Sunday, July 31, 2016

Clinton Campaign and Media Attempting to Tie Trump With the Russians

Let's look at the absurdity for a moment, if you will.
The most communist Russia friendly party of all time, the Democrat party, is now trying to paint Donald J. Trump as the new Putin, or at least a friend of Putin.  This is patently ridiculous.
The D.E.M. has consistently cow-towed to not only Russia as such, but to the former Soviet Union.  Teddy Kennedy even sent a special envoy under Reagan's presidency to talk to the then current communist government to say, "Look, once we get Reagan out of office we can normalize relations".
Think of Clinton and that stupid toy "big red button" she proffered in friendship to the Russian government - in order to "reset" relations in regards to nuclear arms (one I'm fairly certain the Russians paid no creed to).
The fact is - if anybody is a a compatriot with the Russians, it's the democrat party!
In fact, furthermore, there is substantially no verification or proof that the hacks came from the Russians!  I mean, honestly - what interest would the Russian gov'ment have in exposing a Bernie Sanders election botch...  Almost none.

And now Trump is getting slammed in the media constantly for making what seems to me to be another classic case of Trumpian sarcasm, with the libs all dire and serious and proffering that this has serious national security implications.  It's just sick.
The fact is - that the Russians are behind this rigged election hack is nothing but an unsubstantiated rumor.
Yet the press is treating it not only as full blown truth, but actually making allegations about homeland security on the basis of unsubstantiated hearsay.  The media IS transparent.
Transparently full of the transparence of Bullshit.

All of this unsubstantiated rhetoric is probably more than likely due to the fact that Rudy Guliani and Trump have come out publicly saying something to the effect of, "Yeah, I think Putin is a good guy!"
Not a terrible diplomatic move to what amounts to our biggest adversary for world supremacy.

End of day,  I saw a poll saying that North Carolina (my home state) remains a battle ground state: YEAH F*CKING RIGHT.  NC will, verifiably, go to being a red state - I don't care what the media hacks say.  Florida may as well.

But now let's turn to the main clear reason Trump is winning
(57% Nationally) and will win:

He improvises.
Speeches sound rote, revised, teleprompted, etc.
When trump simply says what's on the tip of his brain - people listen and like it.
When Clinton recites her boring "I will save the children" speech ad infinitum the voters don't believe her (mostly because of her marital infidelity) and are severely bored...
At least the majority of them.
I don't want to say the Trump presidency is in the tank, but clearly he speaks and the people listen.
He may not have the funds of the Clinton Crime Foundation - but he has one thing that the Clinton's lack - TRUE AMERICAN GRIT.

Domestic Democracy United 2016

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