Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump Goes After Leakers: DDU Shows its Support

Domestic Democracy United 2017

The headline last week was thus: "Trump Finds Three Leakers and Fires Them!"

DDU would like to congratulate the POTUS for taking a firm stand on what amounts to the dissemination of classified material to the press by the Deep State.  This kind of leaking of damaging information is not only illegal and immoral, but decidedly a viciously devious act that amounts to - in opin' of DDU - Treason.

Trump has decided to go after those in the Deep State who leak classified material; yet those on the left should give the POTUS a little credit for merely firing the leakers.  Some interpretations of the law would deem far harsher action to be appropriately taken.  Yet Trump, much like the Hillary Clinton server scandal, has decided - wisely I would say - to not prosecute those who would destroy everything he stands for if they could.  By merely firing the leakers, Trump shows the Christian virtue of "turning the other cheek" to one's enemies...

Yet the left, due to the propaganda they so put faith in, seems incapable of giving the POTUS even an inch!  Why not?

Trump deserves the respect of all Americans on this day of our Lord, May 29th 2017 - Memorial Day.

I fully condone the use of any means necessary to root out and stop the Deep State.  Surveillance techniques, official institutional inspection and interrogation, and simply asking the right questions to officials who seem untrustworthy would seem to me to be capable of smoking out the leakers.

Yet the press, desperate for any bits of information that could prove to be detrimental to the POTUS and his platform, is doing two things that to me - properly analyzed - prove that the drive by media is corrupt and immoral:

1) Encouraging leakers to come to them and veiling this near treasonous act with a trite reference to the constitutional tenet of "freedom of the press".  Juan Williams, on Fox News recently publicly encouraged leakers to leak him information; saying "leakers come to me please" on national television.  That to me seems to be a desperate act, and shows just how vulture-like the media elites can be.

2) The media, and this goes unreported, is - presumably - paying handsome sums of money to people who betray God and State by leaking classified material to the press.  I'd really like to think that the press-as-such is a rugged and virtuous peoples who want to be fair and transparent regarding the power structures of Washington D.C.  Yet it is a fact that these media elites are driven by money and power.  They pay leakers handsomely; yet do these media vultures realize that by doing this they are undermining Democracy proper?  I'd have to assume, with raw undiluted loathing and hatred for Trump being at a fever pitch amongst the left at the moment, that they stick their head in the sand regarding the consequences of unethical journalism.  A dire shame, indeed.

I believe, as many Tea Party patriots do, that the press is doing a disservice to the American people.  The American people who overwhelmingly voted this president into office by an official poll.

One should remember the complicity of many on the right in the Senate during Barack Obama's tenure.  They, often times, would back off directly antagonizing the former POTUS and cross the aisle to show solidarity with the left.  I'm sure many Democrats would scoff at this, however, it's a fact that on many occasions right wing politicians gave Obama a pass.

Yet all we every get from the lamestream media is this dangerous inflamed rhetoric, whipping the unwitting populous into a conditioned disdain for all that is Republican.  Why would they do this?  Don't they realize that by portraying right wingers as near inhuman animals - devoid of emotion and compassion and rights just like everyone else in the world - they are broadcasting what amounts to "hate speech"?  The Tea Party never gets a fair shrift in the media.  Why not?

I suppose I could only wager that the lone reason for this is such:

They fear us.
They fear what we stand for.
They fear what we represent.

...Because they're pussies, to be quite frank.

Well on this Memorial Day I would just like to say one thing in conclusion:

"I ain't skeered!"


Monday, May 8, 2017

The Being-Toward-Death-of-the-World: On Existentialist Post-Deconstructionism

One and all are, currently and preconsciously, "Being-Toward-Death"!
Think of it as if you were driving a car...
You are moving forward at fast speeds, the landscape whirring along out of your periphery...
You are on your way to your destination and fully accept you will arrive in comfort and sanctity!

Yet out of nowhere...

That is much akin to death itself.  We fool ourselves in our own schemes and designs;  Saying, "Peace and Safety."
Yet destruction and death becomes our existentially oriented phenomenal being.

People often think of incessant death as a kind of pitch blackness...
Yet isn't it wondrous that near death experiences are often described in terms of "coming to the light"?

We are, in all facticity, bound - worldly and phenomenally - to our own utmost potentiality for being...  that is, Death...

In Ingmar Bergman's seminal "The Seventh Seal", the filmmaker shows a man at the end of his life in a destiny begotten final chess match with a figure representing Death-as-such.
Are we not born into this eternal match of wits?

We fool ourselves, thinking that we may be able to somehow transcend death or outsmart death-as-such...
Yet is this not a fools err?

One's ownmost absolute potentiality for being-in-the-world (Dasein) is - de facto - one's ultimate death-of-being-in-the-world.

An extinguishing of life; One's own.

If not facing this existential truth directly, we surely must be cowards; shivering by the lamp in hopes of some far begotten redemption in the face of the end of our mortal coil.  It's pathetic.

Face death with courage, and surely the Lord of Hosts will acquiesce with far less reticence-towards-the-divine than with an earthly coward, begging for mercy at the end of an unrepentant life!

We will all die.
We will all pay taxes.

Accept the supposed injustice of the class hierarchy, dear lib, and embrace your own ultimate end of Being-as-such.

Be-in-the-world with the "passion" of prescience!

Make your moral declarations final and true for all of the works-of-the-world's eternity.

Live the tradition's of our fore-bearers, truly and to your ownmost existential will-towards-life!