Monday, June 6, 2016

A Trump Presidency Means More, Not Less, Freedom For All

Trump is a capitalist to a 'T', and those naysayers on the left who believe that a Trump presidency will mean more fascism, more tyrannical rule, and more of the same kind of leadership we've come to expect from the past 8 years of socialism have no idea just how truly compassionate the ethic of capitalism truly is.  Capitalism thrives on good deeds, good intentions and - well let's be frank - making a living.  There are millions out of work who would perfectly like to work but have trouble finding jobs due to, partly, the immigration problem.
We were told before that these unskilled immigrants are taking jobs that no one else wants - but I'd say post-recession this is no longer true.  The one's taking the jobs from citizens of the US, the one's here illegally, are hurting our country.  Why can't we return to a workforce of American citizens, all in it together working for the common good.  The immigrants who come here have no vested interest in Democracy.  They send their pay back home to mexico or wherever they're from!
Trump will build a wall, which means more freedom in the following ways:
Less gang crime spilling over the border.
Less Illegal immigrants taking our jobs and culture.
Reduced duties for border agents.
Less drug trafficking and human trafficking.

These are all considerable reasons to build a wall.
But despite that, Donald Trump remains one thing: A Capitalist.
He's no washington insider politician, he's a self made man.  His devotional instinct towards the capitalist ethic makes him a one of a kind candidate - someone who can keep the planes running on time and not be afraid about broaching the touchy issues of the muslim problem.
A capitalist, a true one like Trump is, will always have his country's best interest at heart.

We can trust in Trump.

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