Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of God and Gadfly - Leftist Commie Cabal, Drink the Hemlock!

Hemlock is a fine and tasty juice which has been used by dissidents throughout history to take responsibility for condemnable indiscretions and acts of intellectual malice, most notably the old wise gadfly Socrate.  My recommendation, not as a doctor but as an intellectual, to the left is - pour the damned cup of hemlock down your gullet, into your gut, and sit back and do what you do best.  This just in, from the local rag-tag left-wing propaganda news journal masquerading as adequate journalism - Headline 'In it's bigotry, North Carolina makes Jesse Helms proud'.  I'd gather it plays as a bit of a cute aside to the regular reader of this free phlegm rag, known as 'The Independent', whose familiarity with a simple lib-arts student grade bashing of all things Helmsian can scarcely be understated - and the article goes on to make quite a ruckus, at great length, about the Marriage Amendment Act which recently was voted into our state's constitution, going on to say the following, "This time the rest of the country didn't laugh or sneer at us.  It stared in horror.  This was just one bigot, one idiot, but members of his congregation were murmuring 'Amen.'"  I mentioned a moment ago understatement, but I believe I let overstatement remain unexplicated.  If this were a radio show, I'm sure I'd be well able to manage a good 30 minutes to an hour on this single fine example of anti-humorous overstatement but since, as William F. Buckley Jr. once said of writing, it literally causes me spiritual and physical pain to dictate the will of god as I do, I'll merely ask that one think about the idea of a bleeding heart liberal sitting writing some dreary hit piece for an inherently communist journal imagining what America must think of a state that would commit such a loathsome act as to amend it's own constitution to prohibit Gay Marriage - then think about the idea of someone claiming to be a journalist making broad statements about what America, personified, feels in terms of emotion.  It's so 'absurd' in a Camusian sense that I'll simply leave you with the following story from 'The Myth of Sisyphus'. Once upon a yonder upon yonder ago, there was a strong vigilant craftsman named Sisyphus, who was condemned by the 'Gods' to push a large boulder up and down an eternal valley of slopes until the very end of time.  He would go on, repeating the same task ad infinitum, not simply for a lifetime - as we all in some sense do - but forever.  Then, about 700 years into his infinite suffering, along meanders a young boy.  The young boy asks, "What are you doing with that boulder?"  Sisyphus replies, "I was punished by powers higher than myself to push this boulder up and down the hillside for as long as there is time."  The boy looks at him innocently and spits and says, "Why?".  That's really the rub of it, eh?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Smells of Anti-Fracking Ideology - 'The Truth Behind the Myth'

Anyone who's anyone, and we're all anyone really, has heard the grief stricken leftinistas gibbering on about the various details of the, I speculate, massive 'astro-turfing' push by the Obama Administration, or simply 'The Regime', to engender active disfavor regarding the practice of Hydro-Fracking.  It occurred to me, as most of my talent for discriminating the collectivism from the chaff or the chaff from the collectivism does, whilst looking idly at the local flora and fauna of my home state of N.C.  I wondered - 'Is all this mess about "fracking" really what it seems?'  I'm pleased to announce, in a state that has virtually immersed itself fully in the 'fracas of fracking', that I have come to a conclusion with which we as a country can move forth.  The conclusion, I'm sorry to say, is 'no, it is not what it seems whatsoever'.  I recently read an interesting excerpt from Jonah Goldberg's "The Tyranny of Cliche's", which I'll use to preface my conclusion.  The argument goes something along the lines of - that rebellious teen's Che T-Shirt is not just a Che T-Shirt, but a symbol of an inherently collectivist value set and belief system which seeks to distribute it's ideology into mainstream culture while denying it's ideological bias.  But it doesn't stop there - Mr. Goldberg goes on at great length about the simple and catchy catch-all, 'social justice', mentioning that most any politician could slip the words 'social justice' into a speech and receive the expected obligatory applause.  In fact, the term 'social justice' hides behind an effete sensibility a radically collectivist agenda which seeks to define the terms of the left-right debate on it's own terms and, again, deny it's ideological bias - I might posit, in the name of 'subjectivism'.  Think about it if you will, as there are many phrases upon which an understanding of collectivism can be hedged - take for example, 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'.  Sounds okay at first glance for some I'd suppose.  It's just a cliche.  I think however, the point which Mr. Goldberg was getting at is that with such a cliche comes, inevitably, tyranny.  Well, with this in mind - I'd like to describe my conclusion in a similar terminology, that is, the terminology of emotion.  What I'd like to say is, very simply, the whole ideological basis for the 'anti-fracking' cause is simply resentment of the re-ascendancy of capitalism coupled with dull anger at the very nature of the system with-in which we in America live.  But why so much of it?  Where I live at least, it's not uncommon to meet people who frequently deride the practice of hydrolic fracturing to retrieve natural resources as being 'unjust', 'dangerous', 'threatening', and the list of negatives goes on and on.  How is this possible, for the populous with-in the enlightened liberal establishment to be so thoroughly at a consensus about increasing profits for corporations?  The answer is simple, again.  When Nancy P. Loosey criticized the Tea Party as astro-terf, she could have had little foreknowledge as to how ridiculous this about face would become - for, as anyone familiar, as I am, with the Democrat Establishment Machine knows - the mechanization's of any given lib-rage protest are largely more condemnable for lack of passionate 'authenticity' and yea, Real American Spirit than any given Tea Party Rally.  The fact is, public dissent in regards to Hydrolic Fracturing is a result of a coordinated left wing attack campaign waged entirely on behalf of activist politicians and statist federal funding.  This would be no big matter altogether were it not for the 'astrological knowledge' of the architects of this intrinsically anti-capitalist cliche is so 'profound' that I'd wager 70 to 80 percent of people who'd find themselves on the side of disallowing the practice of Hydro-Fracking in their state would believe it as a core value and conviction, rather than a statement of position.  In fact, the number of people I've seen brutally worked up over what amounts to making sure to keep the dirt clean is such that I'm convinced it must be collectivism that is ultimately responsible for inculcating these populist values within the hearts and minds of the people of our state.  Disgusting.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

