Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why Liberal Contempt is Mere Resentement

Resentement, one of the slavish emotions of passive resistance against the social order-as-such, is a cruelly enacted form of reverie directed at that which supersedes mere notional inclination.  Contempt on the other hand lays straight the horizon upon which understanding can be recognized; recognized as that which is superior to the "lost in paradise" mainframe of Utopian idealists.  I could easily disprove the simplistic notion of heaven on earth with one simple word: pain.
We all feel it.  We all know it.  And all who continue to reject Christ as Messiah will truly experience this 'pain" for all eternity, roasting in the pit of hell.

Yet there is redemption even for those!  Those hapless souls who find it near impossible to get on their knees in their bedroom and beg Jesus and God for forgiveness for their fallen ways.  It is our fallenness that God understands as human kind's essential way of being in the world.  This is our inheritance from the wicked ways of Adam and Eve.

Know we find ourselves fallen.  Amidst a chaotic realm ruled by the dark prince, proximally and for the most part.  fallen in the sense that we have descended into an age ruled by violence.  The evening news screams it at us every night.  The world has gone to shit.

It's time for heroes, politicians or others, to stand up to the scum, the filth, the dogs taking away from our rightful heritage as Americans.  It'a time to put a stop to the "BLACK LIVES MATTER" terrorist organization.  It's time for civility, peace, and prosperity.

I support the police, law enforcement, and the United States military for their continued efforts to fight against cartels and terrorism.  The fact is, the mexican cartels are swarming the border, bringing crack, meth and herion across via drug mules.

Trump is right.  We should build a fence.

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