Friday, August 31, 2012

The Cold War ain't Over

Many have discounted the country of Russia as not exclusively a threat on the basis of cold war sentiment of U.S./Russia relations being based in the Capitalism/Communism dichotomy, which is no longer a problem for Russia itself, nor relevant to our Foreign Policy.

This is simply an untruth.  Just muster the various tidbits you've gleaned about Mother Russia for a moment if you will...

Russia is supplying weapons to our enemies in the middle east, how is the Cold War even over?  Russian bullets have penetrated our soldiers flackjackets, and we're sitting back as if Russia isn't the most dangerous country on the world stage, one which doesn't need to be fought tooth and nail?


Russia has been and continues to be America's evil best friend, and if we don't sort out negotiations with their country to be aggressive rather than appeasing, we're setting the stage for failure.  I mean, they've got frigging NUKES!  WTF!

All jesting aside, I've seen first hand the subversion of American society by proto-communist russian immigrants, and to be perfectly frank - they are simply an ethnicity with which I do not comport.  My highschool sweety was stolen from me by a Russian immigrant, probably a spy for the KGB or some such organization, and then after being worked over for years by subtle snakish maneuvering was basically FORCED to live in some backwater Russian shithole against her true will.  This is a certainty - these russians are goddamned snakes that prey on American virtue at every chance they get.

And there's more of them coming.

Studies indicate that Russian's are emigrating to the U.S. at higher and higher numbers.


Because they're goddamned snakes who worship Stalin and want to subvert America!  That's Why!!!

We need to support an initiative by DDU Founder - Brendan O'Connell - to increase security checks on those who come here from Russia.  It's a serious initiative who's intent is based in real world experience with the Russian conspiracy.  We need to vet the Russian's.

R.T. Stillwell

Thursday, August 30, 2012

-Hollow Republic - *TEA PARTY VIDEO*

The above video adresses the HHS rule change, how obama stifled the free market, and most presciently a breakdown of the 'you didn't build that' gaffe.  Set to some exclusive music you'll only be able to hear on Politalk - Thorpey's Rubicon Riddem and a track by Irish EDM artist Gammy off his forthcoming E.P.  BRAND NEW!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

REBROADCAST FOR DDU TEA PARTY - "On Brother 'Bama and Saul Alinsky" *video*

This video is a presentation on Barack Hussein Obama's connection's to a radical named Saul Alinsky.  I hope you will watch and enjoy.  It's generally known that Obama is not as moderate as his campaign purported, however his direct ties to ultra-radicals like Saul Alinsky further cements his ideology as closer to Lenin and Marx than to Adam Smith or Hume.  One should reflect duly on the contents of this video and be warned - the proto/sub/classico-union organizing described in this video comports with violence on good citizens and has historically.  The real heroic moments are when citizen's stand up to union thug intimidation.


It's interesting that as the Grand Ole Party's National Convention falls to the mid-tumult spin, the mainstream media is still, as E.I.B. vet Rush said casually today, not airing the segments of the Repub convention speakers who are other than the Caucasian race.  It's funny, as Artur Davis's speech from last night was apparently blotted out of the Mainstream Media's periphery, the horizon upon which the narrative of the convention is contrived of is failed in convention.

We built it.

And we did build it.

Federally imposed restrictions are irrefutably of a notably absent minded interpretation of the teachings of the bible - a metaphorical one at that.  We cannot help people.  People can only help themselves.  In fact, the extent to which the Obama whitehouse is mistaken in their endeavor to create a welfare state by taking solace in mistaken benevolence is sorely understated by the Vulture-like media establishment surely being fed line's by media hacks and elitist tools for the Fed'ral Gov'ment.

The fault of the President of the Hussein's was to run on an anti-war ticket whilst engaging in harshly blood-letting practices of national security.  We could have a Bin Laden, on public trial.  Instead, we get manifest vendetta's by freinds and family's of those indiscriminately killed by haphazard drone warfare in the Middle East.

Peace is the priority, democracy is the message, and holiness and divinity are the means.

The concern here is in the tremendous debt we owe to nation and state, and our failure of leadership in electing a socialist radical into the office of the presidency.  Obama has read Marx and agreed with it - now get the Gov'ment OFF MY BACK!

We need to let everyone know, who has been attacked by this D.E.M., that help is on the way.  And that help is domestic democracy united.

DDU is pledged to constituting an indeterminate respect for constitutionality, and the freedom of position that comes with in it.  However, we are committed to fighting the scourge of NEO-MARXISM, CLASSICO-MARXISM, SUB-MARXISM, and PROTO-MARXISM.

a. Neo-Marxism - Adherence to marxist values within a contemporary political environment.

b. Classico-Marxism - Adherence to the works of Marx as an ethics.

c. Sub-Marxism - sub/unconscious adherence to redistribution of wealth, class warfare, and other inherently marxist ideologies.

d. Proto-Marxism - being prototypical of Marxism without agreeing with it in specifics whilst being ideologically in line with it.