TEA PARTY RESPONSE TO : 'New "Forward" Ad'

Domestic Democracy United would like to make it's statement on the recent, of this week of May, 'Forward' re-election bid advertisement for 'Bama Hussein and his Regime.  It's level of 'spiffy-ness' is stupifying to the Nth degree.  It's failure to achieve the Messiah electoral victory in 2012, unequivocally, will show transparently the degradation of his 'astro-campaign' of 2008, not to mention the ideological positioning I predicted in a previous post - which would be populist pandering to the middle class.  I also mentioned previously that it would be under the guise of purported support for the middle class, a much centralized message of this new 'Forward' narrative, that the middle class would have it's collective pockets picked by the government - the facts prove so, as the tax rate is set to increase dramatically in the coming election season.  The 'Forward' ad which begins Mr. Obama's election campaign 'cycle' forcefully as students and others looking for relaxation from the long Season of the Hussein collectivist grift turn 'toward' the television, and are urged to take part in ideological drivel, passively or actively.  It's a venerable populist platform to pander to the middle class.  The brief reference to the success of the Auto-Bailouts, something which George W. Bush supported as most any president would - though only one president has 'presided' over said bailouts - this brief 'framing', as it were, of the narrative to gently inform the public of the auto-bailout's nice gov'ment 'fix' is, to the 't', used in a both 'sub' and 'neo' sense of populistic pandering.  Subconscious Populistic pandering, that is, to our instinct to find ourselves supportive of 'Industry as Symbol', and the 'Neo'-Populistic pandering of relating the 'primordial' content of 'Standard Issue Factory Stock Footage' and the concept of 'Middle Class Non-Morality', as per their previous radicalism.  Clearly, it is propaganda selected from the McGoebels drive through 'diet' menu, served cold as tempest and drearily consumed by wearily dreaming remnants of ideologically seduced demographics of 'marks' being conned into voting for such an asininely but exquisitely packaged 'Negro Deluxe' POTUS with Potato Plus on the side that they were willing to forgo a simple vetting process in 2007/8.  It's no need for rebellious whining, but this commercial  has the uncanny ability to both inculcate the new 'Forward' narrative and rationalize what is not even a main tenant of the republican's gestures of contempt for the Regime - that is the failure of the 'stimulus' bill and the remaining sense of impunity with which the administration funnels tax payer funds into massive government bureaucracies with little accountability to the law and little transparency within the domain of the public nor God's demands of our institutions of democracy to obey the 'Spirit' of the Constitution - that impunity, as per the loud dull 'Thump' of the POTUS Propaganda Wing's delightfully laughable 'Forward' narrative advanced this week (which remains to be explicated), will find it's bearing on the Executive Office stripped down and hosed off this November, and gently escorted out of the whitehouse following the 'lite rinse' in the cold and unyeilding coming winter in the year of our Lord, 2012.  Speaking of 'Lite Rinses', I'm not much of a conspiratorialist these days - but should we be concerned, possibly, about the subconscious implications of this grimly designed travesty that is the 'kick off' of 'Bama Hussein and his Regime's 2012 'Forward' re-election bid?  Because it plays like a slightly anxious robo-call informing us of our obligation to socialism in a Russian accent.  Obviously, I think the D.E.M. has devised the oddly colored array of 'tyrannical cliches' that is the new 'Forward' POTUS push with full scope regarding how it would be 'taken' - by average joe-watches-tv sitting in his living room trying to enjoy leisure time - on a subconscious level.  I am worried, as honestly as I am worried about young children watching violent images on 'Netflix', about the potential effects of 'bathing', as McLuhan put it, in this new form of Obama's rotating evil sphere of Propaganda insinuation.  -DDU- May 2012 -

