Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mandated Sophistry: How Big Education is Misusing It's Authority

As I sit on yet another college campus' bounds, retiring into NYE lazy dreariness, I can overwhelmingly sense the pure disrepute of the government mandated texts and scholarly sophistry.  I've been thinking of planning, and I'd wager if an honest assessment was done of the language use in the secular textbook-typico one would find the type of sophistry reserved for pop culture.

Sophistry, as the pagan greek socrates proffered in his infamous dialectic, in that an average sophomoric latte sipper would likely question any reference to sovereign objective truth with a simple yet dismissive, "what is truth?"

The fact is, Truth is the business of knowledge.  Until the end of time from the beginning, there has been at very least correspondence truth-as-such.  Things correspond to our representations, etc.

Yet we are to believe there is, within public discourse, no correct interpretation - sociologically, linguistically, or otherwise.

It is an obvious bias of textbooks in this modern age, and to be done away with should they ever - god forbid - dare to publish fact based on sovereignty.

It is a dire shame to have all knowledge taught then glibly dismissed as pointless A Priori.

The fact is, purposiveness has not just a subjective place within academic thought.  Nor merely a philosophical/psychological analysis as irrelevant side note.

Teleology is simply the only way to take away the shackles of subjectivism in our literature.

Purpose has supposedly been disproven...

Does that mean that the questions of sovereign law have been relegated to the anthropological?

Does this imply that nothing has any A Priori synthesis worthy of a simple and pure creation?

Does this mean life is pointless?

Why not?  As long as what my heart and gut tell me are merely subjective phenomena then I'd suppose it follows that nothing is true.  Kant's "noumena" (or to what objects of consciousness correspond) is only accessible to Hosana on High, so in what sense should we assume our representations correspond to anything with a purpose?

Well, I'll proffer a hint -

and it ain't mythology... lol.

Facticity is facticity and ALL phenomena (or correspondence) refer to fact.  All facts are derived from the noumena or in-and-for-itself.  ALL for-the-sake-of-which primordiall facticity comports itself towards an understanding of it's own being - that is, hopefully your ahead of me, the image of god.

All representation is of a representation of what it is to comport towards an image of god, so to speak.

But unfortunately, you would be hard pressed to find this type of talk examined beyond the mere Hegel reference in some seemingly ironic sidenote.

We don't have to teach our children philosophy - but for the love of god, teach them Hegel's hermeneutics.  It's a way of understanding the Reason of Hosana on High, and can even redeem the average academic dullard entrenched in meaningless "fact"-as-such.  We need to teach the children that the reason of Hosana is more than just a metaphor - that Reason IS the structure of God's Creation.

I'd proffer the leftist Evolutionary Quantum Physics set would find this type of proclaimation untenable and intolerable!

Why is not their "Theory" of evolution and obviously error laden speculations about quantum nonsense more prone to being found intolerable for god fearing christian americans to study.I mean for christ's sake, I'm not advocating for anything other than Reason as defined by Western Tradition proper to be taught rather than this absolutely deplorable 'new-speak'.

Soon human life will be just a series of 'situations'.
Soon all divination will be brought to 'superstition'.
Eventually, all conscience and ethic-as-such will be considered 'sickly'.

What will happen to those who know? Those who know about the Truth?

What will become of those who don;'t want to believe in redistributionism and evolutionary eugenics theory?

What will happen to our children in schools, not having yet bitten the apple from the tree?

And why do the liberals ALWAYS get to write the most prominent TEXTBOOKS?

I say, if DDU has to back any one initiative in 2014 before all others - it is to bring back textbook authorship to it's roots in 17th Century Enlightenment-style Teleology.

RT Stillwell DDU 1/1/2014

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Compendium of Selections from Ann Coulter's "Treason"

In the spirit of having a little fun (as morbid as it may seem) here are some more or less random selections from a book authored by Ann Coulter entitled "Treason".

"Frustrated in their attempt to enslave the world, liberals' only fun anymore is destroying individuals."

"Democrats do the most outrageous things imaginable-collaborate with totalitarian regimes, commit felonies in the Oval Office, gay-bait senate staffers-and if anyone complains, they scream about fascist oppression."

The reporters, the Democrats...were all having a rip-roaring good laugh at the notion of Communists in government.  Stalin's show trials must have had them in stitches."

"Confident that the media would portray them as eloquent and reasonable no matter what they did, the Democrats behaved like animals..."

"This is treated as comparable to Henry V's speech at Agincourt, only more inspiring."

"Another act of mind-boggling courage was lyndon johnson's single flight through-out world war 2-as an observer-for which he was awarded the Silver Star, the third highest combat award.  For the rest of his life, Johnson wore what historian David Halberstam called 'the least deserved and most proudly displayed Silver Star in military history.'"

"Stalinist spies were passing secret government document files to Soviet agents, and the Treason Party sprang to action by vigorously investigating the precise words McCarthy had used in a speech to a women's Republican club in West Virginia.  This from the 'legally accurate' crowd.  Bill Clinton denied under oath that he had engaged in sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, that  Monica Lewinsky had engaged in sexual relations with him, or even that he was ever alone with Monica Lewinsky.  This is hailed as Clinton's courageous effort to 'save the Constitution.'"

"People who assure us McCarthy presided over a reign of terror also describe Ken Starr's plodding, meticulous investigation as a reign of terror.  And they say that when we're watching.  Imagine when they'll say when the generation that knows the truth is gone."

"Right up until the Venona Project was declassified, proving the existence of a vast network of Soviet spies in America throughout the forties and fifties, the 'Red Scare' industry was still going strong.  Literally months before Venona was declassified, Griffin Fariello released an inadvertently hilarious book titled 'Red Scare: Memories of the American Inquisition'.  The book consisted of scores of 'oral histories' describing 'how it felt to live amid an ideology now labeled McCarthyism."

"Liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason."

"You could be talking about scrabble and they would instantly leap to the anti-American position."

"Everyone says liberals love America too.  No they don't."

"They boast (lyingly) about their superior stance on civil rights.  But somehow their loyalty to the United States is off-limits as a subject of political debate."

"Liberals demand that the nation treat enemies like friends and friends like enemies.  We must lift sanctions, cancel embargoes, pull out our troops, reason with our adversaries, and absolutely never wage war-unless the french say it's okay."

"Is it more patriotic to love your country or to ridicule those who do as "naive" and "angry"?  These are not questions impenetrable to human logic."

"Free speech is a one-way ratchet for traitors.  While journalists assailed Bush for creating an atmosphere of intolerance for those who 'object to patriotic oathes,' they didn't mind creating an atmosphere of intolerance toward those who support patriotic oaths."

"Liberals unreservedly call all conservatives fascists, rascists, and enemies of civil liberties with no facts whatsoever."

"Liberals malign the flag, ban the Pledge, and hold cocktail parties for America's enemies, but no one is ever allowed to cast the slightest aspersion on their patriotism."



Merry X-mas,

DDU RT 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

In Defense of Eddie Bernays: Why Liberals Hate The Pinnacles of Genius

The fact is, liberals - i.e. democrats or 'the left' - hate genius.  Their idea of profundity is constituted by either physicists with their heads up their asses, humanist oxen reciting what they'd gleaned from the back covers of various books, or their favorite pop icon who makes millions off liberals' penchant for being entertained by the nooks and crannies of their own mirror image.

This wouldn't be the least bit bothersome were it not for the fact that when conservatives attain the greatness of authentic genius they respond - as per Coulter's "Demonic" thesis - as a pitchfork/torch clad hoarde of townspeople, barraging down the street to a mansion's doorstep in the grim hope of running some monster out of it's mansion and "our town".  It's a rather blithe metaphore, however - when most of these hayseed townsfolk have degrees at secular institutes for profanity (i.e. what were onced cutely coined 'schools'), the blitheness becomes very serious indeed.

I'll merely say, that this would be hard to prove - were it not for the fact that almost every conservative intellectual who's achieved anything of import is ritually character assassinated by worthless authors of the anti-exceptionalist bent.  You can even find such books, easily.  They combine, in short reviewe, the difficulty and budget of documentary filmmaking with the impartiality of lamestream media.  Take for example the most prominent conservative of the last century.  His name was Eddie Bernays - author of among other books the light read "Propaganda".  Decades after it's publishing liberal activists did a spit take over the gall that someone responsible for creating advertising as we now know it would be so transparent as to title a work of authorship such an obviously sinister nome.  Propaganda.  They have held up Mr. Bernays, Sigmund Freud's nephew, as an archetype of the evil unscrupulous person responsible for 'brainwashing' the poor unclean masses in flyover country into believing things like:

1) It's nice to own property.
2) Fast cars are desirable.
3) Coffee and cigarettes make an enjoyable couplet.
4) Attractive women are good wives and mothers.
5) Steak and other meats taste delicious.
6) Suburbs are appropriate places to live.


Obviously, these kinds of flagrant violations of justice and ethics are to be combatted.

