Monday, August 26, 2013

Txting from the Capitol City

It's 7:45 pn this beautiful monday morning in North Carolina's capitol city, Raleigh ,=.  The mood here is vigilant and life affirming as a multitude of city folk return to work after a jubilant weekend.  The sun is rising on this fair city, and though sparse in spirit, Raleigh seems to be doing her duty - the heart of town, the heart of the city, the heart of our State is truly a wonder to perceive.

I'm currently texting from my phone, and cars skirt by this lonely island near NC State campus in a fire-brand of grace and living-as-freedom.  Birds chirp jovially, christians whisper the truths of their master, and folks become and be the truth of this fine city.  I say truth, but merely mean the actuality of a monday morning in the midst of the final return of the year.  God's truth.

There is much feeling of joy, much sentiment of patriotism, and much grit of the american spirit so enumerated by our southern lights on the hilltops.  The peaks of excellence are so unencumbered by mediocrity and subservience that even a chicken hawk clucks in the back of the yard.

Women get theirs.  Men get women, and industry keeps the getting going good.

The state's republican house, committee, and official offices are mere strides away from my current porchfront location.  Everything is set, locked and loaded for an eventual return to the source.  The source?

The source is an entity that bequeathes unto all the truth of the Lord and Savior.  Life flourishing...

The bell at the Baptist church up the street chimes-   the dawn contin
ues to rip folks awake and throw them into the tide of circumstance.  Slats clap and signal industry's bold commupance.  The fences at the nearby hotel glimmer with golden hue.  Cars continue the endless promenade.  The YMCA, next to which I am located, sits
 in silence...  The first day the children at their summercamp return to school.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dubious Intent: Why The Left is Caving on Homeland Security

The ideologies of France are well known by some on the Right - in terms of Rousseauian Liberty-as-such and the Po Mo ideology of subjectivism.  What is not so well known, were the root intents of these authors - as such - the same goes for the recent Administry's decision to do anything from appointing case defenders to terrorists to the same transparency promised in the '12 U.S. Election.

The intent of this 'transparency' may be good hearted.

The intent of going public with specific apparatus' of Homeland Security may be a necessity.

But, the intent of Obama's administry leaking it's own Security details may prove fatal...

The left, though promulgating the rumor that Barack Obama had to make decisions he wouldn't have made before after learning the secrets of the Oval Office thus undoing many of the things he promised during his two campaigns, has been on the offensive regarding many Security issues for quite some time already.
Though the Regime states it's commitment to transparency, tranparency-of-intent is of far more consequence than pragmatic transparency.  The intent of this administration is to stick up for terrorists.  To stick up for immigrants.  To stick up for the lie of pinkslips for patriots.

We shouldn't allow not only the torrents of immigrants to learn anything about Homeland Security, but ultimately, we shouldn't allow the terrorists to learn of these details, now leaked by mainstream media, either.

The dangerous intent of do-gooders may seem plausable to some - but to others, and of the platform of DDU, it is a brash mistake unless transparency-of-intent is made the lone historical mark of this Administry.
It may seem foolish, but transparency-as-such can be a dubiously rendered strategy in the war on terror.

Let's send Washington a message!


Friday, August 9, 2013

G.O.P. Insists on Courting the Hispanic Vote Despite Vigorous Protest

According to one source in the house on the Democrat side, there are - apparently - 40 to 50 republicans who will vote in favor of legislation for amnesty for illegal immigrants, a pathway to citizenship for Mexicans, and who feel it is a good idea to acquiesce to the now massively overwhelming hispanic vote in the U.S.  The narrative for the Republican party is apparently entrenched - they will court the hispanic vote, and forward the legislation voted down in the Senate in the U.S. House.

Despite the supplication of the Senate to it's base on this issue, still, House repubs insist on allying themselves with the Rubio-republicans, feeling little or no remorse for giving up the traditions of the powerhouse that Reagan republicanism inhered upon the nation in the 1980's.  They feel no danger of loosing their seats should they pursue this legislation that is ultimately merely an assumed necessity - that is, to court the hispanic vote in lue of their massive population increase within the past decade.

This is a mistake, and one that - owing to the tea party victories in 2010 - could cost many a representative their seat...

The fact is, not only does pursuing the espanola-tounged vote alienate the base of loyal protestant conservative republicans, but it is an all to easily understood failing strategy.  The hard fact of the matter is, despite the hispanic Pope's conservative bent - ethnics still and always have voted almost down the line for liberal causes!  There is no point, despite number crunchers for the G.O.P.'s assurances to the contrary, in attempting to even address the Mexican immigrant population apart from condemning their illegality.

How is it that so many Mexican's thrive so ardently in the U.S.?

A little known fact:  The illegal Marijuana industry.

We shouldn't allow these beasts to dethrone the sovereignty of our party on the basis of raw numbers and facts.

We, as a party - tea or otherwise - should lead from the gut.  A gut, and heart, that stays true to the republican ideals of National sovereignty and the traditions of Western Civilization proper.