Friday, May 18, 2012

Closer to Terror: The Tea Party vs. Occupy

No issue is more divisive on a basic level in the American conscience than the role the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement play in domestic terrorism.  Oft left under or even un-stated, both organizations have claims to history making political disobedience, and both can and have been classified, according to respected sources, by the U.S. government as 'Domestic Terrorist' organizations.  The extent to which this unrecognized and unofficial indictment of ill intent reflects the actual modus operandi of either loosely nit organization remains to be seen, however - there are many social, cultural, as well as esoteric dimensions to consider when broaching the subject not only of an organization with which one is not affiliated nor sympathetic, as is the case of the global Jihad movement, but of an organization which one identifies with or has actually stood beside in civil activism.  These dimensions can only optimistically be rationalized away, but can only very pessimistically be described as defining our great nation's character of the time.  Nevertheless, it has become the test of the self-described moderate to distance violent ideologies from practical necessity and the world in which one participates in society through vocation.  It doesn't seem worth mentioning, however it demands that I do so, that very often the classico or neo-activist's devotional instinct to a cause is in fact the main subject of their energies - which is to say, more often than not, activists are the non-job seeking unemployed.  This to me seems to be the difference between participation and identification.  One who is currently under the employ of a business will lack the true participation in the most vile and criminal (not to mention treasonous) aspects of a protest movement, while the unemployed should find themselves ripe for participation but characteristically lacking in identification.  Case in point, the Tea Party 20 something Libertarian would seem to be more than adequately bestowed the capacity for participation in Tea Party activism, but more often than not lacks the authentic identity of the archetypal Conservative protester.  Conversely, the identification of the Occupy platform squarely falls on the disenfranchised working man of the left, who clings to whatever conscious remnants of the 'social justice' ideology that has been bestowed upon their demographic - yet often is quite far removed from the rag tag Occupiers in any given city.  The responsibility of the citizen of the U.S. who finds their morality squarely in line with a group that has been documented as committing acts of terrorism is not an imperative of disassociation with some un-explicated fringe group, for if that were the case anyone who has ever held an opinion that could be considered unorthodox would have to spend the majority of their life proving microscopic ethical differentiations.  The real responsibility we as citizens of America have to civilized discourse is to make impassioned stands on what constitutes the 'law' as such.  Is the sovereign law, as Jesus taught, not of man but of god?  On the anti-religious opposite end, is god's law irrational and man's ability to create the real source of moral autonomy?  These are all posed speculatively as exaggerations of what, in many respects, is the racy caricature  of modern civic unrest and it's expression through the organization of like-minded patriots.  That really does seem to be the 'rub' of it - both sides, Tea Party and Occupy, generally consider what they are doing in the public domain to be patriotic.  But as Robert Solomon, the professor of philosophy at the University of Austin who lectured at great length on the concept of 'Responsibility', once entombed about emotions (however I think it applies to Morality in much the same way) - One can either be warranted or un-warranted in one's judgements.  One can be either 'on the mark' or 'off the mark' with one's decisions, actions, and philosophical/ideological positioning.  The mark of an honorable form of protest is the degree to which it proceeds from first premise or basic ethical judgement to an engagement reflecting the fundamental aspects of said premise or morality.  So, as is often decried as disreputable on the right, perhaps putting a Hitler mustache on a photo of the current president reflects not the basic distinctions of an ethico-moral stance - but in fact a blind groping towards the, interestingly enough, much touted evil of 'fascism'.  Further, what could possibly be more genuinely patriotic than a respected and vetted individual being elected to office on their party platform and traveling to and fro from their hometown to Washington D.C. and back again with the goal of promoting, in some broad way, the values which are central to said individual's worldview and that of their constituency?  I would suppose in some sense it would be bound to cut the other way, but it's hardly worth the expenditure of thought to come to the simple realization that both existent forms of patriotism have a well worn place within a free society.  Is there a place for intensely emotional love of god and country for the moderate?  What about a recognition of the conditions of empathy, sympathy, and all those other antiquities of the intellectual leaders of the 18th century in the value judgements of any given 'extremist', if one would be so bold as to describe those with controversial gradients of opinion and ethics within their party of choice in such language?  What about my own personal opinion that while whining and singing in the public square may not be the high point of Democracy, that all of the above represent a verifiable mechanism of historical give and take between the systems of society and those who reap what their given time sows?  Well, to put it briefly, all of these are considerable concerns - however, one stands above them all, and that is the overwhelmingly objective truth that Freedom derives not from man's systems of power, punishment, and progress - but simply from somewhere else, somewhere the great theoreticians of Democracy knew was a universal place within Man's 'heart'.  Thank you for reading - below is a list of the recent terrorist activity perpetrated by the Occupy movement so far in May 2012. 1. Location - Seattle and San Francisco: the 'Black Bloc' smashed and paint bombed the windows of police stations and other establishments. 2. Location - NYC: Occupiers seized journalists' camera's, sent threatening letters and white powder to Wells Fargo.  3. Location - Ohio: Occupy Cleveland protesters planned to blow up a bridge to Cuyahoga Valley National Park with C-4, claiming the blow would be struck for the '99 percent'.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Major Turning Point in Politalk -

