Thursday, June 30, 2016

Crisis Does Not Equal Opportunity

Rahm Emmanuel famously once said every crisis is an opportunity or something to that effect, and i am here today to tell you that this is far from true; further, it is indicative of a skewed worldview that see's tragedy, crisis, and emergency situations as an opportunity to advance one's agenda.  How can these people - the left, that is - be trusted when they see terror attacks as another opportunity to advance gun control legislation!  How blithe!
This near nihilistic attitude towards crisis that enables the left to justify any means for their enlightened ends, all the while making plays for folks bleeding hearts is unamerican.  Warms the cockles, don't it?  A crisis is not an ample chance to make good on one's intent for America, a crisis is not some kind of a moment to seize power, a crisis does not equal an opportunity - in any way whatsoever.
Yet many people see a crisis in this light, including of course this Administration.
Tragedies such as the Orlando massacre are not a good chance to implement gun control laws, and that's precisely what the left is doing.  Further, the sentiment among those on the left is that "guns are the problem".  Yet in the recent case of the Turkey terror attack it should be noted that this country disallows gun ownership...  Yet somehow the terrorists still made bombs and got guns!
It's patently ridiculous to say that the real cause of these tragedies are assault rifle owners.  The fact is, the bad guys are always going to get guns, somehow.  The real answer to these terror attacks is to have MORE people packin' metal, not less!  And do away with these gun free zones that turn citizens into hapless "soft targets".
Our gov'ment needs to step it up - I'm not saying racial profiling is the answer per se, but I think a more level headed approach to who is and is not likely to commit a terror attack is warranted.  Yet I can see in Clinton the likely hood of even more Christian gun owners being targeted.  I can still remember when Janet Reno firebombed those Christians in Waco, TX.  I believe we'll see more of these types of assaults on Sovereignty should the low information populous decide to elect Clinton.
The notion that a crisis presents an opportunity is just a kind of justification of the idea of it never being too late to close the gate, even if the cattle have already gotten out.  It's idiotic, nihilistic, and altogether wrongheaded.

Rahm Emmanuel - Go F*ck Yourself.

DDU 2016

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