Monday, February 29, 2016

DDU Endorses Donald J. Trump: "I Think He's The Man To Get The Job Done" Says DDU Founder

Domestic Democracy United 2016

I officially endorse Donald Trump's POTUS campaign, and endorse the man himself as the guy to get the job done in Washington D.C.  Having succeeded in private enterprise, Trump is just the Washington outsider to really shake up the establishment and give libs and rino's both a run for their money.  Trump's uncompromising Politik coupled with his simply grand sense of humor give most voters a good idea of what Trump is about...  That is, no frills, do it yourself American grit - tried and true.
If Trump can succeed monetarily to the degree that he has, he's sure to be more than capable of holding the reigns of the Whitehouse.  To be certain, Trump has a kind of pedigree that a voter can take solace in.  Familiar from television, name recognition out the wazoo, and not financed by ANY lobbyists.
It's a republican's dream come true!

I had previously endorsed Sen. Rand Paul for his fiscal policies, but upon dropping out of the race due to shortage of funds, I must move into the Trump camp.

That's right, folks.
I'm stumpin' for Trump!

And the degree of liberal 'balk' against Trump is predictable.  I don't think there is a single candidate we could have elected that wouldn't elicit this kind of knee-jerk response.  It's sad really, people who hate Trump are clearly envious of his money and prestige.  I doubt they would admit it, but the fact is, Trump is a force to be reckoned with!

One thing I rather like about Trump and I think really explains his 'go for the jugular' rhetorical style, is what I'll call the "zeal of the convert".  Trump was a Democrat for many years, and as anyone who has switched parties knows, the zeal of the convert makes one positively passionate about conservative narrative!  I know it has for me, as I was a card carrying member of the Democrat party for years, and when I switched to the republican party for a variety of reasons I found myself absolutely enthralled with Republican platform and dialectic.  I would espouse these values, bull around with friends, and have an altogether raucous time in my newly emancipated state.

You can see this kind of joy and passion in some of Trump's campaign messages.

So in short, Vote Trump if you want to keep the candidate with a (d) by their name out of office for the next four years.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

DDU - "On Mastery"

I have brought to light previously on my blog the so-called 'dialectic' between master and slave.  I thought then, as I do now, that slavery is immoral - yet one of the historical and present-politico necessities of nature.  Over 100 years after the abolition of slavery in the U.S., there still remains a black market for indentured servitude and sex slavery.
It is a grim realization to think that somewhere, in my country, in my county, in my city - that there are people in the bondage of slavery.  Yet it happens every day under the belly of the beast!
But, anyhow, I came to the conclusion that one is far better off being in a position of Mastery than Slavery...

So I then asked the question; How does one become a 'master'?

The answer is, accordingly, Hegelian.

Hegel, enlightenment German philosophe extraordinaire, posited that there are three 'levels' of cognition:

1) Lower Immediacy
2) Mediation
3) Higher Immediacy

In lower immediacy, we find the ethics of the child.  Ill equipped to true mastery-as-such, the child finds himself in a non-reflective, direct world of coping with, learning about, and engaging upon objects.  They do not, so to speak, circumspect.  It's almost as if a child lives in a realm of pure instinct, blind to Godly reason.

Then, upon entering the educational system, a person undergoes mediation.
From pre-k to college, mediation is almost a form of conditioning under which a person transforms from lower immediacy to higher immediacy.  Hegel thought that this undergoing of mediation was absolutely necessary to obtain the skill of true Mastery.

But mediation need not come from education alone...
No, in fact, independent study of philosophy coupled with the phenomenological method have seemed, for me, to be a fine substitute for Scholarly pedigree.
However, there is a sense in which if one truly wishes to become the Master of a discipline or skill, one must undergo a process of conscious circumspection requiring the qualities of reflection, circumspection, and reasoning.

It is the 'reason-hood' of a particular subject or discipline that one must circumspect about, sometimes for many many years, in order to achieve Mastery.  It can be difficult.  There may be trials and tribulations.  Struggling.  Strife.

But upon embodying a particular philosophy of action in one's preconscious drives, one can be said to have attained a kind of Mastery.

The simplest example is from the book "Zen and the Art of Archery", in which a master archer describes how he hits a bulls-eye.

He pulls the string back to it's fullest degree, and then allows the arrow to be propelled from his bow unto the target.
His reflective consciousness is hardly part of the process!
He simply DOES it.
Without, for most true masters, even 'thinking'.

