Monday, April 30, 2012

Does America Have a Deathwish?

With the recent details in the Bronx Zoo Overpass Tragedy emerging, the blatant malfeasance's of power in the executive office, and the Liberal Media Establishment holding a gun to the head of 'Real America' - you have to ask yourself, Does America have a death wish? IF it does, what are the appropriate means of keeping America alive into the future? Let's examine this with a little more detail... American Exceptionalism... Sound familiar? It's the philosophy/ideology that america is the best country in the world, with all the reaganesque patriotic strategum implied. WHat do proponents of American Exceptionalism generally ascribe to philosophically? Why, the most mainstream majority style commensensical western traditionalist theology generally. Now let's take the opposite view... what do proponents of the ideology that america is an unjust imperialist aggressor generally think in terms of politics? Well, of course, anything from political nihilism to social anarchism to any other anachronism you care to name... the shame of it all is, generally this view is held as the majority view, even though it mostly permeates the liberal elite structure (l.e.s.) as such. Bell, and all implied if in consensus with 'Real America', indicates that 'Bama Hussein and his Regime o' Green and I quote 'Hate America'. Sounds trivial, non-nonsensical, etc. to people on the left - the idea that one's moral ground could implicitly be dis favorable to one's nation. But the closer you look at it, the more people who 'Hate America' have a deathwish not just for anything ascribed to the 'American Dream', but yea - to the philosophy of American Exceptionalism and Nationalistic Pride as is properly understood. Why would anyone hate the U.S. to the point of wishing for it's failure? As Economist Jean Strande points out, quite a few. No just kidding, anyways - happy monday@ DDU INFO HEADQUARTERS "DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED - LIVE USA"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, Friday, gotta blog about The Secret Service Scandal on Friday, Friday -

Obama + Intelligence agencies = all around massive failure. This guy wouldn't know how to run intell at a local mall, let alone sell a damned tarnation whatever they sell at the local mall. Btw - you should go... go to the local mall - and BUY! NO DISSENT. Me, I'll be down at the local Walmart, with some local greenback, and a local space scooter dragging me to and fro. ...and that's real america. Not some figment in the liberal elite's imagination, but straight facing walmart. But the secret service scandal (or, wait for it, the S.S.S.) is just laughable, and would be dismissed offhandedly as such were it not that it more than likely reflects major errors within the 'security' branch of the federal government as a whole. Cut national defense? Why? When we've got enough firepower to make strategic moves globally. Transparency? Why? When the only revealing factor in any given 'gate' is it's allusion to being crap. I'll tell you, back in my day the secret service didn't even make itself 'public' let alone be the subject of 'major scandal'. Now we've got transparency, accountability, and no more taxes for anyone making under 250,000 a year - all in one! zzzzzzz 'Bama, go back to Kenya - that's what I say. Oh, and tell those goons at the S.S. to face enough coke on their way to hell to mitigate the effects of being a stooge. BWAHAHAHAAHAHAH- Omg - the Obama administration is so 'free and loose' that where Bush got up everyday at 5 or 6, Ol' 'Bama Hussein wanders into the oval office around 11. And another thin.... ah never mind. Oh, Happy Obamica!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