Edward Bernays was, to put it mildly, keen to some of the discoveries in classical psychology that were - at the time - truly groundbreaking new ways of understanding why humans do what they do, want what they want, and live the way they live.  He merely applied this insider understanding - as per Freud - to conventional advertising and, as with most genius, everyone followed suit.
Think of that popular cable television show "Madmen".  Take the most prestigious character from that fictional account of the ad world during the time.  Now multiply the wit by 100, multiply the power by 1000, and multiply the status by 1 million and you would have a pretty fair idea of who Mr. Bernays was.

Yet he is characterized in collective zeitgeist and near fictional accounts of his person as a dreary, almost profanely middle class meddler, a 2 bit chiseler - if you will.  He is painted to be a sort of mustachio'd "manipulator" - a term virtually invented by modern propagandists without the flair for style of Bernays.  He is, almost assuredly, implied by almost any liberal who conjures his name to be an all American idiot of kin to Goebbels himself.


Because liberals feel compelled to rewrite history to suit their hatred of American Exceptionalism.


Mostly through 2 bit montages of womanly fretting in documentary film and laughably "intellectual" passages in books made for, by, and sold TO academic oxen.


I'll give you a guess when it all started and it starts with 'sick' and ends with 'ickies'.

The only reason this is more than a sidenote on something marginally important from the past is because the Left's misrepresentation of Bernays' substantial contribution to the character of the former U.S.A. is what, guaranteed, the activist caste's god, Mr. Hussein himself, actually believes!
His boomer-esque affinity for qualifying 1950's morality as inherently un-american (I never thought I'd see the day) is part and parcel with this type of rewriting history.  Mr. Bernays is no longer the most prominently influential intellectual of last century.  McCarthy is no longer the most principled American of last century who fought against soviet spy's.  Buckley Jr. is no longer the man who single handedly fought back the most significant coup attempt of the last century.

No, these hyperboles and others can't be allowed.

Now, more realistic characterizations are apt.

Bernays was a traitor who turned people into zombies.
McCarthy was a monster who burned witches at the stake!
Buckley Jr. was a...

well, I shouldn't even start -

All I mean to say is that WHEN conservative men DO achieve the heights of true genius they are defamed, redacted, remembered inaccurately and unscrupulously - almost across the board - character assassinated.  Why?

Because they fear us.  They fear what we stand for.

RT DDU 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Most Important Thing About Christmas is Christianity: Free Speech Under Assault

My Fiance: "Merry Christmas!"
Her Co-Worker: "You're not supposed to say merry christmas, it's happy holidays."

The assault on freedom of speech may have culminated in saying happy holidays as opposed to merry christmas and other such politically correct nonsense, but recently, it has had some startling ramifications:

Lars Hedegaard, head of the Danish Free Press Society, found himself convicted of - out of all crimes possible - 'racism' for remarks about islam's treatment of women.  He believed these remarks to be made in private, but they were, in fact, tape recorded and broadcast to the world - used as evidence in his trial.  What was he guilty of?  Obviously a crime: racism.

Rev. Stephen Boissoin was convicted of, close to the worst crime possible, homophobia.
The evidence against him?  Provided by one Lori Andreachuk, a self described 'social engineer' taking part in Alberta's lifetime prohibition of any "disparaging" remarks against homosexuals.  He was banned from ever saying anything contrary to a lifestyle described in Leviticus as an "abomination".  One key to note.  This was not a prohibition against anything 'hatefull' - but merely 'disparaging'.

Dale McAlpine was arrested for handing out leaflets in England - a lifelong Christian himself.  A self described member of the gay lesbian and altogether freakoid society arrested him and sentenced him for causing 'distress to the public'.  He was accused of "talking in a loud voice" that might have been overheard.  he was fingerprinted, DNA-Sampled, and tossed in prison for 7 hours - merely for stating his opinion that gays were, as per :Leviticus, an abomination.

14 year old Codie Stott was arrested and jailed for 3 1/2 hours for merely asking to be in a different group, in school, from her Urdu "playmates".  her shoelaces were stripped off - they photo'd and fingerprinted her, a dehumanizing affair: her crime?  She complained she couldn't understand the ethnic immigrants language.
Section 5: "Racial Public Offense".

A young man much like yourself, Mr. Kinsella of Ottawa, was forced by the court to apologize to a chink simply for making a joke in public about ordering a cat at his favorite Chinese restaraunt.

Neo-Nazi's in Canada were brought to human right's tribunals simply for handing out Xeroxed pamphlets at pay phones, which was used to bring about "Speech Codes" etc.

Guy Earle, a comedian, was fined 15 hundred dollars simply for daring to put down two drunken hecklers during his performace.  HIS CRIME???  The drunken hecklers happened to be short haired butch lesbo's.

Sir Iqbal, knighted by the U.K., was investigated by Scotland Yard for "Homophobia".
The GALHA, a gayer group, was concurrently investigated by Scotland Yard for "islamaphobia".

I heard that even one Mr. Ledger was arrested for 'racism' merely for performing the hit song "Kung Fu Fighting"!!!!

The fact is, if simply saying "Merry Christmas" isn't outlawed NOW, it WILL BE in the future unless we fight for freedom of speech.  we'll find ourselves, in 20 or 30 years, in a dystopian wonderland where even acknowledging what atheists have termed 'the disease of christianity' will be a criminal offense.

And if these ponderous quantum-physics nutbags have their way, it will be.

We need to all, for the sake of the fact that CHRIST reigns supreme over all heathens and atheists, proclaim the sovereignty of Christ this christmas season with a little bit of malice and hatred in our hearts: for the multiculturalist cabal seeks to strip us of that right.  We should show them, this is a CHRISTIAN time of year.  It's not the birth of Richard 'FAGGOT' Dawkins we are celebrating.  It is the birth of the ONLY way to god's person.  It is a celebration of THE ONLY WAY TO GOD -

That is,


So say Merry Christmas with a little disdain,

Brendan O'Connell
Founder and Member of Domestic Democracy United

Monday, December 2, 2013

I've recently viewed a video of William F. Buckley Jr. interviewing one mr. Saul Alinsky.
In light of this and my previous attempts to indict the Regime on counts of alinskyan criminality, I've decided to rebroadcast this episode of DDU Dialup in order to put some perspective into the subject-as-such.

The horrifying thing about mr. Saul Alinsky is that he seems so cool and convincing in such a way as to lead normal godfearing patriots into essential conceding territory.

This is unfunctional.

The fact is, the ideology of Alinsky and neo-Alinskyan socialists has no place in the U.S.

It is a dangerous strain of political nihilism, and the mere fact of it's existence within our borders undercuts, by it's basic nature, democracy, republicanism and sovereignty.

I hope you enjoy this short video, derived from the NR.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Petty Change: How the Slavish Resentment of Liberals Undercuts Freedom

I'd like to start this short critique of the current climate of liberal malfeasance by contrasting two similar but drastically different emotions:

1) Contempt

2) Resentment

Conservatives have contempt for, look down their nose at, liberals.

Liberals look upward towards the aristocracy, i.e. conservatism, with resentment.

It's a distinction based on much more than class, the master and slave parable, or classical psychology - though all apply.  It's a distinction that can only be understood properly in the judeo-christian context, further, as it relates to freedom as the Founders understood it.

The Founding fathers who fought and died for this country and what it was to become had contempt, a godly emotion, for Hobbesian behaviorism and all that it entailed.  For them the "Nasty, brutish and short" adage of Thomas Hobbes was beyond even mere Nihilism - It was an easy out for a culture that had grown stale and dreary with collectivism-as-such; a way of ignoring that which ultimately gives life meaning i.e. compassion and the sentiments.

Broadly understood, compassion or "mitleid" in german means "caring" or "concern".

I don't mean to be dismissive altogether of such concepts and their hermeneutic underpinnings, however, the word "concern" under Mr. Hussein Obama and his Regime has degenerated - some would say "changed" - from meaningful circumspect idea to an intolerable 'notion'.

Look up the word "notion" in your search engine if you'd like, and you'll see how tragically humorous this really is.  "Notion", as such, hardly signifies a worldview capable of anything even timidly approaching a character capable of contempt.  Notional inclination can only, as per the reformations-as-change proffered by the Regime, bring about resentment or resentement.

Petty change, brought about by slaves.

The fact is, slaves - such as the liberal character precludes inherently - are great at many things...  tilling, social work, activism etc.
One thing a slave, as-per social justice adherents and leaders, is incapable of is leadership.

You simply cannot yield nor wield the reigns of mastership with the petty emotion of resentment.  It's, by virtue of how the existent system of social exchange operates in the objective law, incapable of being above any individual or universal-as-such.  Resentment always looks "upwards".  Contempt always looks "downwards".  If a leader has resentment of anything whatsoever - the free market, the demands of industry, the duties required of them - there cannot exist leadership-as-such.  It would, in this instance, merely be unlawful fascism.

So I shall conclude by saying that those who seek to enact change are by necessity petty resentful slaves, actively engaged in unlawful treason.

...and we all know the punishment for treason.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Liberal Benevolance: Chicago Cartel Targeting The South

The regime, i.e. the Barack Hussein Obama Administration of the moment, is targeting the south in the manner of a criminal cartel targeting a law abiding whistle blower.  They sum up the opposition.  Identify the threat.  Then pretend to be friendly to the target, whom they intend to assasinate, in order to make a mockery of law-in-general.

