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Trump Declares That "If Elected, I Will Overturn the Gay Marriage Ruling": DDU Stands Firm

Domestic Democracy United 2016

Recently, after his rash of primary victories all over the country - not to mention my home state of NC - presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump declared that if he is elected, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of legalized gay marriage will be overturned.  I support Mr. Trump in this position.

The fact is, in my state of North Carolina we held a statewide vote (liberals often espouse the virtues of "state & local" government), and we decided - as a sovereign state - that we did not want Gay Marriage legalized here.  We held a vote, we made a decision as a state and I for one was quite pleased with the result.  In the press conferences held regarding this monumental victory for state's rights the repub government officials were far from homophobic.  To paraphrase one of them:

"It's not that WE think homosexuality is wrong, it's that GOD does."

Well, before the Tea Party could even take a victory lap, activist judges in the supreme court mandated that gay marriage be universally legalized in all states of the U.S.A.

This is a pretty good example of liberal fascism.

"We can't let those rednecked pleebs in flyover country have their way, the ignorant unwashed bastards!  That's it!  I know...
Let's shove gay marriage down their throats!!!"

The fact is, the Obama administration far exceeded their sovereign constitutional authority with this massive federal gov'ment sponsored tyranny.  And it really IS tyranny!

I suppose an average lib would say, "Well why do you care what people do in the privacy of their own house, huh - HOMOPHOBE..."

Well, the main answer to this collectivist conjecture is threefold:

1) Gay marriage presupposes gay adoption, which - despite the media's presentation of homo's - is very problematic.  If this seems a little hard to grasp, think of the older controversy around whether or not to allow gays to become scout leaders.  I mean, it's not that far out intellectually to ascertain that this scenario poses the risk of sexual abuse.  As a matter of fact, there are quite a few neglected studies that indicate this truly perverse truth...  I would rather homo's NOT adopt young children for, what seems like to me, obvious reasons.

2) The bible explicitly condemns homosexuality as an abomination.  For many religious leaders this poses a problem.  A clergyman who refuses to preside over a gay wedding could very well - now, as well as down the line - face serious persecution for his or her belief in scripture.  I think this is where the seemingly preposterous claim that the federal gay marriage ruling is "fascism" becomes a little more reasonable.  As a christian and United Methodist I think this travesty of justice is indicative of a direct attempt by the federal gov'ment to persecute church leaders.  Perhaps I'm wrong; but consider the cases where small business owners in this country were sued by homo's for refusing to service a gay wedding.  Does that seem reasonable?  Perhaps if you define reason as the zeitgeist of the present age; I however think this degenerate progressive culture is not only severely lacking in the quality of Reason-as-such, but altogether immoral, unethical and biased in the direction of a kind of neo-marxism.  For that reason I say, the federal gov'ment should not and according to sovereign law CANNOT shove this progressive ideology down the Church-as-such's throat.  The constitution guarantees freedom of religion.  Period.

3) Finally, and I've made this point before, there is the whole... y'know... "Soddom and Gomorrah" angle.  In scripture, so goes the so-called "myth", this city was punished by god with fire and brimstone for it's collective perversity.  I, as a United Methodist "Born Again" Christian take this tale quite seriously.  What kind of risks are we taking as a country when we normalize sexual perversity?  I think a quite dire and serious one.  The constitution of the U.S.A makes quite explicit that this country was intended to be - to a point - a "Christian Nation".  When we secularize mainstream culture to the degree where federal law mandates un-christian morality, we're taking a quite dangerous step towards the ledge...  Think of how degenerate and vile, sexually, the secularized America has become.  STI's are on the rise amongst teens.  Monogamy has degenerated from moral principle to an outmoded and static remnant of a more virtuous time than ours.  The institution of marriage has become rife with divorce, cheating and co-dependency!  If we keep on in this direction, I fear that America could become another "Soddom and Gomorrah"... and I don't want that.  You don't want that.... and Mr. Donald J. Trump has now made explicit, HE doesn't want that.

So those are my three basic reason's why I disagree with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of federally mandated legalization of gay marriage.  I ardently support Mr. Trump's platform on this issue, and congratulate his campaign on their gusto and good will towards the U.S.A.

We decided on our position on gay marriage in this fine state...  And no one, not the activist judges in the Supreme Court or the POTUS or the activist caste should be able to rob us of our will as a sovereign state in this nation.  I've been fuming over this issue for quite some time now, to be frank - and hearing that The Donald agrees with the Tea Party and is willing and open about taking steps to keep state's rights intact proves that he is far from a Totalitarian RINO.  He see's clearly that mainstream apple pie opine should dictate policy; not a radicalist POTUS administration.

So join with me in saying "NO" to gay marriage.

I've interacted with and been relatively tolerant of quite a few gay people I knew personally; and I can tell you - it really is empirically perverse.  They were perverted people, period.  They're not like you and me yet simply of a different sexual orientation.  No.  Homosexuality is, de facto, an "abomination".

Thank you.
And may God bless America!


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