Thursday, October 27, 2011

DDU - Domestic Democracy United - Manifest0#

The Official Dictates of DDU (Domestic Democracy United)~

DDU (Domestic Democracy United) first and foremost recognizes the universal validity of what the Founder of DDU terms Free Market Democracy (FMD). We understand that life in the U.S.A. is made possible by the workings of Free Market Democracy (FMD), and takes preservation of said system seriously. Any attempt to undermine FMD will be met with hostility by DDU, which considers the upholding of FMD to be an essential duty of the citizens of the U.S.A.

Domestic Democracy United (DDU) is committed to an individualistic freedom- meaning that the single human is more important than 'groups' of humans. DDU believes that individualism was part of the basis for the American Revolution, and that when individualistic freedom looses its integrity, our Republic itself is in danger.

DDU, in every possible way, is dedicated to the heritage of western tradition. We know that this tradition is, and has been, under assault- and are actively trying to keep respect for and participation in this tradition alive on into the future. Any attack on Western Tradition is considered beneath contempt, and will be met with fierce resistance.

DDU (Domestic Democracy United) Tea Party Dictates~

The predominant attitude of the intellectual elite and the state owned media is that of contempt for the sanctity of the constitution of the U.S.A. This is displayed by the Notion of the constitution as being 'obsolesced' by technology, as well as the prevalence of anti-founding father sentiment. It is the stated opinion of DDU that this must not only be opposed, but altogether eliminated and reversed. The constitution in its spiritual/christian context MUST BE PRESERVED.

At this point, most public institutions and services, as well as many private institutions used for purposes other than the 'basic' sale of goods and services are being used for seruptitious purposes generally~ and collectivist intentionality specifically~ as part of a large scale effort to rob the U.S.A. of its sovereignty. This criminal attack on our sovereignty is not only to be opposed, not only counter attacked, but tried and judged in accordance with the Law of the Spirit of God.

The obvious and staunch anti-communist anti-socialist agenda of DDU can only be defined as 'dangerous', 'extremist', and 'insane' by virtue of the usurpation of our Republic by NEO/CLASSICO/PROTO/SUB Marxists. It is the stated position of DDU Tea Party that the only way to fix the problems of the U.S.A. is through mass deportation of individuals holding such worldviews.

Democracy goes hand in hand with Capitalism. DDU is Anti-Labor Union, Anti-Regulation, Anti-Dialectical Materialism, and Anti-Collectivism. The individualistic principles pf free market economics and low taxes for industrialists contribute to DDU's stance of a limited, and under certain circumstances, ELIMINATED federal government.

DDU calls for an eliminated federal government under the conditions of the implimentation of FEMA camp lockdown of dissidents and patriots. Under said conditions, DDU advocates the gentlemanly use of militias to eliminate any advocate of the federal government who does not meet the conditions of surrender. (DDU is NOT affiliated with the 'End The Fed' movement)

Current members DDU (Domestic Democracy United) Tea Party are (as issued by signature):

Brendan O'Connell
Micheal Glaid
Elisabeth Propst
Nancy Catala
John F Johnson
Josh Bennett

"Be Still and know that I AM GOD"

Psalm 46:10a

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

St. Paul- FALSE APOSTLE>?!?!

Everyone knows how predominant St. Paul is in the New Testament, but few realize that there is the likely hood that he begot many of the things in Christianity today that we now deem contempt worthy...

For example, St. Paul repeatedly states in the New Testament for his listeners to 'follow me', not follow Christ.

St. Paul has a lot of controversial things to say about how we should worship, and yeah abou the very nature of what the w-o-r-d of the Lord of Hosts means for an individual!

Furthermore, St. Paul has traditionally been associated with the 'Universal' church and certain types of Christianity that shall as of here remain unmentioned~ however, the sense in which St. Paul was responsible for robbing CXhrist;s genuine expression of the will of the Lord of Hosts and replacing it with something suited for not merely the Gentiles, but- yea, to be suited for the collectivist moral encampment amongst Christianity from St. Paul's conversion onward is not to be looked over.

However, by the same token- I surely must repent for blaspheming such a undoubtedly 'holy' apostle as St. Paul.

Highly revered, greatly honored, and no doubt an historic figure in the Judeo-Christian Tradition~ However, one look at his most revealing sins tells a different story of St. Paul...

A) Saul was looking on as part of a collectivist mob during the first ritual slaughtering of a Christian.

B) Saul on more than one occasion not only facilitated but actively engaged in the hauling off of Christians to dungeons and such.

C) The fact that he IS so 'predominant' in the New Testament shows how he could be one of the apostles with a 'different' narrative than the others, and this may reveal how his evangelism was tainted with pride and the unwillingness of The Lord of Hosts to forgive his basest sin~ Selling out a servant of The Lord.


I ask you, dear reader- to forgive me... but once I was born again I searched my soul for some thing that would tie me to Saul's hypocrisy, but- yea I could find much to repent for- nothing as damning as being an agent of the icy black glove of the government executing early (and that means authentic) followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

so... St. Paul?

I say, FALSE APOSTLE!?!?!?!?!