The threat to state sovereignty has never been more severe.

It is much like that movie with Michael J. Fox, "Mars Attacks".  If you'll remember, the martians proclaim "we come in peace" whilst killing every single patriot they can in the largest numbers possible...

I'm telling you, we are in serious danger from an Alinsky-ite directed criminal cartel, otherwise known as the Regime, trying to proclaim that they like us whilst doing every single fascistic totalitarian covert-op to not only destroy defame and dismember - but to humiliate and ultimately provoke violent and civil disobedient acts against repubs, self proclaimed conservo's and especially tea party patriots that they can ultimately muster.  It is not only inherently criminal as-per Alinsky, but ultimately a massively complex con-job being pulled off by a multi-culturalist social justice Regime elected by academic dullards and indoctrinated scholarly ubermenches of such a character that only passages from the bible describing Satan's treachery and malice can adequately address sufficiently just how corrupt the fruit of this Kenyan's criminal cartel is.

The fact is, a Muslim Regime is controlling the former U.S.A. - doubt me?


The "Hussein" - trained in Alinsky, protest activism, and evolutionary eugenics' "intellectualism", has mandated an all out "Mars Attacks" approach to the now universally recognized right wing heroism that permeates all red states in Moscow America.

"we come in peace"
They are now currently proclaiming -

They are doing every single thing possible, the regime of Mr. Hussein, to assault literally and metaphorically the profoundly prescient right wing of the Soviet State of America.  Yet no one realizes the deviant subversion.
No one profoundly can counter these physical and spiritual assaults on sovereignty.

Why not?

I'll tell you why.

Because we let - WE ALLOWED - the evolutionary idiots to take hold of our indoctrination centers (what we used to refer to as {I know it's a quaint term} "schools".
Because we ALLOWED, due to 'moderate ideology', evolution to be taught as anything other than a deviant misuse of intellectual sophistry and dull childlike adherence to obsolesced ideology and evil spiritual prowess.


- "yeh, so even attempting to type this caused numerous incursions into my private ability to write at the moment, signifying that collectivism-as-such (as I have defined) is so overwhelmingly part of the former U.S.'s mechanism that no sovereign authority is even possible-as-such.  The regime thinks there will be no backlash to this type of abuse of power etc. etc.  I would strongly urge them to back down for the sake of their children.  WE KNOW WHAT YR DOING.  I'M WARNING YOU NOW - STOP OR THE REPUB PARTY WILL ENACT REVENGE."

Brendan O'Connell DDU founder and member -

(based on the fact that evolution has disallowed creationism/intelligent design from even existing-as-such)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

91.5 Million Not Working: Distorted Unemployment Numbers Giving Publik a False Impression

According to today's broadcast on Rush Radio, the numbers given for unemployment preceding the 2012 POTUS election, 7.8 % unemployment, were not only bogus but part of a presidential bid by the regime that had decided to "do whatever it takes" to win the election.  The real number of unemployed, around 91 million people (just now becoming publik), has been ignored in favor of "adjusted" numbers.  The census bureau has now publicly stated that the numbers given for unemployment are a distortion of the fact of 91.5 million unemployed, and that the "non-job seeking unemployed" loophole is hiding the real and dreadful facts about the depth of unemployment nationally.

This issue is rife with comment, so I'll merely state that DDU believes that a healthy unemployment rate is an important part of a functioning economy.  You can't have 100 percent employment, and those who are not working often play a vital role in a culture, society, and civilization.  However, if it is true that the unemployment numbers were manipulated in 2012 to present a rosier picture of our economy than was factual it is, indeed, a dire shame.  Republican's, as part of our differance with ideology, do not manipulate and cherry pick data in order to present a false narrative.  We feel strongly about our religion, our truth, our philosophy - and we stick to our guns and fight fairly.  The left, though rarely recognized, is hardly as altruistic...
This is a major tactical difference in the two parties.
One, the Democrat party - feels it okay to "take refuge in ideology"...
The other, the Republican Party, can hardly make time to address all the slander and misrepresentations leveled at it, and rarely does due to the right's dedication and commitment to Honor.
The Democract Party feels no compunction facilitating unions to usher voters into the voter booth.
On the opposite side of the coin, Republicans make arguments based on their intrinsic merit, and don't compromise with organized labor.

The Democrat party seems to, as today's breaking news indicates, feel that adjusting the unemployment numbers and lying about the state of the economy is all a perfectly acceptable "means to an end".

The Repub heritage would never sink so low...

The fact remains, near 100 million U.S. citizens unemployed!
And those mongrels up in capitol hill persist on opening up the borders for floods of immigrants to just wash into our country and take our jobs.  They want to offer a pathway to the american dream...

For illegal immigrants who are currently, in massive proportions all throughout our states and country, taking jobs and, more importantly, pay out of honest American native's hands.  Cheap labor at the cost of John Q. Public's financial independence.  91.5 million out of work...  how many illegal immigrants are there in the former U.S.A.?  I'd say it's a safe wager that many or more!!!  100 million is around how many people will lose their health insurance under obamacare!

That's not penuts folks -  that's a symptom of a major problem.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Medicalization of Deviance and Obamacare: A Dangerous Certainty

The medicalization of deviance is a complex theory regarding how and why the healthcare system is used to promote the reformation of deviants and deviance-as-such, so obviously I will be unable to address all of the various schools of thought on this subject adequately.  However, it's more than probable that this medicalization of deviance-as-such will increase in it's use and abuse under the new Obamacare psuedo-law that the regime has engineered as it's lone gift to U.S. history for generations to come.
It was once said, you don't have to be president-for-life if you can create a bureaucracy-for-life.

The impact on young children of this bureaucracy in particular is a fairly tragic result of creating nationalized healthcare and positing it's mission, health, as a law of sorts.

Young children of school age who "act out" will surely be the victims of the boomers lack of foresight in regards to Obamacare.  The will be medicalized with the efficiency, transparency, and culpability we've come to expect from the Regime.  They will certainly be considered deviant for daring to question the now atheist oriented school system, and will likely be ingested by the "system-as-such".

It is a crying shame.

Obamacare will only increase this brash misuse of authority, and certainly make the America we all remember, over the course of a generation or so, an impossibility to exist-as-such.  Say goodbye to apple pie...

Say hello to the psych ward.

We all know that one friend of ours that has "problems".
We sympathize with their plight, but not so much as to care-as-such when they become drowned in the healthcare system's bile and undigested material. 
We love them, but we hope they will get the "help" they need.
We think of them with empathy, yet give little heed to their rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

In the collectivist legislation that is the Affordable Healthcare Act, we can see that individual rights - such as the right to deny care or treatment - go down the drain.  Now, if you don't sig heil the new Socialist States of America - you will likely become one of those poor souls in dire need of "fixing".

In a final note on this short segment, I'd like to pull the rug out from under the "Compassion" that is posited blithely as the underpinning of Obamacare.  
Who hasn't heard some neo-progressive say something to the effect of - "The overweight, smokers, disabled, etc. are costing ME money!  They are (something to the effect of) a burden on the 'system'.  We need Obamacare because 'those ones' are weighing down the entire medical establishment."

I've heard it at least five times in casual conversation...
It's an uncompromisingly scary worldview.  It will, most likely, lead to the execution of undesirables through the medical system at some point in U.S. history.
And it is, unequivocally, not compassionate.  Not sympathetic.

I'll perhaps give that sentiment the title of "empathetic", but keep in mind that's just "pathetic" with a couple of letters before it.

The founders and, yea- their entire generation of courage and genius, must surely be turning in their graves....


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daily Show on Obamacare: "They Can't Spin This Turd"

Single payer, government run healthcare has been what was getting sold to the U.S.A. in the Affordable Healthcare Act the entire time, it's now being revealed.  None of that "just a little regulation" nonsense that was being spouted about for the last several years.  Full on, government run, healthcare - single payer - is the final result of the bastard of a bill that was the Affordable Care Act.  There's a little truth -

- You will pay, handsomely, for Obamacare -

The fact that no one discerned this previously only highlights the low information voter base's lack of readily available foresight.  We warned them.

They didn't care.

Now, after it has become public that the Affordable Care Act legislation is not only unaffordable but a total disaster, people are becoming aware that - "Woah, this is gonna be a major pain in the ass...".  Substantially, the obamacare project makes Hippocrates the reigning ruler of U.S. spirituality rather than Christ.  It creates a leader class of those who have taken this "hippocratic oathe" and lead's us into a hellworld where dentist-type "health" becomes a little more than that annoying thing we hate about having to keep up with the jones's.  It makes the dentist the LAW!

So, anyhow, the big news is thus:  Low info voter hangout cult leader John Stewart, host of the Daily Show, has now called Obamacare out for what it is... a total mess.

Last night on the daily show, Mr. John Stewart noted in regards to Obamacare that "They can't spin this turd".  All too true unfortunately.