World War Three - Inevitable

You know, I was just in an interesting discussion about the war of philosophies, ideologies, and -obviously- militaries we know today as World War Two - and it reminded me of just how tremendous wars can be, let alone how much honor can be sacrificed at a worthy endeavor. Stud's Terkel refers to WW2 as "The Good War", and I somehow disagree that war can really in any way be good. Especially World War Two, which was not as vile and base as many previous wars in some ways - It was a war of 'civilizations', two competing slime molds fighting for dominance of western thought, might, and economic stability. World War Three is certainly, as Buckley once entombed, inevitable. Often, is my guess, wars not of the scale of a world war are actually done to prevent further harm for when another World War will happen. Take Vietnam - as I crazily thought outloud recently - "let's say a given 10,000 Vietnamese died in the war in Vietnam. How many more people, asians specifically in that area of the world, would be able to assist in another World War given their lines of descent?" I don't know the answer, and it is that peculiarly blasphemous form of american ideation known as 'pontification'... but honestly - by invading the middle east, there are obviously analogies to be made. When Mahmoud or whoever declares the Muslim 'whatever the hell you call that' has risen, how many less terrorists will there be to help him and his allies? World War Three, whenever it happens, is at very least - inevitable. You could look at timetables, analyze 'end' strategies... but that's all icing on the cake. The most likely form of ww3? Race War. Kidding. Fill in your own blanks, I know Washington has. But yeah, WW2, and commemorating veterans... hmmm.... what greater sacrifice is there, than the sacrifice american troops make by giving their lives for their country. What greater honor? I know of none, short of service for the sake of security in a non life-threatening capacity. Life is so fragile, and the weight of death pulls so many men down to the Inferno - the capacity for any one of us to be pulled from this world and into the next is so great that many will not remember this gravity when the time comes. But lo - there is a way for us to know death, know god, and know country - and that is through making the greatest sacrifice the Lord of Hosts can put upon a man, and that is to give one's own life for the sake of a noble endeavor. Anyhow, the most salient thing, I think, about the current climate of fear - is that it's absolutely inevitably intertwined with the 'race for supremacy' which, as 'racy' as it sounds - happens on many levels every day. Think about markets, think about classrooms, think about business, and think about war... why do all of these concurrent strains of the 'race for supremacy' make themselves transparent? Only because of the 'will' to survive which is found in all of us. From the greatest elite to the lowliest chattel, each one has this supreme sense of being able to make it for themselves and their family. Each one of them takes into account the manner of execution, and the modus operandi in mind. We all have a basic, 'will to survive', but what happens when these 'forces' collide on an international level? What happens when there 'forces' put boots on the ground? What happens when 'the bomb' becomes the supreme force of nature? Well, WW2 certainly has some answers. IF you likened it to, say, the most obvious ww3 scenario Chinks vs. Americans, you can see how 'superior characteristics' often lead to 'inevitable losses'. IF you look at the revolutionary war of 1776, how much were the victories in that noble struggle the result of the power of he who shall not be named until the second coming (i.e. the LORD)? Look at late 60's early seventies Vietnam, and it's portrayal by activists as a bloody quagmire- how much does the media, the left, and the enemy itself comingle in a disastrous situational co-dependance for security? The main thrust of what I'm saying is full on Nuclear War is inevitable, and where will all of this have left us when future generations or even ourselves are called on to 'survive'?

Monday, April 23, 2012

America - "Prepare for Higher Taxes"

That's right, prepare for taxes to be raised across the board for everyone in America soon. According to an interview with Bob Woodward this morning on all seeing ted turner television, America has "been on a spending spree" and will "have to pay higher taxes" for "everyone". Meaning, of course - everyone will be paying more in taxes... Well, perhaps they're just putting together the main-stage for the POTUS run in 2012 (lower/higher taxes, etc.) - but it seems like a bit of a concession coming from ole' Bobby Woodward, who said more or less - "What's the deal" with the economy, admitting ruefully that the Executive office has been somewhat inept at budgeting. So, I guess that's it, huh? The Washington Post waves it's magic wand and all through the land tax rates increase? I dunno, Woodward himself in this 'too early in the morning to be important' interview seemed a bit distracted - pluggin his book and issuing derisive critique. Either he has not enough gall to come right out and say what he would like or so much malice that what he would like to say detracts from the Exec narrative, adds to the Repub narrative, and probably still manages to fit the Democrat narrative, which is suffering from poor POTUS approval numbers. 2008... why couldn't it have been Hillary? Why did this have to happen? Why did I buy all the hype? Why did I drink the cool-aid? These are all questions libs must surely be asking themselves as Obama increasingly, as due to 'mini-gates' like the secret service scandal, looks like an inept manager, a lackluster speech-maker, and a pop-media vulture who'd be better off 'behind' the camera. But oh so... so what, eh? Well, It would be fine and all if the Messiah himself hadn't devoted himself to making the history books for radicalism, and disciples of 'Bama Hussein haven't more or less dedicated themselves to going down with philosophy flaring. They intrinsically still cling to the 'imperialist aggressor' view of american exceptionalism, a view which makes sense should one be of the invaded country in question - but never much of a popular move when it comes to the tenets of ones own civilization. They may regret for the rest of their lives the pain they've caused so many god-fearing americans, but surely that would give the evil inanity of the Left too much credit. Spurious faith, questionable grotto, fate so cruel that we'll strip the tree's of bark in our clutches on our way down to the Inferno.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Domestic Democracy United SUPERpac