Well, as seems to be evident from many of my lazily constructed - not to mention often less than fully reasonable - blog posts from the past, I haven't been reading books other than the bible for quite some time... I think going on about 4 or 5 months.  On this date, that lone simple fact changed - and along with it, the direction of the aesthetic of Politalk on into the future...  Basically, after this post, I will be paying a lot more attention to detail (except for typos and grammatical errors), will be reading works by conservative authors non-stop (at least when I can afford it) to add substance to my worldview, and trying to cut back on psuedo-humorous asides and informal typing.  Hopefully this should bring me out of the realm of speculative philosophy and messing about with words, of which I obviously have no official training, and firmly into the realm of philosophy-tinged republicanism.  So, if yr critical of my positions - scan back through previous entries to find my glaringly speculative (but occasionally salient) posts on Philosophy; I'm sure you'll be able to find more than enough solidly incorrect interpretation (not to mention incorrect grammar and typos) to add to your view that I am 'stupid', 'narcissistic', and 'crazy' (or all of the above).  I'm loathe to mention what book I read that has changed the course of Politalk forever - but will merely mention that I read it entirely (with the exception of the forward) in one sitting and that it solidly and respectably and diligently to the point of heroism confirmed my one philosophical stance which has remained constant since the very beginning of Politalk - and that is the importance of the distinction between "collectivism" and "individualism", the inherent virtues of holding "individualism" as superior to "collectivism", and the prominence of "collectivist" ideology as, more than likely, a social "evil".  Hopefully, should my untamed creativity not run unchecked, I will be bringing Politalk back to basics so to speak.  Bread and butter issues should take a front seat to philosophical speculation, reference to religious thinkers should replace my own religious speculation, and construction of cogent and fluid narrative should become front and center.  For those on the right wing of the political spectrum, I would merely like to state that your continued readership, no matter how often or infrequent, is greatly appreciated and revered personally.  I honestly wouldn't know how to make up for the wasted minutes spent sifting through my inadequate formulation of republican positions and Christian morality... but all I can say is I'll try.  SPECIAL NOTE - I've recently discovered a disturbing trend.  Politalk is being read by citizens of many nations, as opposed to domestically only.  To be perfectly frank, I would prefer if only people within the U.S.A. could view Politalk, but knowing that there are people of pronouncedly different cultures than my own reading I will merely mention that those of you with less than friendly intent should pay due caution, not to mention those of you originating from less than "democratic" societies, even with the best of intent - you should also avoid Politalk for manifold reasons; among them - I can't be held responsible for how an authoritarian regime from, say, the middle east or asia might respond to clicking in to my Blog, let alone any blog from the U.S.A.  This marks, more or less, the end of ranting in Politalk - and the beginning of a sustained attempt at overall improvement in regards to respectability, sanctity, and legitimacy.  Thank you for your continued support, and I would merely kindly ask that those of you with dubious intent please discontinue frequenting Politalk.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake - Ban on Gay Marriage in NC Passes with Overwhelming Majority

Late last night, after the results of our historic election came pouring in along with mid-spring showers, supporters of Amendment 1 ate wedding cake  in jubilation - on the top of the cake?  a statuette of a single man and a single woman, enraptured and nudging each other lovingly.  Amendment 1, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman in our state's constitution, is controversial at best and, it seems to be turning out, bitterly divisive at worst... but one thing is for certain from this commentator's perspective - Amendment 1 has defined sodomy, homosexuality, and the GLBT community as the immoral blaspheme of a generation living in sin - and rightly so.  For too long, homosexuality has been deemed not only permissible, but in fact, very often, a desirable lifestyle and an act of liberation from what is generally often deemed by the GLBT community the 'heterodoxy'.  This carries with it all of the 'we're going to get your children' connotations associated with it... indeed, bisexuality is often considered by those on the left as perfectly normal, and a virtuous characteristic to be pursued if possible - bequeathing unto children, I've heard in such places as classrooms, the supposedly 'moral' view that homosexuality is to be tolerated... it is not.  Homosexuality and everything that the lifestyle and actual act itself carries with it, is condemnable in terms of 'Authentic Morality', and a corrosive force for degradation within culture and counter-culture as properly understood.  The bible teaches many things regarding the inherent immorality of homosexuality, but among the most salient is that nations, kingdoms, states, etc. who tolerate homosexuality are generally given to be 'out of favor' with 'he who shall remain unnamed until the second coming', thus incurring upon themselves the wrath of the almighty.  Doesn't seem very likely to many of the secular intellectual elite (and that's being generous), but it is altogether possible that kingdoms and communities which fail to adequately condemn immorality find themselves being condemned by immorality itself.  Think of an easier to prove example, say, violent crime.  If violent crime isn't properly condemned, a nation or kingdom runs the risk of being condemned by violent crime - but this isn't simply about keeping 'order' as many anti-freemason conspiracy theorists would have you believe (how they intend to dissuade people from supporting 'order' I've no idea), but is in fact about writing the will and sentiment of the people into the constitution of our state, a fact well substantiated by the overwhelming majority of voters who explicitly oppose gay marriage and implicitly condemn Homosexuality and other perversions.  -----------------------------------------------------------------

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tyranny of Cliches


100th Blog Entry on Super Tuesday in NC!!!