We oppose all[ of these forms of collectivist tyranny and spit on the grave of those who seek to perpetuate the Marxist ideology of multi-cult and collectivism.

Ayn Rand need not lie still.

However, the value's of Christianity for the guiding principe of a United Democracy are the cornerstone of restoring america's destiny.  As a guiding angel once spoke, "Fate can only take you so far."

The excuses of this administration and blatantly broad-stroked painting of conservatives as ignoble "wealthy" shows full well the notional class war-fare of this administration and it's basis in Socialism, Communism, and Secularism.  He said, Mr. Hussein Obama, that if he didn't turn around the economy in 4 years it would be a 1 term proposition.  I say we let him politely excuse himself from gentlemanly political discourse this November, because we can do better.

Protester's Outnumbered by Riot Gear Clad Police At RNC 2012, Tampa

The sight outside the Republican National Convention this year is almost humorously grotesque.  A relatively miniscule number of protesters, many affiliated with the Occupy movement, are finding themselves virtually outnumbered by a large number of Security forces.  I want to to be honest, it's so much better than I expected.  The Security forces are immensely technically co-ordinated, using a multitude of anti-riot devices and techniques - making their own orchestrations the main subject of interest regarding the protest movement outside the now infamous Republican National Convention.  Inside the convention last night, numerous speakers addressed the delegates in a properly exceptionalist fashion - while outside, more than likely, a high tech counter-insurgency op was taking place.  It's pure magic, in the style of nearby Disneyworld, and I'd wager many Occupy protesters will find themselves consumed by the electricity surging around the growingly popular and all around entertaining RNC.  It's as if the state controlled media has had %100 percent of the mainstream narrative so far, and for those willing to indulge in the ole style big tent political scene now get a brief look at what presentation of platform looks like in a substantive context - that is, outside of Wolf Blitzer's gaping maw.  I think we should sound the air raid siren's every time a politician mention's the constitution, take a shot every time Barack is denounced, and fire a nuke every time the spirit of excpetionalism is provoked

The previously reported 'disallowing of delegates' by the presumptive nominee rule change I reported on did seem to be a non-issue, and one story seems to be (and I'm merely guessing here) that many states supportive of Santorum issued a token delegate to the senator, I'm assuming, in slight protest of not having their voices heard.  Every awarding of delegates, with the exception of a few states (Minnesota for example) who pledged the majority of their delegates for Ron Paul, went decisively in Mitt Romney's favor - and this odd configuration of delegation left young Rick Santorum basically out of the Republican picture during this counting of vote's for the Republican nominee yesterday.  I'd have to assume that those who put a token Santorum delegate vote forth (relatively few), did so in the spirit of protest.

But the protestor's outside the RNC must surely, as of the afternoon of the second day of the RNC proper, be overwhelmed by the police presence.  No molotov cocktails or pipebombs... yet.

There is a lot less of the speculated tension surrounding the affairs in Tampa than was predicted - whether to do with the hurricane or the protesters.  The whole organization of the RNC is near a walking-on-water miracle.  Not to mention the massively traditional official entrance of the gorgeous Ann Romney into the political dialogue, which went off without a hitch nor hiccup.  The only gaffe I can recall after basically spending the entire day viewing this tremendous spectacle was Bob McConnell's "voice crack" as he went on to introduce his platform.  Sounded like a giddy schoolyard tween talking to someone about to extract their lunch money.

The whole affair begins again today, and I urge anyone to view it on for free.


Brendan Hooker O'Connell

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drive-by Media Ignores Major Story on Repub Convention

Here is some data which I gathered on what, according to el rushbo, is a major story:

"There is an all out effort by the media to scare and intimidate republican's into voting for Obama...  They know their biggest enemy is conservatives, and they know that and they are doing everything they can to disenfranchise us."

-Rush Limbaugh (Just Now)

"The big story is thus... a proposed rule change that would allow a presumptive nominee to "disavow" delegates."
North Dakota
South Carolina
Those states are the only one's who haven't signed on to a minority report the rule change.
According to "it is about protecting each state's right to choose how it selects and governs its own delegates.  We  need you to take action today!"

They then go on to urge people in state's that have signed on to Republican Delegates being determined by the presumptive nominee, I.E. Mitt Romney, rather than by the state's themselves to stand up for delegate's rights.

This certainly could be an issue in regards to state's rights, however, as unaware of the implications of the seemingly federally imposed new delegate rule, I should comment that this apparent major story for the convention seems like not a terrible tragedy, but rather a fairly mundane change of order.

