Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"I'm Putting a Moratorium on My Opinion" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

I must, frankly, apologize for the utter mess of gutter-politik and hate speech that Politalk has degenerated into of late.  It is far from my intent to race bait, or spread any kind of mean spirited nastiness.  My message, despite my seemingly pessimistic platform, is a message of positivity, hope and teleological prescience.  I believe that each individual life has it's own purpose, regardless of race, SES or any other factors regarding what we'd like to think of as "status" in the present age.
The founders believed that it was EVERY human being's right in this world to have the gifts of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...".
That's what I believe too.
Democracy, as I see it, is every man's right.  There's so much strife and suffering in the world, and people need Democracy and Freedom if they are to achieve independence from tyranny.  But ultimately, no one can force "Freedom-as-such" upon a person.  As the renowned sage George W. Bush put it, a person must "choose Freedom".
Well, on a different note, it seems that the rallying cry in the middle east for Democracy has grown even louder.  Throngs of muslims from Iraq to Afghanistan are fighting back.  Saying "No!" to muslim tyranny.  Saying "No!" to terrorism.  Saying "Yes!" to Democracy...
And I think that's what ole' Dubya had in mind when framing intervention in the middle east as an experiment in spreading apple pie American Democracy to others in dire need of it.  There is a great deal of validity to the former POTUS's so-called "compassionate conservatism".  I think we could all use a little of that kind of "mitleit" or "compassion" as we venture on into a hectic election season.

We all need to take a step back, myself included, and reassess our values - what we believe in, why we do what we do, what really matters in life.
So, in leu of that - I'll be putting a temporary cap or moratorium on my truest conservative opinions and takes on the media, and simply reporting the facts.  Perhaps with a little philosophy.

So, again:
"I sincerely apologize to all readers of Politalk for degenerating into a kind of "hate-speech".  I shall attempt to keep it above the belt from now on..."

- Brendan O'Connell
Domestic Democracy United 2016

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