*IN THE TONE OF SOMEONE ACCEPTING HONORS AT AN AWARDS SHOW* Goshm wow... thankyou... thankyou so much... you know, if someone had told me that I'd be typing my 100th post on the day our great state of North Carolina held elections, I'd have said it was devious collectivism that caused it... hehehe... but seriously - I'd like to mark this great occasion with a random sampling from 'Conservative Victory', the playbook I've used throughout this tumultuous time under the rule of a Socialist radical bent on destroying the constitution. Here goes... *ahem - from the chapter entitled, 'how republicans lost their way' - "Liberals are crafty: adept at turning every failure into a triumph, at least in terms of public perception. It was liberal policies that led to our stalemate and ultimately defeat in vietnam, but the lesson liberal professors and media taught society was that anti-war communist sympathizers had been right from the beginning. It was liberals who said we could withdraw from vietnam without risking significant bloodshed...many millions more share the belief that history has vindicated the liberals and their anti-war position... This is how good the liberal propaganda machine is: Even when their policies fail somehow our society never quite repudiates liberalism." You know, it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this many blog entries 'notched' in the old figurative belt, and by all accounts I should be under lock and key at this very moment - were it not for the anti-communist bent of our Law Enforcement Officers, I would be... It took me a long time to figure out how corrupt and un-capitalistic the Democrat Establishment Machine (The D.E.M.) really was... I believe, as a voice on the right once entombed, that the republican party has 'freed' millions of young americans from the burdens of ideological sophistry and allowed them to 'think, act, and feel' in accordance with their own conscience... this is alarmingly true, though the D.E.M. would have you think otherwise. The D.E.M. requires it's adherents to blindly sign on to every issue put forth, prescribing for those on the left a sense of moral superiority and automatic disgust at any contrary view. This does not bode well for democracy, where the law of the word of 'he who shall remain unnamed until the second coming' should rightly be the center of the moral, intellectual, and spiritual life of a man. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - 'Everything Changes because Nothing Changes'. The biblical truths of scripture say all that needs to be said about morality - yet even today, priests and pastors, especially often of the episcopal persuasion, refuse to take scripture literally - subscribing to such seemingly commonsensical interpretations of scripture as 'be nice' to a non-divine interpretation of the story of mans origin, i.e. evolution. How one could call oneself christian and ascribe not only to the sick and ultimately satanic ideology of universalism but bow down to the intellectual elite is, to me, unknown... I can only wager that really, it has to do with politics - and of course, republicans - as indicated by the amount of republicans in the south who rarely even get very political apart from spirituality (if one can call that political), put life before petty politics. We put 'Faith' before petty politics... We even put Morality before petty politics, as opposed to the other way around - Many on the left are guilty of buying into and proclaiming profuse knowledge of bold narcissistic lies leveled at republican leaders and adherents - for example, the idea that anti-homosexual sentiment can be defined as 'homophobia', and that said anti-homosexual sentiment is evidence of inherent homosexual inclination. Blasphemy, but you might be surprised to learn what the left thinks of people who put value in owning guns... Anything from the POTUS' claims of 'clinging' (a massively derisive statement in terms of respect paid to agrarian culture) to 'phallus fixation' - What about Sarah Palin? It seems that via 'mandatory repulsion' (I have no idea how they do it, but the D.E.M. seems to me to be able to mandate en masse such 'moral outrage'), Sarah Palin is inherently bad... Wow, profound! Does anyone here remember how vitriolic the left responded to raising even the mention of Mrs. Palin during the last presidential election cycle? Why? I don't know - I guess it's the old adage 'People are Stupid, and I don't like Stupid People'... but still, after all the sexist late-night humor and public chatter regarding Mrs. Palin, by all accounts an honorable and ethical woman, the D.E.M. attacked Rush Limbaugh sponsors, causing many of them to stop supporting Conservative Talk Radio somehow, on the basis of inherent Sexism - quoting the much used line o' Limbaugh 'Feminazi'... and people just go along with it - Bill Maher actually very recently called Mrs. Palin a quote B*tch on television, yet where was the public outrage there? Where was the call to pull sponsorship of his show? The fact is, as much as I can complain about liberalism etc... it must be far harder for conservative women today than men - I can only imagine what it must be like to face the daunting distaste liberalism has for conservative women within the workplace, especially when liberalism by definition takes itself to be the 'majority and correct' view. What about the antipathy towards the well off? Just like the 'homophobia is homosexual desire' viewpoint which I mentioned above, there is another startling view on the left and it is surmised thusly, 'rich people don't have feelings'. Just as with the 'homophobia is actually homosexual desire' leftist viewpoint, this attack on the wealthy is backed by not just a statistic, but a laughable quote 'scientific study', which, according to whatever leftist thinktank sponsored the eggheads involved in this little research project, came to the conclusion that poorer people have 'more compassion' and rich people have 'less compassion'. Thanks a lot science, another home-run for the progeny of Newton and ilk. What about the massively publicized anti-george w. bush sentiment that basically ran in the entire spectrum of media before the successes of the 'surge'? The anti-war nut, which never seems to be completely explicated for some reason, but always immediately agreeable to those with the counter-culturish bent. Well, all I'll say is, after THAT charade, I think many in america will have trouble taking a democrat proclaiming 'support' for our troops seriously ever agin.----------------------------------------------------------------- So, excuse my rant, as I really can't be expected to do anything more than say what's on my mind, 'again', for the 100th time - Today is super tuesday in North Carolina, and I'd just like to say..... *ORCHESTRA STARTS PLAYING* ...and ahem, I'd like to say *ANNOUNCER - 'Brendan O'Connell everybody, give it up for Brendan O'Connell, okay...' *GACK

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Great - a nice saturday and it's 80 to 90 percent collectivism ~