The fact is, now that obamacare has become a reality, the masses of publik people in the U.S. have gradually come to realize that Obamacare is as Stewart described: a turd.

A turd that will cost you, potentially, 13% of your income.

All so you can have a dentist dictate the law for the rest of U.S. history!

One thing to note before I come to another forthright conclusion:

Do you like the solace of a hearth and glass of Burbon?

Do you occasionally take slightly more of your medication than prescribed?

Do you, upon a rare moon, go a bit hayware?

With obamacare, prepare to be demonized by the incompetent.  Prepare to be marginalized for having a good time.  Prepare to be called crazy for doing anything out of the ordinary - by marxists...

You know, for a long time the republican party has been thought of in the collective zeitgeist as the party of stingy, uncaring old people.

Get ready, in the next 10 years, for that to change dramatically.

The fact is, as per Alex Jones, the republican party is increasingly gaining traction as a countercultural icon - keeping the country free from fascism.

But the cold fact remains...

Obamacare IS fascism ~

DDU 2013



Monday, October 14, 2013

Obamacare/Gov. Shutdown Fiasco: Why the U.S. Needs Conservatism

The government of the United States has shut down and the new Obamacare legislation is now officially going into effect.  A grim shadow is cast over this eastern portion of the U.S., and people huddle en masse upon their television screens in hope of some idea of what's going on in the world...  there is nothing but the lamestream narrative of liberal ideology.  The poor people, salt of the earth, limp wakefully into their locale's and offices for the drink.  Children plot on to school in need of reformations for their minds and souls.

Underneath the presumably cheerful surface lies a grim realization...

Obama is positing an unaffordable encroachment into our homes with his affordable care act legislation.

The government shutdown, the result of Obama and his regime's countless anti-individualist attempts at subverting the will of the publik, has taken it's toll on the unfortunate reality television watchers and mindless academic dullards.  Where to find hope?

Where to find the so-called "Change"?

The first reports of elderly veterans storming a memorial in washington seemed glib.

Poor veterns...

But why storm a memorial in D.C.?

The idea of your infrastructure shutting down only undercuts the worry of the gov. shutdown proper.  What about terrorism?  What about the idea that without the N.S.A., F.B.I., and C.I.A. operating there is the increased likelyhood of a terrorist attack?  What about the fact that with this Government shutdown there will be increased crime and violence?

What about the chance of a massive nuclear strike from one of our enemies in the world now that our gov. shutdown is known publicly worldwide?

I don't know, but I do know one thing...

We should all pray for peace in the U.S.

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DDU 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DDU Founder Brendan O'Connell "Engaged to be Married"

Just a real quick note to my readers that despite the regime and commie conspiracy's attempts to destroy my capability for success through whatever means necessary, I have recently become engaged to a nice young lady of the south and am currently undergoing a conversion process to become fully catholic like my role model William F. Buckley Jr.

I can't say it'll be easy, and have - in the past - regarded myself as protestant in my interpretation of the bible etc.  but I can say through the past year attending sacred heart cathedral in raleigh that I have learned to have a substance of my faith and hope to pursue a final baptism into the faith thus bringing my heart closer to the king of kings.

It is, I should say to my young readers, only by virtue of my conservative christianity that I came to find the women of my dreams and I urge all young men confused about the old question of "what to do" to consider proclaiming the virtue of faith in order that one might find a woman with similar inclinations.... it just works, and when it works - it's something special.

Thanks for sticking with Politalk, those who continue to turn here for whatever sake that they might.

It should now become able, through the conversion of myself - Brendan Hooker O'Connell - into a proper southern gentleman in the traditions of those fathers and keepers of the faith that we all hold so dear, to pursue in individualism a more respectful and ultimately honorable discourse.

I ask that you pray for a successful marraige and, especially if you have a moment, for those lowly resentful urchins of the left who so surround my love to not succeed in destroying this forthcomming faithful union between my louisiana born fiance.  IT could happen.  Pray that it won't.

Please - I need your help.

On another note, I've done a bit of thinking about how a man can, as a christian, put god before women.  How one can learn to truly love the Almighty Jehovah more than the woman, for it is He who created the heavens and the earth and the stars and the moon and all the be in the world.  How can we?

I tell you by seeking to proclaim Truth rather than lustful deceit.

I tell you by being a Man of Faith, rather than a gruesome parable of passive malignancy.

I tell you...

One may worship the almighty truly in the highest and most truthfully absolute way by reaching toward the cross -

...rather than the fuzzy handcuffs.

By reaching for the bible,
rather than preaching a subverted paternalism to a choir of one.

...by, ultimately, being more and more - everyday - moved towards acts of joy and kindness toward god by virtue of your lover, for god indwells in each participant of a union of love.

My lover is the most shimmering star in a bucket full of sky, and were it not for her encouragement and godly guidance by way of a womans reproach, I would surely be a far lesser man in sight of Jah.  Jah see's all things - and by Jehovah the son and the holy spirit he has given me a great gift due to my Grace and ardent work.

Now just give me time to learn to read metaphorically.


*POLITALK THE MOVIE* Now in production.

Monday, September 30, 2013

NC's Voter ID Legislation prompts Justice Department Lawsuit

During the last presidential election, Philadelphia - in fact - changed it's laws to require potential voters to have a state mandated driver's license or I.D.  The central government allowed this change, however - only after the election had been held.

Now, due to it's leading role in conservative politik, North Carolina has been targeted by the regime - specifically the Justice Department - for attempting the sensible imposition of voter I.D. laws.  Much has been made on the left about the travesty of justice that is basically preventing voter fraud.  I would have to assume it is due to the sociological slant of this administration that the numbers on whom is less likely to vote should an I.D. card be required at the polls are proffered as discriminatory.

Farcical sophomoric idealism has no place in the unequivocally legitimate use of state mandated identification cards for verification that voter's rights aren't being quashed.  Let's break this line of tyrannical logic down:

1) NC (according to the NY TIMES) is a stain on all intellectual people's civilized discourse.
2) NC is discriminatory, intrinsically.
3) Studies show that poor blacks and ethnics are hindered by voter I.D. laws.
4) NC is rascist by enacting these laws.
5) Action must be taken by big gov'ment to stop these, apparently, liable actions of a sovereign state.

It's like my young, pretty, liberal Sociology went from dissertation to the wheel of Big Gov'ment.  From sociology textbook to application in government.  They can't be serious.

I will make this short, as obviously I'm peeved in a way at the moment.

The objective fact of voter's rights follows:

1) Civilians have the right to elect representatives in government.
2) This election process must be a legitimately lawful practice.
3) Voter I.D. laws such as those in Philadelphia and NC prevent voter fraud.
4) The fact that the poor are less likely to vote under these laws is, irrevocably and absolutely, an effect of keeping the law in order rather than a cause of the intentionality of the legislation.
5) i.e. Philadelphia's laws.
6) The tampering in the affairs of these sovereign state's attempts to enact reform at the polls indicates a far more problematic intent.  An intent to intimidate and manipulate state's into being more prone to election fraud.

The constitution clearly limits the powers of the Federal Government.

This act by the Administration's Justice Department are, as such, unconstitutional.

Wrapping up, here is a quote from serious *snigger* constitutional scholar, Barack Obama:

"What the framework of our Constitution can do is organize the way by which we argue about our future.  All of it's elaborate machinery - its separation of powers and checks and balances and federalist principles and Bill of Rights - are designed to force us into a conversation, a deliberative democracy in which all citizens are required to engage in a process of test their idea's against an external reality, persuading others of their point, building shifting alliances of consent.  Because power is so diffuse, the process of making law in America compels us to entertain the possibility that we are not always right... it challenges us to examine our motives and our interests constantly, and suggests that both our individual and collective judgements are at once legitimate and highly fallible."

- Barack Hussein Obama

I digress.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Service of Morality: Why Service Matters

Many young and brash counter-culturalists discount service.  Many see it as a form of conformity and laughable obedience.  Many of these students, and non-students, don't realize that this anti-service ethic is merely a form of what is known as resentement.  I'd suppose this never occurs to them due to the near universal and absolute rejection of philosophyand Tradition-as-such results in a sort of pathology that is hardly compassionate, though they espouse justice for the lower classes, nearly devoid of sympathy-as-such, yet they proclaim the virtues of love, and completely lacking pathe, or sufferings.

To suffer means to have emotional experience, in classical and modern senses of the word.

To suffer is to be human.

Yet the meaning of suffering is all but devoid of prescience in this notably ugly ideological adherence to the ethic of repulsion to service-as-such.

Service, in a pragmatic context, signifies giving back to the world, giving back to the foundation upon which one is capable of excelling, and in a basic sense giving back to our communities.  It is not extolling some blind ideological paradigmatic farce.  It is surely not the raised fist.  It cannot be espousal and whining.

Service-as-such is simply believing in, adhering to, and gracing with actuality the meaning of another humans emotional existence.  It is knowing that no matter what, other's have emotional integrity as members of civilization and recognizing our duty to evangelism and care-as-such.  It is probable that anti-service ethics is merely a form of rejecting, due to resentement, the substance and regard that all of a certain character believe to be the basis of Being-In-The-World.

I'll ignore the origins of this use of dashes and german translation for now,
However, service matters due to the fact that all people depend, in an independent and individualistic sense, on each other for our most salient necessities.  We depend on the grocer's service for basic nutrition.  They depend on their employer and the customer for the return on their service.  The employer relies on, and serves, bothe the customer and the grocer for his sustained activities in the market and, ultimately, the government depends on the corporation for it's very capability for to serve it's constituency.

As I once quipped to a friend, the constitution of constituents of the community constitutes the constituency-

So how much of service is going above and beyond the role of the market?

In a sort of hard sense one could say that it really has nothing to do with a call to do something extra, beyond the call of duty.  It is merely the function of an Adam Smithian invisible hand, the functionality of enterprise and capitalism.

...in a soft  meaning, service could be construed as, by it's nature, going to lengths and measures for the call of duty-as-such, beyond what is merely required and demanded of oneself.

I would say, in this final passage on service (which by the way is inspired by an altogether North Carolinian take on service during this day of our lord, 9/11. presented by local media) I would say that service matters because putting others before oneself indicates the concept developed during the enlightenment and key part of the founding of our country known as compassion-as-such.

DDU 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Txting from the Capitol City

It's 7:45 pn this beautiful monday morning in North Carolina's capitol city, Raleigh ,=.  The mood here is vigilant and life affirming as a multitude of city folk return to work after a jubilant weekend.  The sun is rising on this fair city, and though sparse in spirit, Raleigh seems to be doing her duty - the heart of town, the heart of the city, the heart of our State is truly a wonder to perceive.

I'm currently texting from my phone, and cars skirt by this lonely island near NC State campus in a fire-brand of grace and living-as-freedom.  Birds chirp jovially, christians whisper the truths of their master, and folks become and be the truth of this fine city.  I say truth, but merely mean the actuality of a monday morning in the midst of the final return of the year.  God's truth.

There is much feeling of joy, much sentiment of patriotism, and much grit of the american spirit so enumerated by our southern lights on the hilltops.  The peaks of excellence are so unencumbered by mediocrity and subservience that even a chicken hawk clucks in the back of the yard.

Women get theirs.  Men get women, and industry keeps the getting going good.

The state's republican house, committee, and official offices are mere strides away from my current porchfront location.  Everything is set, locked and loaded for an eventual return to the source.  The source?

The source is an entity that bequeathes unto all the truth of the Lord and Savior.  Life flourishing...

The bell at the Baptist church up the street chimes-   the dawn contin
ues to rip folks awake and throw them into the tide of circumstance.  Slats clap and signal industry's bold commupance.  The fences at the nearby hotel glimmer with golden hue.  Cars continue the endless promenade.  The YMCA, next to which I am located, sits
 in silence...  The first day the children at their summercamp return to school.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dubious Intent: Why The Left is Caving on Homeland Security

The ideologies of France are well known by some on the Right - in terms of Rousseauian Liberty-as-such and the Po Mo ideology of subjectivism.  What is not so well known, were the root intents of these authors - as such - the same goes for the recent Administry's decision to do anything from appointing case defenders to terrorists to the same transparency promised in the '12 U.S. Election.

The intent of this 'transparency' may be good hearted.

The intent of going public with specific apparatus' of Homeland Security may be a necessity.

But, the intent of Obama's administry leaking it's own Security details may prove fatal...

The left, though promulgating the rumor that Barack Obama had to make decisions he wouldn't have made before after learning the secrets of the Oval Office thus undoing many of the things he promised during his two campaigns, has been on the offensive regarding many Security issues for quite some time already.
Though the Regime states it's commitment to transparency, tranparency-of-intent is of far more consequence than pragmatic transparency.  The intent of this administration is to stick up for terrorists.  To stick up for immigrants.  To stick up for the lie of pinkslips for patriots.

We shouldn't allow not only the torrents of immigrants to learn anything about Homeland Security, but ultimately, we shouldn't allow the terrorists to learn of these details, now leaked by mainstream media, either.

The dangerous intent of do-gooders may seem plausable to some - but to others, and of the platform of DDU, it is a brash mistake unless transparency-of-intent is made the lone historical mark of this Administry.
It may seem foolish, but transparency-as-such can be a dubiously rendered strategy in the war on terror.

Let's send Washington a message!


Friday, August 9, 2013

G.O.P. Insists on Courting the Hispanic Vote Despite Vigorous Protest

According to one source in the house on the Democrat side, there are - apparently - 40 to 50 republicans who will vote in favor of legislation for amnesty for illegal immigrants, a pathway to citizenship for Mexicans, and who feel it is a good idea to acquiesce to the now massively overwhelming hispanic vote in the U.S.  The narrative for the Republican party is apparently entrenched - they will court the hispanic vote, and forward the legislation voted down in the Senate in the U.S. House.

Despite the supplication of the Senate to it's base on this issue, still, House repubs insist on allying themselves with the Rubio-republicans, feeling little or no remorse for giving up the traditions of the powerhouse that Reagan republicanism inhered upon the nation in the 1980's.  They feel no danger of loosing their seats should they pursue this legislation that is ultimately merely an assumed necessity - that is, to court the hispanic vote in lue of their massive population increase within the past decade.

This is a mistake, and one that - owing to the tea party victories in 2010 - could cost many a representative their seat...

The fact is, not only does pursuing the espanola-tounged vote alienate the base of loyal protestant conservative republicans, but it is an all to easily understood failing strategy.  The hard fact of the matter is, despite the hispanic Pope's conservative bent - ethnics still and always have voted almost down the line for liberal causes!  There is no point, despite number crunchers for the G.O.P.'s assurances to the contrary, in attempting to even address the Mexican immigrant population apart from condemning their illegality.

How is it that so many Mexican's thrive so ardently in the U.S.?

A little known fact:  The illegal Marijuana industry.

We shouldn't allow these beasts to dethrone the sovereignty of our party on the basis of raw numbers and facts.

We, as a party - tea or otherwise - should lead from the gut.  A gut, and heart, that stays true to the republican ideals of National sovereignty and the traditions of Western Civilization proper.

Brendan O'Connell

Monday, August 5, 2013

Terror Alert "Red" in U.S. due to Islamic "Chatter"

The news splayed all over the wealthy news bastards television screens on this day of our lord is that U.S. intelligence is gathering evidence that there is the potentiality of an imminent threat to security domestically and abroad.  Something along the lines of "the chatter is of kin to that which preceeded 9/11".  The scariest thing of all, however, is that whilst proclaiming the security breaches of snowden, manning and ilks' threat to security, they are signalling in all avenues of media their open hand in a dangerous game of poker.  A game that requires the finesse of conservatism, and a game that the lib humanist cult shows a glaring ineptness at playing adequately.

Yes, snowden coming forth with insider info about the sick game of, according to the wall street journal today, (paraphrase) "using spyware and trojans as per hackers to infiltrate cell phones and computers to turn them into wireless microphones used for mass surveillance" is the problem.

Conjuring the clown of media to dance in horror at a legitimate terror threat isn't a problem at all.

In fact, that's the only responsible course of action for an administration that relies on the media for it's framing of subjectivist "truth".

Irony is less than apropos.

Let's follow the train of morality here:

Snowden and Manning = leaking info that could result in loss of life due to security breaches.
Lamestream Media = Perfect for disseminating info about the current muslim terror threat.
Public = responsible for disavowing leakers.
Government = leaking SERIOUS security risks directly to CNN and ilk.
Terrorists = probably not literate enough to really figure out meaningful inner workings of security apparatus' from some far removed wiki-something-or-other.
Islam = can easily watch CNN and ilk or watch reporting garnered from CNN and ilk.

Barack Hussein Obama - you can trust one thing... he's really intelligent.  He knows what he's doing.  He would never commit a major break in protocol due to being in dire need of good ole' FEAR ON A SUNDAY.  He knows what's best, and that is to completely misappropriate responsible moral discernment.

Give me a break!
If Manning is really anything other than superman, and snowden is anything less than heroic - at least hold your cards close to your chest in the event of an imminent threat.  It's really the only thing a gov'ment could do in these circumstances to lend credibility for persecuting Bradley Manning.

I forgot, no every tom jill and jane jihad knows exactly what they need to to pull of another terror attack simply by watching CNN and ilk...  how silly of me.

George W. Bush in his "Decision Points" autobiography makes an important point:

and it runs thus:

"Fear is forgetting."

I can still remember the fear of 9/11.  I can still remember the negligence that led to two russian-ethnic muslim students slipping through the cracks of the Obamacare reality show.  I can still remember an islamist psychiatrist being allowed to not only reap upon poor troops who, by the way, none of whom have PTSD, but to attack them with heavy weaponry.  I can still remember the REAL cause of newtown - the eerie warrantless wiretapping of the mentally ill and right wing.

I can still remember...

But all they want in D.C. is to demean the majesty of innocence-as-such.
All they want is more of the same evolutionary "change".
They forget responsibility.

