Thursday, February 11, 2016


I've mentioned in previous blogs that I make a fair amount of electronic music in my spare time, some of which has been moderately successful.  I call my project, "Emo Headache" because the idea of the noise composition is to give you a burst of distortion leading to migraine inducing kickdrums.  I consider it a form of IDM, though I always really wanted to make stuff that people COULD mosh to.  So here are my official releases in order from earliest to newest:

Emo Headache - Variations on the Devil LP - Legs Akimbo Records

Two tracks off of a Legs Akimbo Compilation called, "And Now For Something Completely Fucked Up..."
A Parliamentalist Remix done by my friend and I about Chris Huhne called Huhne Unit 9000

A Track I called "Highschool Hate-Crime"

Next, I took the basic premise of High School Hate Crime and extended it into an entire LP called Tweenstar.  It's gotten over 10,000 torrent dl/s, and is a good example of how one can really be a thorn in the multiculturalists back if you put work into it (it took me approx. 6 months to finish the album):

Next, I got pressed to a cassette tape release entitled "Misanthropics", which decided to release my remix of The Misfits "Night Of The Living Dead".

After that I released a more breakcore oriented mashup EP called squatter bum, as I'm constantly skint lol.

After that back on England's finest Legs Akimbo Records I released a short EP entitled "EMO SUCKS", which features me on the cover doing an "Austin 3:16 SUCK IT!" pose with bat wings transposed onto my shoulders.  This one, probably due to the bright pink layout, has gotten over 15,000 downloads!
Hear it here:

Then finally as if my taste for the profane hadn't descended to it's dirtiest depths, I released "Songs In The Key Of Sheitan" featuring a strange man on the toilet (Slime City's owner and half of the duo Skat Injector").  This LP was a labor of love, and was made mostly around halloween, so there's tons of scream samples and headache inducing distortion!  It even got a review in an E Zine (

and finally for my full discography I did an opera/gospel remix for a Slime City compilation called Rawforce III.  Catch it here.

So there you have it, the totality of my musical discography.  Some of it is pretty progressive stuff, and I've found that people over here in the US tend to go "UGH, TURN IT DOWN" when played, while others in europe and globally seem to "get it" a little more.  I dunno what you think of it, but I, personally, would die happy knowing I had released this kind of genius to a global audience....  so you politalk junkies.  you're not the only cult out there!

I'm kidding.

If you're not into my punk rock experimentations, check my dubwise project "Clip & Carbine"
located here:

most of this content is free for download, so if you like something, downlo9ad it for your pc or ipod!
Thanks a ton,
Brendan O'Connell aka RT STILLWELL


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