Monday, February 29, 2016

DDU Endorses Donald J. Trump: "I Think He's The Man To Get The Job Done" Says DDU Founder

Domestic Democracy United 2016

I officially endorse Donald Trump's POTUS campaign, and endorse the man himself as the guy to get the job done in Washington D.C.  Having succeeded in private enterprise, Trump is just the Washington outsider to really shake up the establishment and give libs and rino's both a run for their money.  Trump's uncompromising Politik coupled with his simply grand sense of humor give most voters a good idea of what Trump is about...  That is, no frills, do it yourself American grit - tried and true.
If Trump can succeed monetarily to the degree that he has, he's sure to be more than capable of holding the reigns of the Whitehouse.  To be certain, Trump has a kind of pedigree that a voter can take solace in.  Familiar from television, name recognition out the wazoo, and not financed by ANY lobbyists.
It's a republican's dream come true!

I had previously endorsed Sen. Rand Paul for his fiscal policies, but upon dropping out of the race due to shortage of funds, I must move into the Trump camp.

That's right, folks.
I'm stumpin' for Trump!

And the degree of liberal 'balk' against Trump is predictable.  I don't think there is a single candidate we could have elected that wouldn't elicit this kind of knee-jerk response.  It's sad really, people who hate Trump are clearly envious of his money and prestige.  I doubt they would admit it, but the fact is, Trump is a force to be reckoned with!

One thing I rather like about Trump and I think really explains his 'go for the jugular' rhetorical style, is what I'll call the "zeal of the convert".  Trump was a Democrat for many years, and as anyone who has switched parties knows, the zeal of the convert makes one positively passionate about conservative narrative!  I know it has for me, as I was a card carrying member of the Democrat party for years, and when I switched to the republican party for a variety of reasons I found myself absolutely enthralled with Republican platform and dialectic.  I would espouse these values, bull around with friends, and have an altogether raucous time in my newly emancipated state.

You can see this kind of joy and passion in some of Trump's campaign messages.

So in short, Vote Trump if you want to keep the candidate with a (d) by their name out of office for the next four years.


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