Friday, December 29, 2017

Domestic Democracy United's Agenda for the New Year: 2018 DDU Treatise

It has been a tremendously successful year for domestic democracy united, what with the blog getting on average 600 hits a day for several months prior (its gone back down to a trickle of late, but still...), and community initiatives such as sticking up for the poor, helping people at the brink of the law, and being a positive force for violent change.  We've done a great job, and Domestic Democracy United should become even more prescient of a force in the future.  By fighting for democracy every day (you should see my downtown headquarters!), I am truly doing my service as a citizen of the U.S.

I feel proud of what I've accomplished:

So far,
I've bricked three windowfronts of prominent anti-democratic establishments.
I've punched one communist wearing a beret from the Dominican Republic in the face.
I've converted one person to the republican party that I know of.
I've put out a DJ mix pro-Trump two weeks before the 2016 election.
I've continued my Mission for spreading the gospel of Christ our lord and savior, and should think that by doing so for so long now (including in my music), I must have reached a few people with the good news.
I've passed out Christian oriented CD's at DJ shows in downtown Raleigh.

But domestic democracy is in the hands of every citizen.

We need to create a space for democracy, with our ideas-

our spirit-

and our will!

The Domestic Democracy Agenda for 2018 is the following:


A) fight crime on the street level through community watch.
B) spread the word of salvation through Christ.
C) bring passion and joy through the liberation of the spirit through revelry.
D) advance an agenda on 2nd amendment rights in a reasonable fashion.
E)  author articles on current issues including current media commentary.
F) continue to apply the ideas of philosophy to politik.
G) fight against secularism and multiculturalism in all of its forms.
H) keep an eye out for signs of imminent disaster.
I) continue listening to Rush Limbaugh and authoring articles on memes gleaned from EIB.
J) ignore the lamestream news and stick to the ecstatic truth of the current era.
K) remember that good journalism comes from private investigation style intuition; follow leads.
L) always keep an eye out for corruption and malfeasance in media and government.
M) act as a watchdog, and call out anything that seems worthy of having a light shone upon it.
N) keep the integrity of Politalk intact while still maintaining the true Right Wing Punk use of exaggeration and humorous hate speech.
O) remain loyal to the loyal readers.
P) remember to bring the raw facts first, commentary second.
Q) keep true to Politalk's original charter of Free Market Democracy.
R) try to ignore the never trumper establishment and focus on the Tea Party.
S) seek interviews more often.
T) bring the lessons of church at Pittsboro United Methodist to a receptive audience of like minded patriots.
U) don't try to tell people what to believe, give the facts and let people come to their own conclusions.
V) repost on twitter and facebook more often to generate hits.
W) report on only national domestic issues, stray away from foreign policy.
X) bring my own brand of ultraviolence to the mainstream.
Y) continue to care about the welfare of all people.
Z) Street level activism to be ramped up or down depending on how antagonistic the anti-fascists are currently being.  If justified, protest the anti-fah through street violence.


That's the agenda for next year, 2018.
I hope you continue to turn to Politalk:  "The Leading Alt-Right blog on the Web!"

DDU 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How Early Protestant Hero "Martin Luther" Liberated Millions

"God is dead."
-Martin Luther

Martin Luther, the man, must have felt as though god was in fact dead at times.
What with the Catholic church forcing the entire world of Christendom to accept it's official church interpretation of scripture, I can see why Martin Luther may have, at times, felt existentially alienated.

I believe it was this profound existential feeling that led Martin Luther to rebel against the official Catholic church and more or less found Protestantism by posting his radical theses on the door of the Catholic church.

When Luther did this bold act, in the face of sometimes violent repression by the papacy, he freed millions of what we now call "Protestants" to do something that is their god given right;  that is, have a personal Jesus... a personal engagement with scripture on their own terms... an altogether individualistic way of reading the Word.

Martin Luther lead the way to freeing millions upon millions of worshipers from the bondage of spiritual slavery, and took a bold stand in favor of individualism.

We should all remember, next time we feel the inclination, that Luther created what we now know as "Protestantism", and if we feel at all fortunate that we can interpret scripture and participate in prayer as we please, we would do well to heed a dire warning...

The Catholic church bears bitter fruit.

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

"I Spent Halloween in the Stir": On the Opiod Crisis

Recently, to avoid pulling hours doing community service, I had the honor of spending 24 hours in jail on halloween night...

It was a very special thing that I decided to do, as halloween is a time for scary ghosts, ghouls and goblins.  There was no shortage of ghouls inside the cell block I was staying in.

There's not much to tell about the time I spent in solitary confinement, but I came out of there next morning with a new hatred for minority gang activity.  Through the walls I could hear blacks and hispanics talking to each other in gang speak, and it really made me ill.

This rap oriented dialect or slang is not only vaguely threatening and explicitly obscene, but a frightful degradation of the english language!

So with that in mind, what I'd like to say is that - as per halloween - gangs and yae the gang members themselves are definitively, absolutely and objectively "evil".  I loathe the black market that starves poor souls and fills the gluttonous pockets of criminal cartels.  I can only hope that the law enforcers arrest more gang bangers and send them for reform in the harshest way possible.  These gangs only exist due to the illicit black market, and with out this type of illegal activity going on our country would be safer, more secure and far more appropriate of a place for law abiding citizens to raise their families in.

So that brings us to the opiod crisis or "epidemic".
We have been hearing a lot about it on the television and in white house briefings recently, and it might seem startling to some to have the lazer lens focused so dramatically on this issue of late.

But I can tell you,
the crisis is a real one.

Synthetic opiods are often times much much stronger than opium or heroin, and they are ravenously addictive. 
Opiod addiction is a serious epidemic because these tiny little white pebbles turn their victims into zombie-like fiends, who want nothing more than their next fix...  I've seen it first hand!

Opiod pills, in the hands of drug dealers selling such synthetic chemicals as Perks, Vicadins, Codeine, and Oxycontin on the black market are literally eating away at the structure of western civilization.  It's a tragedy for the users, yes.  But more than that, these criminal gangs providing the black market opiods are assaulting law and order.  It's a serious issue indeed...

Let me tell you about a first hand experience of opiod use ending in utter tragedy:

I had neighbors living next to me for a time who were a small single child family of seventh day adventist christians.  I remember seeing their young daughter outside my window from time to time...  A young pretty little innocent christian girl, just graduated from high school.

Pretty soon I started noticing cars of hip youngsters pulling in and out of her driveway often.  I thought nothing of it at the time, but what was really going on under the surface was the definition of what we're talking about when we talk about the "epidemic" of opiod use.

The mother told me one day that their house had been broken into while they were out of town...


I assumed it must have been one of the daughters drug abusing friends, as did she.

Well time passed and after several months I noticed the kids car was gone, and the family was moving away.  I asked my other neighbor about it and she broke the news.

This young girl had overdosed on dirty opiods.


Gone forever...

Because of the opiod crisis.

Just because you don't see the opiod crisis doesn't mean it isn't there.

It's going on just underneath the surface every day all over our country.

I say, it's time to put a stop to it.

I applaud Trump on taking a firm and timely stand on the opiod problem, and I can only pray that we can - perhaps by legalizing marijuana - teach children about the dangers of opiod addiction.  These youngsters need to know the truth about drug use...

That is, pot and shrooms etc. aren't going to kill you.  Most teens experiment with them at some point and that's just the reality of it.  But these little white happy pill pebbles being dealt on the black market aren't anything like the fairly innocuous marijuana puff.  They are viciously addictive substances that will ruin a young bright person's life.

We all remember being told,
"One puff of weed and you'll be down the gateway to harder drugs and never return."
We need to teach children more honestly, because while pot use may lead to interest in psychedelia (which I believe can be a good for a person), it doesn't have to lead to deathly dangerous narcotics like opiod pills.

We need to teach the children to steer decisively clear from these opiods through honest discussions about recreational drug use.

... and that's exactly what this new anti-opiod narrative coming from Trump's white house is doing!  Focusing the "war on drugs" to be more of a "war on opiods".

