, but to come out in a moment of shame in regards to a ridiculous "human rights" sentiment is laughable.

Let's make one thing clear.

The Koran says, as a mantra repeated over and over (and trust me I've read half of it through), almost as a dominant theme: "Kill the unbeliever."

Anyone who ascribes to that type of radicalism against America has, in the opin' of DDU, it "coming".

So to see all of this hubbub over torture techniques - AGAIN - reeks of the predictable leftistinista "empathy" we've heard so little about.

The fact is, liberals exist by the basis of empathy-as-such.

This empathy says,

"Those poor muslims, we should tolerate them."

Godly "compassion", or "mitleid" has much more of a basic understanding of human civilization.

So Barack?

Quit undermining the CIA -

DDU stands by the CIA in the use of whatever methods are necessary to avert tragedy and detain/kill terrorists.  Barack?  Quit undermining our country's Sovereignty.

DDU 2014