Friday, April 19, 2013

The Terror is Over, says Fox News : NSA Warns of Playing Junior G - Man

I am loathe to type anything whatsoever after the vicious and alarming tragedy which struck the city of Boston last wed.  However, we can all - left and right - breathe easily now.  The terrorist threat is no more, unequivocally.  Our country is now, as of the capture (and exhibition of the identity of) of the terrorists who shook America to it's boots, authentically free from immediate threat.  Boston, objectively, has been vindicated.

The major story, as I once commented on in regards to an Occupy protest I soured and spat at directly at the DNC, is not the Lamestream picture being pumped into every goof-box of every hardworking citizen of the world;  in fact, the  major story is one which no one may ever become aware of!

The major story's are the behind the scenes Police work of Gov'ment agencies far and wide and - to be sure - in the country's city of Boston.  This is the only interesting angle to many of us, and is surely something I wouldn't be qualified to speculate on.  But the distance between average Harold free citizen and the Boston city and people-hood has been removed.




...Today it seems.

But the victory of State and/or Federal government agencies in capturing these viciously leftist Russians should and, according to DDU INFO HEADQUARTERS in Raleigh, NC - ahem, will signal for many that we are out of danger.  The fear is now unnecessary.

Domestic Democracy United,

Founder and Member on Friday, after the attack which forever shook our nation and ex shoom-gang member Barack "Hussein" Obama's administry and elect.

"Thank you, I would like to say that I'm praying for all of the people of Boston and the people of Texas, not to even speak of the fine officials of State and/or Federal Government.  I absolutely apologize for my sick joke -

Which is, of course this blog.  The only thing I would like to be official about myself is the valuations made within this blog.  No, I don't like to say these things - I'm just doing my duty (no pun intended).  Thanks for reading, but I recommend not viewing this page anymore.  Please go to for all substantive political commentary for the time being."

- Brendan O'Connell aka RT Stillwell aka Clip & Carbine aka John Oswald aka Emo Headache aka Aecorpn


^Indicates that Politalk's use of Private Investigation philosophy and methodology was plenty keen to the threat of Russian/Ethnic terrorist/communist and it's presence in the worldhood of the world.  Russia - no offense, we don't like you.  DDU wants you to stop visiting this page.  Ihonestlypityyoupeople.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Empathy and Compassion: Sentiments of Heart

"Until in anger he
And his cheeks are flushed with shame,
Unholy every note of his song."
- Friedrich Holderlin

Each of us in our own way is shut off from Sympathy, by virtue of our having been estranged from that which is closest to our core senses, one is torn in the alienation of having become.  And yet, the bound meaning of world and morals renders void an indominable sense of kinship.

The clown of the corporeal etherealizations, "heaven on earth" ethic and posture, remain even until tomorrow the unbecoming anti-natural inclinations inherent in love as an interlude between lust, happiness, and the mortal coil.  One would observse such inclinations in the animal kingdom.

We always understand in a direct, basic sense what the apprehension of subjective selfhood entombs as our objective worldliness.  If you have no television, the idea of subjective selfhood seems agape in it's obtrusive ideological candor.  The esotericism entrenched in neo-pragmatism makes it's own limits explicit in lasting absolute obscenity.

This obscene alienation is the heart of Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion.

Post-Deconstructionism posits that for-the-sake-of this is meant that of God's mercy, and should one posit anything whatsoever regarding this Enlightenment-Era constitution, need nothing remain posture nor recompense.  The need of being-alongside-others is made concrete in the formulations of the classical-as-such.  The necessity to be-for-others makes concrete the drive for classical "Rights".

For the only regress of an intolerable hatred for tolerance-as-such is in a kind of trace.  The trace of worldhood, as an entity, making explicit the worldliness of a totality-of-tools.  The ready-to-hand makes itself known to us in light of ontical-ontological priority.  What is a service, lest it be in the name of priority?

Let's go to another point of recompense.

That of the delimiting of dasein in the world.
The limits of dasein.

The limit of knowledge is merely that which makes itself known in the immediate.

Everyday dasein is that which is true.  Alienation, the fixture of servitude and malice.  Thinking beyond self...

The limits remain.

The easy way out remains beyond, in fact, the limitations of delimiting.

From "Variations on the Devil"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beyond Collectivism: Anti-Capitalistic Ideologies and Where They Stand

I've talked a bit recently about the ideologies stemming from early philosophers from the young Hegelian school of thought, and tied it to the general term, collectivism.  To focus this in the broader spectrum of various ideologies, I will be giving a short bucket list:

1) Communism - This ideology places all of the power of a country or state in the hands of government. Left Wing.

2) Anarchism - No Government. Right Wing.

3) Libertarianism - There is a role for government, but it should be strictly limited. Right Wing.

4) Tea Party - a Centrist Position.  Neither right nor left wing.

5) Soft Socialism - Refers to a "Mixed economy" in line with the european model.  Left Wing.

6) Fascism - A form of socialism. Left Wing.

Some, such as the tea party and libertarianism are explicitly pro-capitalism.  Others such as Fascism, Anarchism, and Communism are implicitly anti-capitalism.  Soft Socialism, as such, is neither explicitly anti-capitalism nor implicitly pro-capitalism.
The spectrum, in degree's of extremity of position, consists of the following.

<---communism -="" :="" anarchism---="" fascism="" libertarianism="" party="" socialism="" soft="" tea="">

All of those on the left side are collectivist ideologies and all those on the right side are individualist philosophies. In fact, if one were to gauge the political spectrum as such, from communism on the farthest left to anarchism on the farthest right - one would seem to be, with the political orientation in our age as it is, conducting some perverse form of Criminology.

Truly, with the exception of the Tea Party and Soft Socialism, this would be an apt judgement in any capitalistic system worthy of its salt.