Now we just need a little transparency about the reality of recreational drug use.

The fact is, there is nothing recreational about opiod addiction.  It's not recreational - as in 'fun' - at all.  It's a disease.

I say,
Let's bring the hammer down and cure America!

RT Stillwell
Domestic Democracy United 2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017

D.E.M. Machine Forces Withdrawl of Absolutely the Best Candidate for Drug Czar

The democrat establishment machine played a vicious game of all in texas hold em style gambling when they rebuffed the nominee for drug czar, forcing what amounted to a fabulous candidate for the head of the war on drugs to withdraw his name in the running for the position...

What kind of machiavellian backroom dealing in corrupt politik took place one can only speculate!

Yet here we are today!

...without a drug czar that, according to the democrats' own accusations, was particularly lax on drug trafficking...

Thanks a lot Chuck U. "Jew"mer and your uptight sober ass!

"However sober, religious, churchgoing, moral or strict they mighte otherwise be"
-Jonathan Edwards (not the fucking politician you dote)

I mean really!

Anyone remember the gaddamned 80's and how freely the coke was flowing?

That was fucking REAGAN, K?

Trump stood to do a serious favor for all who indulge in illicit substances on occasion, something which seems threatening and dangerous to some yet is relatively common on not only college campii but even in the city where it all happens: Washington D.C.

Why not let us have a drug czar with more of a vision for America's club and live music venue scene.

However sober you might otherwise be,
I can almost guarantee you if you went to a Willie Nelson concert you'd want to hit a doober or two!  lol!

I mean get real Mr. Jewmer,

"Like a fox ruling the henhouse..."

Guess what you fucking elitist D.C. inbred kike swine?

I want some goddamned fried chicken!!!

RT Stillwell

DDU 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

DDU on the Biggest Mass Shooting in U.S. History

A few days ago, I believe it was a sunday evening, a man toting fully automatic fire opened up on a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has killed 58 and injured more than 500, making this incident the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history...

I'm loathe to take it here before all the facts are in;
but I'm guessing this man harbors some kind of antipathy towards country music, country music fans and, yea- republicans.  It's hard to guess the MO for sure without proper investigation, but one key to note is that the shooter's brother, when interviewed, said his brother had no religious inclinations.
If this is, in fact, true-
Then it follows that the shooter had some kind of hatred for Christian right wingers...

It's sad.

After the incident in Alexandria we now have a bloody massacre on our hands, probably more hate crime towards Christian right wingers!  I can't say this is the case for a certainty obviously, however ask yourself this:
"Do you think the shooter was a fan of country music?"

I think it would be hard to answer yes...

So what I would like to say is this:

I am praying for the country music community intensely at the moment, and I'd urge you to do the same.  Maybe you're a country music aficionado, maybe you're just someone who casually enjoys Johnny Cash...  Regardless, I would urge you to show support for the country scene by prayer and buying country albums.  For those of you not well versed in the golden sounds of country music, here's an album that comes highly recommended: DWIGHT YOAKAM COMP ***BUY NOW*** 5 CD'S FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF $14.99

I love to honky tonk, myself.
There's nothing more fun than getting wasted and seeing live country music with a pretty southern peach.  Honky tonkin is something I do as a punk rocker, and I've actually met two honky tonk country guitarists/vocalists who started in heavy metal!
So let's all honky tonk for freedom!

Domestic Democracy United

Sunday, September 17, 2017

On the Media: Why the Globalization of Mainstream Media Does a Disservice to Sovereignty

The media, for about the last 10 or 15 years, has gotten increasingly globalized- becoming an arm of control for globalist forces.  A globalized media is not only far less entertaining than a "bottom up" media, but does an extreme disservice to American citizens' sovereignty.  This psychologically engineered garbage circulating around the internet and television (not to mention radio and print) specifically spreads lies about conservative tea party republicans.  Why?
Because of one main thing: Totalitarianism.
Totalitarianism (as opposed to fascism) is a "top down" phenomenon, and the tea party threatens those in the ivory towers of media.  Therefore, they have enlisted a kind of media war against the tea party- spreading and disseminating lies about what amounts to good hearted god fearing American citizens who simply love their bible, their gun and their country!
The tea party is the republicans' main protest movement on the right, yet establishment types still believe the lies that they've been force fed about tea party repubs.
Yet the occupy movement, the original 60's protests against Nixon and Vietnam, and now the violently anti right wing "anti-fascists" all get portrayed in the media with a generally positive narrative.
I believe this globalist framing of post-deconstructionist American politik can be explained by one phrase: Totalitarian communism.
Communism, though in vogue amongst the counter-culture, seems like a hip "revolutionary" philosophy that leads to good things...
Maybe, if Totalitarianism is a good thing I suppose!
The fact is, more people have been killed by communist totalitarian governments than the entire swath of deaths accrued by WWII.  It's a fact.
Yet communism is portrayed through a heroic lens and Nazi's, as per globalist narrative, are always the definition of what constitutes "evil"...  Ooooooooh, that evil bad guy.

Give me a break!

If you believe that Hitler was "evil",
you are an imbecile!

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Heroism in Houston: How Citizens Unite and Bring Democracy to Those in Need

Democracy, viewed in the light of academe at least, seems a very ethereal, almost philosophically removed concept in some sense.

But my foundation is called, Domestic Democracy United- so I have to say:

What we saw in Houston, TX and surrounding areas was truly an example of how ordinary everyday Americans create democracy through heroism, courage and little human grit.

Democracy is not some far off idea;
Democracy is citizens uniting to help one another with little or no heed of themselves.

We "create" a space for democracy!
And that is precisely what the citizens of Texas have done in joining together to save the lives of their compatriots after the devastatingly violent Hurricane Harvey.

Citizens banded together to rescue anyone they could.
They united around brotherly love and the Christian virtue of "love thy neighbor as thyself".

It's a story that bears telling...

When disaster strikes,
Mankinds affinity for cooperation and unification upon core principles comes, heroically, to the fore.  Men and women, risking their lives in murky water and storm conditions, have joined forces in Texas and are saving lives and trying to help in any way they can.  It's truly through this type of "activism" that patriots do good things for their fellow brethren and sistren in Christ.

The amount of courage amongst those helping to save lives in Houston is truly uncanny to the ultimate degree...
Stories of everyday citizens seeing someone trapped in the flood waters and risking their lives to rescue them.  Stories of journalists on the scene helping people trapped in their cars, all during a downpour from the worst Hurricane in recent memory- Hurricane Harvey.

These true stories of Heroism and Courage are the concrete facticity of the philosophy of Democracy;

and I urge anyone reading this to at least say a little prayer for the friends and families of the victims of Hurricane Harvey...


It'll do waaaaay more good than donating to the Red Cross.

They need manna right now...

They need your prayers.

RT 2017
Domestic Democracy United

Monday, August 21, 2017

On Hegel's Infamous "Dialectic"

I've researched Hegel a fair amount online as I was reading his phenomenology a while back and as an IDM composer I noticed something rather interesting.
Every one of them, the talking head "experts", got Hegel's "Dialectic" %100 absolutely, unequivocally, objectively wrong.  Incorrect.

They spew this misbegotten oxen-like interpretation (misinformation) to anyone curious about G.W.F. Hegel, the most influential philosophe since Aristotle.

But I'm referring to this a little too singularly.

They actually misinterpret Hegel in a wonderful variety of ways; like a *R-WORD*ed double rainbow of ignorance.

This may seem a bold claim,
as these oxen often have tenure at prestigious universities!

But let's recall,
I said as an IDM composer I think I understand the genesis of fine art far more than academic oxen- and if you can't see the poetic aspects of Hegel's dialectic I'm afraid you just don't get it.

Recall, if you will, the various memes and contrite analysis you may have heard about Hegel's infamous "Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis" formula...

Now try, as hard as you can, to remember that what you heard or saw was - de facto - incorrect.