Ah, someone is going to come along and find my meager individualist shell of flesh decomposed next to my computer, being nipped at and picked at by rats and vultures. Kidding... No, I realized - I wasn't going to blog on a weekend, but... I realized that this is a particularly collectivist weekend, with all the diabolical implications that go along with the ideology of collectivism. No particular evidence to speak of, but the tone of this day of our lord is duly pragmatic and crushing. I'd say it's quite melancholic, but that would betray the lack of genuine emotion collectivism carries with it. It's autopilot saturday, and a muslim is the onboard navigator... I'm sure... I'm not the least bit afraid, however. My will is resolved to stay in league with the Christ, and I shall wait until his return. The 'terminator obama' spirit of middle class institutionalization of morality, upper class upward contempt, and lower class emboldening of criminality all are in perfect accordance to bring U.S.A. District #52 a loathsome saturday of mediocrity and machiavellian sophistry. Not to disparage ole' Saint Nick, of course - But, I swear... if this country doesn't stop slouching we're in for a bitter summer of sour grapes and mass sin. I hold no, hold on - *puffs cigarette* - I hold no pretensions about the validity of proclaiming today 80 to 90 percent collectivist. It's completely cartoonish, but in some sense accurate - Our local issue of import is the upcoming vote on tuesday on banning Homo-Marriage, and it seems to have sparked a nerve ending on the D.E.M. - I've seen god awful polemical television advertisements making the daftest claims, I've been accosted by a gay-rights activist from the ACLU right after, get this, being more or less pushed directly into the lions den (a social worker's office), and have had to fend off anything from psuedo-IRA/Union thugs up to direct contempt for myself in regards to my legitimacy of opin'. I'm witnessing the run-up to a major cluster-fuck and there is nothing I can do but simply go on the radio as I have been, proclaiming the truth, and fend for myself in a country that's turned dog-pound. At least I still have my brutality. Anyhow, I know - it's just, I know I know ~ I don't know... perhaps it's not all just random. I mean, if you're willing to admit there's a 'Being who shall not be named until the second coming' then rationality implicitly leads to unconventional verstehen of the 'Wheel of Fortune' - what hand doth lie on the wheel? I'd like to know, certainly it couldn't be anyone but some brutally elitist classico-marxist with a penchant for psychology. I don't want that guy running my life, and it's possible that he is! I mean, the tragedy america has become - I'm sorry, U.S.A. District #52-4, has become... I'm sorry - IS too sick for a humorous take on it. It's so sick, in fact, that it seems to be [EMPIRICALLY VERIFIABLE (CHECK THE TIME)] 1. Whining 2. Violent 3. _______(insert own observation about collectivist U.S. here). I mean, honestly - something is going on here... and fortunately, it's a good something. You see, all this complaining about 'Bama Hussein and his Regime o' Green is just racist white inferiority complex type stuff and, in all actuality, Barack is clearly clearing the way for, what I think we all would like to see... a Muslim controlled U.N., a multicultural official history book when the time comes, and - worst of all, the revenge of the nerds. That's right, 'nerds', with their superior knowledge and patience are being prepped by collectivists for their triumphant return to 'psuedo-counter-cultural-status' with 'slightly adequately paying jobs' and 'that girl that the collectivists set up for ;nerd virgin sacrifice:' - I'm just kidding, society could never at a low level bureaucratic mindset cause two lovers to become a couple... that is beyond the realm of possibility, especially for collectivism, and calls into question the sanctity of Love itself. I mean, that's just crazy. Aborting 10,000 fetuses a day? Only racist scum who aren't like us think THAT is wrong... and what's wrong with them anyways? Maybe we could just have their, well - 'roaring in the background' sort of, well - tempered. What's that? Oh, okay - I'll feign it then, the goddamned idiotic republican saps will never figure it out ~ What's that? What do I actually understand about psychology, philosophy, or Art? wel, erm... *nervous laugh followed by overly excited explication and misinterpretation of their 'thinker' of choice..... Machiavelli, if he could see the kind of infantile back-stabbing that goes on in everyday america, I'm sure Ole' St. Nick never would have taken refuge in agrarian- well let's just call it 'individualism', after being dropped on stone from a high place for crimes against his Principality. He probably would have stripped naked and wandered around shouting vulgar permutations of his Philosophy at passerby's on horseback, shitting all the while in a ditch and wiping unsuccessfully with blades of hay. Probably eating raccoons or whatever they have in Italy other than the Pope. Interesting factoid on that note... Mitt Romney is being persecuted. No, j/k - erm, apparently - little known fact - apparently King George the 8th had a very prominent early member of the Mormon cult executed - basically a Catholic inside job to stifle Mormons. Well, I don't suppose that will tickle everyone's fancy, but it certainly points to a deviously conspiratorial interpretation of what is 'going around' now that 'Bama Hussein and his Iron Glove of Industry have failed utterly and vastly, with public support and assuredly enthusiasm moving in concurrence with this tre.....aaaaaand I found what I was getting at with the thread title and all that - I've diagnosed (not prescribed) the problem with today as thus (OFFICIAL DDU DICTATE for May 5th, the rumblings of Occupy knocking tupperware out of the cabinets as we speak) - "Not only in our present time, but entire civilizations in some very very basic sense, have a 'notional inclination' which lacks 'authentic power', that is Sovereign power by the grace of the lord of hosts, and is and has been in a death grip with Reality. I am not particularly guilty of this in a narcissistic sense or otherwise. This is not art. That is not technology." - Domestic Democracy United FOUNDER Brendan O'Connell

Friday, May 4, 2012

DDU Superpac 'scandalfact' - Not fond of Partial Birth Abortion?

