Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Believing is Seeing: How Christ Propels Us

The old cliche "Seeing is Believing" may well be true, however, there is also a sense in which Jesus Christ propels us all to "see" by virtue of "believing"...  Therefore, Believing is Seeing.
Faith, as classically understood, is always grounded in everyday godly Reason-as-such - and, to a point, Faith in Christ can be seen as having a certain kind of virtue that bestows upon the believer the truest Absolute Reasonhood-of-the-World.  There is an important way in which our phenomenal Being-in-the-World is always primordially grounded in a certain kind of "Passion".  Without this "base", so to speak, it seems to me clearly impossible to embody the Reasonhood-of-the-World - and one, without Faith in the Unseen, is left adrift mid-ocean without material for bridge or boat.  Without Faith - taking that first blind leap - God will leave us to drown in stupidity, ignorance and sin.
So to see clearly the stakes in this thesis, we must turn towards the Bible.
Whether Gideon, Ecumenical, New International Version or just plain old King James, the bible can be seen as far more than an historical story-fable.  In fact, it seems rather curious that today's secularist conflates, say, the interpretation of Plato with interpretation of scripture.  The fact is, the Bible is no "lost-in-translation" story-fable.  It's, in all facticity, the Word.
And the Word in the Bible proclaims a certain kind of godly Law-as-such.

What is a "Law"?
Can you "see" a law?
Can you "touch", "smell" or "taste" the Law?

There is a sense in which, if one seeks to understand the Reasonhood of Faith-as-such one can turn to the notion of "Law", in a basic primordial sense, to get an idea of the kind of caring Godly Reason embodies.  Justice is a central component of the Word in the Bible, and - in fact - an absolutely basic component of Western Civilization.  This is not out of any kind of evolutionary historical necessity but - in fact - part of Hosana on High's Intelligent Design.

Believing is seeing...

I'm sure you've heard on the evening news just how deathly serious are the times we live in.  There is no shortage of misery, both for the affluent and impoverished; Both for the secure and endangered...  Both for older generations and Millenials.
Yet there is still prescient Hope.

All one needs to do is take the Blind Leap-of-Faith, and with Godly ordinary everyday Reason-as-such we can ascertain, phenomenologically at least, the truest structure of Jehova's Design.  Often the logical sacred cows tend towards scoffing at the manifest notion of Intelligent Design...
Yet, is it at all ridiculous to believe, perhaps with a little "Faith-as-such", that nothing could have created a Chaos Spiral except for an Objective God-as-such?

With that question I leave you...
Have a great week folks!

Domestic Democracy United 2016
Brendan Hooker O'Connell

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