I assure you,
The only way to understand Hegel's dialectic is by way of Derrida's notion of "Authorship".

Hegel's trinity dialectic was merely the systematization of his "Authorship".

If Hegel at all interests you and you would like to understand him better than the academic oxen, see his "Phenomenology of Spirit":


Read it cover to cover...
You too can understand Hegel's philosophy!!!

Comes highly recommended.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


I'm glad you're turning to my latest entry on politalk, the leading alt-right blog for all those 'in the know'.
I hope you are well.

I have a true story,
A story that is - in the truest sense of the word - gonzo journalism...

"Last week I went to court, the domain of law and order-as-such, and sat patiently while I awaited the arrival of my Samoan lawyer.  He was running a bit late, so I simply watched the red tape and due course of law act out - like a Shakespearean passion play - in front of my very eyes.  A poor white lady in one of those cheesy wolf T-Shirts having her speeding ticket and court fee's dismissed because she was poor.  A latin-american with tats running down his arm being ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring device on his body for driving so drunk that he was ordered by law to not touch liquor.  A young black man who had done something so criminal that the judge simply had him arrested right there in the courtroom...
Standard everyday stuff for the free world police, so to speak.
Then, out of no where, I came to my first ever confrontation with pure raw undiluted evil...
The officers in the court brought out a young tough looking ethnic immigrant in handcuffs and striped orange jumpsuit.  I think, 'Ok, another guy on some trumped up charges who couldn't get their mommy and daddy to cover bail."- right?
But then, they start reading out the charges...
"Possession of alcohol at a national park."
She says...
"Drunk and disorderly conduct."
No big whoop.
"Resisting arrest."
uh oh...
And then she said it...
and the air in the room was sucked out by some heavenly vacuum.

"Aggravated sexual assault on a female."

I saw red...
Then, as if I weren't already existentially just, like - REALLY pissed, the judge said,
"Will the witness please stand?"

I crane my neck around and there I see the most darling southern peach you could possibly imagine.  Styled curls in her hair and modestly dressed, she described how the man came to her campsite, drunk, in our local lake getaway Jordan Lake and tried to rape her.
Her mother sat by her side, stonefaced and somber.

My conscience started racing violently and in an extreme state of anger and vengance.
I couldn't...

'Concentrate on your breathing...'
I said.

'Keep calm...'
I thought.

It didn't help.
All I could see was a vision of me saying 'fuck it' and running past the law enforcement officers and DA huddled at the front of the court and just snuffing the poor sod out for good.

I didn't.
As I walked out of the courtroom for some of that oxygen that got sucked out a moment prior I just thought to myself casually,
"I want to strangle that motherfucker."

I gazed at the large Greek columns of the courthouse through this window, staring at the magnanimous puffy white clouds soaring over the confed'rate monument in the distance and just...
...went to my happy place.

Entering the courtroom again I knew I could handle the rage, but the...

I gazed towards the victim still in the room and cracked up a little.
Holding back tears out of christian empathy I was about to see red again when just then;


The door swung violently shut and in walks my Samoan lawyer.  I look towards him but he doesn't notice at all.  He strides up to the front of the courtroom loudly and starts arguing furiously with the DA.  Taking out a piece of paper from his briefcase, he waves his hand in the air in a 'gonzo power' fist and slams the document on the table.


Then the DA whispers in his ear.

"Uhn huh...  yeah... yeah... uhn huh yeah.. OK."
I hear my lawyer say in this Samoan accent of his.

He shakes the DA's hand, closes his brief case and starts walking down the aisle towards me.

Thumbs up.

Outside he says,
"You're free to go.  Marijuana possession under a half ounce is practically legal, so the judge waived the case considering your mental condition."

We shake hands and I leave, without even having to testify before the judge.

That's the law,
a desperate and violent world of law keepers and law breakers who all just want to go home and watch 'Dancing With the Stars'.

The End"

In summation let's just connect the dots quite easily:

~Trump says illegal immigrants are rapists and murderers
~Media says trump is xenophobic (at best)
~Trump gets elected
~I see an actual illegal immigrant who sexually assaulted a woman

ergo ipso

"Trump was right"

DDU 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

What You Need to Know About Race: On "Racial Threat"

During these exacerbated racially tense times, with all eyes on the terrorist alt-right, we need to remember a little bit of - and yes I'm terribly gouache to take it here - psycho-sociological theory.

The little term "Racial Threat".

No, I don't mean a threat directed against a person of different racial orientation as you might suppose...
Racial threat is a term used to signify when a person, through stigmatization, prejudicial behavior and plain ole' ignorance, views a white as being quote "racist" without that judgement authentically reflecting on the subjects real beliefs and morals.

Or... "reverse racism" (the much maligned term)

Honestly, they should be teaching this to high schoolers!

But let's digress for a moment, as I hate this kind of coffee table pop theory...

Let's allow my good friend and fellow politalk blogger RT Stillwell tell a little story about the real way southerners view the KKK:

"Back in the 1920's here in Chatham Country (where I'm from) the KKK was the law.  They did what they wanted, and most of the times the police looked the other way...  they had an... understanding.
That is, we - the KKK - hang the african-americans who commit crimes we deem death worthy and you - that is - the police look the other way.
That was mainstream culture back then and it had a way of working in some sense...
Many blacks who were hanged by the KKK were relatively newly emancipated slaves with little education.  Due to their savage nature at the time, many of them did - in fact - murder or rape white women.
But this is beside the point...
This understanding came to a major culture shifting (around here) halt after one incident that you may be want to find in the mainstream retelling of the sordid history of southern violence.
One day, the KKK rallied around that courthouse right downtown (you can visit it at the center of pittsboro North Caroline [GO HEELS]), and they decided to "string up a niggra".
The law enforcement officers that night decided not to look the other way, and tried to put a stop to the mob violence...
These KKK thugs killed two white police officers who where standing in their way!
Ever since then, at least in Chatham County, North Carolina- around 80 percent of average pick up driving rednecks (so called "rednecks") absolutely HATE the KKK and everything they did and standfore!
The End.

So with this bit of american history (X), we can ascertain that the anti-fascist domestic terrorists are simply ignorant, hateful wanna be punks with no understanding of or education in the social sciences like us.

In summation,

"Come on.  Admit it.  You like cowboys don't you"
DDU 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

On the Violence in Charelottesville VA.

I was shocked when I attended church this morning to hear my pastor describe that there had been some kind of incident in Virginia yesterday involving protesters and counter-protesters...
I hadn't heard anything about it until this morning's service, and all I have to say is:

"Hell yeah!"

Not in support of the man who drove a car through the crowd of anti-fascists; as this is - as per murder - obviously morally unethical (though as a punk rocker somewhat humorous)...
But to see the alt-right out in force, armed to the teeth and dressed in military garb fighting the whacko leftist counter-protesters (who btw greatly outnumbered the protesters standing up against the removal of a confederate memorial) was not only - to be frank - exciting to see, but shows just how passionate many across this country are about nationalism!

All you hear on the news is "domestic terrorism" this and "nazi/kkk" that, yet I think this ignores the largest constituency of the alt-right movement which is, by and large, 'nationalists'...

And I can say, as someone who devotes himself daily to the constitution, that would they attempt to take down the North facing Confederate statue in my hometown I would definitely be downtown protesting the removal of our rightful heritage as Southerners.  Does that make me a domestic terrorist?

Unfortunately for those who would gladly execute me by hanging for what I believe as a conservative Tea Party leader, the answer is no, for we now have the most radical tea party POTUS the world has ever known in charge of DHS and other security apparatus'.

So all of the "White supremacists are domestic terrorists" rhetoric in the lamestream media is futile; as anyone reasonable knows:

The only domestic terrorists in Charelottesville were the unequivocally violent anti-fascist protesters, who really - as children often tell their parents when they get in a fight - 'started it'.

I mean, let's face facts:
The KKK, Neo-Nazi and Nationalist protesters were merely exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of assembly...
Then, so offended that someone would stick up for the heritage of the south, the anti-fascists incited violence, in crowds ultimately far far larger than the white power protesters!

