Saturday, April 11, 2015

States Stand Up To Fed: Say No To Homo Marriages

All across the plains of our great nation, states are standing up to the federal government and it's executive dictate forcing godfearing christians into taking part in the "abomination" that is Homosexual marriage.
I applaud our governors and legislators for sticking it to D.C. in saying maybe that kind of sodomite-tolerant B.S. is okay in YOUR state, but round here we don't take kindly to Homosexual Marriages.  We have a right to defend ourselves against becoming a notion of sodomy tolerance.
We have a right to say no to Homo Marriages.
We have a right to tell the entire world's leaders that a union of marriage is between a man and a woman, period.

Yet the the latte swilling npr listening libs think it's their right to force godfearing christians to serve an ethic that undermines religious liberty.

It's a farce.

They can't make anybody, even with court fines and mandates, be tolerant of the "abomination" that is homosexuality!

So I say, hey ole 'Bama, Holder and Hillary...

"Take the rhetorical bullshit elsewhere cause it ain't gonna work around here."

Domestic Democracy United 2015