DDU 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

DDU and Publik's Calls for Transparency Heeded

I was right again, ahead of the curve again, and leading the charge on the issue of gov'ment transparency regarding warrant-less wiretapping the whole way.  Scoffers remain silent, we prefer it that way.

Off the wire today:

"It is worth having a debate over whether there is a better way to do it.  Our goal is to get out as much information as we can to provide as much transparency as we can on this."
-Gen. Cole Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Publik outcry against the so-called "phone record collection operation" has grown to such a roar that the dullard's in D.C. are growing less and less capable of ignoring the calls for accountability and oversight.  Queen Pelosi has been a proponent of this and other program's, such as wiretapping non-u.s. citizens abroad, necessity.  Misses Pelosi only reveals the liberal commitment to an ungodly Orwellian world where responsible oversight and public involvement are rendered mute in her opposition to the recently proposed Amash Amendment in the house.  This Amash amendment sought to end altogether the travesty of justice that is the en masse 'collection' of "phone records".  Voted down, 217-205, and lead to do so by neo-stazi Queen Pelosi - this amendment would have put a real pathway to stopping big gov'ment agencies from mining rural god-fearing american's private lives for god knows what ends.

Bush knew how to do security.

To see these whiny liberal communist muslim-lovers espouse the importance of national security is almost sickeningly farcical, and the left knows it...

It is almost a farce, except for the, you know, intrinsic fascism of hard left commies with their hands on the wheel of power.  I wish, jokingly, that this were something worthy of a joke - but it is not.  It is, de facto, a leftist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

Without a hint of Irony, Queen Pelosi noted (regarding the Amash amendment):

"I was glad it was a big strong vote to send a message..."

Yes main fuhrer, I'm so happy that we can send a message through das big and das strong voten for WIRETAPPING NON-U.S. CITIZENS CELLULAR PHONES.

And the liberal communist cabal on the left side of the aisle decries the injustice of american exceptionalism!

I call for all advocates of democracy and republicanism to send D.C. a message:


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big District ole' Columbia Targeting Jewish 1 %: Stifling Economy with Redistributionism

Everyone in the know knows that they know that those who know about in-the-know knowledge and wisdom are simply, without a shadow of humility or spirit, members of a monolithic corporate entity.  They know that they know - but do these in-the-know proponents of anti-free market resentement know that they fail, without an inkling of recognition regarding the order-as-such, at the level of intuition?

I've heard a decidedly wisen'd adagio from a particularly scientific culturallati one of the classic "will never forget this even on my deathbed" catch-alls of the times:  Never trust your first thought.  It is wrongheaded to trust the first primordial inkling of an individuals will.  Why?  I can't imagine, but speculate idly that this sort of evo-revolution typed adagio seeks simply to circumvent the firmament of conscience with a laughably effete "consciousness-as-such".

This evolution of consciousness-as-such is beyond the realm of laughable studied sophistry.  It is dangerous.

Take this learned-speak culturallati's grand wizard, B. Hussein 'Bama himself (none other) now overwhelmingly anti-semitic attacks on the jewish constituency of the 1%.  A little known fact, ripped from annals of USA Today's Money page - rendered in indeterminacy and made determinate through pic after picture of men with Jewish surnames being hauled off by shadowy agencies of that dark city of D.C.

Why persecute the jews?  The Jewish movers and shakers on wallstreet?

Because the ole 'Bama D.C. culturallati are married to implicit anti-semetism, anti-methodist/baptism proper, and anti-free market policy and, obviously, rhetoric.  Recall all of the vitriol spouted from a nihilist D.C. propagandist to the cold glaring telemprompter and recapitulated to a herd of low info voters in '12...
Recall all the classico-populist waxing and waning about the 'virtue' of middle class anti-morality.
Recall the venomous name calling toward the 1%.
Recall the implicit and even partly 'transparently rendered' redistributionism, class warfar, and detroit style black militancy.

Now forget all that.

Forget the fear you may have felt.

Forget the thoughts of resentment envy and upward contempt.

Now remember 9/11.

Those same "fat-cat" 1%er industrialist and economic players are, in fact, who were moatly murdered in that event.

Those same "rich jews" were among the fallen.

That same system which Barack Hussein O'Bama is now attacking with all shields down and all swords raised - that same system was the basis of the sacrifice of intervention in the middle east.  But I'm goin too far here.  I raise not the ire nor recompense in popular zeitgeist - I simply note for god and all eternity that the verifiable anti-semetism of this admin and crony cretin and yae- his counterparts on the terrorist left are one thing:

Prototypical of muslim ideology.
Classically committed, via NASA, to muslim numerology - and, yea:
Probably, in all reality, a con job pulled off by the muslim brotherhood as revenge for the response, dire and dear to me, to 9/11.

If this sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory, just think of what was said about Mitt and Anne Romney on lamestream news networks and hushed wispers...  They're not really people.  They're just puppets for capitalism.

Well, I wouldn't go so far as to call this admin and crony thug cabal neomarxist or islamic...

but their constituents, sold into slavery by the D.E.M. (democrat establishment machine) are basically subconsciously bothe marxist and islamic in ideological warrant.

and their actions against the Jewish 1% are prototypical of neo-marxism and islamic intent.

all the whil,

their wit intrinsic remains classically both subversive in a marxist/communism/socialist sense -


Committed, unequivocally (for diplomatic teleology or reasons unforseen) to classico-islamic ideology.



But DDU head honch and founder is sending a warning and call to all available born-again christians...

"the IS, unfortunately, the objective possibility that Obama and his crony's and their disciples are a con job staged by the muslim brotherhood as revenge for our, dire and dear, reaction to 9/11.  Trouble not your imagination.  Waste not a breathe...  Discount as conspiracy theorizing.  TY"

-Brendan O'Connell of Domestic Democracy United

The year of our lord, 2013 on sundey the 28th of july.

-final fact-

In france, openly jewish semites risk being k-i-l-l-e-d for wearing jewish garb in publik.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

NC Issues Major Tax Overhaul: Administration, House and Senate all concur: "Historic"

I'd like to begin my brief exposition by stating the following:

"Tax cuts are important."

"Tax cuts are existential."

"These tax cuts, in my native state NC, are undoubtedly a historic shift in principles."

Why, on the subject of something as basically economic as taxes, would slight, quote, 'savings' be historic?  Why would saving approximately 80 dollars a year, as is the case for most in North Carolina's Tax Overhaul, to roughly several thousand for the 10 percent - Why, presumably for most, would we as a state be incapable of sensing the historicity of this shift in priorities via taxation?

Why would this tax cut be, in an acute way, and existential undertaking?

The answer: Due to economics and philosophy's basis in the real world of matter and circumstances, a simple and notably slight decrease in taxation amounts to the realization of ethics-in-form.

Ethics-in-form and, nothing unrestrained, savings for real human beings translates into - en masse - freedom.

Freedom from collectivism.

William F. Buckley Jr. makes the case in his ethic of action-directed typography that is "God and Man at Yale" the case that taxation is, per collectivism, a form of proto-marxism.

Prototypical of collectivistic endeavors to rob freedom of it's determinate formation in the granite of time and pomp.  A good prototype of what WE, as Americans, were FLEEING FROM in the 1700's. I.E. - the kingdom tax collector, knocking on doors, identifying economic circumstance, and skimming money off the top of men and women alikes brows... Inside the guts of the deal are linquistic formulations that limit government explicitly and implicitly, overtly and covertly, for itself and in itself.

Taxation IS - De Facto - Collectivism.
Taxation IS - De Facto - State identifying economic circumstance
Taxation IS - De Facto - ignoble.

A DEM said in response to the cuts something along the lines of, "b-b-but funding for state programs will be unable to... to - to extend their reach to as many folks."

I say, I bloody well hope so.

Existentially, everyday North Carolinians will inevitably be on a golden-hued stairway towards living - once agin - in a true democracy-as-such, back to our republic.

Domestic Democracy United supports Gov. McCrory in his decision to make tax cuts his salient, prescient, and (if you've seen him lately) slightly long haired course-toward-freedom in NC's districts, communities, and churches.  I say, let them eat cake -

If only Washington D.C. would let them have it.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Obama on Zimmerman: :Trayvon "would look like his son if he had one" : : Officially endorses Communism

Not that it is at all telling for a President who is known to be a socialist to endorse communism in his explicitly attested "spirit", however -

Barack Obama has likened, schizophrenically enough, the son he "would have had" or some such delusion to have "looked like travon";  hence, irrevocably revoking his commitment to christian spirit.
Trayvon's type, a gangbanger, would have hardly have believed in and worshiped the lord....

Devil worship is, undoubtedly, a central tenant of gang culture.  They very often espouse the virtues of the "Grim Reaper", explicitly.  Think of the last grim reaper picture from an early nineties gangsta rap album if you will.  It's a specific part of the communist conspiracy, which is in today's age explicitly - gang crime.

The italian mob, the irish mob, the whatever the hell else mob are forms of communism.  They are not, even far from being examples of lack of commitment to the U.S., committed to the lord our savior or it's foundation in sovereignty.  They ARE the arm of the commie conspiracy.

