Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump in Dangerous Terrain Regarding Moslim Problem

Trump speaks from the top of his head, and has a tendency to take attacks and assaults on his character personally.  He repeatedly decries the inadequacies of undeserved honor and recompense...  Take for example John McCain; When he was captured by the vietcong his legacy was to star in an anti-american Vietnamese propaganda film, being compelled to present unamerican views under duress.
I think we should all remember that about John McCain...
But that's beside the point.
The point is, that the moslim problem is increasingly becoming difficult for Trump to navigate due to his inherent un-"pc"-ness.  His politically incorrect asides prove to be ample fodder for the lamestream drive by media to regurgitate ad infinitum and comment on with some sense of moral equivalency.  But the degree to which the mainstream media has been amping up the attacks on Trump leave some commentators incredulous.  Including this one.
Why is it so dire and dear to the lamestream media's hearts to destroy Trump NOW?
Why do they feel the need to make as though all rational discourse would be loathe to not surmise that Trump is unfit for the position of POTUS?
Why must all of the drive by's position Trump as - and I quote - "Insane"?
Because it is their last ditch effort.
Their last ditch effort to defeat Trump.
If you buy into the lamestream BS, I don't blame you.  It's so pervasive it's practically like oxygen!
But I tell you Trump still has a chance.  His rallies have a tremendous amount of energy and grit as compared to Hilary's.  We need to all, advocates of states rights and constitutional evangelists alike, stand behind Trump this election season.
Because it is Trump that truly has the Spirit of this country's heart in mind.

DDu 2016

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