I'm glad our POTUS said he condemned the hatred on BOTH sides (a statement the lamestream media is balking at ad infinitum at the moment), and support the President even more now than ever!

I have to say, however, that I - being ahead of the veritable curve on public opin' - am slightly creeped out by the fact that I urged my readers to commit violence against "commies" only earlier this week and then...  BOOM... it happened.
It's slightly odd, but I suppose when one keeps one's finger on the pulse of what is really just mainstream American zeitgeist, it's bound to turn out this way.

All these protesters wanted was a Confederate statue to not be removed because of ratcheted up politically correct reactionary leftist policy, and yet the anti-fascists- who I've described previously in my blog as being violently anti-republican - couldn't just let these conservative alt-right activists at least make their voices known...

It's a dire shame.

So in summation, I would just like to say to any and all of my white supremacist readers, I may not be like you at all (I dress in all black with a biker's jacket), if they ever try to take down the Confederate memorial in my hometown of Pittsboro NC?
I will stand side by side and fight the anti-fascists tooth and nail along side you!

Thanks and lets all pray for peace and healing now that this little protest has come to a decisive conclusion.
Their voices were heard, I suppose...

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Chuck U. Schumer is a Kike Piece of Shit

I cannot stand idly by while Chuck U. Schumer threatens a coup de etat against Trump, and goes on television saying "Trump better watch out because the Intelligence community has 3 ways from sunday of taking Trump out!"
Fuck you you fucking jew piece of shit!
Bignosed ass jewish zionist deep state fucker.
Why don't you go to hell!
Schumer is leading a revolution against the democratically elected POTUS via his deep state connections and media contacts.
Schumer is scum.

I can't sit idly by and let this unamerican kike go against our god fearing christian country.  He wants Trump out, and will do anything - up to and including assassination - to enact his b.s. multi-culturalist globalist agenda.

"No, don't release Trump; release Barrabas!  Crucify Trump!" this piece of shit kike says.

You know what I say?

Violent counter action!
Punch a communist!
Brick a window!
Spray paint a DNC office!

I don't give a shit!

Trump was quite clear in his inauguration;
This is a victory for the forgotten American citizen!
The president is standing up for everyday Americans with every single step of his leadership.

Yet this piece of shit commie libs are doing nothing but trying to overthrow our democratically elected government!

Because of zionist kikes like Schumer!

Fuck off.

DDU 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Travel Ban Upheld by the Supreme Court: A Victory for Democracy

Activist judges and courts brought the ban of refugees coming from middle eastern countries to the U.S. to the Supreme Court, and the ruling of the Supreme Court turned out to be in favor of the POTUS's travel ban.

The Supreme Court has upheld Trump's ban on travel to the U.S. from countries deemed by national security to be terrorist enclaves.

This is a great triumph.

Keep in mind, however, that this travel ban only lasts for a limited number of time.
The lamestream media, as sloven libs, seems to be content in overlooking this ruling and emphasizing the fact that the court will review the travel ban this October...

They ignore the fact that the intended ban on travel from countries seen to harbor terrorism was only meant to go on for a limited time span!

By October, the time limit of the ban will be up!

Can these deluded liberals not see that the travel ban is far from xenophobia?
It merely put a stay on immigration from countries that harbor terror until new and refined measures for immigration could be put into law!  The travel ban is one thing...


It merely puts a hold on the wash of immigration from moslim countries until new and more sophisticated measures can be put into practice!

So, come October?

It will be moot.

All in all,
This ruling by the Supreme Court is truly a victory for Democracy...

Simply because of the sole fact that the executive branch has authority to issue such a ban!

So let's all remember one thing about Trump...

He has the security, safety and freedom of the American people as his top priority.
This travel ban on moslims from countries that are deemed by national security to be haphazard is beyond mere xenophobia.

It's far more simple, lib.
It's racial profiling.

Which is exactly what we need to be doing in all honesty!
Yes there are crazy gun nuts, we all know that after the tragedy in south carolina at the AME ZION church.
Yes there was Columbine.
Yes there was Alexandria...

But all of these incidents pale in comparison to 9/11.

I fear what these terrorists might do...
and get it right;
According to some statistics over 80% of muslims at least sympathize with ISIL!

It may seem unethical to racially profile,
There is an entirely different circumstance in regards to islamic state terror.

This is an ideological war!

Recently ISIL hacked the websites of prominent congressmen and on their page it said merely this:

"I love Islamic State"

These ratbastard sons of bitches need to be stopped.

And Trump's travel ban, as upheld by the Supreme Court, is taking a serious step in the right direction!


Friday, June 23, 2017


The real punk rock will always originate with the genius who invented the punk rock power chord...  that is, Johnny Ramone.

Johnny Ramone, the guitar player for the legendary and trend setting band "Ramones", invented the punk rock power chord which we still hear today in the best pop punk (i.e. the REAL sound of current punk rock).

Johnny, known as the KKK to his friends and Alan Cummings (an Irish surname) to his family had this to say in regards to what the liberal activist caste has done to the politicization of punk rock by counter-culturalists...

"God bless George W. Bush and God bless America!"


"People latch on to liberalism at a young age and I just always hope that they'll learn to see the world the way it really is!"


"Punk is right wing!"

Yet we're told - "OH YOU FASCIST!!!  THROW YOUR SWASTIKA IN THE GARBAGE CAN!" ad infinitum to the point where your average wanna be counter-culturalist activist will view rascists, like Johnny (He was - as per legend - SO bigoted that his bandmates would say "Oh, here comes the KKK" when he'd arrive at the studio), with a kind of blind arrogant (and esp. violent [as per Alexandria]) hatred.



Hatred for rascists.

Well I'm proud to be a punk rock deplorable.  I stink.  I'm on the dole.  I'm poor.

But you know something?
I'm the richest man in the world since Trump got elected.
I'm the poorest millionaire on my block, and listen to punk rock (esp. emo/pop punk [the same exact thing actually]) all day long, every day of the week!

So to all you activist wanna be's (I'm the real deal Tea Party protester [ASTROTURF?!?!?!  F*CK YOU NANCY PELOSI!!!  THE ONLY ASTROTURF I'VE SEEN IS FROM WHINY LIBS MARCHING WITH FUCKING DISH RAG ASS SIGNS LIKE SHEEPLE] and if you only knew the type of real deal - on the ground, and on the street - activism I've done you would fear the Tea Party even more than you've been told to):


Saturday, June 17, 2017

DDU to U.S. Publik: "Two Parties, One Team!!!"

I would like to formally apologize for the sometimes hateful rhetoric on Politalk, sincerely.  Though Domestic Democracy United is a Tea Party blog, it has never been my intent to incite antipathy between citizens and patriots...

Because one thing I know for sure about the U.S. publik is this: Whether right or left, we all have some sense of morality regarding publik policy.  This could be seen as a kind of patriotism, hence, we are all patriots - regardless of color or creed.

After the shooting in Alexandria at the republican baseball practice which left Steve Scalise in critical condition, I think we all - repub or dem - need to come together and unite on common principles; that is, the constitution.

The constitution is such that anyone, regardless of nation of origin, can unite around it's central philosophy.  That is, of freedom and liberty!

We all, I should think, agree that Freedom is an important virtue.  With that in mind, we should remember all of the many aspects of modern life in the present age that obstruct or hinder freedom...

One thing that definitely hinders freedom is any kind of violent, murderous act.  The most basic thing about freedom is "freedom to be".  I have being, and I am being-in-the-world!

If someone kills me, that freedom would be gone forever!

Hence, it is violent acts such as the shooting spree we all witnessed last week that most directly assault our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

So I urge all of you;

See something,
Say something!

You don't have to call 911 either!

Simply search the web for your local police department, and most of them contain a number for community tips.  I believe with many of these tip lines, you don't even have to talk to anyone at all!  You simply leave a message!