...And by Mr. Hussein and his regime endorsing and backing this young disciple of not merely rap/club/urban culture but "gang-culture-as-such", their credentials as defender's of liberty, the eternal order, and yea justice itself is dethroned officially.  Recognized officially as communism.

Not surprising coming from a lawyer for the touchy subject of Acorn.

They were shut down in late-2000's for illegally traffiking underage sexual slaves.

But you won't find that in annals of time, the 'village voice" and their representatives within the now direly substance void psycho-sphere.

All you'll find is, depending on your district, the liberal hoarde shoving a hoarde of liberals throats with lies.

Obfuscation was never a strength of the jounralism of yonder lore,

Yet the truth of jesus is gone from the public narrative.

In it's place, by dictates from the right, is the language of tyranny.  The shackles of class warfare from the 99 percent.  The resentement of the sub- and proto- slaves under the spell of ideology.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sarah Palin Says on Hannity: "Snowden is Not The Problem, The Government is the Problem."

Recently I was fortunate to hear a timely broadcast from Tea Party leader Sarah Palin during the long commute from Raleigh NC to the country.  In it she said a number of things that were shocking, well pointed and said eloquently despite the media's presentation of her as a conservative bimbo, and all to prescient for the republican party as such.

Among the statements from Sarah Palin this week:


"While not my first choice, we should create a third party - a 'freedom party' - if the republican party continues to fail it's constituency."

"I was happy that in 2010 and 2012 I was able to lend credence to and get elected many tea party candidates simply by endorsing them,  I feel fortunate to be in that position."

"Cocktail party republicans are just as bad as democrats."

"Edward Snowden is the not the problem, the government is the problem with its unconstitutional wiretapping."

These were all startling admissions from who, in my opinion second only to Michelle Bachmann, is the leading voice of the Tea Party.

I should note that I would not so blithely regurgitate some paraphrases from a radio broadcast were it not for just how prescient these remarks are.  Amongst other things, they solidly showed her dedication to being a rogue voice for the path to Liberty in America.  This path is, decidedly and oddly enough, being ignored by the R.I.N.O.'s and the fascist regime of Mr. Hussein Obama.  Why they are deciding to, as Bachmann said on Glenn Beck this week, literally destroy the republican party through this "pathway to citizenship" malarkey for Hispanics is beyond comprehension to this countryboy conserve.  It's a fact that should the Gang of Eight succeed, the republican party will be in roughshod position for potentially the rest of history!

But yes, yes... the dirty word: Snowden.

I think many repubs and dems are, by way of the growingly odd American collectivist mindset, compelled to disavow Snowden out of some growing compulsion toward fascism.  Those who decried the FEMA Camp-danger are quickly, in many's opinion, are being proven to be anything other than kooks and as is often leveled at these types, far from dystopian-minded fanatics.

The fact is, the - let's just say "air quality" in the former U.S.A. is probably on par with about the atmosphere preceeding the execution of "unemployables and the mentally ill" during the holocaust.

I'm not saying we're in imminent danger, but accountability and transparency on governmental fail-safe's for these types of eventualities is, in the opin' of Domestic Democracy United, probably the most important topic for open discussion in avenues of public communications.  Why?  Well, because when Christianity, Philosophy, Liberty, Autonomy, Sovereignty etc. are literally expelled from the former U.S.'s veins upon recognition by the Demonic spirit of the times, then you can see how everything can snowball quickly should the bomb hit.

I say this with due knowledge of the lack of respectability this position entails...

But think of it.

The public almost universally barked in unison:




I would like to, as my superpac/non-profit foundation Domestic Democracy United's head, like to make some brief statements of position regarding the controversy of Snowden and leaker's etc.

1) Snowden is not the problem, lack of transparency is.  I recall Mr. Hussein Obama - pre "Dronekiller War Lord" era presidential leadership, speaking and indeed getting elected on the promise of "transparency".  Many acknowledge this as say - well, he went from everyday guy to knowing all of the secrets of the oval office and realized... you, know.  This may well be the case, but he was elected with an important part of his platform dedicated to "transparency".  If the government would end this Obamacare reality show and just talk openly about facts, there would be no need to leak anything.  THIS would put an end to leakers feeling compelled to share government secrets alone and in itself.  I understand this is idealistic, but now that our enemies knowe - can't at least WE?

2) Most American's support homeland security.  Shouldn't we reward their support with clear and logical evidence?  Must the media obfuscate rather than reveal the important and relevant actions of homeland security?  If so, ask yourself "why?"  My position to the answer of "why?" is because the actions, out of compassion-understander George Bush's control, of homeland security are simply to evil minded to tell the public openly.

3) Snowden is heroic in a sense, period.  He may not be advantageous to U.S. interest, but one thing is clear - he really does believe he is a patriot and doing a patriotic thing for people.

4) Most anti-snowden sentiment is intentional and violent minded ignorance.  This kind of sentiment is, according to DDU, "of" the "spirit" of the "Holocaust".  Not kidding.

5) I have been facing severe sanctioning, personally, for my words on this blog.  I have been collectivistically "mitigated".  I feel, often, upon the verge of giving in, giving up due to their attacks.  I will not.  I won't give up fighting for freedom because I believe it is important.  More important than work, play, scholasticism, and yea - even music.

Saying that - Many of you international readers may like to hear some of the official compositions of DDU.  Clip & Carbine - SOUNDCLOUD LINK!

My purpose with these compositions in a ragga piece is to spread the word of god through music.
I have been composing under the name "Clip & Carbine" for nearly 10 or 11 years, and have been massively successful on an international scale with my brand.

Clip & Carbine is about one thing:  The second amendment.

Sarah Palin understands the second amendment in a way no one else does.  The tea party understands the second amendment in a way no one else does.  The NRA, by which Clip & Carbine has been unofficially endorsed, understands the second amendment in a way no one else does.

Gabby Giffords, in her parading around as victim-hero in order to limit second amendment rights does not understand.

With this final statement and second link to what, in all reality is good music to smoke a join to, I come to a close:  What "Snowden is leaking", whatever in reality "that" is - the problem he is addressing  is ultimately what cause the Newtown, Aurora, and many other shootings.  Guaranteed.

DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED 7/12/2013 live in Capitol City.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Liberals Word is Worth Nothing: Why Not To Trust Leftists

Liberal ideology often prides itself on being the foremost of scientific prowess and ingenuity, yet the "word" of the left is often far from being capable of holding these titles in terms of legitimacy of opin' and rigor of rhetoric.  More often than not, their ideological basis in criminality and lack of intellectual foundation hides a dedication to lack of merit regarding the sanctity of their position-as-such.  They oft' espouse integrity, yet find themselves encumbered by a lack of it.  They oft' espouse sovereignty on the basis of philosophy, yet go on to persecute this kind of dialectic in practice.  They oft' talk of "for the people" ideology, yet undermine personhood on a constant basis.

To  ask a liberal, "to what extent is your word worth your act" - is to proffer a dialectic of reason, to a degree.

To ask a liberal, "how much do you hold to your ideals" - is to question the certitude of the leftist ideological underpinning.

To ask a liberal, "what is your promise of sanctity worth" - is to, at a basic level, reveal their own narcissistic atheism through result of act, deed, and worth.

A liberal who speaks necessarily lies about their commitment to deed, action, and purpose. The purpose of liberalism is implicitly to lie about their intentionality.  That is the basis of the liberal adherence to atheism.  They will simply tell the judeo-christian culture of heavenly adherence whatever they wish, to the end result of hell-bound slave-morality.

They will simply tell all christian culture - "look... we believe in you.  We believe, even, what you believe.  Just give us an inch...  For if you don't, well...  You are one of them."

We shouldn't give them an inch.

We shouldn't allow their slave morality to undermine our Christianity.

All we should do is fight against their slave morality tooth and nail.

Because, I'll have you know, slave morality degrades not only the sanctity of reason and the abstract nature of being-as-such.  Slave morality degrades the very foundation upon that which was fought and died for has stood upon.  Degradation in this respect is the sole constituent of the leftist cause.  Bring everything to the rot of it's own.

But we can do something about it...

We can remember, a slaves liberal morality is never worth anything.

We can remember that a slaves liberal virtue is nothing more than a lie,

We can remember that the words of the left are nothing but empty circumstance.

And we can remember that a liberals word is worth nothing.

If you ask a liberal to give you their word, you can trust in one thing.  Not that it will be profound, which it is not.  Not that it will be humanitarian, which it is not.

You can trust that it will be false.  That it will be a lie.  That it will be nothing more than pushing you further towards their ends with no recompense.

You can trust this till the day you die.

For to be a liberal is to live, and BE, a lie.  To be a liberal is to believe in and succumb to a lie.  To be a liberal is to live in service of a lie.

To be a CHRISTIAN, is a far differance.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NC Senate Passes Hardline Abortion Reforms

Today in the North Carolina Senate legislation was passed making it tougher for people in this state to get abortions.  The legislation will go on to the house next week, and will ultimately end up on Gov. McCrory's desk for approval or veto.

