Friday, July 15, 2016

Christians are not the Problem

As we see another wave of terrorist attacks,
i think one thing become's apparent:

Christian gun owners are not truly dangerous in terms of terrorism.  Yet plays are made to blame all terrorism on the tea party and second amendment rights advocates.  Why is the publik given the false impression that responsible christians are somehow dangerous terrorists?  Why, when if you look at all these attacks, is it not apparent that christians, more often than not, are hardly ever responsible for committing acts of terrorism?

Christians, as a group, hold the moral Law "Thou Shalt Not Kill" as part and parcel of their ethics.  We're taught NOT to kill out of malice.  Were taught NOT to persecute people because they are different from us.  We're taught NOT to take the law into our own hands.

Law and order shall prevail, and to those naysayers who still believe in their heart of hearts that an assault rifle ban is the solution to our problems need to look hard and clearly at what ignoring the second amendment of the Constitution really means in terms of fascism, tyranny and governance.

And if you look at the recent wave of terrorist attacks in our nation and world, I think it's overwhelmingly clear that the ACTUAL danger of a person killing groups en masse out of malice or ideology does not fall into the laps of responsible gun owning christians.

But let me tell another story to end this short diatribe...

One time I was out in the wilderness and got severly lost.  The sun was going down and frost started setting in.  I tried to find the road or trail but to no avail, and I found myself deeper and deeper in dangerous wilderness.  The sun was down, and I was getting very, very cold.  In fact, there was no way to survive the cold in my current condition.
But then I saw it over the horizon...
A large "deer stand" or hunter's perch which had four walls and had been built up in a tree for hunters to hunt deer.  I ascended the  tree and found myself in a wooden deer stand with a carpet on the floor.
Not realizing the blessing I had been bestowed with, I simply wrapped myself in the carpet and fell asleep for the night.  When I awoke in the morning my feet and fingers were very cold.  Yet I had survived the night.
I wandered in the woods until I found a road and hitch-hiked back to civilization...

So the moral of the story is this, if it hadn't been for responsible christian rifle owners I may have died that night, truly and really.  That's why I urge you to respect Christianity, which teaches us to have compassion, sympathy and empathy towards the dispossesed.  We're good people, in our heart of hearts...
Stop persucuting right wing christians Barack Hussein O., because you can see for yourself on the news every day - In terms of terrorism, Christians are the victims; not the problem.

DDU 2016

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