So should some unhinged person say something that scares you or would lead you to believe that they may harm themselves or others; say something!


Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Trump Literally Has Created Heaven on Earth: "What the F*ck are you Commies Bitching About"

Through my studies of England's native religion of Anglicanism (i.e. Episcopalianism proper), I have revealed to myself, and now you, the sheer genius of the Trump administration.

Trump is an "Anglican".


Anglicans, or Episcopalians, do not believe in heaven or hell as I personally do.  I, myself, believe that hell is a pit in the center of the earth and heaven is...

Well, let's get to the point.

Anglicans, such as Donald J. Trump, believe that heaven and hell are states of mind here on earth.  I could say as much as this about his hermeneutics;

If, in fact, Trump's religious affiliation plays more of a part in his post-deconstructionist politik than we might suppose then it would seem as though Trump is - ala' Trump tower on 5th Avenue - trying to create heaven on earth in the U.S.

I have to say, that Episcopalian son of a gun has done it!

Look outside!

Even when it rains these days it seems heavenly!

I say to all of you doubters and cynics:

"I pity you for your resentement.  It must surely be hell on earth."

RT 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

POTUS Keeps the U.S. Safe: "We're in the Next Phase of the War on Terror"

After the suicide bombing at an American pop act (Ariana Grande) in Manchester, UK, I think many Americans were a little shaken and scared about what may happen here, namely over Memorial Day.  Well, I wrote a couple of days ago on Memorial Day that I wasn't quote "skeer'd".  I believed that Trump could keep us all safe from terrorism in spite of the obstacles keeping homeland security from doing anything that would seem "unethical".  Well here I am, in June, and there were no attacks on the homeland.  I think, due to the irrefutable drop in terror incidences within the U.S. border since Trump came into office, that we may - over the course of the rest of this year - not see another, say, 9/11.
I think the entire 9/11 generation kind of lives in this constant fear of another "big one".

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm here to tell you;

"Breathe a sigh of relief, because Trump is here to keep you safe from terrorism!"

Trump kept America safe during Memorial Day weekend, and I am truly thankful for that.

In fact,
I think that we may see a return to normalcy for once.  It would seem as though the terror threat - though heightened in europe and the U.S. at the moment - is just what Trump said: "A bunch of loosers"!

I think with George W. Bush's biggest legacy for the rest of American history, that is, the Department of Homeland Security (which he enacted acter 9/11) we stand a fighting chance against terrorism today!
I mean think of it- all the power and prestige of Law Enforcement, all coalescing around a new POTUS's vision for American defense.  With a strong leader like Trump, I feel very confident that we can outwit, outman and outfight these "loosers".

That being said, since the security threat level is, officially, at it's peak;
here are the numbers to call if you have any 411 on a potential terror attack-

That's all,
and be safe!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump Goes After Leakers: DDU Shows its Support

Domestic Democracy United 2017

The headline last week was thus: "Trump Finds Three Leakers and Fires Them!"

DDU would like to congratulate the POTUS for taking a firm stand on what amounts to the dissemination of classified material to the press by the Deep State.  This kind of leaking of damaging information is not only illegal and immoral, but decidedly a viciously devious act that amounts to - in opin' of DDU - Treason.

Trump has decided to go after those in the Deep State who leak classified material; yet those on the left should give the POTUS a little credit for merely firing the leakers.  Some interpretations of the law would deem far harsher action to be appropriately taken.  Yet Trump, much like the Hillary Clinton server scandal, has decided - wisely I would say - to not prosecute those who would destroy everything he stands for if they could.  By merely firing the leakers, Trump shows the Christian virtue of "turning the other cheek" to one's enemies...

Yet the left, due to the propaganda they so put faith in, seems incapable of giving the POTUS even an inch!  Why not?

Trump deserves the respect of all Americans on this day of our Lord, May 29th 2017 - Memorial Day.

I fully condone the use of any means necessary to root out and stop the Deep State.  Surveillance techniques, official institutional inspection and interrogation, and simply asking the right questions to officials who seem untrustworthy would seem to me to be capable of smoking out the leakers.

Yet the press, desperate for any bits of information that could prove to be detrimental to the POTUS and his platform, is doing two things that to me - properly analyzed - prove that the drive by media is corrupt and immoral:

1) Encouraging leakers to come to them and veiling this near treasonous act with a trite reference to the constitutional tenet of "freedom of the press".  Juan Williams, on Fox News recently publicly encouraged leakers to leak him information; saying "leakers come to me please" on national television.  That to me seems to be a desperate act, and shows just how vulture-like the media elites can be.

2) The media, and this goes unreported, is - presumably - paying handsome sums of money to people who betray God and State by leaking classified material to the press.  I'd really like to think that the press-as-such is a rugged and virtuous peoples who want to be fair and transparent regarding the power structures of Washington D.C.  Yet it is a fact that these media elites are driven by money and power.  They pay leakers handsomely; yet do these media vultures realize that by doing this they are undermining Democracy proper?  I'd have to assume, with raw undiluted loathing and hatred for Trump being at a fever pitch amongst the left at the moment, that they stick their head in the sand regarding the consequences of unethical journalism.  A dire shame, indeed.

I believe, as many Tea Party patriots do, that the press is doing a disservice to the American people.  The American people who overwhelmingly voted this president into office by an official poll.

One should remember the complicity of many on the right in the Senate during Barack Obama's tenure.  They, often times, would back off directly antagonizing the former POTUS and cross the aisle to show solidarity with the left.  I'm sure many Democrats would scoff at this, however, it's a fact that on many occasions right wing politicians gave Obama a pass.

Yet all we every get from the lamestream media is this dangerous inflamed rhetoric, whipping the unwitting populous into a conditioned disdain for all that is Republican.  Why would they do this?  Don't they realize that by portraying right wingers as near inhuman animals - devoid of emotion and compassion and rights just like everyone else in the world - they are broadcasting what amounts to "hate speech"?  The Tea Party never gets a fair shrift in the media.  Why not?

I suppose I could only wager that the lone reason for this is such:

They fear us.
They fear what we stand for.
They fear what we represent.

...Because they're pussies, to be quite frank.

Well on this Memorial Day I would just like to say one thing in conclusion:

"I ain't skeered!"


Monday, May 8, 2017

The Being-Toward-Death-of-the-World: On Existentialist Post-Deconstructionism

One and all are, currently and preconsciously, "Being-Toward-Death"!
Think of it as if you were driving a car...
You are moving forward at fast speeds, the landscape whirring along out of your periphery...
You are on your way to your destination and fully accept you will arrive in comfort and sanctity!

Yet out of nowhere...

That is much akin to death itself.  We fool ourselves in our own schemes and designs;  Saying, "Peace and Safety."
Yet destruction and death becomes our existentially oriented phenomenal being.

People often think of incessant death as a kind of pitch blackness...
Yet isn't it wondrous that near death experiences are often described in terms of "coming to the light"?

We are, in all facticity, bound - worldly and phenomenally - to our own utmost potentiality for being...  that is, Death...

In Ingmar Bergman's seminal "The Seventh Seal", the filmmaker shows a man at the end of his life in a destiny begotten final chess match with a figure representing Death-as-such.
Are we not born into this eternal match of wits?

We fool ourselves, thinking that we may be able to somehow transcend death or outsmart death-as-such...
Yet is this not a fools err?

One's ownmost absolute potentiality for being-in-the-world (Dasein) is - de facto - one's ultimate death-of-being-in-the-world.

An extinguishing of life; One's own.

If not facing this existential truth directly, we surely must be cowards; shivering by the lamp in hopes of some far begotten redemption in the face of the end of our mortal coil.  It's pathetic.

Face death with courage, and surely the Lord of Hosts will acquiesce with far less reticence-towards-the-divine than with an earthly coward, begging for mercy at the end of an unrepentant life!

We will all die.
We will all pay taxes.

Accept the supposed injustice of the class hierarchy, dear lib, and embrace your own ultimate end of Being-as-such.