Hello and welcome to my blog politalk, the home of rightwing lukemia curathon thinktank Domestic Democracy United. Joking of course - if you look through the blog I'm sure you'll find that the statements made by DDU are 97.8 persent accurate in accordance with EIB standards. Blogging, philosophy - local and national conservative banter as well as a heaping of oldschool sap and impurify your precious bodily fluids style anti-communism. So have a smoke, unless you're a cancer patient in which case all smokes are disallowed. But seriously, Gold is precious, silver is too, but what about - the ole; red white and blue. God Bless america, and happy 90th post and 27th birthday to me! Excelsior! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! So, anyways - local events - erm, amendment 1! There was Gaffe-Gate, in which a person who was deemed politically 'in-line' with the D.E.M. put a garish 'vote aginst amendment 1' sign right where everyone could see it at a local 'gathering of the spirits'. Then there was 'Freedom-Gate', in which a known communist was seen to have told someone that believing in jesus christ is somehow stupid and indicated for the 'assailant of liberty' to be quiet on accounts of Freedom; which was later found to be the opposite of freedom and the 'accused' turned out to be correct in regards to freedom. There was 'homo-hate-gate', in which vocal support of amendment one was deemed a form of homophobic hatred. That one n3eeds to recusaL. Anyhow, the biggest 'gate' of all is... 'y-o-u' gate. That's right, it's really just a reflection of the beloved 'm-e'. That 'gate' I have no comment on, merely to say it is 'not the deficiency of the omnipotence of an almighty god, but the lack of our faith'. The end. no wait, it's not quite my birthday yet, so - Populism - scourge of conscience By __________BRENDAN OCONNELL (inmate number 333909) Populism is the plague of the hillside in U.N. district #83, in which a misguided form of morality poises as correct interpretation of selfhood. The only respite is in the conscience of science, and in a pluralistic government of due course and responsibility of the pervading ethic. The only recourse is in the pervasive presence of 'death', and 'fear'. But due course has it's own judgement. I remember christ as a savior, now he is gone - oh so ... gone. So, about 30 more minutes. I'm going to participate in libelous libalities, so...
And I'm 27! happy pathetic b-day to me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Give Charitably To DDU Superpac Cancer 'Society' Initiative

"Please give charitably to the 'Society' - For the sake of life."


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Politicians on the Left are hereby required to a-paul-ogize

Mittslips for pinkos - pass it on.

As you can clearly see, I'm capable being half-mug, half mafioso, and half thug -

Call it, say - I dunno tea-club-bat.

And yes, I'm wielding mine every chance I get. I suppose it's just the 'ecstatic truths' of Mitt's decisive win - unfortunately, as we all know according to completely unreferenced sources; Mr. "Heaven is your own personal planet" thinks it understandable yet, honestly according to an interview with Sean O'Hannity the day of that completely massive decisive victory a tid-bit west of the south uber-tuesday which was really astonishingly historical, *cack - worth repenting for...

I'm sorry, I lost my 'strain of thought', and I'll just assume you and your colleagues are extravagantly ahead of me -

what was I getting at?

ah yes, the fact that Mitt is... (scroll down if psy-curious)

...mildly willing to pander to organized laber, i.e. the mafia.

Whelp, just another *gulp* on my side - however I think it is pardonable, especially when the radio aired Mr. "Lord of U.s.N. Disctrict # 23" confessing his noble sins to a level-headed O'Hannity - his sin? Pandering to unions.

Well, he's from bloody massajewsits AND has no compunction about it - a striking new ideology for the Republican party... and I do believe it signals a new directiones for - yea- the very definition of Neo-Conservatism.

Just as Bush Sr. defined, in a sense, paleoconservatism and Bush Jr. "da dubya d-o-n" defined Neo-Conservatism for an entire generation - Mitt, who to a degree of 98.7 percent (updayt'd accuracy rating btw) security-NRA/NSA precision (lol), will be 'sweeping' into the oval office (not to mention the pentagon [should be interesting]) this november - should influence the direction of republicanism in a young generation's spirit/mind/minds (lol only joking) for, well let's get out the wrist watch which is a time machine that gives you the 'short hour hand of power with absolutely no A.M. or P.M.) as well as conflates extraterrestrial conspiracy theories with Mormonism when looking directly at the shadow (it's a bowl of office-christ cereal [lol -redacted what I was going to type there]) - ah yes, - : for half a century.

So where WILL conservatism be in 2013, after we've gone beyond the hysteria and passionate potato peeling?

I must say, we all aught to start a petition to keep our throats safe, if you know what I mean. Not about Mitt Romney, but about the large number of (inside intel) mormons who work for the federal government. Still, saying that - I have rallied around and gently discarded derision of Mormonism... interestingly enough for those of you conservatives who aren't Domestic Democracy United's SuperPAC (unofficial copyright)= [finally spelled it right, by 'writing' it p- lol, never mind - *aphlegm* who aren't OUR biggest fans, I have a bit of crucial inside 'use this to destroy me' type info.

I was anti-mitt.

I read one semi-humorous semi-serious semi-psuedo-intellectual article in the National Review about the stigmata surrounding the Mormon Faith in W.F. Buckley's underrated NR rag (great for addie dancers, not so great for that guy who either believes nothing that he hears on the radio or believes everything he hears on the radio RUSH AD REFERENCE#).

Now I'm pro-mitt.

Accusations of worshiping false gods are welcome, anything else is a Jonesian conspiracy theory... which might be a tremendously good thing for many of our young anti-estabbyment rebels considering B.Y.9/11-Gate (a mormon scientist who came out publicly about and was fired for endorsing that whole ugly two headed beast called "loose changed lib meets whacko-westboro baptist cartoon in a bum-beg plea for Truth").

