Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Do Atheists Hate God So Much

I'm no psychologist of any sort, but I do notice - well, let's say "demeanors" in people.

But before I begin on this drafty subject, I'll quote Buckley when he said of the classroom,

"We narrow down on focus here to ... (people) ... who actively disparage religion, give it the silent treatment or treat it with supercilious dismissal."

- W.F.B. Jr

The demeanor of atheists is inevitably of the former sort.

They actively disparage religion.  Look at the treatment Sarah Palin got as being a "Right-Wing Christian Nutbag".  They give it the silent treatment, as if any mention of the christian variety sparks silent contempt and indignation.  They treat it with supercilious disparagement and dismissal as Christian life being one of vanity, consumerism and ignorance.

It's all part of the "knee-jerk" reaction of atheists to bruck against Jesus as Messiah.

Why would that be offensive, or subject to any kind of criticism at all- IN A CHRISTIAN NATION.

And be warned fair reader, what we're witnessing in the middle east is HOLY WAR.

As Billy Graham said once,

"During the second coming of christ, god will have to intervene in human affairs, or we would have total racial genocide."

I think that's true of these times...  our age.

But case in point,
Atheists hate god and have a gut reaction to the mere mention of jesus to such a degree that it seems almost as if they have a natural predisposition for persecution of christians!  It's almost as if, they find Christ as Messiah so offensive that they simply must spit on and disparage it.  Why would they look at Creationists with such AUTOMATIC disdain??!?

It's only as if we're saying in some sense that the current science is as it was before Galileo.
What with Quantum Theory (aka atheism in methodology) and other - remember - theories taking hold as cultural currency, it's hard for a Christion to not question why atheism is so detrimental to the Spirit of the U.S.

But this is besides the point.

The fact is,
Dialectical Materialism aka Marxism is simply Hegel's "MIND/SPIRIT" formula without god.  Hegel was very specific about his hermeneutics.  Geist was to be awed at with a view of Christ as Messiah.
Yet dialectical materialism and all of it's amazing social darwinist discoveries have spurned only sour and venemous anti-patriotism.  We can't let them win.

The republican party is the party of Christianity.

The Democrat Establishment Machine almost exclusively serves the Evolutionist mindset.
Let's look to the bible for answers...

"In the beginning, God created the earth, the heavens, and all that in them is"

Pretty deep stuff.

Atheists decidedly overtly renounce this biblical law-as-such when they take on the evolutionary worldview.

We need to stop it in the textbooks first,
change the climate of academic intolerance towards Creationists and Intelligent Design adherents,
and win the battle for scientific rebirth, scientific regeneration, and biblical Reason.


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