Be-in-the-world with the "passion" of prescience!

Make your moral declarations final and true for all of the works-of-the-world's eternity.

Live the tradition's of our fore-bearers, truly and to your ownmost existential will-towards-life!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

TEA PARTY GROUP DDU: "On the Violent Overthrow of Assad"

I'm afraid I must digress a bit from my so called "Domestic Democracy United" tenet of only commenting on domestic-as-such affairs and turn my attention towards the - what I will term - "revolution" in Syria.

Right now as we speak, revolutionary freedom fighters in Syria are coordinating with the U.S. in the violent overthrow of the "butcher" known as Assad.  Their efforts do not go unnoticed, and with the good grace of the universal ethic of Democracy we will see Assad "unseated", as Rex Tillerson recently predicted.  The Syrian people, that is- "citizens" of Syria-as-such need, want and yae DEMAND a democratic system of government!  They despise what this despot Assad has done to their historic nation and would like - as per Iraq - to be able to elect their own leaders.

We need to remember amidst bouts of islamaphobia that we both - Christians and Muslims alike - worship ONE god.  We may believe very different things about the means and manners of redemption-as-such, but we have an astounding coalescence that I think U.S. citizens and Syrian citizens can unite on: Monotheism.

So that being said, I think we are all walking on broken glass at the moment currently after the tensions with Russia and Syria (not to mention the Norks) came to a head when Trump ordered the strike on Syria.  He apparently phoned in the order whilst having desert with the head of the Chi-Coms!  Astounding.

What we now have in the middle east and Syria is a full on revolution, an unequivocal overthrow of the Islamic State-as-such.  We need to support, as Tea Party Patriots, the tremendous effort of devout muslims in Syria - Democracy Fighters - to overthrow Assad.

Without our assistance - an assistance that Obama sorely kept null and void - they stand no chance against the brutal arm of Islamic Fascism.  These fighters need to know - Christian, Muslim or Jew:  "We're all in this together!"


RT DDU 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

Lefty Environmentalists Balk At Trump's Removal of Environmental Regulations

Our dear President has taken it upon himself to undo the stifling environmental regulations of the Obama regime, allowing businesses to flourish in a free market not hindered or restrained by bleeding heart environmental activist legislation.  This could be considered a somewhat aggressive move by the POTUS, yet could be considered an important step for the country.  In fact, in lue of this bold removal of restrictions, which have been stifling our country's economic growth, Ford auto has decided to move three plants back onto U.S. soil.  This is big news, and I feel - personally - that the Trump is simply dominating at the moment with actions such as these.  All you may be able to garner from the lamestream media is lefty spin and reports of environmental activist protests, but that hasn't slowed down the Trump whatsoever.
With legislation such as this, and a Repub ally sitting at the head of the EPA, Trump is making decisive moves to make America great again - to be sure.

Yet the bleeding heart lefty enviro-whacko's are literally going beside themselves with dire prophesying and enraged rhetoric.  Micheal Moore, the tubby labor unionist gadfly, even was quoted as saying Trump's rollback of these regulations signal the inevitable "extinction of the human species".

A little much there tubby...

Hardly akin to an apocalypse, Trump's resolve to lift Obama era environmental regulation truly and unequivocally signal's an end to the self-defeatism of the lefty bleeding heart stifling of Free Market capitalism.

Why do environmentalists insist on the federal government enacting anti-capitalistic measures - placed upon small and big business alike?  I'd assume it's a maoist conspiracy, otherwise known as the Global Warming myth...  These little snowflakes on college campuses truly believe that rising water levels in the Maldives can and will lead to all kinds of deathly serious consequences. 
It's absurd!
One would do well to ask these poor snowflakes if they've heard of the scandal involving so-called "Climate Change" scientists simply manufacturing research data out of thin air in order to make the public fearful of the consequences of climate change!  Probably many of them are familiar with this little "gate" yet still insist on deifying and putting their secularized faith in the scientific establishment.  One would wonder, why would someone as clearly insane and unstable as these pitiful snowflakes are...  why would they put so much emphasis on pop-science-as-such?  Do these elite members of the scientific community, sober sane (and probably sodomites) etc. really have much in common with young millenials struggling to make sense out of an increasingly complex and over-sensationalized world?  Hardly...
But whilst gulping down another heaping tablespoon of Ted Talk propaganda there seems to be little room left on campuses and elsewhere for rational, reasoned analysis and inquiry.

Nope it's pretty much just more non-autonomous acceptance and internalization of unvetted communist/socialist ideology!

We here at politalk believe in what is termed "Philosophy" proper over ideology.  Philosophy, as opposed to leftist ideology, generally starts with a statement of first suppositions or principles and then leads the philosopher on an expulsion of these clearly stated - at the beginning of the doctrine etc. - first premises...

i.e. you know upfront what the author believes in and wants to expound upon at the beginning of the work, doctrine or even - as in the case of media - meme.

Ideology on the other hand generally leads the thinker down a primrose path, and hides the first premises or simply what the author really believes until the very end.

That's the basic distinction in my view...

Ideology is most apparent in talking head bytes that don't clearly show upfront the talking head's political views.  You listen, assume they must be intelligent and a goodly source for opin' etc. and then learn at the end that they basically are socialists with a big agenda.

It's verifiable empirically as a deceitful form of dialectic, and increasingly common in our present age.

What I ultimately would like these vultures in the media and elsewhere to state is a simple answer to the following question:

"What are you hiding?"

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017



Friday, March 17, 2017

Marxist Shadow Government up and Running Post-Obama: How the "Deep State" is Undermining Sovereignty

Marxism, as defined by Webster Merriam, is merely when a government owns the material resources of the country or otherwise no "private" property is technically owned by an individual but rather the state...
However, I know for a fact that this apparently definitive portrayal of Marxism/Communism is merely part of an overarching communist conspiracy.  How is it that looking up the definition of communism immediately belies fears of it as what it actually is, that is, an international conspiracy to undermine and overthrow non-communist republics?  The only answer I can proffer is that the commie conspiracy runs so deeply through academia, media and publishing of texts that a false flag is placed in the one place that ought to clarify just how insidious Marxism is!
Maybe I'm being paranoid, but when it comes to the Marxist conspiracy no better example in the present age could be imagined than the truly existent and venomous Shadow Government or (alt. right terminology here) "deep state" that exists in the U.S. bureaucracy and institutions of government.
The fact is, and I've studied this extensively understand, Marxism is more than what Webster says it is:  In fact, Marxism can be described as follows.

Take, as a thinker planner or activist, the influential and monumental Philosopher George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and study it as a science of sorts.  But do so with the the "Academic Oxen" telling you what it means; which is to say, "Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis" (Hegel's famous formulae) and apply it to the deconstruction of historical evolution.  A force of power (thesis) an opposing force of communist power (anti-thesis) and the war between the two leading to an historical evolution and victory of one over the other (synthesis).  This theory of Hegel, which is - de facto - incorrect, is what could be called "Neo-Hegelianism" or "Young Hegelianism".  Karl Marx - the one and only bearded anarchist extraordinaire - was also one of these so called "Young" or "Neo-Hegelians".

Now next, as a Marxist, take what you've gleaned from your inadequate PHI 101 interpretation of an intellectual's interpretation of Hegel and simply remove the "Geist".  Geist means "Spirit".

Now replace the "Spirit" with "Materials" (ala Dialectical Materialism).

This equals Marxism or Communism proper.

So it's quite easy from this dreadful removal of "Spirit" from Hegel's authorship and philosophy to see that Marxism and Communism are psuedo-secular versions of what we deem "Western Civilization" proper.  Remove any mention of God, Jesus (Which Hegel explicitly mentions on MANY occaisions) and The Bible from public discourse and replace it with a kind of brute analysis of the ebb and flow of material goods.  Viewed as-such, Marxism seems like a fairly vacuous and soulless version of what made Western Civilization as we know it so viable as a vision for Democracy in the first place!  Sold out...  Materialistic...  and let me assure you from my dealings with proto-communists in the past- COMPLETELY VIOLENTLY VICIOUS!!!