I made mention in a previous blog of given 'gates', like kitchen gate in a vlog from last month, and S.S.S. gate from the secret service scandal more recently... but what is a 'gate' ? - Think water-gate and then anything you want... and I've got quite a gate to report to my humble readership currently and on into the future - and I hope this stands the test of time regarding the pathology of those on college campuses and in academia. The 'Journal of Medical Ethics' of all rags was recently involved in 'Killing-Healthy-Infants-Is-Okay' gate, where two, oddly enough, scientists with Italian nomenclature were discovered as saying that (paraphrase) 'we should (I'm assuming 'ethically') allow abortions of healthy infants (yeah you read right>>>) if the father is not available to raise the child or the mother is inconvenienced by the birth.' Trust me, that's an accurate paraphrase, and trust me, it is completely (as the NR put it) 'bat-guano crazy'. The 'notion' (and yes, it probably *gulp is a 'notion' in a neo-hegelian/marxist sense) of 'aborting' recently delivered babies is, obviously to those on the right as well as the left, is generally deemed to be a good definition of 'murder', and the Krauthhammer republicans have always made a big deal about not supporting 'late term abortions' with other methods of 'birth control' being permissible morally - I, however, have a different view... and that is, obviously, a nasty brutish and short conspiracy theory which runs as follows - --------------------"Eugenics is an ideology as opposed to a 'true' philosophy that runs throughout many branches and schools of thought in a multitude of disciplines. The aforementioned 'gate' is merely a signal to all those with conscience that the 'slaughter of the inconvenient' is part and parcel with the corrupt tree and bitter fruit of the same ideology which led to the Holocaust, Eugenics." - Brendan O'Connell DDU---------------------- I'm going to simply stop typing any commentary for a moment and look for guidance from Christ to tell me if I should say what I'm going to say next.... (approx. 5 mins starting now) - "Whosoever receiveth this child receiveth me..." are the words I heard from jesus as I repented to a picture of Him on a cross reading 'Inri', King of the jews. "How were thine eyes opened?" sayeth a pharisee "By Christ" was the response. "He is a prophet?" they said. "Give god praise" he responded. "Here then is a marvelous thing, that ye know not from whence he is." they balked. "I am the light of the world, he that followeth me does not walk in darkness" jesus answered them all. --------------------------------------------------------------------- So, okay - brief digression there, but what I'm getting at is - it really all, as always, comes back to Hegel. That's right - G.W.F. Hegel ( for reference). You may or may not know this, but there are basically two kinds of 'Hegelians', or two lines of 'Hegelian thought' - that is 'Old' Hegelianism and 'New' Hegelianism. Among the 'New' Hegelians is a thinker named Peter Singer, who is a leading figure in contemporary dialectical materialistic interpretations of Hegel's legacy. Author of 'The Case for Partial Birth Abortions' and other critiques of Hegel viewed through the 'Evolution of History' lens, Peter Singer (seen here actually - interestingly enough, believes that an animal - that is... a dog... or a cat... - has more of a 'right to life' than a newborn infant... yeah... so, the real culmination of all this nonsense is the understanding that the 'killing-newborn-babies-is-okay' gate thing really has a long history, and is tied in with a type of intellectual elitism that 'runs amok in today's institutes of education, public and private' - (my words). I once came to the 'conclusion' that all history 'evolves' toward a culmination of 'Reason' that winds up in 'heaven on earth', blindly. Now, as I understand it - that translates as I came to the 'pre-determined ideological assumption' that all history 'has a marxist structure, inherently' which moves toward a culmination of 'Projection' that winds up in 'collectivist dystopia'.... no, I'm only kidding. So, anyhow - think about that... there's people who think it's okay to kill newborns if the mother is inconvenienced by having kids - and they work at your childrens' school. Happy Obamotherstate Friday!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

DDU - Domestic Democracy United's Philosophy of Liberty

WHat I've termed 'Domestic Democracy United' has more or less a slight waft of self-irony in regards to it's sanctity and legitimacy as an institution, however - I must make one thing clear; something which is clear to any who have read my manifesto, signed by hand by roughly 8 individuals... Not a big deal, after all... it's only 8 or so. But I can assure all readers of politalk that DDU has credibility, in some sense, by way of the 'kind' of people who looked through DD United's basic statement of principles (which run anywhere from 'protect the free market' to 'overthrow FEMA camps'), mostly working folk who struggle in the south. True southerners, one would say for certain and with pride. But I try to keep a light heart about just how influential Domestic DU really is, which is - of course, immensely so. The degree to which one man's actions, words, and conceptionality in terms of the embodiment of 'Worldness-unto-Being' alludes to the way in which the 'everyday' conception and embodiment of 'Being' as an ontology of a single unknown citizen, an 'everyman' if you will, has the capacity to change not only the winds of time but the tides of light, is not to be underestimated, dismissed without warrant, or given the lack of credit the mainstream media so sorely deserves. Determinations made by an 'everyday individual' are of large consequence, more-so even than the much sentimentalized, say, publishing circuit. It used to be such that any publisher of a given written work would bestow upon the well funded author a size-able upgrade in status and prestige regarding social goings-on. From what I've heard, most often revered are those who have their 'conceptionality' picked up by a major publisher/distributor and distributed amongst perhaps an entire beachside rather than a single grain of sand. But in fact, and though it bequeaths me to sort of mention here that this is all sounding a bit sardonically Rushkoffian in terms of content - I'll argue and can argue at some length, it really isn't in terms of 'concept' - in fact, it is the power of the Individual, not the media, that has the grace of the Lord of Hosts. Rushkoff, author of books that decry what he term's the 'Corporatist' mentality that leads to the very populist and technically republican/conservative dictum which states that 'corporate charters lead to vast accumulations of wealth and this is a bad thing'. The real key turn between this man, who from inside sources has read some of the same books on Hegel that I've read, and myself is the notion of the 'Federal Government' as 'part of the problem' and, how I like to put it - 'Large Centralized Government' being contrary to 'liberating one's spirit in regards to Freedom 'of itself''. Where many on the left so specific instances of malfeasance as being part of some shadowy octopus-like conspiracy to prevent the 'greatest good' (i.e. Totalitarian Collectivism) from being realized as we all know we would like to see, I tend to garner my bets on the Antiquarian realities of Western Civilization itself, and the Christian tradition of 'pilgrimage' specifically. This great country was founded on the heart of many things, the mind of many things, and the multitude and mass of spirit that was the search for release from religious persecution that forms a cornerstone of the Constitution 'as such', and has much to offer the industrialized world - but need we really let ourselves be brought further into a downward turn by unequivocally ignoring Truth in favor of, shall we say, the bane of all ideologies - Subjectivism? Anyhow, I'll end with a short quote that I've memorized from 'The Phenomenology' "Reason is Spirit when it's certainty of being all reality has been raised to Truth, and it is conscious of itself as its own world and of the world as itself." -GWF HEGEL PHENOMENOLOGY OF SPIRIT

