Friday, March 31, 2017

Lefty Environmentalists Balk At Trump's Removal of Environmental Regulations

Our dear President has taken it upon himself to undo the stifling environmental regulations of the Obama regime, allowing businesses to flourish in a free market not hindered or restrained by bleeding heart environmental activist legislation.  This could be considered a somewhat aggressive move by the POTUS, yet could be considered an important step for the country.  In fact, in lue of this bold removal of restrictions, which have been stifling our country's economic growth, Ford auto has decided to move three plants back onto U.S. soil.  This is big news, and I feel - personally - that the Trump is simply dominating at the moment with actions such as these.  All you may be able to garner from the lamestream media is lefty spin and reports of environmental activist protests, but that hasn't slowed down the Trump whatsoever.
With legislation such as this, and a Repub ally sitting at the head of the EPA, Trump is making decisive moves to make America great again - to be sure.

Yet the bleeding heart lefty enviro-whacko's are literally going beside themselves with dire prophesying and enraged rhetoric.  Micheal Moore, the tubby labor unionist gadfly, even was quoted as saying Trump's rollback of these regulations signal the inevitable "extinction of the human species".

A little much there tubby...

Hardly akin to an apocalypse, Trump's resolve to lift Obama era environmental regulation truly and unequivocally signal's an end to the self-defeatism of the lefty bleeding heart stifling of Free Market capitalism.

Why do environmentalists insist on the federal government enacting anti-capitalistic measures - placed upon small and big business alike?  I'd assume it's a maoist conspiracy, otherwise known as the Global Warming myth...  These little snowflakes on college campuses truly believe that rising water levels in the Maldives can and will lead to all kinds of deathly serious consequences. 
It's absurd!
One would do well to ask these poor snowflakes if they've heard of the scandal involving so-called "Climate Change" scientists simply manufacturing research data out of thin air in order to make the public fearful of the consequences of climate change!  Probably many of them are familiar with this little "gate" yet still insist on deifying and putting their secularized faith in the scientific establishment.  One would wonder, why would someone as clearly insane and unstable as these pitiful snowflakes are...  why would they put so much emphasis on pop-science-as-such?  Do these elite members of the scientific community, sober sane (and probably sodomites) etc. really have much in common with young millenials struggling to make sense out of an increasingly complex and over-sensationalized world?  Hardly...
But whilst gulping down another heaping tablespoon of Ted Talk propaganda there seems to be little room left on campuses and elsewhere for rational, reasoned analysis and inquiry.

Nope it's pretty much just more non-autonomous acceptance and internalization of unvetted communist/socialist ideology!

We here at politalk believe in what is termed "Philosophy" proper over ideology.  Philosophy, as opposed to leftist ideology, generally starts with a statement of first suppositions or principles and then leads the philosopher on an expulsion of these clearly stated - at the beginning of the doctrine etc. - first premises...

i.e. you know upfront what the author believes in and wants to expound upon at the beginning of the work, doctrine or even - as in the case of media - meme.

Ideology on the other hand generally leads the thinker down a primrose path, and hides the first premises or simply what the author really believes until the very end.

That's the basic distinction in my view...

Ideology is most apparent in talking head bytes that don't clearly show upfront the talking head's political views.  You listen, assume they must be intelligent and a goodly source for opin' etc. and then learn at the end that they basically are socialists with a big agenda.

It's verifiable empirically as a deceitful form of dialectic, and increasingly common in our present age.

What I ultimately would like these vultures in the media and elsewhere to state is a simple answer to the following question:

"What are you hiding?"

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017



Friday, March 17, 2017

Marxist Shadow Government up and Running Post-Obama: How the "Deep State" is Undermining Sovereignty

Marxism, as defined by Webster Merriam, is merely when a government owns the material resources of the country or otherwise no "private" property is technically owned by an individual but rather the state...
However, I know for a fact that this apparently definitive portrayal of Marxism/Communism is merely part of an overarching communist conspiracy.  How is it that looking up the definition of communism immediately belies fears of it as what it actually is, that is, an international conspiracy to undermine and overthrow non-communist republics?  The only answer I can proffer is that the commie conspiracy runs so deeply through academia, media and publishing of texts that a false flag is placed in the one place that ought to clarify just how insidious Marxism is!
Maybe I'm being paranoid, but when it comes to the Marxist conspiracy no better example in the present age could be imagined than the truly existent and venomous Shadow Government or (alt. right terminology here) "deep state" that exists in the U.S. bureaucracy and institutions of government.
The fact is, and I've studied this extensively understand, Marxism is more than what Webster says it is:  In fact, Marxism can be described as follows.