)scroll down to see if you are WAAAAAAAAY ahead of me...

a.k.a. "9/11 was an inside job"

It's interesting actually - as I have reason to believe Mitt da Mormonista will be far easier on Alex Jone's acolytes than ANYONE who enjoys hip-hop, jazz, blues, or electronica too much... but I only surmised this from a brief quote in the tons of laughs massive article on Mormon stigmata saying "Mormons are very, very white".

It'll do little good, but I should mention that BEFORE I voted for John McCain in 08 (my first official non-kneejerk republican/conservative 'act') I spent years upon years training in the art of populist-conservatism (technically 'paleo', but I honestly don't see how one couldn't describe Alex Jones and ilk as highly 'neo-ideological' in some sense), and it may, honestly, have made the transition from youthfull idiot to realistic aged caucasion just tad less difficult and a tad more reactionary.

Also, gallons upon gallons of reprehensible attempts at repentance (of which this blog is one)

But anyhow, haven't listened regularly to any conservative 'voice' other than the HOLY TRINITY of talk, Beck (father), Hannity (son) and (holy ghost lolz) 'El'... so I'd be interested to know what kind of mind-numbing 'nuance' jones must be 'powerfully' souting und espousing in this confusing political terrain. I can only 'hope' lolz that it get's these damned conspiracy theorist nuts a proper 'acorn' to chew on, if you get my drift.

Nambla, however, as well as the ACLU, NAACP, and EPA sympathizers had better watch out.

Scroll back to the top of the page for what amounts to a 'threat that could just be the church of latter day saints digging for aluminum in a copper factory' or simply 'a mark of narcissism/vanity/egocentrism (it's not)', but which more than likely is a direct and world-wise reference to the title of that show about _______________Redacted________________ called __________OT____________.

Thank you,

and I'm not locked away in an insane asylum, which is fortunate... very fortunate.

Although, to be perfectly frank - I honestly had 'hoped' they would throw me to the shock-doctors out west in terms of, well - 'self-sacrifice' in the name of my own personal Tea Party with, I think, approximately a single cup of tea [there may have been two or so, but very strictly limited myself to non-threatening 'sleepy time'].

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dude, Yahoo rules ~


completely justifiable.

completely reprehensible.


This is Crazy - Latte's, Cappucino's, Expresso and the War on War on Women -

loal - catchy title?

Hopefully, at least in civilized society, we can all universally condemn labor unions?


at least all 8 of us who still care about 50's era politics? loal...

erm, gulp... heh~ what I meant to say is 'hope'fully, in a (what the hell is a synonym for 'civilization', and what's with Newt's Catholic Copywrite on the term loal?) we're all having a nice 'cup' 'ah' 'joe' - that is, the massively used drug/ of caffeine - god bless her loal.

Well, I know you aren't, but maybe you should get one - say, perhaps, at your local coffee shop. Ah, wait - damnit... collectivism. I guess that's out.

Well, I guess the ole cafe' machine in this massive complex or little office or little massive complex office will have top do.

Gulp ~


So yeh, politalk - and the 'war' on the 'war' on 'women' - the 'war on women' (obviously), and the 'war on the war on the war on' 'real women', and the farcical (as I see it) media hyperbole we're confronted with since about... oh, 2003?

Well - first we have a small #not sourced officially# 'statistic' on women - those quotes aren't ironic, and it could be true and under'-'reported' loal... gulp, erm... uh~ ahem... gulp that, yeh - could be true but might be populist heresy -

gulp, 'ironic ypo is ironic' - *nervous laiugh

(scroll down please)


92 % of people who have lost their jobs since 2009 have been women.

erm... uh oh.


so, interestingly enough - this reminds me of the subtle 'ironic use' differences between northern and southern conservatism... oh, wait - never got to that high a level in southern studies loal - (waiting for obama to leave office before I'll even set foot on any kind of college campus for the purposes of reading text) -

umm... what was I going to say agin? ah - yes... no addie dance here!

Ultimate 'good one' truth of that thing goin on in the meedjya 'loal' -


What to say about it, I have no Idea... but I'm sure it's collectivist. loal.

Now, just for kicks and general transcription I'm going to erm... oh yeh - transcribe (damnit) my ole western civ book at random (no way I'm touching my old southern studies pamphlet/textbook loal 'joking joking... sry) - back from before liberal 'influence' of 'deviously malicious' abritrary nonsense 'loal sry' NEA unionization became the elephant....mmmmmjokeincoming.... or 'donkey' if you like...... in the room for many 'sovereign citizens' 'lulz' -

mmmm.....wwwwwwith a short preface by random Jew Gold Solomunic hermeneutics (look it up - I didn't [sry sean hannity])

'A Better way to think about sustainability in #russian tone of voice# Industry. loal.

oh, btw - happy obunnuca to all fans of Politalk - (it is still technically obunnica, right?)