However, should this new rule that enables a presumptive candidate to 'disavow' or 'disallow' delegates that would, I'm supposing, have voted for a different candidate in the Primaries have any implications beyond what I'm currently informed of, I'll certainly be proven wrong.

Anyone in NC feel like urging our delegates not to sign on to this new rule which "Strips delegates of their sovereignty", here is the contact info for Mr. Robert and Mrs. Helen.

Mrs. Helen

Mr. Roberts

Apparently, it's a bit of a power move by Mitt Romney and, of course, Mitt Romney was notoriously unpopular in the south, so should be an issue for many paleoconservatives on the other side of the Mason Dixon line.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Of Faith and the Electorate

"Some ask if God's power is real why don't we see miracles happening today?  Friends, it is not due to the deficiency of the power of an Almighty God, but it's lack of our faith."

-Unknown Kentucky Preacher

Many have asked, what is the vision of America?  Is it a transparent democracy, is it a remnant of a once grand Aristocracy, is it's so-called vision one of crass commercialism and corporate greed?

Faith, in our age, is sorely lacking in vision.  When one fails to see past the banners and apparent emblazoned ideographs, when one resists putting faith in the unseen - one can truly miss the beauty and majesty of the Constitution.  People very often describe America in terms of it's polemically derived failures of authenticity - but this is a crisis of faith, not a legitimate criticism of value.  One criticism I've heard in regards to the Constitution of the U.S. was one placed quite speculatively by a student friend of mine - and that is the Framer's themselves were not in fact men of virtue and honor but rather of a nefariously dishonorable type, the dreaded "wealthy".  I can only respond in kind - that for a scientific worldview that so often internally is derived from behaviorism and a Hobbesian sense of the Universality of avarice, this position of polemical dislike of all things derived from classical Western Tradition is uniquely sentimental.

We need Faith, if we are to make due in a world of declining and diminished returns - as a country, as a community, an individual, and as a world.

Faith in the temporal unseen and not in a merely apparent present-at-handedness should be the cornerstone of divining America's destiny as, once again, a beacon of light for all peoples who value freedom over despotism.  A platform of uncompromising and unceasing peace and prosperity should be in place for our country - however, it is not.  What in fact is the case in the U.S. today is a bitterly divisive political climate and a notional/collective downward push.  To lift up our nation, we all need more faith.

Very often, our faith is tested... though not in the sense of our being spited by God, but rather every moral act is, in fact, both test and judgement - both punishment and freedom.

When one's faith is tested in the sense of one's making a choice to do the moral thing rather than the immoral thing, one can be seen to be making the choice for passionate involvement with the hand of Destiny, rather than simply discerning between alternatives.  Faith leads to morality, morality leads to benevolence, benevolence leads to mastery.

And perhaps that is just where the U.S.A.'s  faith is being tested.  Perhaps we are not a nation of Masters, but rather a nation of Slaves...  If this is so, perhaps the necessary job of turning lower immediacy into higher immediacy (in a Hegelian sense) has been ignored - and we are merely serfs stuck in mediation.

Clearly delineated are the obscure esotericisms of the unseen, and little understood are their method.

So, it is not the deficiency of the power of Conservatism, but the lack of our understanding.  Conservatism's vision of a capito-exceptionalist nation is a window into the soul of understanding (verstehen).  The disputed transparency of the media is merely a notional residue of the trace of being-present in everyday worldhood.  This is the central archetype of the blatant malfeasance of the tragedy of the Recession.

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Many of you may have been wondering why I chose to discontinue Politalk and why, as of today, I've chosen to re-instate this blog for the foreseeable future.

The reason is thus - I have been ruthlessly attacked by the liberal establishment, along with many other conservatives, and hoped that by simply stopping Politalk I could avoid some of the negative implications of the D.E.M.'s attacks on me and my friends.

I've realized that as long as I value freedom and democracy over socialism and subservience, I will continue to be attacked - there is no stopping the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) from attempting, at almost every juncture, from trying to destroy my life.

I understand how paranoid this may sound - however, I know that I am not alone.

Conservatives are being lambasted within the marxist controlled media at such a high frequency that there really is no point in trying to placate the Regime by standing down or answering their rigorous polemic attacks directly.

The only thing to do is to win.

When I started this blog roughly 4 years ago, everyone who knew me understood what I was like - what I believed in - what I stood for.

Now, within the current venomous political climate within America, many people react to my conservatism with outright hate, and it is not my job to answer their treasonous ideology.  It is my job to be a citizen of what I understand the U.S. to be - and that means continuing to stand up, be heard, and shout a decisive "NO" to the philandering elitist left and their vision of progress.

Continue turning to politalk for political coverage, commentary, and other miniscule writings.

Before too long, I'll be located in our state's capitol - and I hope you'll stick around for more decisive on the ground coverage.