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

God and Man at Community College

I began my career as an institutional drop-out, oddly enough, at a community college. Deciding, as a young vagabond does, to flee from the shackles of an 8-3 high school degree - and emboldened by my philosophical sophistry, I started that noble walk through G.E.D. alley. This has culminated, more or less, through years of travail and no associates degree to speak of yet - in a basic problem for me... and that is the problem of individualism and it's role in a collectivist society, as many believe all societies are today. My real intellectual journey began, as I recall, when I was around 11 or 12 when I became aware of the distinction between communism and something else - as well as the much controversialized and scandalized McCarthy trials on purported communists. I never really thought too much about it, being the mere social run-off of a particularly lengthy episode of 'behind-the-scenes' journalism... but then, at some point - I simply decided that I wanted to extricate myself from the ideology of communism. It was difficult, and to a degree, continues to this very day... unfortunately, to no degree of credibility or degree as such. But I was confronted, with this... distinction - between communism, and... something else. And, as a child - I suppose it's fairly obviously difficult to comprehend sufficiently... little did I know, this problem of sufficient comprehension of the importance of the 'communism debate' leaves one wanting a clearer distinction publicly, not to mention privately. But, because of its 'debatability' itself, college generally leaves the Truth as such and 'of itself rather than in itself' inadequately explicated. I suppose it probably is such because at some level of academia the basic nuances of capitalism and pure evil seemed too minute for mass consumption. Unfortunately, such was not the case for many inherently collectivistic authors throughout early schooling and on into even the classrooms of Publicly Funded community colleges. A close look at a standard textbook from the local community college reveals a closer look at what many despondent students are forced to digest, often because of inadequate intelligence or initiative - Page 26 BIO "The importance of protecting the environment" - (paraphrase) Page 37 "The importance of reducing the worlds population" - (paraphrase) Page 126 "Evolution is not the only theory (explicit)... Evolution is the correct theory (implicit). How much, really, is 'free-education' an invasive species? How much is 'public education' a bane on authenticity regarding intellectual integrity? How much does the pervasive influence of the federal government in today's states contribute to such blatant abuses of Educational integrity as 'Environmental Education'? Banal? Why was the author of these words booked on charges of 'talking about eugenics' (official transcript) and sentenced to take a 'loony-bin vacation' at the taxpayers expense under a criminal non-sovereign 'anti-law'? I wouldn't mention it, but among the accusations included in this blasphemous scarlette letter redux was simply 'talking about eugenics', as if to say it is a 'crime' or 'sub-crime' to oppose the mass slaughter of innocents. Obama is responsible for this. There will be revenge for me and others like me suffering from the unjust hand of collectivism. And though I will gladly proffer a fresh cheek (and did), I can only see bad things for america. We're obviously skeptical of the media and the school system here at DDU - just like any countercultural hero's - but the worst thing of all, is that it remeinds me of what collectivism is capable of. The aforementioned is no horror story, it's true - but what about killing an innocent fetus, which many are afraid to speak up on.. What about your christian friend who believes in evolution... thinks they can still be born again while believing in evolution? What about you? DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED - (HERE IS A YOUTUBE URL of a webvid of myself, ddu founder and member, 'silenced') - Thanks for reading, come again soon (will be updating frequently), and sorry for the poor encoding (sorting it out) - for music

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DDU - Domestic Democracy United on Obamacare in the Supreme Court

The unconstitutional healthcare legislation being reviewed under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court presents a simple case of the much touted sentiment of autonomy. The radicals on the left like to make a big philosophical affair of claims of and attempts at autonomy, yet this little understood sentiment is cherished in the corridors of the Court today with its uncompromising critique of Obamacare as such. It's funny, I picked up a little canadian-commie rag entitled ADBUSTERS the other day at the local martket, and it was actually weighing the benefits of 'violent vs. non-violent' regime change should the presidential office go to the Repubs. Little empathized with, of course, is the monumental struggle many on the right have gone under and through with in regards to fighting against 'big gov'ment' scare tactics and massive bureaucracies with little public accountability and zero scrutiny in regards to oversight as properly understood. Justices Kennedy and Ilk are attempting to go up against the big establishment wigs, and I can only guess must be experiencing significant 'wind resistance' if you get my drift. One does not scoff at things lightly one would hope - and Scalia's now historical 'scoff' at 'Bamacare and it's proponents shows a certain kind of autonomous affectation and penchant for what could be seen as, well - hopefully this doesn't come out radical... 'sovereignty'. I've, and others have as well, made a little bit of an issue out of 'sovereignty' as such, which as never in any way affiliated with the 'Sovereign Citizens' movement or any associated organizations. It's just that, as I claimed, sovereignty over others is really the component in the formula that is 'earned', not individual freedom - which is a god given 'right'. So I've claimed, and others have hinted and picked up onto, that Bama Hussein and his Green Regime lack authentic 'sovereignty', and if this seems bold I really must attest that I could go on ad infinitum on this topic... but allow me to digress and frame the summer of '2012' as 'The Re-Birth of Constitutionality' and allow for history and those who would seek to be in accordance with history to make the rest of the public debate laudable.