Essential ReaDing:

Perry, Western Civilization (sixth edition)

Marvin Perry
Baruch College
City University of New York (CUNY, really? damn - that kind of f*cks up my whole NEA thesis... ah well, I'll always have the run up to Iowa that liberals and conservatives alike won't be able to remember era Bachmann - [btw, did you know she used to be a carter era democrat?])

George W. Bock, Editorial Associate

Houghton Mifflin Company - Boston - New York

*what was that dif between southern and northern conservatism agin? loal)

side note (as If this blog hasn't become a series of side notes loal - used to get like 800 views a month... somehow dropped down to leik 8 or something) - Come partially from THE houghton line... that's the non-Mein Kampf publishing side of my episcipo roots) pause... just mlol'd (mumble laughed out loud) bmpas (because my parents are sleeping)... think that'll catch on?

omg - first page I flipped to is addressing anti-semitism kind of - loal...

second try -

The Moderate Stage, 1789-1791

The Great Fear (ooooooh)

Revolution in the countryside also served the interests of the reformers. Inflamed by economic misery....... aaaaaaaand no way I'm putting this down on a blog publicly - look it up yrself!

Anyhow - tired, angry (not grumpy) and def. bored as I climaxed by 'fuck with the NSA tea party style' campaign earlier tonight. lulz/loal but not lol.

Ah, the sweet blasphemes of a generation.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hegel's 'Phenomenology', Collectivistic Individualism - Polis Talk exclusive

I'd like to preface this short commentary on the due course of individualism (as defined properly) within an increasingly collectivist society by saying that I've read all 4 or 5 hundred pages of Hegel's 'Phenomenology', a work of purely passionate Protestant philosophy generally defined as highly 'collectivist' in ideology.

It's a great read, let me tell you.

To give a short review echoed by one commentator on G.W.F. Hegel - an illuminutti once quipped quipped of Hegel's writing - "Only the author and god knows what the content and process of Dialectic means in Hegel's works."

And it is highly mysterious. Highly Holderlinian... and seminal in the judeo-christian tradition of philosophy.

It's like wading through a sea of highly organized nonsense with the best of Philosophical intentionality.

Anyhow, having read this work, and decried the philosophy of collectivism as spuriously connected to totalitarianism previously (Stalin is the definition of 'Collectivist Totalitarian Leader' [or C.T.M.]) - it occasions me to rattle of a queer justification of individualism as capable of being a guiding principle for Democracy within a collectivist climate of Ideology and Rhetoric.

Philosophy and Rhetoric have, since Socrate, comingled in a symbiotic relationship of necessity... but Rhetoric, often found in the lofty philosophes of inherently obsolesced historicity, is not... *ahem - gulp~ well, shall we say - rhetoric is not particularly present in Hegel - it's simply a basic movement of the Author's 'Geist' or 'Mind' or 'Spirit' - which in a way that I think has been exaggerated on terms of analyses of Hegel's 'Phenomenology' laid down by classico-collectivists themselves in many instances - I really think is the basis of what Hegel acknowledges in his phenomenology of 'Spirit' (#my translation lulzsec) to be the basis of 'Individualism Proper'.

Y'know, as a conservative of philosophical-political leaning in the age of 'Info-Wars' brand paleo-conservative anti-freemasonry and populists declarations of the 'pure' understanding of individuals themselves - I really must address that Hegel, that is (sp?) George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - has been specifically targeted by Libertarians as an 'evil' 'N.W.O.' kind of guy, a worldview that if taken to the limits of interpretation simply means young or old Hegelians and yea- Hegel himself was 'perpetuating systems of oppression', an incarceration with dire consequences for one's Ethics and Basis for 'Verstehen'.

I think this, as well as the broad stroked characterization of G.W.F. Hegel as being 'centrally' collectivist; really betrays the- gulp* ahem... "Passion" of the 'Phenomenology' - his earliest serious text. heheh... it's not that I want to come right out and say, well - Hegel was so divinely inspired in his prose/dialectic as to divine not just the 'Mind' of the "times" - but of yea-, and entire structure of 'Philosophy' in which traditional 'Protestant' "Passion" is the central thesis - and the words... a much demonized virtue... the 'means to an end'.

What is Hegel saying in his 'Phenomenology of Geist' and what are his morals in terms of 'pure ethics'? Are they inherently collectivist - or is this an historical residue of the Dominant school of Hegelian Dialectical Materialism? Is it enough to Characterize 'Embodiment' #VIA MARTIN HEIDEGGER as not only a legitimate form of divinity but in fact central to the very Thesis of yea- not only the good life but of the authentic #VIA MAURICE MEARLEAU PONTY's "Phenomenology of Perception"~ will of the Lord of Hosts?

