Friday, November 20, 2015

DDU Calls For Accountability From The Regime: "We Demand Action On Homeland Security!" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

We demand action.
The inaction of this regime and it's tolerance and acceptance of mainline islam only reflect the degree to which this regime has blinders on when it comes to muslim extremism.  They say, "The future does not belong to those who would blaspheme the prophet Muhammad."


I say, FUCK Muhammad.

His evil cult of muslim extremists who believe in murder as currency, stoning's as civilization and hangings as a good night out on the town have no place in Western Civilization.

It's not that they don't already have a place here... It's that they shouldn't.  For the love of god swoop in and vet every muslim or simply have a mass deportation.  It's that simple!  Get rid of them, so we can avoid another 9/11.

But you'll never see this type of legislation passed on the hill.

To them the bank of multiculturalism provides the currency from which they withdraw their wicked dominion.

Paki bastards need to fuck off back to where they come from, or else we're ALL at risk.

We ought to put them in internment camps and interrogate each and every one of them that is Moslim.

These hadji bastards ALL hate America and all want to see the "blue eyed devils" exterminated.

Do not doubt me on this.

And I'm not even commenting on the problem Europe has on it's hands.

I'm talking HERE -
In America!

DDU 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hadji Bastards Attack "Death Metal" Concert in France: DDU Condemns Islam

Recently Isis/Isil decided to attack, en masse, a Death Metal concert in France - Killing 130 at least and injuring dozens of others.
This type of cruel and ungodly use of terrorism frightens someone like me, who happens to enjoy a good rock concert now and again...  It's unacceptable.  And the throngs of immigrants overrunning europe at the moment only compound the kind of future quagmire Isis/Isil pose to the world.

The koran repeats, ad infinitum: "Kill the unbeliever".

And I'll tell you what...
I don't trust a single one of these hadji bastards.  They're everywhere.  Take a stroll down your average Washington D.C. suburb shopping center.  They're everywhere.

We need to deport ALL Muslims back to their homeland, otherwise incidents like this will continue to happen.

I must be frank, for a moment.

I make music other than doing this blog and am signed to what amounts to an electronic "Black Metal" Label ( and and as a fringe musician I fear the retribution of fundamentalist whacko's indoctrinated into the writ of hatred that is the koran.  There is no telling how far these nuts will continue to go, and we need decisive action in Washington and elsewhere to control, mitigate, and eliminate the growing Elephant In The Room:  The Muslim problem.

Sure we can continue on the due course of tolerance of ALL cultures or we can open our eyes to just how monstrous these barbarians really are.


Why would they kill hundreds, opening up fire at a Death Metal concert?

Because they are so fundamentalist that ANYTHING which deviates from their norm of no women driving, no women education, face scarves for all women, and a kind of paternalism so perverted that they are unwilling to even tolerate Western Society-as-such.  We tolerate THEM.

But they cannot tolerate US.

It's a one way ratchet with these ragheads, and I say we do what Truman, a democrat, did a long long time ago....


DDU 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

DDU Presidential Endorsement: "I Endorse Sen. Rand Paul For President" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

I, at this point in the presidential race for the 2017 POTUS seat, would like to endorse Senator Rand Paul as my candidate of choice.  He has shown remarkable leadership through his impassioned filibuster of the raise of the debt ceiling limit, and gets my vote almost entirely due to this stance of his platform.
The monumental debt this country has accrued, which Paul highlighted repeatedly during his third appearance in the repub presidential debates, is a disaster waiting to happen.
And as I proffered to a local politician during the recent local elections, this type of concern has more to do with, say, our great-grandchildren's future than to do with anything selfish in the present age.
We need to tackle the debt, and I think Rand Paul has been the most outspoken on this subject by far, so he gets my vote, and - I hope - yours as well!

Now one might ask, why is one who is often so vocally neocon-ish supporting a paleocon icon like Paul.  Well, my answer is - to be frank, while Ron Paul may remain a bit of a paleocon stalwart, I feel like Rand has really struck out on his own and, while retaining the better aspects of his father's Politique, has his own identification which really amounts to that of a moderate neocon.

He's talking sense.

Yet the libs in the media continue to stick their heads in the sand regarding the fiasco that is, now, 19 trillion in U.S. debt.  we cannot pass this debt on to our children.  we must fix the debt.
we must choose responsibility.

Now some hawks balk at Paul's quasi-non-interventionist platform, but I feel he is, by far, the best to handle the big red button.  He would embody, I feel, a safe, responsible and firm approach to U.S. foreign policy - and with his experience as a Senator he has the gravitas to affirmatively lead the U.S. in the direction of sustained Peace.

However, would he pull us out of Afghanistan? I sincerely doubt it.
Paul, in terms of national security, seems like a citizen's dream come true.
Reigning in reckless spending and legislation whilst still maintaining a clear eyed vision of how to approach the concept and dangers of domestic terrorism.  He's no slouch when it comes to U.S. Homeland Security, I can guarantee it.
Further, he seems to me to have the most honestly good intentioned platform of all the candidates.
He see's the dangers posed by a massive and growing debt, and is willing to take on the hard problems of solving this quagmire.  We cannot afford to sell our children's children into financial debt.  We cannot sit idly by with our heads, figuratively, in the sand.

Brendan O'Connell - Domestic Democracy United SUPERPAC 2015