When one gives up on the central idea or concept of "Spirit" and focuses the moral compass of Hegel's philosophy on materials, the Marxist turns a blind eye to Democratic sentiments such as Compassion, Empathy and Sympathy...  and violently, dumbly and most often times arrogantly leans towards the persecution of Christians.

When Joseph Stalin's daughter came to America, she said:
"I have been reared in intellectual atheism and Marxism; I could no longer live in a world in which there was no God."

So, as per Stalin, Marxism is inherently secular; not to mention hostile to the church, esp. Protestant churches.

So what does this mean?
That the operatives for the U.S. bureaucracy who were appointed under the Democrat party are actively undermining Christians.  I know these types.  Uber leet establishment types who truly believe more in the acquisition  (and suppression)  of material goods than good old fashioned Nationalistic "Spirit" have a death grip on the new Trump Administration.  The Obama Shadow government will not stop, because - whether consciously or not - they adhere to Marxist precepts.  The deep state as-such can be defined as one thing ultimately: Marxist.

Why would they not simply grit their teeth, swallow their pride, and simply serve the new administration?

Because - as per copies of communist pamphlets seized in Europe by the C.I.A. - the goal of communism is two-fold:

1) Overthrow the government.
2) If overthrow is impossible, do everything in your power as an agent for Marxist communism to "undermine" and "intimidate" and "unravel" the governing power.

Well, that's precisely what the deep state is doing and has done!

They lost the election, so now that quote-unquote "overthrow" is impossible, the dictates of Marxism tell you - yea, COMMAND you - to do everything possible to be a gadfly for the powers that be...  It's pretty desperate if you ask me!

So, how can you spot a Marxist?

Well, I'll simply say two things in regards to the hard (near impossible) task of rooting out Marxist agents:

1) William F. Buckley Jr. once said you can tell a communist conspirator in their treatment of Religion as-such.  They will treat the mention of Religion with either:
a. Supercilious dismissal.
b. Active Disparagement.
c. The "silent treatment".
This can be viewed in academia all too easily...


2) Marxists can be classified thusly:
a. Proto-Communist
b. Sub-Communist
c. Neo-Communist
d. Classico-Communist

A proto-commie is what you might conjur to mind when you think of what a typical commie might look like...  Black t-shits, Pop-philosophy/Quantum Physics bulling and cowing at coffee shops and dorm rooms, Che t-shirts, skinny jeans etc.  This poor so-called "Proto" communist may not have even read Marx as-such, but lives according to the ideals of Marxism by virtue of the stratification of Secular ideals into Media, Academia, Science and Culture.

A sub-commie is put thusly:  "Sub" means to denote "Subconscious".  So this "sub-commie" may not have read Marx, may not even look anywhere out of place from normal god fearing Christian society as-such, yet is - in fact - subconsciously enslaved by Marxist ideology.  The poor wretch doesn't know it, but they're being used as an unwitting tool in the battle for the ideological supremacy of the Communist cause.  It may sound hard to believe, but one can be "sub" or even "pre" consciously committed to "the cause" of revolution and rabble-rousing!  How?  Once again, the stratification of secular quasi-morality into Media, Academia, Science and Culture.

Next we have by far the most distinguishable form of Marxist, the Neo-Communist....
The "Neo" communist probably looks like a commie, so is like the proto-commie in a sense; yet these agents for the communist conspiracy have read Marx and agreed with him.  They are indubitably violent, deceitful, cunning, and ardently against White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism.  They view Protestants as nothing more than undesirables (so to speak), meant to be viewed as and acted upon in such a way as to demean the basis upon which they live in "Spirit".  Neo-Communists hate the idea of "School Spirit", "Patriotism" and especially (as in the case of Trump) "Nationalism".  To them, it's a dumb way to be.  Why can't we show these poor souls the err of their ways?

Finally there is the Classico-Communist.  I'll wrap this category up quite succinctly...

Classico Communists are generally quite a bit older than your teen-age revolutionary with a Che hat on, and have studied Marx and associated authors extensively.  Often, they work in Academia or Media and use their power, prestige and tenure to enact the revenge of their wicked ideology.  Classico-communists are by far the most dangerous form of Marxist; probably, the majority of the rabble-rousing coming from Obama's Shadow Government is caused by bureaucratic hold overs from the last POTUS, who are so entrenched the only way to truly find them and suss them out would be to catch them in the act of reading Karl Marx.  Many classico-communists are cunning to an uncanny degree!  They may hide things constantly, run circles around idealistic up-and-coming Christians and take pride in it.  Even, many of them, have an outspoken contempt for Christianity as-such.  Approach with caution!

There you have it.

In a nut-shell...

So what are we to do about the over-arching influence of the Deep State in Trump's present society?

Accept merely this, and you will be freed from their shackles...

"Rush Limbaugh once commented to a massive audience on television that the whole notion that Russia hacked the election is not only farcical in a sense, not only laughable for many, but in fact simply not factual.  He commented that the lack of facticity in regards to the accusations is why they STILL haven't found a shred of evidence directly connecting Trump to the Russians, and yet the media blanketed the airwaves with the fake news...  Why?  Well, here comes the big rub of my personal 'commie conspiracy' ramblings and dire bemoaning that runs thusly:  THE REASON FOR THE RUSSIAN HACKING STORY AGAINST THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WAS TO OBFUSCATE THE TRUTH OF THE COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY THE MEDIA IS COMPLICIT IN...  THE TRUTH IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT AND VERIFIED BY THE YAHOO HACKING BUST OF SEVERAL SOVIET SPIES RECENTLY, THAT THERE IS A MAJOR RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN TO INFILTRATE THE US GOVERNMENT WITH RUSSIAN SPIES.  DURING THE OBAMA REGIME, THIS WAS DONE BY THE RUSSIANS WITH SOME EASE.  THE D.E.M. KNOWS THIS AND IS COMPLICIT IN IT (AS PER MARXIST REVOLUTIONARY IDEOLOGY), AND IS TRYING TO MUDDY THE WATERS SO THAT THE SOVIET (IE RUSSIAN) SPIES ARE NOT FOUND OUT AND EXTRICATED WITH THE VERACITY A POTUS OF TRUMP'S CHRACTER MIGHT OTHERWISE DO.  IE, THE RUSSIAN HACKING STORY IS ACTUALLY A COMMIE CONSPIRACY TO SAP AND IMPURIFY ALL OF OUR PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS.  THAT IS ALL..."

- RT Stillwell

Dude, fight back.  Seriously, we have to.  I - for one - once punched a Neo-Commie in the chin at a bar...  I don't recommend violence, of course- but if one of these Deep State commie punks messes with you?  Let him have it!

Thank you very much, have a great and safe St. Patty's day!

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Media Hostile to Trump: Even "Fox" News

The amount of hostility towards Donald Trump is near obscene...  Every mainstream (or lamestream) media outlet is doing nothing but giving the POTUS an unfair shrift, over and again.  It's as if the last 7 months of anti-trump coverage wasn't enough, and now they need a nuanced NPR-inspired anti-Trump agenda.  Now almost 100 percent of Trump coverage is anti-trump...  And it's sick!

Trump is doing good things, yet the mainstream news media is completely overlooking this (including fox), and focusing on every bad thing or meme they can in a concerted effort to HANG THE POTUS!

It's patently ridiculous!

Why don't they stop, the media as a whole, and reckon that - "Hey, we're all in this together~!"?

Because they are literally so envious of the new POTUS's power and prestige that they must, on all accounts, try to disparage, destroy and defame the Trump.  It's as if they feel threatened by Trump, and it would seem up to them to stop the threat before it gets too serious!

Well, I hate to tell you news media...  Despite the glaringly inaccurate  pro-Hillary victory polls and narrative, that time is far far over.

Why don't these rat bastards in the media just coalesce around the Trumpster and his voter base!  It's not as if his constituency doesn't have a far greater grasp of the prescient and salient than these over educated media mongrels!

