Thursday, May 26, 2016

On Homosexuality: Why it's Poison

Homosexuality and bisexuality may seem to many to be perfectly acceptable ways of living, devoid of the stereotypes so mercilessly attached to these lifestyle choices.  As a matter of fact, the lamestream and counter-cult media seem prepared to be ruthlessly hostile to anyone who isn't completely accepting of Homosexuality etc.  Why is this?
Because the new media has conditioned people to accept this perverse lifestyle as the new norm, and is shoving down a hapless publik's gullet, non-stop, this new multi-culturalist ethic.  The only reason I can truly wager as to why the media elites would do this to what remains a Christian nation is that many of them were indoctrinated at school, in their peer groups and by the media to be intolerant to any Christian who they deem to be "Homophobic".
Homophobia is despicable "new speak" for anyone who fears homosexuals irrationally.  Further, all adherents to this new sickly ideology not only pose that a homophobe irrationally fears homosexuals (I can't think of a single straight male who is 'afraid' of homosexuals to be frank), but believes - without warrant - that homophobes are actually closeted homosexuals themselves.  This is a logical fallacy.  For example, does someone who is agoraphobic really, unconsciously, wish to be in open spaces and large crowds?  No.  The exact opposite is the case.  Why, then, should the elitist left posit that homophobic people are in fact merely confused about their own homosexual impulses.  It's not only an illogical and contradictory stance, but - in fact - a poisonous meme infecting our Christian culture.
The fact is, the only people with an unconscious predisposition towards homosexuality and bisexuality are those enraged lefty's who are simply outraged by any mention of an ethics or morality contradictory to the new multi-cult ideology of defeatism.  They hold up homosexuality as a kind of heroic act.
The truth about sodomy, homosexuality and bi-sexual lesbianism is - in fact - far from heroic.
Freud, from whom all of the current psychological anti-science is owed, thought that homosexuality and bisexuality (not to mention the whole 'transgender' thing) was an extreme form of neurosis.
I agree.
You see, by the counter and now mainstream culture positing homosexuality as a virtuous trait they have unhinged our culture from Tradition, Morality and Objective Dominion.  It's currently in vogue to posit that 'it' (I suppose this depends on what your definition of 'it' is) 'is all subjective' - which is itself a quasi-objective ethical statement.  I couldn't disagree more.  Reason is objective.  Period.
Why would these subjectivists seek to tear apart the credibility of anyone claiming objectivity through Hosana?  Because once they convince the publik that there is no such thing as 'Objectivity' proper, they get their foot in the door to making all kinds of anti-traditional ideologies the currency of our backwards modern culture.  As I mentioned previously, they make a farce of Descartes' 'subjective' - 'objective' split by claiming - in the spirit of objective moral declaration - that everything is subjective.  If everything is 'subjective', with no framing of spirit through moral or ethical dimensions, then I'd suppose it follows that anything - no matter how backwards, venomous or destructive it may otherwise be - is permissible.
It doesn't take a bible scholar to ascertain what other radical thinker made this kind of anti-moral ethics first and foremost part of their ideology.
So, what I'd like to say - to put it simply - is that the leftinista cabal seems to think that hatred of homosexuality, bisexuality and the transgendered is a kind of dangerous and poisonous way of thinking...  But, in fact, it is sodomy that is poisonous.  Sodomy is not in any way acceptable, it would seem to me.
God created our sex organs with specific functions, i.e. a penis for a vagina.  Anything that deviates from this basic heterosexual functionality is not only poisoning the well water, so to speak, but also just plain disgusting.

-Brendan O'Connell
Domestic Democracy United 2016

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