Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Travel Ban Upheld by the Supreme Court: A Victory for Democracy

Activist judges and courts brought the ban of refugees coming from middle eastern countries to the U.S. to the Supreme Court, and the ruling of the Supreme Court turned out to be in favor of the POTUS's travel ban.

The Supreme Court has upheld Trump's ban on travel to the U.S. from countries deemed by national security to be terrorist enclaves.

This is a great triumph.

Keep in mind, however, that this travel ban only lasts for a limited number of time.
The lamestream media, as sloven libs, seems to be content in overlooking this ruling and emphasizing the fact that the court will review the travel ban this October...

They ignore the fact that the intended ban on travel from countries seen to harbor terrorism was only meant to go on for a limited time span!

By October, the time limit of the ban will be up!

Can these deluded liberals not see that the travel ban is far from xenophobia?
It merely put a stay on immigration from countries that harbor terror until new and refined measures for immigration could be put into law!  The travel ban is one thing...


It merely puts a hold on the wash of immigration from moslim countries until new and more sophisticated measures can be put into practice!

So, come October?

It will be moot.

All in all,
This ruling by the Supreme Court is truly a victory for Democracy...

Simply because of the sole fact that the executive branch has authority to issue such a ban!

So let's all remember one thing about Trump...

He has the security, safety and freedom of the American people as his top priority.
This travel ban on moslims from countries that are deemed by national security to be haphazard is beyond mere xenophobia.

It's far more simple, lib.
It's racial profiling.

Which is exactly what we need to be doing in all honesty!
Yes there are crazy gun nuts, we all know that after the tragedy in south carolina at the AME ZION church.
Yes there was Columbine.
Yes there was Alexandria...

But all of these incidents pale in comparison to 9/11.

I fear what these terrorists might do...
and get it right;
According to some statistics over 80% of muslims at least sympathize with ISIL!

It may seem unethical to racially profile,
There is an entirely different circumstance in regards to islamic state terror.

This is an ideological war!

Recently ISIL hacked the websites of prominent congressmen and on their page it said merely this:

"I love Islamic State"

These ratbastard sons of bitches need to be stopped.

And Trump's travel ban, as upheld by the Supreme Court, is taking a serious step in the right direction!


Friday, June 23, 2017


The real punk rock will always originate with the genius who invented the punk rock power chord...  that is, Johnny Ramone.

Johnny Ramone, the guitar player for the legendary and trend setting band "Ramones", invented the punk rock power chord which we still hear today in the best pop punk (i.e. the REAL sound of current punk rock).

Johnny, known as the KKK to his friends and Alan Cummings (an Irish surname) to his family had this to say in regards to what the liberal activist caste has done to the politicization of punk rock by counter-culturalists...

"God bless George W. Bush and God bless America!"


"People latch on to liberalism at a young age and I just always hope that they'll learn to see the world the way it really is!"


"Punk is right wing!"

Yet we're told - "OH YOU FASCIST!!!  THROW YOUR SWASTIKA IN THE GARBAGE CAN!" ad infinitum to the point where your average wanna be counter-culturalist activist will view rascists, like Johnny (He was - as per legend - SO bigoted that his bandmates would say "Oh, here comes the KKK" when he'd arrive at the studio), with a kind of blind arrogant (and esp. violent [as per Alexandria]) hatred.



Hatred for rascists.

Well I'm proud to be a punk rock deplorable.  I stink.  I'm on the dole.  I'm poor.

But you know something?
I'm the richest man in the world since Trump got elected.
I'm the poorest millionaire on my block, and listen to punk rock (esp. emo/pop punk [the same exact thing actually]) all day long, every day of the week!

So to all you activist wanna be's (I'm the real deal Tea Party protester [ASTROTURF?!?!?!  F*CK YOU NANCY PELOSI!!!  THE ONLY ASTROTURF I'VE SEEN IS FROM WHINY LIBS MARCHING WITH FUCKING DISH RAG ASS SIGNS LIKE SHEEPLE] and if you only knew the type of real deal - on the ground, and on the street - activism I've done you would fear the Tea Party even more than you've been told to):


Saturday, June 17, 2017

DDU to U.S. Publik: "Two Parties, One Team!!!"