Take, as a thinker planner or activist, the influential and monumental Philosopher George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and study it as a science of sorts.  But do so with the the "Academic Oxen" telling you what it means; which is to say, "Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis" (Hegel's famous formulae) and apply it to the deconstruction of historical evolution.  A force of power (thesis) an opposing force of communist power (anti-thesis) and the war between the two leading to an historical evolution and victory of one over the other (synthesis).  This theory of Hegel, which is - de facto - incorrect, is what could be called "Neo-Hegelianism" or "Young Hegelianism".  Karl Marx - the one and only bearded anarchist extraordinaire - was also one of these so called "Young" or "Neo-Hegelians".

Now next, as a Marxist, take what you've gleaned from your inadequate PHI 101 interpretation of an intellectual's interpretation of Hegel and simply remove the "Geist".  Geist means "Spirit".

Now replace the "Spirit" with "Materials" (ala Dialectical Materialism).

This equals Marxism or Communism proper.

So it's quite easy from this dreadful removal of "Spirit" from Hegel's authorship and philosophy to see that Marxism and Communism are psuedo-secular versions of what we deem "Western Civilization" proper.  Remove any mention of God, Jesus (Which Hegel explicitly mentions on MANY occaisions) and The Bible from public discourse and replace it with a kind of brute analysis of the ebb and flow of material goods.  Viewed as-such, Marxism seems like a fairly vacuous and soulless version of what made Western Civilization as we know it so viable as a vision for Democracy in the first place!  Sold out...  Materialistic...  and let me assure you from my dealings with proto-communists in the past- COMPLETELY VIOLENTLY VICIOUS!!!

When one gives up on the central idea or concept of "Spirit" and focuses the moral compass of Hegel's philosophy on materials, the Marxist turns a blind eye to Democratic sentiments such as Compassion, Empathy and Sympathy...  and violently, dumbly and most often times arrogantly leans towards the persecution of Christians.

When Joseph Stalin's daughter came to America, she said:
"I have been reared in intellectual atheism and Marxism; I could no longer live in a world in which there was no God."

So, as per Stalin, Marxism is inherently secular; not to mention hostile to the church, esp. Protestant churches.

So what does this mean?
That the operatives for the U.S. bureaucracy who were appointed under the Democrat party are actively undermining Christians.  I know these types.  Uber leet establishment types who truly believe more in the acquisition  (and suppression)  of material goods than good old fashioned Nationalistic "Spirit" have a death grip on the new Trump Administration.  The Obama Shadow government will not stop, because - whether consciously or not - they adhere to Marxist precepts.  The deep state as-such can be defined as one thing ultimately: Marxist.

Why would they not simply grit their teeth, swallow their pride, and simply serve the new administration?

Because - as per copies of communist pamphlets seized in Europe by the C.I.A. - the goal of communism is two-fold:

1) Overthrow the government.
2) If overthrow is impossible, do everything in your power as an agent for Marxist communism to "undermine" and "intimidate" and "unravel" the governing power.

Well, that's precisely what the deep state is doing and has done!

They lost the election, so now that quote-unquote "overthrow" is impossible, the dictates of Marxism tell you - yea, COMMAND you - to do everything possible to be a gadfly for the powers that be...  It's pretty desperate if you ask me!

So, how can you spot a Marxist?

Well, I'll simply say two things in regards to the hard (near impossible) task of rooting out Marxist agents:

1) William F. Buckley Jr. once said you can tell a communist conspirator in their treatment of Religion as-such.  They will treat the mention of Religion with either:
a. Supercilious dismissal.
b. Active Disparagement.
c. The "silent treatment".
This can be viewed in academia all too easily...


2) Marxists can be classified thusly:
a. Proto-Communist
b. Sub-Communist
c. Neo-Communist
d. Classico-Communist

A proto-commie is what you might conjur to mind when you think of what a typical commie might look like...  Black t-shits, Pop-philosophy/Quantum Physics bulling and cowing at coffee shops and dorm rooms, Che t-shirts, skinny jeans etc.  This poor so-called "Proto" communist may not have even read Marx as-such, but lives according to the ideals of Marxism by virtue of the stratification of Secular ideals into Media, Academia, Science and Culture.