1.Hegel is saying in his phenomenology of Geist that the Mysteries of the Universe, God, that thing you were wondering about that always eludes practical pragmatic protestantism as defined by those who would bequeath unto the 'collective' a false #HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED UNTIL THE SECOND COMING~ can all be explained through really really really really reallyreallyreally pure 'Faith'.

2. His 'Dialectic' is really a stylistic choice and has been confusedly wrought to mean all kinds of ludicrous and ontologically incorrect interpretation of anything from Law to Evolution... and, obviously the elephant in the room I'm hesitating adressing, especially History.

3. Hegel talks a great deal about 'Faith' understood not in a context or process but in the sense of the kind of Faith Christ Himself must have had...

a. Hegel defines Faith as Passion.
b. Faith and Passion are not a 'social process' (my one bit of commentary, the only thing I've written so far which isn't 'objectively' true BIGLULZ#), but in fact the culmination of the Mysteries of the Virtue of 'He who shall not be named until the second coming' i.e. divination.
c. Virtue used in this sense is to distinguish universalism as understood theologically as a problematic position from the disgusting ambiguity of Universal and Absolute.

4. 'Universal' 'Absolute' and 'Objective' all have one thing in concurrence -

What is it?

Now to end off this short lecture (and I do transcribe these for lecturing and 'Dialectic' as understood in the sense of the Gadfly) I'll simple admit that Hegel is Highly collectivist in a sense... in the sense of Geist... -justify, in an 97.6 percent accuracy Ontological rating, just how Individualist Hegel's Ideology really was intended from conception by the Author and God (or 'He who shall not be named until the second coming' [would love for that to stir some antichrist sentiment from any god-fearing christian, but yeh- sorry... came from an 'authentic' 'genuine' 'emotional' biblical revelation] lulz...wait - give me a sec :), and then - here's the real gift if you know me... quote a random page of Hegel's most radical political work 'The Philosophy of Right' while blindfolded.

1. Hegel is generally considered to be a classico-collectivist more-or-less by way of his use of terms like 'absolute' and 'universal'.

a. This is wrong and ignores the dialectic involved in hegel's phenomenology.

b. The 'dialectic' so often repeated ad infinitum in regards to Hegel's Ontology which is so often cited as being distinguishable from 'Socratease' lulz~ is in fact, a highly moral form of (Predictable post-modern conclusion #BY WAY OF DERRIDA) Authorship.

c. This authorship is a technique of, more or less, the everyday 'verstehen' #BY WAY OF HEIDEGGER of writing and 'phraseology'

D. DDU_____________REDACTED__________________DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED_____________

Presenting an informal presentation for all inquiring minds of DDU PHILOSOSUPERPAC LOAL - *DONATE AT PADDYWALK@GMX.COM - a random sampling of Hegel's Philosophy of Right.

*I will blindfold my vision while selecting the book from it's position in the adjacent room and pick the phrase with the first phrase I am cognizant of, 'by the will of he who shall remained unnamed until the second coming....'

....Or as I call him, the L-O-R-D.



*on my way from returning to retrieve the book I stumbled and stopped, my foot resting atop a metal sculpture of a serpent by the fire-hearth*


145. Paragraph 236. "additions"

The oversight and care excerised by the public authority aims at being a middle term between an individual and the universal posibility, afforded by society, of attaining individual ends. It has to undertake street-lighting, bridge building, the pricing of daily necessaries, and the #GET THIS vie OBAMACARE 'LIKE "WOAH"'~ care of public health.
*aside* 'see I just solved the financial crisis right then and there! loal.
In this connexion, two main views predominate at the present time. One asserts that the superintendence of everything properly belongs to the public authority.

*Weird voodoo like force made the page skip* loal... gulp- nervous mumble... ahem*

109. Paragraph 168.

A sense of shame-to go no farther-is a bar to consanguineous marraige. But this repugnance finds justification in the concept of the thing. What is already united, I mean, cannot be united for the first time by marraige. It is commonplace of stock-breeding that the offspring is comparatively weak when animals of the same stock are mated, since if there is to be unification there must first be division.





sampling -

111. Paragraph 174.
Man has to acquire for himself the position which he aught to attain; he is not already in possession of it by instinct. It is on this fact that the child's right to education is based.

Domestic Democracy United SUPERPAC -

-whew took a lot of work-

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost - dide you see me?


Thanks for reading,

from the Information Headquarters of Domestic Democracy United, Haw River Films, CRBNR Films and Riddim Killaz sound... sound... sounding off.