First off, abortion is murder.  You are more than free to argue otherwise, but as I've always said - the ill effects of the counter argument, abortion is NOT murder, weighs far less in terms of liability and resultant consequence than if my, and more importantly OUR, position proves to be true in light of history.  For example, if abortion is NOT murder then there will simply be more fornicators with little babies to take care of.  No small deed to be sure, but that is the ramification of legislation in regards to the "right to choice" platform.

If abortion IS murder... well, I'll leave it to you to make the moral equivalence.

The real story here, however, is our Gov. McCrory's reaction to the Senate's decision.

McCrory said last year, on the record, that he would veto ANY further legislation making it more difficult for people to obtain abortions.  This should give the whiner's on the left some cause for comfort, though I hold little hope that his tenacity of moderate opin' will even be noted by those forever sneering conservo belittlers.

Further, he actually went so far as to actively criticize and rebuke the republican held Senate for slamming this legislation through, saying - paraphrase - "it is all to akin to the manner of a Democrat Senate".

Harsh words, once again, from our Governor.

Whether or not this legislation receives a veto upon passage in the house is, to me, beside the point.  Ultimately, the conservative demeanor that spawned this very legislation itself will force the Charlotteir Gov. to do the will of his compatriots in the capitol city.  Anything other than a signature by the Gov. to this legislation would be, to put it lightly, a very obtuse undertaking.

But if you are, say, a "women's rights" proponent, activist, or sympathizer - I merely ask you to remember that the wages of sin are death.  The wages of responsibility? Well, merely giving towards that which ultimately may be other than convenient to your lifestyle.

Think of it, if you will, in terms of utilitarian philosophy.  I.E. - More pleasure = More Virtue. More Pain = Less Virtue.

How many women can you find who espouse the beauty of rearing and, yea- giving birth to a child?  "Miracle of Life" and all of that?

How many ill begotten pregnancies ending in the MURDER OF A BABY are remembered by those who took part in it with bitterness, tears, and brutal memories of the unnatural?

I doubt anyone can refute this logic.

As is normally the case for utilitarianism.

But let us not forget that this legislation, JUST PASSED IN THE SENATE, not only comes from a genuine source of North Carolinian grit - but does not, as many may argue, stigmatize those who receive abortions.

This legislation is far from a witch hunt for those who have premarital sex.

It is, in fact, a perfect nuance on an already established position of our towns, our states, and our party.

DDU urges Mr. McCrory to remember that the penultimate power in NC comes from not the executive or judiciary - but from the sovereign halls of the capital city.  McCrory, upon near promised passage through the house, should not hesitate when time comes for his fine and honorable penmanship to make the mark that further decreases what I think is appropriately termed "MURDER".

RT Stillwell

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Traditional Definition of Marriage Under Attack

Today the supreme court overruled California's laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman exclusively.

It's remarkable that those who have taken a stand on marriage and its definition as between a single man and a single woman have now, according to the supreme court today, become nothing more than "bigots".  It is remarkable for the following reason:  Those who have stood up for the bible are now nothing more than some adage decided by vicious leftists who generally hold views not altogether favorable towards tradition, the U.S., and religion itself.

It amounts to hate speech!

If you, as a christian, stand up for biblical values - you are no longer a human.  You are just a bigot.  A racist.  A fascist.  A conformist.

Hate speech is defined according to the world community as referring to humans as something non-human.  For example, the former President of Iran referring to jews as "cockroaches".  By this definition, defining christians who stand up and defend traditional marriage as "bigots" seems to me to be akin to this type of hate speech, functionally.

I'm no longer a christian with deep and philosophical beliefs regarding morality... no, I'm just a "bigot" and anything else non-members of the club of "cool" are defined to be.  I'm no longer virtuous or honorable or an important contributor to our culture.  I'm now, according to the activist judges in the supreme court merely an inhuman, subhuman, non-human person filled with hate against a minority.

The irony is, we are being accused of hate speech on the right - yet the left, in terms of "soft" hate speech is far more guilty of this new way of marginalizing and defaming people on the basis of language and generalizations. We have been accused, as of today, of being "bigots" by the supreme court.  They, to a point, have dismissed any rational reasoned argument from the right on the basis of our subhuman "bigotry".

"They want to impugn homosexuality"
- the supreme court (paraphrase)

In fact, upon permanently defining marriage in its traditional sense in my state of North Carolina the air waves were rife with conservo's saying pretty much the following: "WE are not against gays.  WE believe that gays are okay.  It is GOD who condemns homosexuality."

...and they said it nicely!

But the fact is, gay rights is a stumbling block for the traditions of America and, yea - the world.

My personal thesis is that the supreme court is reacting, to a degree, against the harshly totalitarian laws in Russia against homosexuality - where it is a crime to even acknowledge that homo's exist.  With the trouble in syria and the conflict with Russia there increasingly becoming a problem, and increasingly being blacked out of the lamestream media, the supreme court must see their attack on traditional marriage today as a way of standing up to totalitarianism.

What they fail to realize in their dark little bubble of D.C. is that this is not a sociological issue, but an anthropological/cultural one.  A culture defines what it approves of and doesn't, and it is not the role of a group of former lawyers isolated in the District of Columbia to decide for ANYONE what it should do regarding such minute and delicate cultural preferences as the definition of marriage.

The fact is, we define marriage as it has been for thousands of years.  According to biblical principles.

But the supreme court has overstepped its bounds.  Let's just hope they don't aim their sights on NC, where we have upheld the traditional definition as between a man and a woman in our constitution.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Marco Rubio is Destroying America: Why the Repub Party Needs to Exile R.I.N.O.'s

Compromise on immigration seems to be the current path to reforming the waves of illegal hispanics in the senate.  Muckrakers would make a fuss about the amendment, agreed to on both sides of the aisle initially, that prohibited any action until the border is secure, but this is beside the point altogether.  The lone fact is - Marco Rubio is a R.I.N.O. or republican in name only.

His "reform" seems to be nothing more than ushering even more immigrants into our dear country on the basis of his nostalgic RNC speech: more American dream for immigrants and sons of an immigrant like himself.  Personally, I believe his credentials to be not altogether vetted properly by the party.  Rubio's involvement with his nation of origin, Cuba, has not sufficiently been investigated; and DDU calls on the republican party proper to inquir into how genuine of a repub Rubio actually is.  I mean this literally.

You see, ever since the term "Compassionate Conservativism" was coined in a fit of genius, those not even coming close to being actual conservative republicans have attempted to defame the legacy of reagan and all of his cold war splendor by positing a kinder, gentler conservatism.  Basically, without going into too much detail, the politics of pre-meditative compromise to the left.

Why should we compromise?  Why can't at least an effort to build fences succeed?

Because, I would wager, some number cruncher in the G.O.P. has a penchant for fiscal conservatism and the strength of "cowboy export".  I.E. - some dullard who sincerely lacks belief in creationism or other related theories believes, in his heart of liberal bleeding hearts, that bue to the complete inability of anyone to stop the inflow of hispanics into our country, the former USA, that the G.O.P. must stoop to the immigrant hoardes.  Probably due to the pervasiveness of "tolerance" and "evolution of culture", the egghead weenies in washington think, unequivocally, that we should welcome these non-natives "infrastructure".

It is the opin' of DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED that we ought to, en' mass as a republic, deport all of them who come here illegally.

For it is due to the myth that jobs taken by low wage immigrants are undesirable to natives of OUR country that we make such ignoble and untimely compromises.

Those compromises such as offering hispanic immigrants subsidized healthcare.  That we should welcome them into our communities.  That we need to change all infrastructure to stoop to their little brown level and force godfearing christians to hear some kind of cheap blooded demon speak.

Marco Rubio - GO BACK TO CUBA

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NC's "Farm Bill": Populism Hiding Redistributionism

Recently, a bill was proposed in North Carolina that is a perfect example of everything wrong with populism.  For those that don't know, "Populism", better known as pandering with a perfectly crafted southern accent, is an evil ideology that literally fleeces the south of its heritage proper.

This bill, which is nothing more than an expanse of food stamps for blacks and (especially) latinos, actually has the decidedly convincing veneer of being at all related to farming and agriculture.  It is not. Maybe 20 percent of the bill is applicable.  The remainder is simply part of the tug of war over providing free food for non-whites.

The proposed legislation wouldn't be so offensively grotesque were it not for the fact that it's being sold to carpet-bagger's and universalist christian's alike as a noble "juss' helpin the farmer" sentiment whilst hiding a decidedly redistributionist policy.  It seeks to provide millions free food.  Free food provided by the fat skimmed off of the top of other's and industry's wealth.

If this at all sounds problematic, it isn't.

It's merely big Washington Democrat Establishment machinery being shoved down the southern christian populous's throat.  What isn't so apparent, is that not only is the DEM constituency pro Farm Bill for laughable reasons, but they are (as low information voters) entirely oblivious as to the contents of the legislation.  Ask your fellow DEM about the substance of the bill, and all of them will reply something other than to do with Food Stamps.

NC will deny the bill passage, but the insult of populism remains.  Talking southern may buy vote's, but being disingenuous in order to advance a streamlined big government agenda doesn't.  It buys contempt.