Brendan O'Connell

Monday, August 5, 2013

Terror Alert "Red" in U.S. due to Islamic "Chatter"

The news splayed all over the wealthy news bastards television screens on this day of our lord is that U.S. intelligence is gathering evidence that there is the potentiality of an imminent threat to security domestically and abroad.  Something along the lines of "the chatter is of kin to that which preceeded 9/11".  The scariest thing of all, however, is that whilst proclaiming the security breaches of snowden, manning and ilks' threat to security, they are signalling in all avenues of media their open hand in a dangerous game of poker.  A game that requires the finesse of conservatism, and a game that the lib humanist cult shows a glaring ineptness at playing adequately.

Yes, snowden coming forth with insider info about the sick game of, according to the wall street journal today, (paraphrase) "using spyware and trojans as per hackers to infiltrate cell phones and computers to turn them into wireless microphones used for mass surveillance" is the problem.

Conjuring the clown of media to dance in horror at a legitimate terror threat isn't a problem at all.

In fact, that's the only responsible course of action for an administration that relies on the media for it's framing of subjectivist "truth".

Irony is less than apropos.

Let's follow the train of morality here:

Snowden and Manning = leaking info that could result in loss of life due to security breaches.
Lamestream Media = Perfect for disseminating info about the current muslim terror threat.
Public = responsible for disavowing leakers.
Government = leaking SERIOUS security risks directly to CNN and ilk.
Terrorists = probably not literate enough to really figure out meaningful inner workings of security apparatus' from some far removed wiki-something-or-other.
Islam = can easily watch CNN and ilk or watch reporting garnered from CNN and ilk.

Barack Hussein Obama - you can trust one thing... he's really intelligent.  He knows what he's doing.  He would never commit a major break in protocol due to being in dire need of good ole' FEAR ON A SUNDAY.  He knows what's best, and that is to completely misappropriate responsible moral discernment.

Give me a break!
If Manning is really anything other than superman, and snowden is anything less than heroic - at least hold your cards close to your chest in the event of an imminent threat.  It's really the only thing a gov'ment could do in these circumstances to lend credibility for persecuting Bradley Manning.

I forgot, no every tom jill and jane jihad knows exactly what they need to to pull of another terror attack simply by watching CNN and ilk...  how silly of me.

George W. Bush in his "Decision Points" autobiography makes an important point:

and it runs thus:

"Fear is forgetting."

I can still remember the fear of 9/11.  I can still remember the negligence that led to two russian-ethnic muslim students slipping through the cracks of the Obamacare reality show.  I can still remember an islamist psychiatrist being allowed to not only reap upon poor troops who, by the way, none of whom have PTSD, but to attack them with heavy weaponry.  I can still remember the REAL cause of newtown - the eerie warrantless wiretapping of the mentally ill and right wing.

I can still remember...

But all they want in D.C. is to demean the majesty of innocence-as-such.
All they want is more of the same evolutionary "change".
They forget responsibility.

DDU 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

DDU and Publik's Calls for Transparency Heeded

I was right again, ahead of the curve again, and leading the charge on the issue of gov'ment transparency regarding warrant-less wiretapping the whole way.  Scoffers remain silent, we prefer it that way.

Off the wire today:

"It is worth having a debate over whether there is a better way to do it.  Our goal is to get out as much information as we can to provide as much transparency as we can on this."
-Gen. Cole Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Publik outcry against the so-called "phone record collection operation" has grown to such a roar that the dullard's in D.C. are growing less and less capable of ignoring the calls for accountability and oversight.  Queen Pelosi has been a proponent of this and other program's, such as wiretapping non-u.s. citizens abroad, necessity.  Misses Pelosi only reveals the liberal commitment to an ungodly Orwellian world where responsible oversight and public involvement are rendered mute in her opposition to the recently proposed Amash Amendment in the house.  This Amash amendment sought to end altogether the travesty of justice that is the en masse 'collection' of "phone records".  Voted down, 217-205, and lead to do so by neo-stazi Queen Pelosi - this amendment would have put a real pathway to stopping big gov'ment agencies from mining rural god-fearing american's private lives for god knows what ends.

Bush knew how to do security.

To see these whiny liberal communist muslim-lovers espouse the importance of national security is almost sickeningly farcical, and the left knows it...

It is almost a farce, except for the, you know, intrinsic fascism of hard left commies with their hands on the wheel of power.  I wish, jokingly, that this were something worthy of a joke - but it is not.  It is, de facto, a leftist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

Without a hint of Irony, Queen Pelosi noted (regarding the Amash amendment):

"I was glad it was a big strong vote to send a message..."

Yes main fuhrer, I'm so happy that we can send a message through das big and das strong voten for WIRETAPPING NON-U.S. CITIZENS CELLULAR PHONES.

And the liberal communist cabal on the left side of the aisle decries the injustice of american exceptionalism!

I call for all advocates of democracy and republicanism to send D.C. a message: