Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heidegger and Embodiement

Alright, quick break from politics-

I came to the odd conclusion recently that ideas are entities which we embody. Take for example memories, which I argue are ideas- We think of a given memory (perhaps triggered by a smell say), and we feel an emotion as a reaction to that memory. Say I think of my deceased hamster and remember how sad I was when he died- well, I then feel sadness.

This is an example of how we embody idea's. They become us. They make themselves known to us. They are akin to biological organisms because of the Universal structure of Reason.

In a sense, this can be seen as an Aristotelian twist on Plato's theory of the world of Forms.

But these are just the basic premises- what becomes interesting is when we apply this notion to heideggers 'Region'. That is to say, Idea's occupy actual physical regions. This is clearly dubious, but let's take the example of general ideas. War, Love, etc. They can certainly exist as regions. Of course, I have previously stated that war and love are the same thing, but let's set that aside quietly for now. War or murder has a definite 'Region' (That is to say general physical location)- the bullet of a gun. But this is merely pragmatically to say that the notion of Ideas having physical regions has some arguments in its defense.

Take the Parable of Shroedingers Cat. He sets up an experiment where the cat will either live or die. This basic idea and the conclusions one could draw from it are an entity in a constant interaction-paradigm engagement with the regional/physical components of reality.

This is my basic idea, please comment.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TSA Controversy

The New York Times has admitted recently in print that the biggest story of the year is the body scanner/genital groping that has been going on in our nations airports. This story at very least deserves some investigation. Schnidt said that this will cause more American deaths...

How? - you might ask.

Well, simply more people will decide to travel via roads, and it's a fact that driving long distances on the highway (especially strenuously) is far more dangerous than flying on a plane.

This is not nearly as important though, however, than the fact that being forced to go through a potentially hazardous scanner, or be intrusively groped, is an encroachment upon our fourth amendment right which warns against the illegality of unreasonable searches and seizures.

Ask your average liberal and they will non-chalantly mutter something about security and avoid further discussion.

Ask your average conservative and hopefully they will cite the constitution and at very least say that we should be more judicious and not be afraid to profile on the basis of religion.

Ask me and I might likely say something about dangerous scalliwagerous tyranny being implemented by a communist president.

But let's just put this in the context of the Juan Williams NPR/Fox scandal. He said he felt fear sitting on a plane near a muslim. Ask yourself this- Is that unreasonable?

I don't think so.

But this is a huge story, and shows how this administration has very little care for the constitution, and how liberal activist judges such as Sonya Sotomayor pose a real threat to the sanctity of the constitution and yea our founding documents generally.

I decree that this issue should be taken to the supreme court and solved for the sake of America.