Brendan 'RT STILLWELL' O'Connell

House Budget Committe Chairman's Budget balked at by EXEC office

Representative Paul Ryan has been doing his damnedest to sort of 'fix' the 'fiscal affairs' in our downgraded folly of a mess that 'Bamerica is, yet he receives little envy from myself regarding his precarious position within the estabbyment proper, as well as his own party.

Representative Paul Ryan's glossed over budget plan addresses some of the key concerns of everyday America, as well as making a bold, and notably existent, move to provide America with a path towards sustainability.

I say 'notably existent' with foreknowledge of a single fact I've unearthed from the annals of current Senate history... The Democrat controlled Senate has not produced a single budget since The Messiah (just call him regular ole Barack Hussein if your in the 'who I'd like to have a beer with' type of mindset) was bestowed the reigns of our Great Nation now 3 years ago.

Not a single budget!

Inside the beltline sits a vast array of federally funded psuedo-intellectual serfs with plenty of time on their hands - you'd think the least they could do is propose a way to cut the deficit.


'The Path to Prosperity', Ryan's Budget plan, proposes several key cuts - namely to obamacare - so the reaction within the lib-vulture media and amongst rabblerousting populist progressives in the Super-zips has been one of quasi-moral outrage and general across the board down-the-line brown suited lifer-like disapproval and blanket 'scoffing' condemnation, so sayeth lord Chuck U. Schumer and the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) and Queen Pelosi.

The Executive Office itself has issued a statement saying Representative Paul Ryan's 'Path to Prosperity' budget plan (official quotation of White House Staff#) "Fails the test of balance, fairness, and responsibility."

As much I'd love to break down the language of that simple rebuff to copious amounts of reasonable legislation and due credence to the will of taxpayers and yea- national majority sentiment - I'll simply let those staid words stand on their own, and suggest that any deduced inherent radicalism in Rep. Ryan's 'Path to Prosperity' legislation ignores just how moderate the plan itself is. The D.E.M. plan? most likely to propose favoritism to the middle class whilst picking their pockets and spending recklessly on government programs with little to no oversight within the publik proper.

The complete annihilation of Obamacare-type legislation in Ryan's plan probably contributes to the left's degree of 'balk' - but let's take a look at some of the truths about the content and spirit of 'The Path to Prosperity'....

~It spends approximately 5 trillion less than the President's plans for spending over the next decade - meaning, no 'major' cuts.

~It increases spending on National Security, a key component of the dispute between the Congress Repubs and the 'Bama Whitehouse.

~It replaces the current Medicare program entirely with something entitled "premium support" - providing seniors with extra care rather than, as Sarah Palin entombed, the possibility of death panels.

~Requires insurers to act in accordance with their conscience, autonomy, and Capitalistic structuring by setting up an environment where insurance companies must 'bid' in a process of Democracy rather than Socialism.

~According to the National Review, "older and sicker beneficiaries" under the 'Path to Prosperity' budget plan would receive "more help"
(There's a sense in which this relegates Hospitals and Healthcare providers back to their 'E.R.' role and dismembers the increasing use of Medicalization as a frame for Morality.... last I checked, Hippocrates isn't currently the reigning early Greek philosophe.)

~Ryan's budget proposal would limit the practice of the 'District of Corruption' (bribing states with federal funding, specifically in regards to Medicaid and I can only hope Education.

^The above^

All objectively absolutely unequivocally universally - true.

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if the D.E.M. wants to kill public enthusiasm for 'The Path To Prosperity' for reasons of it's acute 'down the line' ideological aversive 'resist everything republican' dictates directly descended and implemented by the fine pen swab's of The Wicked Witch of the West, queen pelosi (I'm not even going to capitalize her nomenclature) and reigning North Eastern Elite champion of the hum drum Chuck U. Schoemer... maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just that the D.E.M. and it's mechanisms of survival simply hate the genuine, authentic, and honorably bold Neo-Conservatism of Representative Ryan and his 'Path'.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Emergence of Sovereign Philosophies of Liberty

Though occupy has all but degraded to whining unemployed ex-collegiate scum propping up the corpse of Karl Marx and the 'Mayan Prophecy of 2012' has submerged into ludicrous mythos - there does seem, at least from my individual perspective, to be an emergence of a new philosophy of liberty based in individual sovereignty and divinity coming upon the horizon.

Divinity, not in the root sense of the word, but as a kind of call of freedom - the god given right our founding fathers fought so nobly to forever entomb in the U.S. constitution. This 'call' is philosophy emerging into a country adrift in a red ink ocean of rhetoric. Rhetoric and philosophy seem to those of us most familiar with the dialogues of Plato to be of kind in such a way as rhetoric is generally granted the title of that which distinguishes mere morality of the judeo-christian type from Philosophy properly speaking.

