Monday, November 24, 2014

Conservative Ascendancy: Why Republicans Won

By now I'm sure we're all familiar with the victory by conservatives in what was an historic midterm election.  Republicans took more seats in the U.S. House, and now have control of the Senate - and now have their eyes locked on the big win in 2016, the Executive office.  We've seen this kind of conservative ascendancy before in 2010, and now we've all - right and left - bore witness to the recent massive victory.

But one question remains...

Why did republicans win this time?

Well to put it succinctly, we won because the American people know we fight fair.  We keep it above the belt, and we don't need the marxist controlled media doing our bidding to win an election.  All it takes is a little honesty, good will and honorable discourse.

I think voters were a little astounded to find that the Democrat party that they knew has become, well, a little disingenuous.  Think of the recent corruption stemming from Obamacare, with a lead Obamacare spokesman/cretin talking about how "transparency" was needed to keep people in the dark about the truth behind the Affordable Healthcare Act.  If you didn't catch this little snippet, a major democrat operative went on the record about how "transparency" can be used to deceive the publik about Obamacare.  disgusting.

I also think liberal's inherent elitism had something to do with the victory.

One can only drink in the snide and condescending tone of the majority of the left for so long without becoming, to put it mildly in my case, slightly contemptuous.  And I think the polls showed this on election day.  People were railing not only against the POTUS and his regime's policies, but against the entire culture of the left!  We're sick of being talked down to by ignorant marxists.

And now the Repub party is marching on the offensive, vowing to fight the President's immigration platform and suing over the Affordable Healthcare Act.  We did it.  We won.

Now the real work begins.


- to my regular readers, all due apologies over my eric holder and d'souza pieces.  I was having personal troubles at the time and if those pieces seemed angry and base, that is surely why. -

Thanks again.