Monday, November 21, 2016

IT'S A FUCKING OBAMANATION - Collectivism Quietly Removes the Word 'God' From the Pledge

I have never been so happy and so p.o.'d simultaneously.  Obviously, dear reader, we won.
Yet despite my enthusiasm for the moment, one I can hardly wait for, that Trump takes his Oath of Office- I discovered a disturbing fact through a sort of Gonzo Journalism of sorts, that leaves me sullen, terrified and depressed.  That little bit of objective fact runs thusly:

"The word "God" has been removed from the pledge of allegiance."

So now, whole masses of school children are pledging their commitment not to "one nation - under god - with liberty...".  Now they are committing themselves to "one nation - with liberty".  I, as a staunch traditionalist, always thought it was the "under god" part that really made the whole thing... I dunno- more cohesive, so to speak...

I'm left with, upon the discovery of this, a kind of sinking feeling in my gut.  To be perfectly frank- when I learned this- I experienced a brief panic attack!

It's that serious, to me and others.

It's a pig fucking abomination and you know it!

Thanks a lot Obama.

"I have discovered a disturbing coalescence by learning about the Church of Satan.  Satanists, as in the official church (not obvious children of satan like myself) literally worship the evil one as 'Satan, God of Liberty'.  I for one don't like and am very suspicious of a pledge of allegiance that dedicates itself to simply Liberty-as-such.  Taking the word 'God' out of our traditional pledge is literally the most fascistic thing The Regime could have done.  Good Riddance!"

Well that's it folks.
We won!


Domestic Democracy United 2016 

Friday, November 4, 2016


This one is going out to my regular readers...
I hope that all of you find themselves well, and I'm proud to have served you since 2010 providing conservative underground journalism.  The majority of my narrative, though uniquely original, is culled from the Excellence in Broadcasting Network's Rush Limbaugh - so you can rest assured that when it comes to Politalk, I have a 99.7 % accuracy rating.
I've, up till now, made several bold claims regarding the so called "battleground" states of my home state, North Carolina, and nearby massive voter bloc Florida.  I mentioned arrogantly (as per norm) that these states would "verifiably" go red.
One thing to keep in mind about this was that during the time of the article all of the major polls indicated that Hillary was up 10 % or 13 %.
Yet now as we come to the final decision - Election Day - the polls indicate that my prediction was right on the money!  NC and FL are both trending rightward!

It's actually a bit like Reagan in 1980 - when the polls and media portrayed a less than flattering picture of the ole' Ronaldus Magnus. Yet he won by a landslide.
I'm loathe to be too confident as - yes - there's always a chance that the "Never-Trump" phenomenon could have it's effects.  However, I'd wager we're witnessing an election of Reaganesque proportions.  I mean look at Ohio!
No U.S. president has EVER won an election throughout all of U.S. history without winning Ohio...

Yet polls, increasingly accurate as we near election time, now show OH trending rightward as well.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I hope to be able to report to you post-election that we're on the way to making America great again.

Please vote Trump!