We GET it.

They DON'T!

Back off elite!

It's like Trump said-  He's giving the country back to the forgotten man, the American People!

And if the snowflakes with their narrow worldview on the left can't see it, then they can - by all accounts - remain blind to the objective, absolute and unequivocal Truth until the next time the left gets slammed in a general election...

You're not going to get the country back with THIS kind of transparency!

Try a little - I dunno - what they call "Journalism".
Not "muckracking".  Not opining and insinuating against the right...  Try actual "Finger to the pulse of America" journalism.  Watch a football game or some NASCAR and listen to Limbaugh.

That is, lamestream media, if you want a job in 3 1/2 years.

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump to Voters: "My Administration is a Fine Tuned Machine!"

Trump has commented, despite some hiccups and the lamestream media attacking his credibility daily with their blithe insinuations, that his administration is running as "a fine tuned machine".  This is great news for anybody who doesn't feel that the democrat party obstructionism is appropriate and hopes to see the Trump administration succeed.
Indeed, Trump is firing on all cylinders- and there seems to be nothing stopping the man from making good on his plethora of campaign promises.  The ease with which Trump makes fools out of the lamestream media vultures is amazing and uncanny, and despite his many critics here and abroad- Trump is simply unstoppable!
Day by day, hour by hour, our new POTUS is taking steps to right the wrongs of the last 8 years- and doing so decisively.  Hopefully, with the lord willing, Trump can defeat his opponents and put into action the substantive change we so direly need.
Capitalism and the free market have never been so emboldened, and I can only hope that through the course of his administration, Trump will fix the ails of the recession, the job market, foreign policy and more...

So here's to a new era of American exceptionalism and prosperity!
May the triumph of Donald Trump be everlasting.

DDU 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017


The "death tax", or so called "estate tax" is equated by Buckley Jr. as when the IRS levees a %50 garnishment on one's estate upon death.  It'd despicable.
A man works in his life for many things, but passing down a future inheritance must surely be one of them...  and for the Fed to simply yank this out of an estate's "will" so-to-speak is near blasphemously unconstitutional.
Buckley goes further in his "God..." to say that this "Death Tax" is really intended by the establishment to END intergenerational transmissions of wealth!  I'd wager he would know!
But all of this aside, I think we all know that Trump will deal with the outrageous Death Tax (%50? - whew!) in the coming months, and I warn you: Every second that goes by without us Killing the Death Tax is another absurd moment of vanquished justice...
Every-single-death where the IRS collects 50 percent of the deceased' estate is an outrageous injustice beyond mere trifle.
I mean, every party talks about taking care of future generations of American's to come, right?
Why not put that back into the hands of the American people and KILL THE DEATH TAX!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Sworn In: A New Administration

So I'd wager you saw or heard about the inauguration of Donald Trump last week, followed by a mass protest of women around the world making their voices heard against Trump.  Trump himself tweeted in regards to the protest movement "I encourage people making their voices heard even if we disagree" or something to that effect - proving just how magnanimous of a POTUS Trump will likely be.
This new administration has a lot going for it;
A fresh look, an outsiders view, and an ethic of free market capitalism.

I can see why this drives the left crazy!
The fact is, as Frank Luntz commented last Sunday, 2 out of 3 millenials see Socialism as the best form of governance...
Hopefully they will learn from Trump's magnanimity that the Free Market - ala' Capitalism - has it's good side.
However, with the lamestream media constantly attacking the new POTUS and the Tea Party, I'll simply say that the left taking their loss in the last election graciously seems unlikely...

Further, trump said a few things in his inauguration speech that strike me as closely akin to what G.W. Bush termed "Compassionate Conservatism".  He stated it's no longer the business of the U.S. to intervene in other countries affairs, that we're going to "eliminate radical islamic terrorism", and that he's giving the country back to everyday Americans.

I think it's striking just how anti-establishment Trump truly is.  His approach to governance, as well as his campaign, is truly uncanny!  I wish the left would give the man a little more credit, as Trump is not nearly as hostile to Democrats as he could, and many believe should, be.

Trump may well deserve the much feared and stigmatized title of "Nationalist" - but his "America first" approach is truly a breath of fresh air in this bloggers opin'.  I'm excited and enthusiastic for the future in a way, during the inacurate polling leading up to the election, I never thought possible.

It's a new day, a new dawn and a new horizon for every American who dares to dream.
The American Dream itself is back!

Here's to our new POTUS, Mr. Donald John Trump!

Domestic Democracy United 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Obama's Farewell Speech Was Laughably Bad!

According to the majority of media pundits, who fawned over Hussein Obama's farewell speech given in Chicago on the eve of Trump being sworn into office, Obama is a - and I quote - "Rock Star"...  As a punk rocker, I can enthusiastically say that there is nothing at all rock and roll about ole' 'Bama and his multiculturalist administration.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say that - quite the opposite - Obama was basically elected due to the popularity of "black music" amongst millenials, baby boomers, and the low information voter crowd.  It's sickening.
There is nothing even close to "Rock & Roll" about ole' bama and his policies.
Yet the media pundit "idiot class" seemed like they were ready to fall head over heels about how just good ole plain "Rock and Roll" Obama's oration is.

No it's fucking not.

Obama's farewell speech was laughably bad - ala a dictator orating on why his vainglorious ego tripe is so great and majestic and sovereign.  Yet there was nothing at all sovereign about ole' 'Bama's tenure.  In fact, most of it was shoved down the gullet of godfearing christian citizen's throats via executive order.  He signed into law countless anti-sovereign psuedo-law's that make a sheer mockery out of everything about Tradition-as-such that makes America so damned great in the first place.

He near literally unzipped his pants, whipped out his ding dong, and masturbated to the entire American public to an image of himself.

Dude, for real?

You're literally the worst thing that has happened to the U.S.A. since the 1960's revolutionary cultural takeover that occurred - in part - due to a populous so spoiled and bourgeoisie that it thought it in their best interest to "progress" the U.S. to a point where every single fighter and thinker who established the traditions of Western Civilization spun whirly gigs in their tombs!

And now he has decided to stay in D.C.

Oh god no!

Now every time he deigns appropriate, we will be subjected to his and ilk's in the media's distinct lack of sovereignty.

I think this type of attitude was illustrated best by F. Chuck Todd - post election - saying something to the effect of "Why can't we just do away with the electoral college"...

I literally vomited and shot my pistol into my HD TV upon hearing this nonsense!

I'll have you know mister General Electric shill - The reason is because of the Constitution.

I was reading the constitution recently, and something that struck me as quite central to the founders' vision for America was the whole concept of electing the POTUS by way of the electoral college.

Yet still, the wanks on the left are dallying about with this whole, "Trump didn't win the popular vote so 'waaaaaaaaah'" kind of attitude.  Go fuck yourself you fucking scum.  The fucking constitution will always be here - and while you can amend it to your hearts desire, certain SOVEREIGN characteristics of the U.S. will ALWAYS be here.

But yeah, Obama's speech was the most vainglorious piece of garbage I've ever witnessed - yet millions upon millions of low information voters, their souls in lock to NPR etc. - heralded this masturbatory piece of crock as the best thing since fried rice!

Get a fucking clue liberal leftist scumfucks!

Your "great leader" was a despot who shat all over the spirit, letter and will of our founding fathers and the constitution.  He will, according to me, go on to be viewed as the worst president of all time.  And he still, to this day, is absolutely awful at reading the teleprompter.

Now Trump - there's a man who knows how to speak!

F the media.
F the POTUS.
F the Clintons.
F the U.N.


Now that's fucking punk rawk!

To all you leftist punk rock wanna be's?
All I have to say is -
"You will never even approach being 'rock & roll', truly counter culture, autonomous in any way whatsoever, or even a decent godfearing human being whilst drinking down your bourgeois Terry Gross bullshit."

Thanks, and let's get ready for the great end to all of Obama's disastrous administry!