A sub-commie is put thusly:  "Sub" means to denote "Subconscious".  So this "sub-commie" may not have read Marx, may not even look anywhere out of place from normal god fearing Christian society as-such, yet is - in fact - subconsciously enslaved by Marxist ideology.  The poor wretch doesn't know it, but they're being used as an unwitting tool in the battle for the ideological supremacy of the Communist cause.  It may sound hard to believe, but one can be "sub" or even "pre" consciously committed to "the cause" of revolution and rabble-rousing!  How?  Once again, the stratification of secular quasi-morality into Media, Academia, Science and Culture.

Next we have by far the most distinguishable form of Marxist, the Neo-Communist....
The "Neo" communist probably looks like a commie, so is like the proto-commie in a sense; yet these agents for the communist conspiracy have read Marx and agreed with him.  They are indubitably violent, deceitful, cunning, and ardently against White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism.  They view Protestants as nothing more than undesirables (so to speak), meant to be viewed as and acted upon in such a way as to demean the basis upon which they live in "Spirit".  Neo-Communists hate the idea of "School Spirit", "Patriotism" and especially (as in the case of Trump) "Nationalism".  To them, it's a dumb way to be.  Why can't we show these poor souls the err of their ways?

Finally there is the Classico-Communist.  I'll wrap this category up quite succinctly...

Classico Communists are generally quite a bit older than your teen-age revolutionary with a Che hat on, and have studied Marx and associated authors extensively.  Often, they work in Academia or Media and use their power, prestige and tenure to enact the revenge of their wicked ideology.  Classico-communists are by far the most dangerous form of Marxist; probably, the majority of the rabble-rousing coming from Obama's Shadow Government is caused by bureaucratic hold overs from the last POTUS, who are so entrenched the only way to truly find them and suss them out would be to catch them in the act of reading Karl Marx.  Many classico-communists are cunning to an uncanny degree!  They may hide things constantly, run circles around idealistic up-and-coming Christians and take pride in it.  Even, many of them, have an outspoken contempt for Christianity as-such.  Approach with caution!

There you have it.

In a nut-shell...

So what are we to do about the over-arching influence of the Deep State in Trump's present society?

Accept merely this, and you will be freed from their shackles...

"Rush Limbaugh once commented to a massive audience on television that the whole notion that Russia hacked the election is not only farcical in a sense, not only laughable for many, but in fact simply not factual.  He commented that the lack of facticity in regards to the accusations is why they STILL haven't found a shred of evidence directly connecting Trump to the Russians, and yet the media blanketed the airwaves with the fake news...  Why?  Well, here comes the big rub of my personal 'commie conspiracy' ramblings and dire bemoaning that runs thusly:  THE REASON FOR THE RUSSIAN HACKING STORY AGAINST THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WAS TO OBFUSCATE THE TRUTH OF THE COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY THE MEDIA IS COMPLICIT IN...  THE TRUTH IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT AND VERIFIED BY THE YAHOO HACKING BUST OF SEVERAL SOVIET SPIES RECENTLY, THAT THERE IS A MAJOR RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN TO INFILTRATE THE US GOVERNMENT WITH RUSSIAN SPIES.  DURING THE OBAMA REGIME, THIS WAS DONE BY THE RUSSIANS WITH SOME EASE.  THE D.E.M. KNOWS THIS AND IS COMPLICIT IN IT (AS PER MARXIST REVOLUTIONARY IDEOLOGY), AND IS TRYING TO MUDDY THE WATERS SO THAT THE SOVIET (IE RUSSIAN) SPIES ARE NOT FOUND OUT AND EXTRICATED WITH THE VERACITY A POTUS OF TRUMP'S CHRACTER MIGHT OTHERWISE DO.  IE, THE RUSSIAN HACKING STORY IS ACTUALLY A COMMIE CONSPIRACY TO SAP AND IMPURIFY ALL OF OUR PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS.  THAT IS ALL..."

- RT Stillwell

Dude, fight back.  Seriously, we have to.  I - for one - once punched a Neo-Commie in the chin at a bar...  I don't recommend violence, of course- but if one of these Deep State commie punks messes with you?  Let him have it!

Thank you very much, have a great and safe St. Patty's day!

Domestic Democracy United 2017