The reason for this is because long ago the master archer underwent the process of mediation, in which he internalized the reason-structure of his craft.

So the mark of a true disciple of Christ is in the character of one who studies the bible in constant mediation-unto-death.
For the truest mastery of all is that of attaining redemption, universally, absolutely, proximally and for the most part, and eternally!


Friday, February 19, 2016

DDU DIALUP - Domestic Democracy United SUPERpac *vid inside*

Just some ramblings I captured on a shit webcam.  LO FI DDU DIALUP.  Has a bit of philosophy, a bit of politics, and A LOT of defending the USA as a Christian Nation.  This one's for the politalk cultists!

As Hegel says,
"All religion begins as cult."

Brendan O'Connell AKA RT STILLWELL
Domestic Democracy United 2016

Music from cock rock disco: cockrockdisco (OVER 60 FREE ALBUMS FOR DOWNLOAD)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

DDU Valentine's Day "Treatise on Love"

On this very solemn day of our lord, Sunday Feb. 14th 2016, I shall attempt to write a short treatise on the subject of the much analyzed sentiment of "Love".  Love is such that it's duality brings forward a kind of deep seated primordiality.  After all, it is the act of Erotic love that brought each of us into being in the first place.
But to really begin my discussion, I shall reference the Indian words "bava" and "rasa".  A bava is considered to be something crude and unrefined, so for example lustful desire would be a kind of "bava".  A rasa could be understood as when one takes something raw and crude, and aestheticizes it, refines it, civilizes it - and ultimately makes something profane into something beautiful!

I think that the Indian culture gets it's theory of bava and rasa exactly right.  But then perhaps I spoke too soon to call lustful desire base and vile.  There is something crude about it, I think.  However, perhaps this sort of initial emotional spark of attraction is what love is about initially.  Falling in love could, depending on the lovers, be a kind of rasa or a bava, but either way - I think there is little doubt that this initial "falling" in love is a constitutive element of our lives on earth.  Our fallenness begets our ill repute upon discovering that the object of our affections, most of the time, doesn't live up to the perfect euphoria of the initial "fall".

This is precisely because, as Bob Solomon puts it, what we really, truly love in the other person is not the individual or our social construction of them nor merely another lump of flesh with a desirable physical quality about them; no, what we really love in the other Person is God.

That is why when our beloved proves to be less than of the countenance of God incarnate, there is always another kind of "falling", where the initial euphoria of being "in" love with someone recedes and what begins, in almost all adult and young adult relationships, is a kind of struggle between two alienated and estranged love junkies, looking desperately for a fix.  
This, I would wager, is why cheating in relationships is so common.

But now I'd like to contrast the conceptualization of loving another individual as loving the person of God with a different phenomenon:  Love as base, vile, decadent, sinful, physically repulsive, annoying and altogether simply a kind of bava.

When I say crude, think of the "Love" you see on daytime television.

People fighting, yelling, screeching at the individual they supposedly "love".

This must be a kind of primordial hypocrisy, probably basic to man's existence ever since Adam and Eve.

But I think we all, this valentines day, have a sort of obligation to try and refine our sensibilities regarding love and become more enlightened in regards to what really matters about the ancient ideal of "Love"


Thursday, February 11, 2016


I've mentioned in previous blogs that I make a fair amount of electronic music in my spare time, some of which has been moderately successful.  I call my project, "Emo Headache" because the idea of the noise composition is to give you a burst of distortion leading to migraine inducing kickdrums.  I consider it a form of IDM, though I always really wanted to make stuff that people COULD mosh to.  So here are my official releases in order from earliest to newest:

Emo Headache - Variations on the Devil LP - Legs Akimbo Records

Two tracks off of a Legs Akimbo Compilation called, "And Now For Something Completely Fucked Up..."
A Parliamentalist Remix done by my friend and I about Chris Huhne called Huhne Unit 9000

A Track I called "Highschool Hate-Crime"

Next, I took the basic premise of High School Hate Crime and extended it into an entire LP called Tweenstar.  It's gotten over 10,000 torrent dl/s, and is a good example of how one can really be a thorn in the multiculturalists back if you put work into it (it took me approx. 6 months to finish the album):

Next, I got pressed to a cassette tape release entitled "Misanthropics", which decided to release my remix of The Misfits "Night Of The Living Dead".

After that I released a more breakcore oriented mashup EP called squatter bum, as I'm constantly skint lol.

After that back on England's finest Legs Akimbo Records I released a short EP entitled "EMO SUCKS", which features me on the cover doing an "Austin 3:16 SUCK IT!" pose with bat wings transposed onto my shoulders.  This one, probably due to the bright pink layout, has gotten over 15,000 downloads!
Hear it here:

Then finally as if my taste for the profane hadn't descended to it's dirtiest depths, I released "Songs In The Key Of Sheitan" featuring a strange man on the toilet (Slime City's owner and half of the duo Skat Injector").  This LP was a labor of love, and was made mostly around halloween, so there's tons of scream samples and headache inducing distortion!  It even got a review in an E Zine (

and finally for my full discography I did an opera/gospel remix for a Slime City compilation called Rawforce III.  Catch it here.

So there you have it, the totality of my musical discography.  Some of it is pretty progressive stuff, and I've found that people over here in the US tend to go "UGH, TURN IT DOWN" when played, while others in europe and globally seem to "get it" a little more.  I dunno what you think of it, but I, personally, would die happy knowing I had released this kind of genius to a global audience....  so you politalk junkies.  you're not the only cult out there!

I'm kidding.

If you're not into my punk rock experimentations, check my dubwise project "Clip & Carbine"
located here:

most of this content is free for download, so if you like something, downlo9ad it for your pc or ipod!
Thanks a ton,
Brendan O'Connell aka RT STILLWELL


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why Liberal Contempt is Mere Resentement

Resentement, one of the slavish emotions of passive resistance against the social order-as-such, is a cruelly enacted form of reverie directed at that which supersedes mere notional inclination.  Contempt on the other hand lays straight the horizon upon which understanding can be recognized; recognized as that which is superior to the "lost in paradise" mainframe of Utopian idealists.  I could easily disprove the simplistic notion of heaven on earth with one simple word: pain.
We all feel it.  We all know it.  And all who continue to reject Christ as Messiah will truly experience this 'pain" for all eternity, roasting in the pit of hell.

Yet there is redemption even for those!  Those hapless souls who find it near impossible to get on their knees in their bedroom and beg Jesus and God for forgiveness for their fallen ways.  It is our fallenness that God understands as human kind's essential way of being in the world.  This is our inheritance from the wicked ways of Adam and Eve.

Know we find ourselves fallen.  Amidst a chaotic realm ruled by the dark prince, proximally and for the most part.  fallen in the sense that we have descended into an age ruled by violence.  The evening news screams it at us every night.  The world has gone to shit.

It's time for heroes, politicians or others, to stand up to the scum, the filth, the dogs taking away from our rightful heritage as Americans.  It'a time to put a stop to the "BLACK LIVES MATTER" terrorist organization.  It's time for civility, peace, and prosperity.

I support the police, law enforcement, and the United States military for their continued efforts to fight against cartels and terrorism.  The fact is, the mexican cartels are swarming the border, bringing crack, meth and herion across via drug mules.

Trump is right.  We should build a fence.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Obama Administration Continues It's Assault on the Publik

To shoving Obamacare down hapless citizen's throats to mandating gay marriage legal despite many christians conscience all the way up to directly assaulting dixie gun shows, the Obama Administration has shown an elitist Chicago-ian contempt for the south and farmers and the agrarian culture that is our rightful heritage.  The sad fact is, if you own a gun; you might as well be a terrorist according to the Obama cronies.  I'm sure it's a pure liberal wet dream to completely disarm the publik....

But they know they could never get away with it.  A citizen revolt would act as a safegaurd against THAT kind of tyranny.

But that is exactly what they're doing; chipping away at the civil liberties of gun owners bit by bit, little by little...

And this isn't even to mention the poor children.

They are being indoctrinated with all kinds of nefariously communist propaganda.  From the classroom to the television to the textbooks, one would be wise to proffer to todays young people, "Do you believe everything you read?"

I certainly do...  that is, In the bible - MY TEXTBOOK!

Do you know what the punishment for Judas was?  It's from Acts...

(Judas, for the reward he got for betraying Jesus bought a plot of land.  On the land he fell headfirst, his intestines spilling out.  The natives called this field, akeldama, or Field of Blood.)

These Judas's in government will get their due reward, their comeuppance, their final due diligence.

DDU 2015