I would like to formally apologize for the sometimes hateful rhetoric on Politalk, sincerely.  Though Domestic Democracy United is a Tea Party blog, it has never been my intent to incite antipathy between citizens and patriots...

Because one thing I know for sure about the U.S. publik is this: Whether right or left, we all have some sense of morality regarding publik policy.  This could be seen as a kind of patriotism, hence, we are all patriots - regardless of color or creed.

After the shooting in Alexandria at the republican baseball practice which left Steve Scalise in critical condition, I think we all - repub or dem - need to come together and unite on common principles; that is, the constitution.

The constitution is such that anyone, regardless of nation of origin, can unite around it's central philosophy.  That is, of freedom and liberty!

We all, I should think, agree that Freedom is an important virtue.  With that in mind, we should remember all of the many aspects of modern life in the present age that obstruct or hinder freedom...

One thing that definitely hinders freedom is any kind of violent, murderous act.  The most basic thing about freedom is "freedom to be".  I have being, and I am being-in-the-world!

If someone kills me, that freedom would be gone forever!

Hence, it is violent acts such as the shooting spree we all witnessed last week that most directly assault our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

So I urge all of you;

See something,
Say something!

You don't have to call 911 either!

Simply search the web for your local police department, and most of them contain a number for community tips.  I believe with many of these tip lines, you don't even have to talk to anyone at all!  You simply leave a message!

So should some unhinged person say something that scares you or would lead you to believe that they may harm themselves or others; say something!


Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Trump Literally Has Created Heaven on Earth: "What the F*ck are you Commies Bitching About"

Through my studies of England's native religion of Anglicanism (i.e. Episcopalianism proper), I have revealed to myself, and now you, the sheer genius of the Trump administration.

Trump is an "Anglican".


Anglicans, or Episcopalians, do not believe in heaven or hell as I personally do.  I, myself, believe that hell is a pit in the center of the earth and heaven is...

Well, let's get to the point.

Anglicans, such as Donald J. Trump, believe that heaven and hell are states of mind here on earth.  I could say as much as this about his hermeneutics;

If, in fact, Trump's religious affiliation plays more of a part in his post-deconstructionist politik than we might suppose then it would seem as though Trump is - ala' Trump tower on 5th Avenue - trying to create heaven on earth in the U.S.

I have to say, that Episcopalian son of a gun has done it!

Look outside!

Even when it rains these days it seems heavenly!

I say to all of you doubters and cynics:

"I pity you for your resentement.  It must surely be hell on earth."

RT 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

POTUS Keeps the U.S. Safe: "We're in the Next Phase of the War on Terror"

After the suicide bombing at an American pop act (Ariana Grande) in Manchester, UK, I think many Americans were a little shaken and scared about what may happen here, namely over Memorial Day.  Well, I wrote a couple of days ago on Memorial Day that I wasn't quote "skeer'd".  I believed that Trump could keep us all safe from terrorism in spite of the obstacles keeping homeland security from doing anything that would seem "unethical".  Well here I am, in June, and there were no attacks on the homeland.  I think, due to the irrefutable drop in terror incidences within the U.S. border since Trump came into office, that we may - over the course of the rest of this year - not see another, say, 9/11.
I think the entire 9/11 generation kind of lives in this constant fear of another "big one".

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm here to tell you;

"Breathe a sigh of relief, because Trump is here to keep you safe from terrorism!"

Trump kept America safe during Memorial Day weekend, and I am truly thankful for that.

In fact,
I think that we may see a return to normalcy for once.  It would seem as though the terror threat - though heightened in europe and the U.S. at the moment - is just what Trump said: "A bunch of loosers"!

I think with George W. Bush's biggest legacy for the rest of American history, that is, the Department of Homeland Security (which he enacted acter 9/11) we stand a fighting chance against terrorism today!
I mean think of it- all the power and prestige of Law Enforcement, all coalescing around a new POTUS's vision for American defense.  With a strong leader like Trump, I feel very confident that we can outwit, outman and outfight these "loosers".

That being said, since the security threat level is, officially, at it's peak;
here are the numbers to call if you have any 411 on a potential terror attack-

That's all,
and be safe!