In fact, what we may bear witness to in this year of our lord 2012 is the familiarity of our own everyday sense of profundity becoming the guiding ethic which strikes and blows it's way towards the ultimate renewal of Freedom.

Sovereignty is not a word one needs to look up.

And the multitude of non-elite's coming to take power away from the Marxist/Communist/Socialist rungs of power interwoven and insinuated into our backyards by way of the Institutionalization of the Federal Government Ideology surely must be given the bizarro-world spirit of 1968 decree it deserves.

Occupy is out.

The tea party has caught fire, and Justice fans the flames continually by the grace the Lord of Hosts and the brave soldiers of fortitude and courage who commit acts of political courage in a genuine commitment to the virtue of the guiding principles which founded this great land.

But the fight is still on, and will continue to be on, as long as the Columbia-schooled Marxist hit-and-run media continues this ridiculous charade.

Michelle Bachmann once mentioned having a great deal of concern for what children are 'bringing home in their bookbags', and while I have no doubt neo-socialist psychology classes titter till dawn with contrite musings about the need for, and I quote, dismantling the structures of oppression, I do fear my suspicions about the sanctity of education and the threat Marxism poses to the intellectual life of our nation to be due and timely with proper understanding of the business of education and the massive federal funding public institutions receive which amounts to forcing al gore's ideology down our young americans' throats...

But the sovereign philosophies of liberty are emerging despite these failings of conscience, and our young men and women of the Tea Party are finding that not only do many people support them in their brave stance - but that the very beacon of light of the Lord of Hosts does as well... and will reveal unto those who are willing to receive it the wisdom of Solomon, the spirit of Freedom, and the nobility of being on the right side of history.

The Sovereign Philosophy of Liberty



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DDU Dialup ~ The Constitution v. The Fed

With so much tumult in the political world, one would be best fit to focus on Obama's proclaimed constitutional activism on capitol hill... that is, Judges Kennedy and ilk scoffing at 'Bama-care.

The above is the very latest analysis of the Supreme Court case from Buckley's NR ~

I consider obamacare, indoctrination at college campuses and elsewhere with the goal of training healthcare officials, and yea- most doctors themselves to be a new strain of Neo-Communism. Obama, a friend of radical ideology and foe of of the private sector, wants to inculcate communism into every citizens lives by way of federal funding for the sources of training of Health Care Workers (or H.C.W.'s).

This form of communism is a branch of the pragmatic strain of socialistic proto-marxism, with more than a little sociological 'justice' and psychological 'medicalization of undesirability' - but it's most concurrent strain of evidence of communist Totalitarianism is it's inherent 'Collectivism' (see Edward G Robinson on Individualism vs. Collectivism on youtube).

The most common publicly stated effete elitism used to justify mandating the purchase of a good or service?

'Those without insurance cause ill effects to those with insurance'.

Analyze this sentiment, and it's blatantly obvious that the everymans outrage with those who remain uninsured is little more than the individual explication of "hive mind" - i.e. collectivism.

This isn't to say thee issues shouldn't be addressed somehow, but most assuredly the legislation being debated on capitol hill at the moment and on into the forseeable future is inadequate at best for fixing Healthcare costs generally, and near Satanic in it's inherent Communism, which is best typified by the marxist left-wing media and socialist schooled healthcare workers.

To this day, the spirit of Karl Marx can be felt in america in our institutions of academia, in our healthcare institutions, and in our institutions of the press.

I say, after we throw Bamacare in the medical waSTE disposal bin of history, let's as conservatives advance legislation that forever cripples the reach and grip of the federal government. Call it a Romneybomb or some such thing.

Till next time.

Oh, and mind the philosophy -

Sunday, April 8, 2012

DDU DIALUP 002 - Repeal Obamacare

If one has the perception of red it is a perception of color, what constitutes the perception of an idea, concept, proof, or note?

Judgement regarding the phenomeno-existential pursuit of a conservative philosophy of liberty is reserved only for the Lord of Hosts. The day of judgement is nigh, america is dead, and consciousness is fallen.

The clog of phenomenon and the cog of the initial perception is the barrier to be broken for phenomenological examination of emotion.

Fear of god.

God's Anger.

Broken Spirit.

The being of Dasein is such that it's temporal constitution makes itself present-at-hand in it's worldhood. Considering Res Extensa of the Cogito, one clearly finds that primordiality of Dasein rather than 'I think therefore I am'.

Or should Descarte's dissection and evisceration of live equine remain the standard?

Ezekial 30:6

Thus Sayeth the Lord; They also that uphold Egypt shall fall;and the pride of her power shall come down: from the tower of Sy-e'ne shall they fall in it by the sword, saith the LORD GOD